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Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler suits up for the InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes Party on Sunday (January 16) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor has been making the rounds at different parties over the past few days.

The night before, Gerry attended The Art of Elysium’s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala at L.A.’s California Science Center.

Earlier in the week, Gerard came out to support Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice at Bulgari‘s private event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing head to toe Dolce & Gabbana paired with David Yurman‘s Sea Urchin Shirt Studs and Cufflinks.

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Jon Kopaloff; Photos: Getty
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  • Heidi

    @Canera: I’ll answer this one. It was nuts among his fans and detractors. For Laurie, against Laurie. Insulting her looks. Everyone arguing about whether it was real, whether it was staged, whether he was upset when she showed up in Detroit. There were even posters on JJ accused of actually being Laurie or pretending to be Laurie. It just recently died down.

  • Golden Globes

    JJ just ate my post for lunch I think. :(

    I was saying that it’s smart of Gerry to have missed GG as a presenter to have escapted Ricky Gervais’ scathing jokes at the pompous A listers which I found hilarious and cut to the bone funny. Gerry could have been one of his butts of jokes the materials for which are aplenty. Just ask any JJers here.

  • CJ

    Wax his neck hairs?…now that has got to hurt like h.e.l.l….I don’t like the neck hair but wouldn’t wish waxing on any man…too painful…electric shaver might do it…but my ex had a sensitive face and neck so I understand where G is coming from although he would look so much better without the neck hair …♥

  • Bond, James Bond

    Clive Owen after Daniel Craig? How about Gerry? Meatloaf-faced Owen not my choice here.

  • Fffyt

    These award shows and parties are THE ideal place for business. Gerry leaves the ptys for other days. A ticket to the GGs and Oscars are hard to come by. He probably couldn’t get one to them this year. He does look like he came out of the shower for the after parties. He is workin’ his business this week. Play was on vacation in south America. Hair color grooming and a decent performance and you all will be swooning again.

  • sarah

    The smug, pompous so-called A listers are the reason I can’t sit through any of these awards ceremonies. Jerks patting each other on the backs. They play act for a living and yet you’d think they were performing brain surgery or finding a cure for cancer. Most don’t even have educations.

  • Fffyt

    @sarah: Money makes the world go around.sad but true.

  • Vegas

    @sarah: Why don’t you tell us what you really think? LOL. In most part, though, I agree. Look up top at Angelina and Brad. Talk about smug. That’s her one and only expression.

  • Fffyt

    @sarah: Raising money for charity gives them credibilty. It helps but we all know who are truly available to help. The unsung Volunteers who are there when the camaras are not around also. Where is butler other than the parties? If power is what he seeks, he needs strong and loyal bonds in his private,business and charitable life.

  • Fffyt

    @sarah: Raising money for charity gives them credibilty. It helps but we all know who are truly available to help. The unsung Volunteers who are there when the camaras are not around also. Where is butler other than the parties? If power is what he seeks, he needs strong and loyal bonds in his private,business and charitable life.

  • Percent

    @Fffyt: Loyal bonds in private/business/service. I give it a 20/70/20 percent spread.

  • MLK day yey

    My take on Gerard’s absence of a gf/significant other is partially due to the unforgiving nature of fans, not just his fans but fans in general. Just take Daniel Craig for example. Craig finally cracked and caved in to the the pressure his fans put on him and his relationship with Satsuki Mitchell, his gf of four or five years. I have never seen so much vitriol toward a gf of a celebrity as toward Craig’s gf, granted I don’t follow many celebs and their priviate lives. The attacks are relentless and everytime when pictures of both of them were on JJ they would typically attract over five thousands posts nearly all of which were negative about his gf. 2011 is a very important year for Craig. Actually some critic called 2011 “the year of Daniel Craig” because he has 4 movies coming out “Girl of Dragon tatoo”, “Cowboys and Aliens” “Dream house” and an animiation. His publist, managers and agents and maybe even studio suits may have put certain pressure on him to break up with his gf all for better publicity even though Satsuki Mitchell may not be as aweful as depicted by Craig’s fans. It’s all for business; millions of dollars are at stake and studios don’t want to add any controversies/negativities surrounding the leading actor if they can help it. Breaking up with a controverial gf is a small price to pay for them.

