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Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig keeps it cool as he arrives at the Sunset Marquis hotel on Saturday (January 15) in Hollywood, Calif.

There’s some good news for the 42-year-old English actor and James Bond fans.

In a statement from MGM, the production company for the James Bond series, production of the 23rd Bond film will soon begin after a brief hiatus. Filming is expected to start in late 2011 shooting for a November 9, 2012 release. American Beauty director Sam Mendes has already signed up to direct the next installment of the British spy action movie.

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  • elise

    Thanks Fio for the pic.
    Love the man in blue and what great forearms, Omega made a great choice to display their watches. If I had taken the photo though, I would have undone at least one more button on the shirt.!

  • guinness

    Hi Mendel–and I would eat every last bit of cornflakes off that man’s body. And then have some warm, liquid cocoa–i guess that would be chocolate! And i would start with the neck muscles…he has such a wonderful sternocleoidalmastoid process. sternum. wow. that shirt looks reallly soft…and he needs to be out of it!!! Omega may want to have just him and the timepiece in his promo pic–nekkid. dah!

    I got frozen pipes, ie, no water. Not sure what to do..never happened. strange. freakin cold. maybe google has answer. 30 below zero tonight. big snow storm starting tomorrow night. yee haw. gots to go…. keep the hotness coming–I need it. cheers Fio!


  • guinness

    hot car, hot man. hot roof.

    um, so he “owns” this car…and “sold” the other hot rod racer thingy besides the Astin. I can’ t keep up. is he a collector? or just a leaser?

    there will always be the Dan Van and the sexcalade from NYC, his East coast rides…

  • Daniel is Hot

    Guinness, sorry for your frozen pipes. Your turn for the cold I guess. You will just have to keep looking at pictures of Dan and his hotness to keep you warm. Take care. Thanks fio for wonderful picture.

  • LL-J

    Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz to film in Budapest
    British actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz will come to Budapest in March to film scenes for a movie in which Craig will play the man who executed László Rajk, the first victim of Hungary’s how trials, in 1949, according to reports.

    The film, produced by Andy Vajna, will portray the dreaded ÁVH security services and the horrors of life in Hungary in the 1950s, based on a script written by historian Sándor Keser.

    Hungarian actors Sándor Oszter and actress Petra Haumann have completed several days of filming

  • Me


    Sorry Flo that I would keep a secret but it’s not likely to happen with a new woman in his life.

  • Fio

    to LL-J
    Thanks for the article. Wow…that’s weird. I found the Hungarian article, but may I take their word for it? If it’s true, there is a strong
    ‘bond’ of affection between them, IMO. Anyway I want to wait a further news :)
    Andy Vajnának még nincs köze az ÁVH-filmhez
    - Google Translation

    Articles have appeared in various media outlets for a movie about some AVH (website), in which the news that Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig is playing, and a project on some fresh news that Andy Vajna also involved in some capacity. The movie is a funny articles on common element here: a lot more attention veteránautóknak used in the film, like other details, but the information is not entirely ancillary to settle out of the movie is missing from the Scriptures.

    Andy Vajna sajtóosztályától it got the information that is not familiar with a film and it has nothing to do Vajnának. The production later this press chief, confirmed to us Bóday Paul, who said that at present it can only hope that Vajna embrace the project and receive public support for him as well. For the time being exclusively sponsored by a small film with a total budget of approx. Will be $ 600 million, according to the plans of the creators, but that it has managed to gather much, he did not wish to declare.

    Bóday said that the plan to work “in the documentary and feature films will be located at the border” and “historical fidelity, we sincerely wish to reveal the horrors of the 50s, with all its cruelty.” The power enters the Rakosi period Event log and history of the revolution “would be a film in which elements are real roots, but also integrated into the fictional personal histories, such as the boxer’s story, from the countryside who moved to Budapest, Andrássy út 60 to arrange appropriate referrals, where we get the first task to beat to death a priest from the village of their own.

