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Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig keeps it cool as he arrives at the Sunset Marquis hotel on Saturday (January 15) in Hollywood, Calif.

There’s some good news for the 42-year-old English actor and James Bond fans.

In a statement from MGM, the production company for the James Bond series, production of the 23rd Bond film will soon begin after a brief hiatus. Filming is expected to start in late 2011 shooting for a November 9, 2012 release. American Beauty director Sam Mendes has already signed up to direct the next installment of the British spy action movie.

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222 Responses to “Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!”

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  1. 51
    LL-J Says:

    Daniel Craig is Reinstated as 007 for Bond 23

    Daniel Craig will keep his license to kill, as the actor will return as James Bond for the long-awaited 23rd installment. Craig is the sixth actor to portray the legendary super-spy – starting with Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008).
    Both of them have earn critical praise and grossed over half a billion dollars worldwide. The films` success is mostly due to Craig`s performance.

    Like 24`s Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne, this Bond became a hero for the post-9/11 generation: dark, brooding, complex, tragic, shaken, stirred, arrogant, flawed, and human.

    Sam Mendes has signed on to direct, as this untitled Bond picture is schedule to go into production in the middle of this year, and is scheduled to come out on November 9, 2012.

    Meanwhile, go West with Craig in Cowboys & Aliens, which comes out July 29.

  2. 52
    LL-J Says:

    EXCLUSIVE: Fox Courting ‘Bond 23′ Distribution

    EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Making Strong Moves to Snag ‘Bond 23′Add 20th Century Fox to the list of studios looking to distribute upcoming MGM films, including, of course, the next installment in the James Bond franchise.

    As THR previously reported, the new MGM management team of Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum has been talking informally to Paramount, where Barber and Birnbaum have a long-standing relationship. But last Friday, they also listened to a pitch from top Fox executives, who argue that their studio would do the best job exploiting Bond, as well as other future MGM films. They also believe they could wring the most out of the MGM library.

    Fox has had a longstanding deal to distribute MGM movies on DVD and its films overseas, though that pact is set to expire in September.

    The other contender for a deal with MGM is Sony Pictures, which successfully released the last two Bond films and is said to be on good terms with the Broccoli family, owner of the Bond rights.

    The negotiation is likely to be sorted out in the next couple of weeks.

  3. 53
    Re: Rachel Says:

    Do you all think he is serious about Rachel or is she rebound girl?

  4. 54
    to Re: Rachel Says:

    who knows? you look like the matter weighs heavy on your mind. you still are beset by rachel. why? that’s weird.
    Re: Rachel @ 01/17/2011 at 12:05 pm
    Rachel is just a rebound for Daniel. He will move on sooner of later.

  5. 55
    Libby Says:

    Watching “The Accidental Tourist” (1988) with William Hurt, Gina Davis ,and Kathleen Turner. Reminds me of this scenario….William Hurt is Daniel Craig the always looking miserable guy, Gina Davis is Satsuki mitchell the perfect woman his life who tries to make it work but he never wants to marry, and Kathleen Turner the hottie who is Rachel Weisz who steels his affections-accept rachel actually had a kid and a recent relationship of her own and other non-similarities that make up Kathleens chracter. Any way Hurt’s character leaves Turner for for Gina davis. My concept is a little backwards cause when you see the movie rach and sats may seem like they should be reversed but I don’t see it that way. However, what will happen to rachel and daniel remains to be seen. But check it out if you can….it just reminded me of this triangle.