    Sorry for the slightly OT post. However Craig’s story may shedd some light on why G remains unattached – to avoid controversy and potential negativies. To a lot of fans a bad playboy is more appealing than with a gf with a baggage. Of couse just my opinion.

  • Fffyt

    @MLK day yey: Excuses I say. Just my opinion he is either a Rock Hudson type or he needs help. Bono and Paul Newman are two examples of great well rounded role models.

  • sarah

    @Fffyt: I can’t agree that it gives them credibility. It’s nice that some do it, but it’s always a tax write-off. If it weren’t for the publicity and the tax breaks, fewer of them would be involved. IMO. Regular people with regular jobs in many cases give proportionately as much as these people. I will say however that their presence can put the spotlight on a favorite charity that people might not have heard of before. Since this is a Butler board, I’ll use Kids Kicking Cancer as an example.

  • Fffyt

    @sarah: I am sorry. I agree. I should have said charity gave creditability to each other in the industry.

  • interesting

    @MLK day yey:
    what you said about Daniel Craig is very interesting and i heard a lot about the fans not liking his GF. However, i don’t know why? is it just her looks they didn’t like, or did she have real baggage?

  • Butler Fan

    I really enjoy Gerry Butler. I like reading about all he’s done and all the places he’s visited. I sometimes wonder what he’d be like if he had become a lawyer/solicitor in Scotland. Knowing his penchant for goodies, I’d bet he’d weigh a good 60 pounds more than he does now. He wouldn’t have a trainer following him around. He probably wouldn’t have been inspired to give up booze either.

  • Eve

    @curious cat:

    I fail to understand why anyone would waste their time or energy writing something about someone they don’t like? One reason could be to get a rise out of the fans, which is most likely the main one, or that you used to be a fan and he didn’t live up to your expectations. I don’t go with the rejection one. You’re not intelligent enough for him. But you do sound like a disgruntled fan that for whatever reason he didn’t turn out to be your ideal of a prince charming so you’re po’d at him. Get over it and move on, please. It serves you no purpose other then to make you look even more like an idiot for even caring. Anyone who makes a comment on a celebrity that is negative has some serious issues and could use some therapy. So sad.

  • MLK Day Yey


    About Craig gf, the negative comments were about how ugly she was, clingy, fame whoore, bad for Craig’s career etc, all those things one would expect from obsessive fans of a celeb. Don’t think it’s worth your time to dig up the old threads on Craig’s board . Beauty she ain’t I will say that but the unrelenting attacks were really over the top. Since their breakup comments have turned markedly calm and mostly adoring.

  • curious cat

    Bingo Sarah.

  • gossiphound

    @MLK day yey: Well I thought Mr. Craig had been caught by paps in a rather scandalous situation involving uh not his GF, shall we say, must have a good PR team, they made it go away. I thought there were pictures if not video.

    Anyone who had a true and strong relationship does not let fans or paparazzi get in the way unless when it comes to celebrity couples one gets jealous of the attention the other is getting whether from the media or groupies/fans, it seems to be the case if one is more successful than the other and esp if it is the female is more successful than the male that relationship is doomed.

    The fact is this is the same situation for every single good looking male celebrity yet this does not deter 99 per cent of them. So is Gerry just smarter than the rest? Justin Bieber, pipsqueak that he is, already had fans issuing death threats at women, girls he so much as looked at but that’s not going to keep the Biebs from rolling. Wow a 16 year old kid has more balls than the Butler. Or he’s already learning the ways and value of the fauxmance. Since Usher, the supposed mentor of Justin isn’t a good example maybe the Butler can school the Biebs in the ways of playerdom without complications.

  • Aunt Bee

    @Butler Fan: Seems the fickle finger of fate has done Mr. B (and therefore his fans) a few favors along the way. I heard him say in an interview awhile ago that he sometimes wonders what his life would have been like as a ‘smal ltown lawyer in Scotland.’ I think he was waxing on about being married and having a family.