    The screenplay of the film’s producer, dr. Sandor Bitter and American Alex veterángyűjtő Waltner wrote. As it turns out, is not a coincidence that an article did not mention the name of the director: the film, whose filming is currently suspended, has completed fifteen minutes, but the original director – who do not want to name Bóday – redeemer, and then dr. Bitter Alexander directed the work. Leszerződtetni want another director, but this has not declared until the person is not final.

    The film’s two main characters and Petra Haumann Oszter Alexander, Koos Béláné ÁVH former officer Michael Wolf recent converts, who has a “Muscovite foursome” was a member of Rakosi, Erno Gero and Joseph Révai together. Son, Vladimir Farkas Máté Haumann and play. The press agent said that the producer Daniel Craig in Fateless, Rachel Weisz is filming Sunshine knew when the contemporary productions borrowed vehicles.

    Both actors reportedly willing to undertake a small role in the movie: Craig hangman, Weisz rebel egyetemistalányt shape. Known to be very crowded Craig Calendar, currently David Fincherrel rotates the girl was tattooed, in the second half of the next James Bond film will work, but the AVH Film in just two days to rotate, so you may get an appointment in the spring him.

    It will include non-professional actors in the film: the aforementioned Stephen Szikora boxer boxer will shape itself by Szucs Sandor Bitter Ernest AVH appears in the role of colonel. The film will be a dr. Balint, a Hungarian Mengelének titulált figure, who was also not an actor, but also plays a doctor, because the filmmakers that he could be credible.

    So far, mainly in the shooting took place in the prison in Vac, then including the Vac bishopric and the staff to work locations in Budapest. If we could raise the funding, within weeks of filming the movie continue, and the filmmakers want the film AVH 2012th October 23, I would be in theaters.

  • Fio

    I think this work would do credit to a professional.

    Omega and Daniel Craig Team Up to Support Orbis

    Omega has announced that it will work in cooperation with actor and brand ambassador Daniel Craig to support Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital in the fight against preventable blindness.

    A special watch – the Hour Vision Blue – has been created to celebrate the partnership, and Omega has guaranteed that at least one million U.S. dollars from its sale will be donated to Orbis, an organization which delivers eye care to some of the world’s most remote and developing regions.

    OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart spoke of his brand’s commitment saying, “Omega is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to Orbis’ remarkable mission. It’s particularly gratifying to be working with Daniel in support of an organization whose work we all believe in.”

    Daniel Craig is arranging a visit to Orbis’ Flying Eye Hospital with Omega this year. “I think that it’s important to do all that we can to draw attention to the invaluable work that Orbis is doing. By visiting them in the field and seeing their team at work, I hope we will be able to make more people aware of the issue of preventable blindness and to let them know how much of a difference they can make. I’m delighted that Omega feels as strongly about this initiative as I do.”

    Since it was founded in 1982, Orbis has carried out programs in 88 countries to provide medical training, tools and technology for local partners to address the tragedy of avoidable blindness in their communities. As a result of Orbis’ support, more than 12 million individuals have received medical care and more than a quarter of a million eye care professionals have been trained.

    “We are tremendously excited about our new partnership with Omega”, stated Dr. Robert Walters, Chairman of Orbis, “and are looking forward to working closely with Omega and Daniel to heighten the awareness of preventable blindness in the developing world. With Omega and Daniel’s support, Orbis will reach and treat even more people, reducing the global burden of blindness and ensuring productive lives for many”.

    The Hour Vision Blue wristwatch is a special edition of the elegant Hour Vision. It has a classic 41 mm stainless steel case and is equipped with Omega’s Co-Axial caliber 8500, the movement that signaled a revolution in series-produced mechanical watchmaking. The movement can be viewed through the sapphire crystal on the caseback.

    Adding distinction to the timepiece is its specially designed sun-brushed blue dial. It has 18kt white gold facetted hour, minute and seconds hands coated with white Super-LumiNova and features a date window at the 3 o’clock position.