  6. 56
    to Libby Says:

    You remind me of Gina. She also invokes the movie and other actors, and evaluates Daniel. Oh wait, Gina Davis? LOL

  7. 57
    Libby Says:

    To 201,
    Rachel herself has not confirmed or denied that dshe is moving back to london that was by Britian’s Grazia magazine and a souce said that. What sourc give a name something.Anyway I don’t believe that because in her break-up announcement with Darren Aronofsky her reps said that she and aronofsky would be raising Henry their son together in NYC and their is absolutely no chance that Darren would let Rachel take his kid out of the States. They have Joint custody of their 4 year old. And Yes not even to daniel craig,

    To RE:Rachel
    Not quite sure but but we can’t be sure yet, we’ll have to wait and see….my best friend totally thinks it’s a fling, she says it won’t last long and that she gives it a year maybe a year and a half at the most. She also said that she thinks that Rachel Weisz is doing the whole Kate Winslet dating a supposed hottie after her break-up with succesful husband thing. And that just like Kate, Rach will wake up and quote on quote “smell the roses”, but as for me not quite sure, seems like it though, but maybe not.

  8. 58
    Libby Says:

    And the movie is ending guess who william hurt picks at the end of the movie?

  9. 59
    Libby Says:

    @to Libby: is that good or bad, do I really evaluate daniel. Sorry…LoL….way Lol.

  10. 60
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    to Libby
    I do not understand why you always say Daniel looks
    unhappy/miserable. He has embarked upon the new height of his career now. And he was above all wishing and desire. Yes, he finally found a special loved woman he really wanted – Rachel.
    Oh well, i found it. Perhaps, the author hasn’t known yet Daniel and Satsuki broke up.

    Get the look… Daniel Craig

    Whether he’s shopping with his girlfriend, Satsuki Mitchell, or attending a movie premiere, Daniel Craig exudes effortless style. As with Bond himself, our man can be casual and athletic one minute and then polished and well groomed the next. With his beefed up body and rugged features, the stage actor turned screen idol is convincing in both roles. We’ll show you how to get the Daniel Craig look.

  11. 61
    Libby Says:

    To Daniel I’m Love

    He does always look miserable too me especially as of late….don’t really care why,just wish he would smile. Do you think it’s this “I’m brutish and hot thing” he’s doing? Cause it’s not flattering. He needs a smile….he looks tooooooo serious sometimes….and I don’t mean to offend anyone here so sorry if anyone takes this wrong.

  12. 62
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    So why do you come here? Though you hate Daniel? I do not care you if you are just hater.

  13. 63
    to Daniel in LOVE Says:

    Libby is 200.
    Libby just wants that he fall on hard times. That’s all.

  14. 64
    Libby Says:

    No,no I don’t hate daniell, I just wish he would smile….I like it better when he smiles…..and I’m not 200 let’s get that clear.

  15. 65
    he Says:

    has never ever smilied when paps took their pic.
    Go and look at old paperazzi shots from the past years.

  16. 66
    Libby Says:

    And I’m not apart of that Hate Club, It’s retatarted and stupid and with I saying that Daniel could use a pretty little smile on his face doesn’t make me one of them.

  17. 67
    Daniel in LOVE Says:

    to Libby
    All right. But he is acting alone now. Do you want to see he chuckle to oneself? LOL (It looks a fool) Or do you want to see he force a smile?
    I know he is a HollyWood star, but it is unlike him. But i agree that you want to see his smile. When he was with Rachel, he looked so happy. Loved it.

  18. 68
    to Libby Says:

    And I’m not apart of that Hate Club, It’s retatarted and stupid and with I saying that Daniel could use a pretty little smile on his face doesn’t make me one of them.
    don’t be ridiculous!! a shameless liar speaks smilingly. we all know your posts were all negative comments. however, you are sensitive to calling you “hater”

  19. 69
    stand by idly Says:

    Learn it. LOL
    Many of haters are its former fans. They are in a particular state of mind… a stalker.