  • curious cat


    Oh, BS, Eve. Lots of people make critical comments about GB here. I’m “not intelligent enough for him?” I’m an “idiot?” What a joke. Many folks would tell you differently. FYI, I have a pretty damn high I.Q. I never said I don’t like the man. Like many, I’ve been disappointed in what he’s done with the incredible opportunities he has had. Some of us thought he had the potential and drive to make great films, not to party his way through Hollywood.
    Anyone who makes a negative comment about a celebrity has “issues” and “needs therapy?” Are you nuts?
    What rock do you live under, Evie? I rarely get into tussles with other posters. I believe we all have a right to our own opinions. I expressed mine. You are in my opinion the worst kind of poster, the wimpy, simpering Gerry fan who denies that anyone should criticize their hero for anything. For the record, he ain’t never been Prince Charming to me, just an actor I thought was going to do something big. So far, he didn’t. Case closed.

  • interesting

    @MLK Day Yey:
    Yes, I thought she was unattractive too. Ugly face, ugly body. However, she seemed devoted to him, which is what I respected about her. They traveled everywhere together and she put her career on hold for him. Some might say that’s an indication of a gold digger but I’m not so sure. To me she appeared devoted even when there were indications he slept with other women early in their relationship, even before he was this famous.
    So I take it they like his new leading lady, if she really is that to him.
    I’m not so convinced. i think he is just killing time with her (filling the gap left by his previous woman) until he finds someone else he can suck into his lifestyle on a more permanent basis.
    Butler is not like that – he doesn’t play those games.
    You won’t see him publically or officially, with anyone until he’s damned sure she is worth the risks to his career, meaning the pressure he would have to endure and the hatred she would have to endure from the jealous fans. I believe he would put himself through that torture only for a woman he thinks is really worth it, meaning someone he could consider marrying, not just having with her casual sex.

  • out of curiosity

    Was it ever determined who the prettty dark-haired girl was who went to lunch with him, his mom and step-dad last year? As far as I can see, she was never heard of before or after. I thought it was strange because his parents were there. Surely they didn’t just pull her out of thin air.

  • interesting

    “unless when it comes to celebrity couples one gets jealous of the attention the other is getting whether from the media or groupies/fans, it seems to be the case if one is more successful than the other and esp if it is the female is more successful than the male that relationship is doomed. ”
    That’s why Butler will never date a celebrity. All indication are that he goes for women in the business, but that are not very famous. I think he will end up with a not so famous wife, one who would agree to stay in the background if they marry just focusing on his career.

  • CJ

    Sorry I don’t buy the “he doesn’t go out in public with a girlfrend because the fans will say awful things about her”…why the h.e.l.l. care what anybody says about the person you are with, married too or whatever…

    I doubt G reads JJ or reads too many rag magazines….a strong relationship would survive goosip and backslinging by fans…as long as they buy tickets to his movies it shouldn’t matter…

    The fans say they love the celebs yet s.h.i.t on whoever they are with…its jealousy…fans say they want to see G with a woman but they don’t really because than it would be like watching your ex boyfriend from high school with another girl and they couldn’t take that…

    G’s single because he likes it that way..he likes to play the field and w.h.o.r.e around…and since he’s not married he can do just that…

    And we don’t know what broke up Daniel Craig’s relationship..she seemed like a nice person…only those two know for sure..♥

  • out of curiosity

    @interesting: I don’t see him with anyone famous either, but I also don’t see him marrying some shy, retiring individual happy to stay in the background. I think he’d be bored to death with that type. I would more think he’ll marry some professional with her own career. Probably a lawyer or real estate mogul etc. And probably with boatloads of money. I think the boatloads of money will be a prerequiste.

  • Vegas

    @out of curiosity: I don’t know if you were kidding or not about the boatloads of money, but I believe it. As much of a fan of Gerry’s as I am, it’s pretty plain that he’s a social climber. The PYTs are for recreation. IMO IF he decides to get married it’ll be as much a good business move as a love match.

