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Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!

Daniel Craig keeps it cool as he arrives at the Sunset Marquis hotel on Saturday (January 15) in Hollywood, Calif.

There’s some good news for the 42-year-old English actor and James Bond fans.

In a statement from MGM, the production company for the James Bond series, production of the 23rd Bond film will soon begin after a brief hiatus. Filming is expected to start in late 2011 shooting for a November 9, 2012 release. American Beauty director Sam Mendes has already signed up to direct the next installment of the British spy action movie.

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222 Responses to “Daniel Craig: Bond Returns!”

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  1. 126
    biceps!!! Says:

  2. 127
    Fio Says:

    to biceps!!!
    Aww, touch me with your tongue!!!! lol

    So I really love “Some Voices”…They both had a bath in the stark naked, her buttocks and hips were covered with lather as if she were sitting on Daniel. Ahhhhh, yeah, Kelly were sitting on Daniel! in naked!
    I hope Daniel pairs with Kelly again. The chemistry between Daniel and Kelly was just perfect!!
    Scots star Kelly MacDonald on her role in hit US show Boardwalk Empire
    Her CV even includes having a bath with James Bond actor Daniel Craig in Some Voices.
    She said: “I’ve worked with him on a couple of things and I am just very proud to have had a bath with Daniel Craig. At the time I was mortified but then I was like, ‘Hey, I was in the bath with James Bond.’”
    - Daily record UK

  3. 128
    Fio Says:

    Art, acting keep Fort Worth’s Buck Taylor busy

    FORT WORTH — Everybody around the Stock Show knows that Buck Taylor is something of a Renaissance man.

    He is known as an artist, having created the Stock Show’s official poster each of the past 16 years.

    And he is also recognizable to many as an actor in film and television Westerns. He was a regular on Gunsmoke and appeared on Combat! and Dallas, and he had roles in movies ranging from Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981) to Tombstone (1993).

    But last summer, Taylor, 72, added a new line to his résumé: sci-fi film actor.

    And he didn’t even have to take off his cowboy hat.

    “It’s called Cowboys & Aliens,” Taylor said as he put yet another southpaw signature on one of the artworks he sells out of his extremely popular booth in the Stock Show’s main exhibits hall. “And it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.”

    The film, which Taylor said is set for a July release, deals with an alien invasion in the Old West. It was directed by Jon Favreau, who directed both Iron Man films and the comedy Elf, and stars Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde. Its producers include Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg. With that kind of talent and budget, it is easy to see why Taylor thought this film was special, even though he does not last long in the movie.

    “We open the film,” said Taylor, the son of Dub Taylor, the late, great Western character actor. “We’ve got bloody scalps hanging from our saddles — we are sort of bad guys, in a sense. And we come upon Daniel Craig’s character laying in the middle of the desert looking kind of dazed. So I get off my horse and poke him with a shotgun and tell him to get moving. And then he kills us all in about 10 seconds.”

    So how can a film in which he doesn’t survive as long as Bambi’s mama be such a memorable experience?

    “It was because my two sons in the scene are my real sons,” Taylor said.

    It’s the first time that he has shared the screen with his stuntman sons, Cooper (named after actor Gary Cooper) and Matt (named after Matt Dillon, the sheriff made famous by James Arness in Gunsmoke).

    “It just doesn’t get any better than that for me,” he said. “It is something I’ll never forget.”

    And like any smart father, Taylor made his boys do the heavy lifting in the scene.

    “They do all the work,” said Taylor, who’s in the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. “I just do a lot of talking.”

    And a lot of getting beaten up. But that was apparently worth it, because it gave Taylor the chance to learn what a nice guy Craig, the latest James Bond, is on the set.

    “Every time [Craig] had to knock me down, he would help me up after the shot was over,” Taylor said with a laugh. “And don’t ask me what happens after that scene. They wouldn’t let us read the script.”

    Though brief, Taylor’s performance will be seen by plenty of moviegoers, including some who may never see the film itself.

    “I’m in the trailer,” said Taylor.

    He said he had appeared in more than 100 films and TV shows before landing his best-known role as Newly O’Brien on Gunsmoke.

    But it’s his other calling that keeps him busy at the Stock Show.