  • Fio

    Omega and Daniel Craig launch a special Hour Vision Blue wristwatch to Support Orbis

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” they say. But if the beholder has poor vision, the beauty of the world is lost. And helping restore that image is Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital in the fight against preventable blindness. And now they have a few new friends in luxury watchmakers Omega and their ambassador, actor Daniel Craig. While Craig is planning a visit to Orbis’ Flying Eye Hospital with Omega this year, Omega on its part is doing what it does best. In a bid to raise at least $1 million, the watch makers have created a special edition Hour Vision Blue wristwatch. The watch features a classic 41 mm stainless steel case and a sapphire crystal caseback. Its comes equipped with Omega’s Co-Axial caliber 8500 and spots an 18-carat white gold hour, minute and seconds hands that is coated with white Super-LumiNova. Making the chronograph more special is a specially designed sun-brushed blue dial.

    Founded in 1982, Orbis is known to have medical training programs and to provide tools and technology for local partners for blindness prevention in 88 countries and has extended medical care to over 12 million people and trained at least 25 million more.

  • abc
  • second that

    LL-J @ 01/25/2011 at 4:39 am

    thanks for the information on the film that Daniel is doing together with Rachel. but you gotta know that this will really upset our “friend” Gina. i bet she will be posting very soon that this film will not be finished on time, will be cancelled, etc.etc. just as she’s done with C&A, Dragon Tattoo and any other project Daniel has decided to do that is not a Bond film.

  • DR film

    @second that:

    The film is just a reason for them to spend time together. They will do more films together for that reason.

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “Omega may want to have just him and the timepiece in his promo pic–nekkid”

    YAY! I’m all for Dan’s nekkidness :)

    And this is from the link you provided, even they know about the mystical connection between the words “Dan” and “ride”…

    “the well-known actor pays some attention to the way his rides interact with the environment.”

    Oh no! Frozen pipes. Are they outside or inside the house? Identify first where the frozen pipe is, if you can. If they are inside and behind a wall, turn up the heating, this might do, but do keep an eye on them – they could burst when the ice thaws! If they are exposed, ie under the sink and visible or outside, you can put a small heater near to get the heat to it quickly.
    Also, leave the water tap of the frozen pipe open while you are helping it to thaw, so that the water can get out quicker.
    If you see any leak in the pipe, turn your water mains off quickly – very quickly!

    And listen to DiH

    “You will just have to keep looking at pictures of Dan and his hotness to keep you warm.”

    to LL-J

    Great find! That’s interesting – how is Dan going to squeeze more filming in when he’s doing ‘Tattoo’ and also the Dream House reshots? Sounds like he’ll be spending more time at airports…

    to Fio

    “Both actors reportedly willing to undertake a small role in the movie: Craig hangman, Weisz rebel”

    Wow, a different role altogether – and strangely I can see Dan as a hangman.
    Maybe Rachel drew Dan’s attention to this film – her Dad was born in Hungary, so perhaps she has an interest in the history of the country? (I am guessing here).

    “Omega has announced that it will work in cooperation with actor and brand ambassador Daniel Craig to support Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital in the fight against preventable blindness.”

    Wonderful. A very worthy cause.

  • guinness

    Hi Mendel, dih-thx–it was balmy weather today-6 degrees above zero. more snow, cold, and yes… heat me Daniel!

    Professional advice indeed mendel–excellent. You a plumber? family into plumbing? no water yet, I even got my hair dryer out…something not good. I am scared for the plumber tomorrow–he couldnt get here earlier cuz of all his frozen pipe houses! yikes. we did get one of our 2 cars’ windshield fixed–that cracked all the way across after my hubby hit a deer last weekend. yeah! loads of fun here!!! Really, your concern is awesome, you sound like you have been through this before? I haven’t but i have heard the horror stories, and i am wiggin! OH! thx for that Muse vid of their concert–that was spectuacular and almost spiritual–it was so dynamic..they do fit the Bond movie songs!

    Dan & Rachel have the same agency? how did they both get the same movie strategically? You got the logistics Fio? thx for the posts!
    sleep…wish me sweet dan dreams–nothing but nightmares lately!! ahhhhhh! Riding and Dan, (hey–nice catch my friend…) riding and Dan, riding and Dan, Dan and riding riding and Dan, riding Dan. yeeee haww love the cowboy dressup!

