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Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler suits up for the InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes Party on Sunday (January 16) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor has been making the rounds at different parties over the past few days.

The night before, Gerry attended The Art of Elysium’s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala at L.A.’s California Science Center.

Earlier in the week, Gerard came out to support Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice at Bulgari‘s private event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing head to toe Dolce & Gabbana paired with David Yurman‘s Sea Urchin Shirt Studs and Cufflinks.

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Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Jon Kopaloff; Photos: Getty
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  • Old Mia

    @stella: I wonder how it all works too. They must program it in some way to kick the potential ‘exclusives,’ (haha), out of the system.

    I’ve just now been enjoying the comments on the Ricky G. thread about whether he went too far last night digging the usual HW suspects. As someone said earlier, it’s probably a good thing G wasn’t a presenter this year. RG probably would have brought up the faux JA romance. He takes no prisoners. I didn’t watch the show because I was at work and I didn’t tape it because I knew G wasn’t going to be there, but it sounds like Ricky was the only thing that made it tolerable. And they won’t have him back? Well, next year’s GGs should be a real snooze.

  • observation

    @Old Mia: I also have yucked at the Ricky comments. If anyone goes over there, check out comments 44 and 45. They are both right on IMHO.

  • Framo

    @out of morbid curiosity:
    Your mom.
    Get off it, will ya?

  • BusyBee

    Gerard is too busy to hold down anything serious with any one person.
    Stop trying to put him in relationships – he is not interested.
    My cousin dated him for a short short period, but they both knew the “deal” so what? The situation seemed to work for both of them at that time in her life.



  • Here you go


    # 44 mousey @ 01/17/2011 at 11:48 pm @God: God, honey, there are award ceremonies and there are award ceremonies. Now if they had been giving awards to CNN Heroes, scientists, Doctors Without Borders, etc., it would have been out of place. In this case it was a bunch of designer clad bimbos throwing a party for their shallow selves. Ricky deserves an award for putting it – and them – in perspective.

    # 45 Brightside @ 01/17/2011 at 11:55 pm Loved it! Excellent performance by a British comedian who tells it like it is. You Yanks don’t want your egotistical, back slapping little events made fun of then don’t hire a British comedian. Stick to a suck-aSS, vanilla American one!

    Now I agree, BUT…. It all depends on who was being dissed.

    Your blessed baby boy wasn’t being maligned. I’d love to see Mia’s and others of the same persuasion’s reactions if something negative had been said about him. All h’ell would have broken out here and on other sites. The motherships would have melted down.

  • Old Mia

    @Here you go: I suppose it would depend on how funny the remarks were. Most people here of ‘the same persuasion’ can take the jokes and dish it out as well. As long as it isn’t mean, nasty spirited. Just because I’m a fan, doesn’t make me humorless. He gives us plenty of material.

  • ouch

    Girl in black dress tried her best. But, he let her be shipped out in a taxi.

  • Hmmmmm

    Missed signals. I bet he met up with red dress later on. Just joking. I think.

  • tom

    @Hmmmmm: Cat fight this morning? That explains why he flew away in a helicopter.

  • just me

    @tom: Hi. Glad to see you back. Howev ah. Nothing there. He’s weird. Maybe he does have a Russian billionaire princess stashed away back home. There has to be some explanation for this guy. No one that good looking is celebate. Kissy kissy. Huggy huggy. Blaaaaa.

  • yep

    He should own up. All the silly secretive stuff is ridiculous.

  • Honestly

    if you know his deal from your cousin why are you here posting about him?
    somehow, i don’t think you’re serious.

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO

    on video @ Interesting, gerry said we’ll see Jen and their children,

  • Neck

    I doubt the reason that he doesn’t shave is that he has a sensitive neck. He has shaved in the past without any rash being apparent. In fact, the entire filming of Shattered has a clean shaven Gerry with no noticeable rash or problems.
    I think he is just lazy….and trying to hide his chins.

  • peacesister

    There’ll be a HTTYD sequel.
    Not sure if GB will be involved.

  • peacesister

    Article about him leaving in a helicopter:
    “Gerard Butler was spotted heading to the Santa Monica Airport in California today (January 17) ready to take off.
    The 41-year-old Scottish actor arrived in his Mercedes Benz before driving himself to a helicopter. Where could the star be headed?
    Meanwhile, Gerard will soon be on the promotional trail pimping his new comedy Movie 43. The upcoming feature-film is comprised of a number of short comedy segments, each individually directed and starred in by various actors. The star-studded cast includes Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, Anna Faris, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts.”

  • peacesister

    And hopeful one about upcoming MGP:
    “…Shot in July in Michigan and South Africa, which stood in for Pennsylvania and areas along the Sudan/Uganda border respectively, this’ll be a potentially fascinating adaptation that one hopes will remain faithful to the truth, no matter how rough or zealous a light it might portray the gun-toting, bible carrying Childers in….”

  • kp hearts butler

    UGH BUTLER!!! I know you obvi don’t care about my opinion, but, c’mon…I’m speakin on behalf of half of your female fan base….CUT YOUR FREAKIN HAIR ALREADY!!! Slickin in back….is like doing a combback with oil then putting on a tux…..please.
    Please stop disappointing me….I’m gonna quit you for Eric Bana….he can pull that look off…you, on the other hand….can not….realize that already….wtf….learn!!

  • kp hearts butler

    And, I’ll say it again…the longer your hair…the bigger your nose is lookin….just sayin. Please end my misery and cut it already.

  • http://lola Lola

    that is, you know, what the journalist says? and why gerry is a wink, a smile?.
    The video has 102s

  • Nuts

    Video showing two girls with Gerry and is it Chris Evans (???) outside a post-GG party…Call Girls who’ve already provided a service…or trying for a booking???