    “Used to, I would be in an airport, and people would point and say, ‘It’s that guy from Gunsmoke’ or ‘It’s that guy from Tombstone,’” said Taylor, who calls Fort Worth home. “But now they say, ‘There’s that artist.’”

    Taylor’s booth is covered with beautifully painted watercolors of Western scenes and figures and, of course, this year’s Stock Show poster.

    “I’m especially proud of [this year's poster]. It’s kind of retro,” Taylor said.

    It’s a loose, impressionistic rendering of a bronco and rider that he designed with help from his wife, Goldie.

    So how does Taylor see himself — an actor or an artist?

    “I just feel like a guy who is lucky enough to have done both. I’m so blessed to be able to paint and work in movies,” he said. “It’s a very happy time of my life.”

  4. 129
    OMFG Says:

  5. 130
    SO GOOD Says:



  6. 131
    WHO Says:


  7. 132
    Naomi Says:


    LOL it looks like he has a va-jay-jay.

  8. 133
    to Libby Says:

    Your brain is full of vulgar.

  9. 134
    Tim Craig Says:

    ‘A grudge can cement a marriage beyond any reasonable breaking point.’ Simenon The Cat

  10. 135
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “Mendel–she is my first love, and you know how that is”

    Awww, I am so flattered! *grin*

    “Drop Bond for Dan! it isn’t gonna make it better…”

    Yeah! Who needs Bond when you have the real thing :)

    “would love to drive your golf cart and use your driver!!


    How is the head today?

    to Fio

    Great links! Thanks!!!

    “Dutch actor Yorick van Wageningen has landed the role of Nils Bjurman”

    He looks a bit young and too ‘villain-ish’ for the role. Bjurman is older and I imagine him looking very ordinary. The guy who did play him in the original films looked more like the Bjurman in the books.

    “I am just very proud to have had a bath with Daniel Craig.”


    ““Every time [Craig] had to knock me down, he would help me up after the shot was over,”

    Gotta love that guy!

    to biceps


    to OMFG


    This is apparently the first movie photo of Dream House:

  11. 136
    guinness Says:

    i am having tech difficulties with borrowed laptop so short and sweet!!
    thx for your concern Mendel!! jealous of u enough times!! thx for the House pic–wow, he looks sexxy in any role. except that i can see him in every activity but golf. he swings his driver like he knows what he is doing though!!! damn, i dream of riding his cart on all 18 holes!!

    speaking of holes and swaggering guns…OMFG is friggin chappin’ all the way! That is a fantastic set up and pic. Where did you ever find such a staged, promo, or “onset” photo? interesting. it is going in the Guinness files over at photobucket. and i will definitely be including that visual in my fantasy tonight and nights yet to come. *that was awesome*

    see you tomorrow–puters freezing…. and me too. temperature has been zero degrees celsius, and it is supposed to be 20 below zero tonight with wind chill lower than that. scary. but thoughts of Dan with just chaps on will heat me up. i want to know if he got to keep the gun (not the ET gun, the butt of the handle looks gold) oh, btw–love the side wall paper on the fixation site. and thank you to all the anon posters giving us some really awesome photos of Dan.

    hey, if Rachel was offered or in negotiations for the Bond girl before her relationship with Dan–she should take the role, and if she is dating him, she should take the role, so I changed my mind. She should do it just for the fun of it. and the money. and to be with her man. and for the resume part. and hell, she would be stupid not to.

    yeah, fun sharing a bath tub with Daniel craig. that is an understatement. wish i was under him. or over him..or anywhere with him. in a tub. on a train, in a car, on a boat, on a table…with some green eggs ham and green beer! cheers.

    good morning Fio! ~night Mendel.

  12. 137
    Daniel is Hot Says:

    Mendel, thanks for the picture of Dream House. It’s great to see the first look of the movie, inside the house at least. He looks great with a little kid on his lap. So cute!

  13. 138
    second that Says:

    mendle, thanks for the picture of Daniel, Rachel and kids from Dream House

  14. 139
    CC Says:

    GossipCop denied the rumour about the casting ot RW for Bond. And Gossip Cop is almost right evey time they pick up a rumour.

  15. 140
    second that Says:

    CC @ 01/24/2011 at 12:26 am

    when it comes to casting for Bond 23 I won’t believe anything until it is officially announced.