  • to 162

    Yeah, it’s two days of shooting…..LOL

  • to 165

    in other words, even if it is two days of shooting, they want to be together.

  • DR film

    It won’t last. My bet is he goes back to Satsuki of finds someone new. Rachel is a passing phase.

  • DR film

    @DR film:

    Why so many negative votes…..she is rebound girl! Come on you all must see that!

  • to DR film

    You are so annoying!
    Re: Rachel @ 01/17/2011 at 12:05 pm
    Rachel is just a rebound for Daniel. He will move on sooner of later.
    Re: Rachel @ 01/18/2011 at 11:29 pm
    Do you all think he is serious about Rachel or is she rebound girl?
    DR film @ 01/26/2011 at 1:32 am
    @DR film:
    Why so many negative votes…..she is rebound girl! Come on you all must see that!

  • to DR film

    i agree that you are annoying. you posted the exact same comment on three different days. you must really like repeating yourself. or maybe you don’t think any of can read

  • Fio

    Hi, elise
    What a good idea!
    Hi, Mendel
    “Maybe Rachel drew Dan’s attention to this film – her Dad was born in Hungary, so perhaps she has an interest in the history of the country? (I am guessing here).”
    Ahhhhhhhh, yes, yes, probably so!! Her father is a Hungarian-born inventor… You’re an acute observer, so your comment was to the point!
    I want them to visit the Buda castle if they go to Budapest.
    Walk holding hands in the moonlight. It’s a romantic destination for dating couples.

    Hi, Guinness
    “sleep…wish me sweet dan dreams–nothing but nightmares lately!! ahhhhhh! Riding and Dan, (hey–nice catch my friend…) riding and Dan, riding and Dan, Dan and riding riding and Dan, riding Dan. yeeee haww love the cowboy dressup!”
    Take it easy, Guinny! Maybe you are so excited that you cannot sleep.
    Count sheep, not a horse and Dan!

  • Fio

    Another the Hungarian article, but nothing new…
    Daniel Craig és Rachel Weisz domborít Vajna ÁVH-filmjében

    - Google Translation

    Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz emboss AVH-Vajna’s film

    A young historian dr. Sandor Bitter throws Andy G. About the AVH Vajnának on film script, which has a total of 120 scenes, and some of these have also shot down

    The Fifties horror film processing the news that Daniel Craig Rajk hang into the hangman, and the production is supposed to be of Hungarian descent also hired Rachel Weisz, who also received a request from the latest James Bond movie.

    The Hungarian actors are Oszter Petra Haumann and Alexander have quite a few trading days are over.
    Oh…in the course of time she changed her mind?

    Dame Judi Dench hopes to star in Bond movies until she dies

    Legendary British actress Dame Judi Dench says she wants to continue playing secret service agent M in the 007 franchise until she dies.
    Speaking at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards, she told BANG Showbiz: “I love Bond. I get to work with Daniel Craig on location and wear some rather sharp suits.
    “I’ll do it as long as they ask if I’m alive that long,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
    Meanwhile, the 76-year-old is preparing to start filming ‘J. Edgar’ – the biopic of former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover – alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. (ANI)

  • Fio

    Just Hit Play
    The good, the bad and the ugly in movies

    As much as I loved Casino Royale and everything Daniel Craig brought to the part of James Bond, it isn’t my favorite part of this fast-rising star. It’s easy now to just think of Craig as 007 and nothing else, but he’s a talented actor, capable of pulling off drama, action and humor all in the same scene, much less a whole movie. So as good as Craig is as Bond, I’d recommend any Daniel Craig fans out there to see 2004′s Layer Cake, one of the best films to come out of the 2000s and a criminally underrated one at that.

    This is one of those movies you stumble across almost by accident, love it, and then can’t convince enough people to watch it. I watched it based solely because I was a Daniel Craig fan, and shame on me, the DVD box looked cool. I’ve seen it called all kinds of things, a Guy Ritchie knock-off especially, but it’s one of those rare great movies that works almost in spite of itself. Based off a novel by J.J. Connolly, Layer Cake has too many characters, more style than substance often enough, and twists and turns so much it took me a couple viewings to piece everything together for sure. All that out of the way, I love this movie. I’ll explain later.

