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Did Golden Globes Host Ricky Gervais Go Too Far?

Did Golden Globes Host Ricky Gervais Go Too Far?
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  • Lisa

    I think he went too far…

  • blair


  • Judy

    Nope. He was brilliant. It’s not like he was being mean he was just speaking truth. Suck it up Hollywood, go roll in your piles of cash. I feel no pity for you overpaid, self-satisfied jerks.

  • mimi78

    No. He didn’t go too far. Hollywod needs a mirror held to its face.

  • mimi78

    No. He didn’t go too far. Hollywod needs a mirror held to its face.@Judy:

    I could not agree more.

  • Wendy

    No, he was fine. People should have been prepared. He hosted in a similar way last year too, so people should have known that he was gonna host in a brutally honest way. I heard he’s already pre-signed onto for next year’s broadcast too.

    However, I -do- think that Gervais shouldn’t have made the comments about “The Tourist” since it was nominated in categories. The others, Tom Cruise and “Philip Morris” weren’t in the audience, so they were okay.

    Stay pressed, HFPA.

  • boston61

    Ricky rocks. The closeted scientology boys must be upset. F them.

  • rhonda

    Hollywood can dish it out, they better be able to take it!

  • ilia

    I was hoping he would go further – whatever that means. He was very funny – I was thoroughly entertained.

  • Lisa


  • ilia

    “The Tourist” was utter crap! Tom Cruise is a closeted homosexual. Both of these statements are actual facts – he simply made them fun and interesting. ;-)

  • Aidualc

    He didn’t go to far. All those Hollywood stars need to get over themselves and learn to take a joke. He basically said just what everyone already talked about on gossip blogs.

  • emily

    i would have loved it if steve carrell and tina fey finished up the show. i thought they were the funniest part of it.
    some of ricky gervais’s jokes made me laugh but the others just made me uncomfortable.

  • foxy


    and so are John Travolta and Will Smith. Loved the show, best awards show Ive ever seen.

  • Mel

    It was more like a roast but that’s how it oughta be. It’s more fun for the viewers that way.

  • Tim

    I didn’t like the gay comment – I thought it was bullying and homophobic.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …the tourist sucked ass. `shiit, the reviews were brutal.
    …`and it bombed. not even jolie’s diehard fans went to see it.
    …gervais is a douche, but i’m sure he knows it.

  • saywhat?

    There is a lot of nastiness in Hollywood although the ones that we are told that are the ones doing certain things or are guilty are usually the innocent ones…it is a publicists’ game. But what? Some people don’t have publicists? Who would have thunk it? It would be nice if critics would actually see a movie before they run in the ground. It is easy for a “comic” to bash and hate, but really…what does that say about that person? How did their last movie do? Aren’t they seeking attention themselves by doing it?
    Sometimes, I wish certain people in Hollywood that tabloids and publicists …and gossip sites …actor wannabes …looking at you, Shuter …would boycott such shows…let’s see how the ratings go. We the viewers hear the roar of the crowd when certain stars arrive and we are not stupid. So Lainey, Shuter, Huvane, E!, and others keep it up…burn your bridges, Ricky. …but look in the mirror…without those coat-tails….and name-dropping and camera spans….ahem, b.o.r.i.n.g.

  • Ismail

    He didn’t go too far!


    I’m actually sad that he’s not hosting the oscars ..

    He’s amazing! and funny ..
    & I love his accent.

  • Mindy

    I really liked the tourist – not sure why other people didn’t. :)

  • Celia

    No. Ricky was perfect. I think he could’ve gone a little further to be honest.

  • sourpatch

    I’ve seen hobos be more comedic then him!

  • Emily

    He went too far with the scientology joke and feeding to the bribe rumours. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Jokergurl

    Ricky Gervais is not one to pull back, ever seen his cable special? I’m surprised he was hosting again. Several people were swearing when they accepted the award, and DeNiro’s speech. He sounded a little pissed off, joking about how the waiters were going to be deported and how everyone needs to have their papers with them. You could just see the audience going “HUH”? I think the illegal alien jabs bothered the audience more than anything Ricky Gervais said.

  • Afarin

    He didn’t go too far. Hollywood needs to stop taking themselves so seriously and realize how good their lives are and start laughing at themselves once in a while instead of being so serious all the time

  • J

    The truth is always going too far. :D

  • Toni

    First of all he didn’t go too far at all and I did enjoy what he said.
    Secondly Hollywood needs to lighten up and take the jokes and gain thick skin.
    And third if what he said weren’t true, why are they getting defensive against his words. If they weren’t true, they could ignore it, but since they are getting up in arms maybe some of the stuff he says are true.
    They knew what they were getting by last year and from his other work so I don’t know why they are up in arms. Did they think he was going to kiss their feet and play nice because they’re the “ultimate top celebrities”

  • just me

    I just did not like what he said about the Tourist…referring to the movie as if nobody went to see it. He forgot to research the fact that the movie already made 186 million dollars both domestic and foreign…and still counting as it still has to open in more countries. The fact is that Angelina and Johnny D are global actors with sooooo many fans spanning different continents. Do they know this nobody Gervais? of course not !! He shouldn’t make those references without checking his facts !!! Hate him !!

  • mells

    It’s not like half of it wasn’t true. people have no problem when they diss pop stars.. but its not ok to give these actors shit?

    it was funny. dont be so up tight.

    Besides, R.G has been around for a long time, im sure this isn’t going to hurt his career at all.