  16. 141
    Me Says:

    I wonder if Dan will call me next time he is in town? :)

  17. 142
    Fio Says:

    to OMFG
    Thanks for the pic. That pic is pretty precious to us!! The cowboy whom Daniel plays is stylish and modern in an unconventional way, so we hit on a rare pic!! Thanks a lot :)
    Hi, Mendel
    Yeah, I think so, too…he looks too rough as Bjurman. Bjurman is apparently a very intelligent man, but it’s a masquerade. He is a hypocrite, and like a snake! Ugh!! And, thanks for the “the family” pic.
    Wow, they look like practically family, but as a publisher, Daniel is too hot!!!!! Hey, where is such a sexy publisher? There are few, if any, such men. Oh, one another thing…gosh, Dee Dee is so cute than I expected!
    Hi, Guinness
    “i want to know if he got to keep the gun (not the ET gun, the butt of the handle looks gold)”
    You know the gun in his pocket made an obvious bulge, and he always keeps his gun loaded, tee-hee…
    Hi, DiH
    So I want to bury my head in his lap!! lol
    to CC and second that
    I think both of the comments are correct cuz you have a point each there.
    to Me
    Let me know in no time when Daniel calls you :)

  18. 143
    Fio Says:

    And love those comments :)
    Daniel Craig’s ****. That’s a headline in itself.
    ****-thats-a-headline-in-itself/" rel="nofollow">****-thats-a-headline-in-itself/
    We have absolutely nothing else to say about this movie poster image released for the forthcoming Daniel Craig movie, Cowboys & Aliens … other than….what an ****. As in ‘Oof, WHAT AN ****!!, we would like to get to know it better’.
    We like his face too. But seriously. That’s what an **** should look like huh?

    like two ripe plums for picking! YUM

    Ooooooooof indeedy! What a hot guy. When is the film out??!!

    i would like to get to know his **** better too. sexy guy!

  19. 144
    Fio Says:

    Well, “Hips Don’t Lie” : Shakira feat… lol
    Can’t Wait For: Cowboys and Aliens (2011)
    Ohhhh myyyy….. I really get excited for this film when I see the movie poster (NOT ONLY BECAUSE OF DANIEL CRAIG’S AMAZING A** – marketing for this film was smart, and is clearly targeting a specific audience with this image). I love science fiction and action movies are always so much fun; the two of them combined with that a** will definitely get me to the theatre opening night. It looks bada**. And Harrison Ford is still cool in my books.

  20. 145
    Fio Says:

    Alright, let’s see what are the possibilities…but those options are funny!!
    Which Actor Will Play Julian Assange In Wikileaks Movie?

    It hasn’t taken long for Julian Assange to go from someone we had never heard of (like three months ago) to being the subject of a feature film. A biopic on the WikiLeaks founder is heading to the big screen, after two American production companies purchased the screen rights to Andrew Fowler’s biography on Assange, The Most Dangerous Man In The World.

    Speculation has already begun as to which actor will play the leading role. Who do you think would be perfect for the part?

    Here are some possible candidates.

    SIMON BAKER. Has been recognised by critics for his tv work and would have no problem doing an Australian accent.

    DANIEL CRAIG. Has already played a mysterious hero who belongs to a secret organisation with international political enemies.

    OWEN WILSON. This could be the ‘serious movie’ breakthrough to take him to the next level.

    BILL MAHER. Several internet users have already pointed out the uncanny resemblance between the American television host and Assange.



    MR HUMPHRIES FROM ARE YOU BEING SERVED Julian Assange, the later years.

    DRACO FROM HARRY POTTER Julian Assange, the early years.



    You can keep up to date with Pedileaks, the Pedestrian Daily News for more news about Julian Assange and the characters of Wayne’s World.

  21. 146
    Fio Says:

    Stieg Larsson’s family denies that they’ve exploited the ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ author’s legacy for profit
    Posted 01/22/2011 by Olivia Allin
    Stieg Larsson, who wrote “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest,” which became hugely popular after his death, left a $38 million fortune to his father and brother.

    His brother, Joakim Larsson has now fought back against Stieg’s longtime companion who made claims that his family is commercializing Larsson’s legacy for profit. Eva Gabrielsson, the writer’s partner of three decades, inherited nothing because the couple wasn’t married and there wasn’t a will when Larsson died of a heart attack in 2004.