    A high-end drug distributor, a man known only as XXXX (Craig) has quickly risen through the ranks of the very stylish but still cutthroat underworld. In fact, he’s done so well with his crew of chemists, bodyguards and distributors, that he’s calling it quits at the age of 30 and going into early retirement. Not so fast, his boss (Kenneth Cranham) has two more jobs for him, and then he’ll let him walk away. First, a shipment of 1 million ecstasy pills is on the market, and they’re just sitting there for the taking. Two, the daughter of an old friend of the boss is missing, and she must be found before something happens to her. Completely backed into a corner unless he wants to risk a bullet in his head, X takes both jobs in his effort to leave the business cleanly. But as he so well knows, nothing comes easy, and nothing here goes as planned.

    The basic idea of the last job is nothing new here as X tries to pull off these last two jobs. The novel is a great jumping off point — even if the ending sucks in the book — and director Matthew Vaughn runs with the idea. The movie has the action style of a Bourne movie, the look of a glossy British crime thriller, the dark humor of a Scorsese gangster flick, and the twists and turns you’d expect from a Shyamalan movie. What’s so odd is that all these vastly different pieces click together and work so smoothly. It’s stylish without overdoing it, violent without being gratuitous, funny without pandering for laughs, and keeping you on your toes without trying to straight out confuse you. A winner on all accounts.

    As I mentioned earlier, Craig is a huge bright spot here, showing a different side as an actor. He hadn’t yet done a Bond film so he’s not in crazy, ridiculous physical shape here. He’s on the thin side which is important because he isn’t this superhero dealer. X explains, “He’s just a business man” and a highly intelligent one at that. Nothing about these two jobs is as simple as they seem, and he’s got to figure everything out before it’s too late. X is smooth, smart and very capable of handling himself…although if the chance arises he’ll hire someone who is also capable of handling themselves. His narration is spot-on, especially in the movie’s opening (watch HERE) and sets the stage perfectly for the rest of the movie. The tone is going to be cynical with its dark look at the criminal underworld and all its shady dealings. As a front man for this movie, Craig was a perfect choice.

    Don’t get confused though and think this is just Daniel Craig’s movie because the cast has so much more to offer. Where to start, where to start? Vaughn assembles this great list of British actors to play this long list of eclectic, often rather eccentric characters. Here’s just some, starting with George Harris as Morty, X’s security with a checkered past, with Tom Hardy and Tamer Hassan as X’s crew. Cranham is Jimmy Price, X’s shady boss who pawns off much of his work on Colm Meaney’s Gene, X’s link to Jimmy. Sienna Miller is Tammie, a club girl who X instantly feels a connection too. Miller is sexy as hell, check here out HERE. Michael Gambon is Eddie Temple, Jimmy’s old friend and current rival, ready to throw X for a loop in his perfect plan. Then there’s Dexter Fletcher, Steve John Shepard, Stephen Walters, and Louis Emerick, all recognizable faces if you don’t know their names in great supporting parts that requires barely more than a scene or two to establish who they are and what they’re up to.

    What’s funny as I write this is that the list previously mentioned is only the key characters. Yeah, there’s more characters that bounce in and out as needed. Almost every single one of the above characters mentioned is so well-written that they could all get their own movie. So throw all these individuals in one movie — with surprising amounts of background — and you’ve got a gem. Harris’ Morty and Meaney’s Gene stand out from the rest, two quick flashbacks revealing all you need to know about them. With X, Morty, Gene and the crew, there is a perfect chemistry, a relationship formed from men having worked together in difficult, strenuous situations and bonding through it. A great scene between Craig, Harris and Meaney has them talking about strategy, what their next move is as the walls start closing in on them. It reminded me of a scene that Peckinpah would have used in The Wild Bunch, Scorsese in Goodfellas, John Sturges in The Magnificent Seven. Would it have been great to see a 4-hour version where every single character gets his chance to shine? Sure, absolutely, but Vaughn somehow finds a way to weave all these people together and make it work. Kudos to you, Mr. Vaughn.