  • offtheproperty

    If what you call “Going Too Far” is actually being FUNNY !
    Of course he “Won’t Be Invited Back” next year and then the following year he “Will Be Invited Back” and they can make a big ISSUE out of it for every idiot in every office and nail salon to babble opinions about and then count on huge viewership, ratings, money.
    Because of him. A great TALENT !

  • Jim

    He was marvelous. I especially liked his Scientology “joke” (or rather truth telling) and his hilarious dig at Downey Jr. (“you probably remember him from the Betty Ford Clinic or the LA County Jail”). He is the Wikileaks of Hollywood. Bravo, bravissimo..

  • rossy40

    People: Calm down! Awards show are BORING & have been for YEARS. It’s not the 1st or last time celebrities will look it. They attend because it’s expected & gives them time (short as it is) to mingle with others. As for presenters they’re pretty much reading off of teleprompters “jokes” written by others & not their own stuff like winners do.
    Hollywood CAN & DOES take itself too seriously… than again, so do a lot of people in general. The Hollywood Foreign Press is stuffy & only wishes it was as witty as Ricky is – The man’s British, for Pete’s sake. Most Brits, Welsh, & Scots are sarcastic – Monty Python, anyone? I’d rather listen to an hour of Ricky than any other comedian.

  • tom

    I think he is hilarious. These people need to learn to laugh at themselves.

  • Pat murley

    He was awesome – It is about time that someone stops the idealization of Hollywood and brings some reality to it – Hope he is back for more

  • thomthom67

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant. Did he lie about anything or exaggerate the truth? Not really. The rest of Hollywood may have to abide by the rules of Hollywood politics, but he does not and he knew it. Loved it.

  • thomthom67

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant. Did he lie about anything or exaggerate the truth? Not really. The rest of Hollywood may have to abide by the rules of Hollywood politics, but he does not and he knew it. Loved it.

  • God

    Judy @ 01/17/2011 at 3:26 pm

    Nope. He was brilliant. It’s not like he was being mean he was just speaking truth. Suck it up Hollywood, go roll in your piles of cash. I feel no pity for you overpaid, self-satisfied jerks.

    Read more:

    Nope, Judy, It’s you who suck. Suck it up. It’s an awards ceremony, not a trashing. Can you take it Judy. Yuck it up.

    Judy: Worst Person in the World.

  • selma

    Anytime someone can give those pompous, smug people a good dig it’s fine with me. All they do is prance around pretending to be someone else, and they think they’ve really accomplished something worthy. Gack.

  • mold and mildew

    Loved him, he popped a few egos last night.

    He was the best part of the show, LMAO, he got mel, scientology, the farce of Burlesque and Tourist beiing nominated.

  • Kev

    The ceremony is either for the performers or for the public.

    If its for the performers you don’t need an entertainer to host and it need not be on T.V.
    If its for the public then you need an entertainer to make it something worth watching.
    Good “funny” is always uncomfortable to someone, and there are more of us than there are of them (work the numbers Ricky).

  • Just One Thing

    I think everything else was great but I don’t think he should have said what he did about Robert Downey, Jr., who worked hard to get himself and his life back together. Or maybe I just have an extra soft spot for RDJ.

  • shannen

    @God: Oh, an AWARDS ceremony. Well, lah, dee dah. A bunch of idiots telling how wonderful they are. I wish he had gone farther with his barbs.

  • DrStrangelove

    He went too far with Scientology? That fake religion that manipulates and cons people? A religion made by a sci writer?
    Scientology deserves all the ridicule it gets…and so does its followers.

  • mousey

    @God: God, honey, there are award ceremonies and there are award ceremonies. Now if they had been giving awards to CNN Heroes, scientists, Doctors Without Borders, etc., it would have been out of place. In this case it was a bunch of designer clad bimbos throwing a party for their shallow selves. Ricky deserves an award for putting it – and them – in perspective.

  • Brightside

    Loved it! Excellent performance by a British comedian who tells it like it is. You Yanks don’t want your egotistical, back slapping little events made fun of then don’t hire a British comedian. Stick to a suck-aSS, vanilla American one!

  • daz

    i am surprised that people couldnt handle his humor…russel brand sufferd the same thing at mtv awards awhile back…some yanks just dont have that sophisticated a sense of humor…no point trying to explain it them either…i sort of pity you if you couldnt see the brilliance in it…it humor…he wasnt meaning it…when he says what he says about downey junior…who i love…its what we call taking the pi**…and when you cant take the pi**…we just think your pi**weak.
    cheers and good on you ricky…oh and for the idiot who was trying to make the point that jolie and depp are so big (which they are…and depp is hands down brilliant…jolie is just gorgeous with an ability to act) and who is gervais…if you probably travelled outside of your suburb, let alone country, you would see how embarrisingly absud that is.
    cheers ricky

  • DrStrangelove

    I’m with mousey.

  • daz

    and i can spell and punctuate but didn’t edit my previous comment…sorry

  • Cons-ider

    Are you kidding? Don Rickles roasted Frank Sinatra, and Sinatra would laugh. Why? Because great people are the ones that have to laugh at themselves from time to time. If you take yourself serious as an entertainer you lose touch with reality in the a circus like Hollywood.

  • dontlikebritish

    I know who he is this guy! He is a bottom-feeder, low-level, extremely ugly looser. I don’t understand why Americans like this guy. Because he speaks “Queen’s English!”
    There is no good comedian left. We have to like these ugly actors!!