    “They already have so much money. I think there’s a limit somewhere,” Gabrielsson said on a TV show last week, as reported by the Associated Press. “How much are you going to scrape from the bottom of the barrel?”

    Gabrielsson is releasing a novel this week in Sweden, describing her life with the author. It was reported recently that she also plans to complete Larsson’s fourth novel from the Millennium series, which Larsson had completed 200 pages of before his death.

    Joakim Larsson got on the same show last week and said that the family intends to donate most of the inheritance to charities and causes that Stieg supported, like the anti-racist Expo magazine where the author was employed. Joakim denied that any exploitation had occurred.

    “There are no T-shirts or coffee mugs,” Joakim said on the talk show. “We’ve paid our lawyers to stop that. We’ve even received a request about an operetta from Taiwan, but we’ve said no to that.”

    Larsson’s trilogy has sold around 50 million copies, been made into movies by a Swedish production company and is currently being reworked in Hollywood and will star Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig. Trent Reznor has recently signed on to do the soundtrack.

    The 3-part story follows a computer hacker named Lisbeth Salander, who helps a journalist named Mikael Blomkvist in his investigations.

    The first installment of the movies, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” is set for release on December 21, 2011.

  22. 147
    Fio Says:

    Stieg Larsson’s family retorts in inheritance feud

    STOCKHOLM – Stieg Larsson’s brother has rejected claims by the late crime novelist’s longtime companion that the family is trying to squeeze every penny from Larsson’s posthumous fame.

    On a talk show to be aired by Swedish Television on Friday, Joakim Larsson says he and his father — who inherited the author’s estate — plan to donate most of the 250 million kronor ($38 million) they’ve earned to date from the popular books to charity.

    “How much to keep for ourselves? We’ve never even thought about it,” he said.

    The writer’s companion for three decades, Eva Gabrielsson, wants control of Larsson’s works and says the family is commercializing his legacy for profit. She inherited nothing because they weren’t married and Larsson didn’t leave a will when he died of a heart attack in 2004.

    Larsson’s trilogy — “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest” — became hugely popular after his death, with around 50 million copies sold worldwide.

    Gabrielsson holds a fourth, unpublished manuscript, in the series but doesn’t own the rights to it. She refuses to hand it over to Larsson’s family.

    “They already have so much money. I think there’s a limit somewhere,” she said on the same TV show last week. “How much are you going to scrape from the bottom of the barrel?”

    Gabrielsson’s own book, describing her life with Stieg Larsson, is going on sale in Sweden this week.

    Joakim Larsson rejected that the family was exploiting the writer’s legacy for money.

    “There are no T-shirts or coffee mugs,” he said as the talk show was recorded late Thursday. “We’ve paid our lawyers to stop that. We’ve even received a request about an operetta from Taiwan, but we’ve said no to that.”

    He said the family’s earnings from the books and the film adaptations would be given to causes that Stieg Larsson supported, including the anti-racist Expo magazine that he worked for.

  23. 148
    Fio Says:

    (PIC) OMEGA und Daniel Craig machen sich für fliegende Augenklinik stark

  24. 149
    SUSHI Says:



  25. 150
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “damn, i dream of riding his cart on all 18 holes!!”


    (you’re giving me ideas… :)

    “i want to know if he got to keep the gun”

    I know where you keep your gun… (Bond)

    “wish i was under him. or over him..or anywhere with him. in a tub. on a train, in a car, on a boat, on a table…with some green eggs ham and green beer! cheers.”

    HAHAHAHA! Any which way you can (Scissor Sisters). But does he smell like cocoa butter and cash? Or rather like cornflakes…

    to Fio

    thanks for all the links!

    “You know the gun in his pocket made an obvious bulge, and he always keeps his gun loaded, tee-hee…”

    LOL! That made me nearly spit my tea all over the keyboard with laughter!

    “Which Actor Will Play Julian Assange In Wikileaks Movie?


    “Gabrielsson holds a fourth, unpublished manuscript, in the series but doesn’t own the rights to it. She refuses to hand it over to Larsson’s family.”

    I wonder how she will get around publishing it without the money going to Larsson’s family. If she claims she wrote it all…no, that’s too easy, isn’t it?

    And I love, love, love the hot Dan pic!

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