    What else is there to say? I love this movie, and try to watch it at least once a year. It’s one of those hidden gems you’re beyond happy you stumbled upon. Stylish, funny, entertaining with some gunplay, some sex, and a story that will keep you guessing right until the end. Make sure to watch all the way until the credits because the ending is a whopper of a surprise. It says it all in a movie that doesn’t need to deliver a message but does anyway, a good one on the irony scale. For all the epic moves and detailed planning, it can be the smallest detail that ends up making the biggest impact.

  • DR film

    Why becasue I like Satsuki? He needs someone like her not someone who competes with him

  • to DR film

    Gina, pay attention here. Satsuki and Daniel are over, done with , finished. what part of this do you not understand? he has moved on to someone else; Rachel. when will you get it through your head that you do not get to decide anything when it comes to what Daniel does and/or who he does it with!! Rachel is a fellow actor; she has a stellar career in her own right and she has an oscar. she does need to compete with Daniel nor he with her. also, unlike Satsuki, Rachel will not appear before the press on a street in front of Daniel’s house flashing a wedding band on her left hand in order to pressure him into marrying her.

  • DR film

    Give it time you will see I am right. Rachel is a passing phase. He is just having fun.

  • to DR film

    Both could be having fun.or they have falling in love.
    at any rate he wont go back to his ex gf, and rachel will not go back to her ex. Rebound means your are looking to heal , have fun, get away from your past and look for something new. neither want to repeat the past but find someone new and different. The key word here is different.. And if you look at DC’s, past he has never gone back, just moved on, that is who he is.

  • DR film

    @to DR film:
    Give it time….Satsuki will get him back

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    “heat me Daniel!”


    “You a plumber? family into plumbing?”

    Hahaha, no, but in this severe winter, we’ve experienced quite a few frozen pipes and a few pipe bursts, luckily they were all outside and didn’t affect the inside of the house. One of the most important things I learnt is always to know where the mains is, so that you can switch off the water quickly.
    Do you still have some water? Or is it a case of getting water from neighbours and melting snow for the loo?
    Hope the plumber gets to your house today.

    “riding and Dan, riding and Dan, Dan and riding riding and Dan, riding Dan. yeeee haww love the cowboy dressup!”

    LOL! If you keep repeating the words ‘riding and Dan’, you get into a nice rythm to fall asleep to ;)

    to Fio

    Budapest is so lovely! Lucky Dan!

    “Count sheep”

    It actually works! I once tried it, and got so bored with counting sheep, I fell asleep!

    “I love Bond. I get to work with Daniel Craig on location and wear some rather sharp suits.”

    Sounds like my dream job :)

    Judy is cool. I love her as M!

    Great Dan pic! Thanks.

  • to DR film

    I love the fact you people are so hurt that he dumped that ugly S K A N K. your deluisions that he’s going back to her. LOL NOT GOING TO HAPPEN .but keep posting that he will. how long has it been now 8, 9 months. She couldn’t hold on to him. he was looking to dump her for sometime. according to a very good source, they knew he was dumping her last year in april. that he was looking at a replacemnet for sometime since 2007, that’s right 2007, she was a slave to him and he lost all respect for her. Especially after she went around flashing that ring. Apparently his people thought she had some sort of mental problem and thought she might harm herself if he just straight out dumped her. So they did it gradually. But make no mistake he wanted it out for sometime.

  • to DR film/Gina

    @ 01/26/2011 at 1:41 pm

    of course, what ever you say! we all know that you are always right and never wrong; not!!

