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Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler suits up for the InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes Party on Sunday (January 16) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor has been making the rounds at different parties over the past few days.

The night before, Gerry attended The Art of Elysium’s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala at L.A.’s California Science Center.

Earlier in the week, Gerard came out to support Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice at Bulgari‘s private event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing head to toe Dolce & Gabbana paired with David Yurman’s Sea Urchin Shirt Studs and Cufflinks.

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976 Responses to “Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person”

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  1. 26
    Shar Says:

    Ewww…. his wife shouda bought him a electric razor for Christmas… he could even shave in the limo… haha… get it? on the way to WORK??? work????… ah if only…

  2. 27
    LucyLu Says:

    Go over to Framo’s facebook (Moira Fraser). She’s over there bragging about getting hugs and kisses from Gerry at the afterparty last night and him telling her he’ll be back to see her after the party is over. There are supposedly pictures, but she hasn’t posted any of them yet. She’s acting all high and mighty like he was actually happy to see her. What a looney tune. Supposedly, she gave some kind of interview on Scottish television before she flew off to the Golden Globes.

  3. 28
    Mass Debate Says:

    @gerry: Burns, perhaps? Or has that idea been scrapped already?

  4. 29
    Mass Debate Says:

    I really, really miss the thumbs, right now.

  5. 30
    peacesister Says:

    Thumbs? Do I really have to repeat myself? Here you go:

  6. 31
    Butler business Says:

    Apparently Ariel was there with him, according to some of the fan sites.

  7. 32
    Mass Debate Says:

    That tan did not come from Brazil.

  8. 33
    So Swedish Says:

    Gorgeous man! Lovely.

    But why is he pressing his lips together? He looks like he wants to do a full smile with teeth, but won´t do it. Why?

    Love the suit, the bow tie, his hair with gel in it… (hm… like it more without products tho..)

    Who is Ariel by the way?

  9. 34
    DrPiggy Says:

    He’s still good looking but I agree he used waaaaaay to much hair product and he needs to get rid of that neck stubble. he could always get it waxed off if shaving irritaes his skin that much. BTW,I also don’t know who Ariel is? I wonder why she didn’t walk the red carpet like Bianca did?

  10. 35
    Nuts Says:

    Ariel Vromen is a guy. He directed Gerry in the short film “Jewel of the Sahara”. They’ve been buddies a while.

  11. 36
    curious cat Says:

    Wow. Aging party boy. Party party party. It seems to be catching up. He’s starting to look a LOT older in a lot of ways. Aging is like that. It doesn’t happen steadily and gradually but suddenly goes into overdrive. He HAS to make a really great movie or why did he form his own company? Sorry, he’s made forgettable films and is starting to look the part of an aging Hollywood hanger on, a has been who never was as someone I knew used to say.
    That’s just my instinctive take on his latest pix. I do’t know for nuttin’ about shaving the nexk, grease on the hair, orange tan. Guess I’m too naive to know about all these details.
    I just look at him and see eyes that look empty, a pretty boy getting old before our eyes. Hell, this macho man can’t even risk getting married.
    Too scared of women.
    Before the phannies start attacking me, hey, I don’t mind that he looks older. I am admittedly older than he so the older he looks the more I can relate to him. I don’t ********** with a Marek doll, have never even seen one. I’m not rich or famous, but have done respectable work in my field. I get sick of stupid attacks by phannies who say you are critical because he rejected you. Awwwww.

    I don’t give a hoot whether he shaves his neck or not or what he uses on his hair. I once thought he was going to be a combination of Sir Lawrence Olivier and Steven Spielberg and do something great.
    Nuff said.

  12. 37
    huh? Says:

    JJ is eating my posts. I tried to write that I don’t think he used any gel. I think his hair was wet from the shower when he arrived. It dried during the night.

    And, he won’t shave until he has to for work.

    He isn’t trying to impress any of you.

  13. 38
    Amber Says:

    @peacesister: Love that picture! Thanks!!

  14. 39
    gossiphound Says:

    @huh?: He must be trying to impress someone, like twentysomething tall thin brunettes, he is hardly lacking in vanity, he is certainly trying to look younger.

  15. 40
    Aunt Bee Says:

    He certainly stirs the pot.

  16. 41
    pookey Says:

    @Aunt Bee: He stirs mine.

  17. 42
    angie Says:

    Here we go again. His hair is too long, he should keep it long; he should shave, he shouldn’t; he’s too thin, he’s just right ….. Leave him alone and enjoy the show. He’s beautful.

  18. 43
    question Says:

    I see he was with Alan and David last night. Do you think he’ll ever bring a real date to any event? Why is he so funny about dating in public? Others in show biz do. In fact, some of them flaunt it for publicity’s sake.

  19. 44
    Vegas Says:

    @question: I don’t see him with anyone in public again until he’s ready to make something at least semi-permanent. He’s odd that way. Private about his dating life, but a big mouth about other aspects of his life. Maybe he just likes to keep ‘em guessing.

  20. 45
    gotta be kidding Says:

    I thought he would clean up well from previous thread (keep off grass) but looks like he sort of just changed to the suit without really grooming. Sigh, sorry G, I think you’re a miss this time out, but it is just for the party, not the awards, so maybe you didn’t really care. Maybe next year for MGP, you will look flawless as a nominee!! ;)

  21. 46
    peacesister Says:

    Now, just to make Nuts’ generous informative post complete, here’s the link to the fabulous short film directed by Ariel:
    CC, good to see you around, dear!!! Now I’m gonna look for a pic of that Marek doll. :-))) lol

  22. 47
    streets Says:

    Yeah, look at the Laurie debacle. That took on a life of its own. The yammering was more noteworthy than the few times they were actually together.

  23. 48
    sarah Says:

    I don’t blame him for not going to the GG ceremony. Who would sit through that if they didn’t have to. I shut it off after about 15 minutes. It was gag worthy. The only fun thing about it willl be Joan and company ripping on the outfits.

  24. 49
    mold and mildew Says:

    i dunno is this look suppose to be the new suave look? eurotrash playboy?

    any hoot, new thread and i am sure a new chance to knit some more. i find it more soothing than engaging some really, really stupid people.

    As far as GG, loved Ricky Gervais…poking that hollyweird in all the right spots. Was very happy for Annette Bening, Colin Firth, Jim Parsons and Steve Buscemi.

    my stunner of the night Camille Bell,

    waves to i heart

    off to shovel …..Happy Week to all the Happy People

  25. 50
    Canera Says:

    Love his hair long, don’t know if that’s hair product or just wet. Bet it’s for a new movie. Still think he looks good. What’s do you mean by the Laurie debacle, streets?

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