  • oldfurniture

    Interesting thing that with the not-so-famous celebrity girlfriends.

    I don’t really follow the stuff that is happening with celebrities, but whenever I read something at JJ about some Hollywood beau (I’m but a woman) I ALWAYS see women who can’t stop bashing their girlfriends.
    It’s always the same c-rap: they’re ugly, they’re talentless, they’re golddiggers and famewh-ores, can’t dress blah blah blah blah. Always the same S-H-I-T!!
    And that’s not enough! They are to find even in “real” life and I’ve come to the conclusion that they are always the same type of woman: Ugly, stupid, jealous!
    In my entire life I never met a beautiful, intelligent woman, who would treat other women that way. It’s always the ugly and stupid hags who act like crazy furies! So, whenever you see some of the dumbos posting here and claiming that they look so much better than the celebrity girlfriends and that their husband is so crazy about them: forget it!

  • Well


    No. I think that one was identified as Malin Ackerman. You go a bit too far Nuts,.

  • Well


    No. I think that one was identified as Malin Ackerman. You go a bit too far Nuts.

    This may post twice as the site still seems to be having problems.
    JJ please do something to sort out this issue.

  • Nuts


    Good Grief!

    The one in the red dress in that video outside the hotel is NOT Malin Ackerman.

    THIS is Malin at the Instyle party that night:

    She’s very recognizable and Gerry knows her from APJ and other things. She’s also very tall and likes to wear heels. The blonde is in the video is shorter than Malin and the dress is different.

    The two in the video are much younger than Malin andlook like actress-wannabees or party girls.

  • CJ

    @oldfurniture..ahmen to that!…♥

  • MysteryOne


    Moira Fraser is an obsessed Butler fan who is having an imaginary relationship with Gerry thinking she means something to him and sabotaging her life in the process, but at least she’s fueling the economy. Gentleman that he is Gerry is wise enough not to elicit any wrath so tolerates her. She obtains info from site Admins, who should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder Gerry works with a trust deficit. He can even trust those sworn to secrecy!

  • Well


    You still go too far when you have no idea as to whom these people might be.

  • Nuts

    Well…that’s your opinion.

    And I don’t care about it.

    Party on.

  • Nuts


    Besides…how do you know that I don’t know one or both of them.

    Move along. Nag someone else. There are plenty of other posts to snark about…

    or…is it MY turn to be a target (I really should check the rotation schedule around here.)

  • Nuts


    I like this statement: “No wonder Gerry works with a trust deficit.”

    Interesting. Excellent turn of phrase.

  • Well


    You’re not a target at all but it does seem as though your feathers have been ruffled about being called out on your previous statement.

    How do you KNOW that I’m not a friend of one of the ladies in the video?

    I’m neither nagging or snarking but merely pointing out that perhaps you should think a little more before you write your comments in provocative terms. There are many here on JJ who could do with engaging their brains before their fingers hit the keyboard.

    I wonder if this will post twice too.

  • Nuts


    I am not “ruffled” by being “called out”. You simply stated your opinion…and I’ve stated mine. This is a GOSSIP site…we gossip, we speculate and it isn’t always pretty.

    Go figure…

  • Nuts


    And, I was right about it NOT being Malin Ackerman, correct?

  • @oldfurniture


    Amen to that. Well said. First poster comes to mind is Manny who fits your description. Jealous lying biotch who trashes any of G’s women.

  • mold and mildew

    well that sure didn’t take long, down the rabbit hole we go, again.

    thanks for the info Nuts and Peacesister

    knit one pearl two knit one……………….

  • gracey

    Off to the airport and onto a waiting helicopter? The man never ceases to amaze.

  • streets

    @gracey: Secret agent man. LOL.

  • PsychoB

    @Nuts: He wouldn’t have to if he was better at picking the people around him.

    Don’t worry Nuts they can attack me now

    As far as the fansites go. It is a case of do as I say not as I do. They see themselves as somehow better than the average stalker, but thats their scewed perception. Gerry is smart enough to know that he has to appreciate his fans but I guarantee the thought of what they do to him in their imaginations makes him throw up a little in his mouth.

  • topic of discussion

    Maybe he is picking someone up.

  • PsychoB

    @topic of discussion: now thats funny. The ride was business related guarantee. Gerry admitted to getting a ride up to see his team in England, but thats his football team. He wouldn’t spend his own money to charter for a woman.

  • kind of depressed

    Sometimes I find it depressing that he’s so beautiful. There’s only one of him and I’ll never know him or probably ever get to see him in person.

  • Nuts



    And, relating back to that video of him with those two girls in front of the hotel. The blonde is either cold…or looks a bit ashamed. The brunette seems pretty cavalier and “in charge.”

  • Nuts


    Or at least a bit sheepish…

  • Nuts


    Secret Agent…

    hahahhaa….living out his own personal L’Oreal commercial moment?

  • @142

    Wow….and you know this how? Why would he have had to charter it?

  • Hmmmmm

    That was a strange scene with the two odd acting girls. But Alan was bringing up the rear so I don’t think anything untoward had gone on.

  • wtf?

    @kind of depressed: and I thought I had a bad case of Butleritiis!!!!!
    not enough rainbow fa.rts for ya?
    and the fact that he only has one unicorn to wield around at the planets’ coochies leave you feeling left out?.

    seriously your joking right?

    be depressed over the world’s economy, flooding that has killed people, the fact that Zac Efron is a People’s Choice award winner.

    you should be glad, darlin. not sad.

  • Nuts


    Poor Alan, broom and dustpan in hand ready to clean up messes…

    G can be such a naughty boy and Alan is a good boy scout–always prepared to handle the situation. :o)