  • to DR film/Gina

    Daniel and Satsuki were effectively over long before the public announcement was made. there’s no question that he had decided to end as long ago as early 2009. all you have to do is look at the photos after Feb 2009 and study his body language. Daniel was sending the message that he was getting bored and irritated with her. she was a liability and was publicly embarrassing him. Satsuki’s desperation to get Daniel to marry him went beyond it.

    standing in front of his home waving a wedding band on your left hand in front of the press was an incredibly stupid thing to do. whether or not he stays with Rachel is not the point. the point is that Daniel and Satsuki are finished; he will not be going back to her. Satsuki was paid off very well. if Satsuki had any chance of getting him back Daniel would be back with her again. they are over; get used to it and move on.

  • persistent

    DR film is not Gina but Libby. ****ing the hater/troll!!!!!

  • LL-J

    Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz To Film In Budapest

    “British actors Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz will come to Budapest in March to film scenes for a movie in which Craig will play the man who executed László Rajk, the first victim of Hungary’s show trials, in 1949, according to reports.

    The film, produced by Andy Vajna, will portray the dreaded ÁVH security services and the horrors of life in Hungary in the 1950s, based on a script written by historian Sándor Keser.

    Hungarian actors Sándor Oszter and actress Petra Haumann have completed several days of filming.”

    Source: Hungary Around the Clock

    This news item is one of many published daily by HATC, a premier subscription news service which distributes English-language info about Hungary via email or fax. For a free trial of HATC follow this link and click on ‘Free Trial Subscription’.


  • smoother

    rachel is in west hollywood!

    the man in the pictures looks like stanley tucci.

  • Amy

    Thank you for the photos. Aw, Rachel is in LA now!! …..hmm. So maybe the man is Tucci as you said.

  • DR film

    That is not Stanley Tucci. It’s probably someone she is checking out.
    She maybe in Hollywood with Daniel right now but things change rapidly in HTown. And as for Daniel going back to Satsuki….there is a first time for everything

  • Amy

    And Rachel looks absolutely stunning!! very good figure.

  • smoother

    @ DR film

    rachel and stanley did together “the lovely bones”. it looks like she had lunch with a good friend.

  • Amy

    Yes, you’re right, smoother! And Daniel, too. Daniel and Tucci co-starred with Road to Perdition.

  • DR film


    That is not Tucci people!!!!

  • Idiots

    It’s 100% Mark Strong. Daniel’s best mate and Daniel is Godfather of his first son. Mark and Rachel know each other for years as does Daniel and Rachel.

  • Daniel in LOVE

    I think so, too. Tha man is Mark, perhaps.
    Look at his nose/jaw…..

  • Idiots

    It’s Mark. Mark and Daniel met too in LA.

  • Idiots

    The man in the pic of this thread (where you can only see the back) is def. Mark Strong. There have been pics at another site where you can see the face. Have to search the link.

  • Daniel in LOVE

    Mark said he wants to play the Bond villain. Rachel is rumored the Bond villain. I guess they exchange pleasantries about it each other!


    Rachel as a Bond villan is just a rumour and nothing more.
    CossipCop denied it and they are right 99%.

  • Daniel in LOVE

    Well, so i guess they made the joke about it each other. Maybe Daniel bantered with Mark/Rachel, they looked on the rumor as a joke.

  • Punkie to 181,182

    LOL, your normally shocked me when you were convinced and soooo sure that I posted as DR film while I was busy last days, I attended this site two, three times but today I reply to you that you are WRONG and dont not know specific English and opinions of all, you just dont know who is who posting. LOL, my English is not that good to write like poster DR film. Hey, there are people who dont like Satsuki and like Satsuki and it does not make me only one hater or admirer of Satsuki. But HEY, posts 180 and 182
    made me happy and surprised me in a good way. I totally agreeeeeeeeee with you what you wrote, love, love, love it! so Daniel wanted to dump Satsuki since 2007??? Yeah, I studied his body language and his EYES that say all and they said he is not happy with her. Thanks for great posts!!!!!! Agree with you but also agree with other poster who thinks he will be back with Satsuki. Daniel is too complicated man who todays wants Satsuki next to him and go for a walk together and tomorrow he dont want to see her. he dumped her several times and reunioned. That is him and you cannot say he will not want her back as Bond starts. just wait.

  • yuck!

    Gina came back……