  • interesting

    @out of curiosity:
    I don’t think so. if she has boatloads of money that means she has lots of power, and I think he wants to be the one with the power in the marriage – he is a true dominant, control freak.
    Also, definitely not a professional woman; that will bore him to death. Remember, he left that lifestyle a long time ago. Plus, those types of women are very independent, which won’t interest him either. If she has a job or a career, like a DR or lawyer, she can’t leave and go traveling with him. He needs someone more light-weight, who could be a wife and make him her career.
    Oh, and I think definitely someone who wants to have children with him.

    Therefore, I think it will be someone involved in showbiz or more likely the arts. Maybe a model, a designer, a young socialite (if she doesn’t flaunt her wealth in his face), a writter or a romance novelist, not a woman with a hard career. Someone with a soft career, as I just mentioned above.

  • stella

    @interesting: Yep. A gaga love struck young socialite with lots of money and time. But she better make HIM sign a prenup.

  • interesting

    I think the daughter of the Russian billionaire is someone he would be interested in.

    She is pretty
    She is in her early 20′s
    She doesn’t have a career, career. She is more into socialite work.
    She hangs out in NYC or lives there and works for a museum – something many socialites do

  • interesting

    So I wonder if Gerry has any connections to her since they met early last summer. He spend a lot of time in NYC lately which leads me to believe he has someone there he might be seeing; she lives there.
    Also, Gerry partied with her dad in Miami a month ago at the Vogue fashion show. I wonder if there is something brewing there?

  • interesting

    jj is eating my posts – i tried 3-4 tims to post.

  • sandy

    Russian socialite sounds good on paper – he will have to listen to her dad who is where her wealth comes from. Oh and he’d better watch out any fling outside marriage or be whipped by the in laws.

  • sandy

    G has demonstrated many occasions he has to be front and central. I agree a woman in fashion business, magazine editiorial, art dealers etc might suit him the best. Of course she has to have $ and for her having a job is just to keep her busy and entertained not a necessity. She could be a heiress or from a well connected family, a Bush or a Kennedy would do. Or from the “old money”. She doesn’t mind some publicity but would be content with being in the background, willing to have him having the limelight. As crass as G is he would prefer a woman with class and manners. Agree the ones he is playing with now are just for his recreation, not girlfriend/wife material and he knows it.

  • gotta be kidding

    awwwww, makes me sad G just cant marry for love……….

  • Goodies

    Ricky Gervais was great last night hosting GG. His jokes are very cringe worthy but funny, which remind me of Gerard’s bad but funny jokes in interviews. Is that a British thing? Because Americans sure don’t talk like that, not in front a live audience with millions of viewers anyway.

  • Sweet Tea

    Clearly ye dornt ken him: g.

  • CC

    Not crazy about the hair. I like it better when it has curls in it.

  • laruj


    I agree that G would require a young, intelligent, well educated woman, spotless reputation, in a classy field, such as art. Tons of money would be a plus. Young and managable (he likes to be in control).

    All the others are just playthings, until this comes along…..

  • AmICynical?

    Somebody get me a dry pair of knickers ;)

  • Sweet Tea

    Hari-har-har, sae befitten: g.

  • Nuts

    I think another thread is coming. Just tried posting a link from the faded youthblog about Gerry driving his car to a helicopter at the Santa Monica Airport today. Day trip somewhere? Scouting filming locations?

  • HotforButler

    Sigh…he has to be the sexiest man I have ever seen. Even all scruffy, still sexy as hell.

  • stella

    @Nuts: I tried to post that to after I saw it on WO, but no go. JJ just ignored me. I wonder how they do that?

  • Cora

    Odd JJ would make those photos a new thread. You can barely see him.

  • CJ

    No, JJ won’t let it post…must be saving it for himself to post later…lol

  • CJ

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww…JJ…you need to be faster or employ some of us so photos could be put up faster..unless your worried about copywrite laws and infringment stuff…need approval…maybe?…

  • interesting

    Here is a video from last night he is waiting for his car and he looks great in the video – maybe he was party hopping because that’s not the party he started out with. Can’t sit still for one minute lol