  20. 70
    Fio Says:

    to opinion
    But it’s better than Mr. Air Head. lol
    to Joe Scott
    There is some truth in what Oscar Wilde says. And life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Joe!! ;)
    Hi, Guinness
    Rickey calculated the consequences of his action. We will see.
    “maybe Robert D Jr needs to get over himself at being such a serious star–talented, yes. stuck up and conceited and not remembering from whence he came from?”
    He was successfully rehabilitated. It gives heart or courage to Lindsay at least :) There is nothing for him to be angry about, but I know exactly how he feel. lol
    Hi, Mendel
    I love an image imprinted on my mind…a stallion!!!
    Paramount Pictures got in contact with Daniel? Next Bond’s studio?
    theotherwillis: Daniel Craig driving around in a golf cart
    about 22 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    smontgomery85: Just walked past Daniel Craig driving a golf cart around paramount. Pretty cool.
    about 16 hours ago via HTC Peep

  21. 71
    Fio Says:

    What about TGWTDT?
    OSCAR: Final 9 To Unveil Wednesday For Foreign Language Film Nominations

  22. 72
    Fio Says:

    Reading, Reading and more reading

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl that Plays with Fire and The Girl that Kicked the Hornets Nest have consumed me entirely.

    About two weeks ago I decided that I could not bring myself to start reading a series. I didn’t want to do it. I get sucked in and then I have to read until the whole series is over. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I am obsessive like that. Well, I started the Dragon Tattoo at the gym a week and a half ago, I had heard some iffy things about the beginning so I figured okay a half hour to 45 minutes of reading won’t suck me in and there really wasn’t anything else on my Kindle jumping out at me to read. Needless to say the beginning was not nearly as uninteresting as many have said and here I am with about 48% left to read in the Hornet’s Nest book. I got sucked in and I am pretty sure Paul is ready to throw my kindle out the window.

    With the first movie being filmed and all it has left me really hoping that they don’t mess it up. I can see both Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara in the rolls and have seen a photo of Rooney in character. I am hoping for a fully R rated movie also and them keeping a mushy love story out of it. There is no mushy love story anywhere in the book. Sure there is a “love story” but this book is so not something to be turned into a chick flick. They had better not prove me wrong to Paul (again) that this is going to be a movie that he likes or at least doesn’t hate. Also, I am slightly more excited for them to do the second two books. I mean the first one is great and could be a great movie but the last two have so much happening.

    I know that I will be sad in the end because there will never be any more books in the series but if it ends half as well as people say I think it will be satisfying enough. There is so much to say about the books but there is more that would give it away.

    So, that is my “read a book” PSA for the day. What are you reading?

  23. 73
    to FIO Says:

    What about TGWTDT? Hmmm, put away Noomi’s excellent performance and you have a average crime story left. Nothing really compelling. I was so disappointed when I saw the movie. I LOVE the books. I really hope Fincher’ll do better.

  24. 74
    guinness Says:

    hi Fio! yes, it seems as though Rickey’s routine was calculated and “ok” by him—is it here where they collected his twitter with him in his new “Ellen” boxers? He said he drank with Hanks and Allen (recovering ? addict, so I don’t know about that) after the show so he felt what he said was ok. whtevr. I find “traditional”Brittish humor to be soooo different than most humor over here. maybe. well, Gervais anyway. He does a painful, yet hysterical, dry, did-he-really-just-say-that humor that zing. oops, dan.

    Dan rocks. and i wish he would rock my sleigh bed across all my mountains up here!!!! (ahhh more snow—are we beating you, Canadian hairspray drinker?)

    yes, Feeeeeohhh–i felt the same way reading all 3… what? no nomination? not good.
    and Fio, i need some DD from you for the specific “crane jump” that Dan did on his own in CR. There were so many jumps in the beginning sequence, that i don’t know which one it specifically was. you game? DTM probably has it too.

    on your mark, get set, GO!!!

  25. 75
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Please guinness, it’s gin I drink not hairspray. What will people think? That I am a hill billy? I think you are beating us with the amount of snow you are getting. Though we are getting lots of snow in the mountains, not too much in the city. Back to Dan before people get mad! I agree, I wish Dan would smile more (as his smile lights up the world – or something like that). But we know he hates the paps and when they are around, he won’t smile, unless he is with someone else. Can’t wait to see him and RW again together.

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