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Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler suits up for the InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes Party on Sunday (January 16) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor has been making the rounds at different parties over the past few days.

The night before, Gerry attended The Art of Elysium’s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala at L.A.’s California Science Center.

Earlier in the week, Gerard came out to support Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice at Bulgari‘s private event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing head to toe Dolce & Gabbana paired with David Yurman‘s Sea Urchin Shirt Studs and Cufflinks.

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gerard butler instyle party 01
gerard butler instyle party 02
gerard butler instyle party 03
gerard butler instyle party 04
gerard butler instyle party 05

Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Jon Kopaloff; Photos: Getty
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  • Manny

    @Fritz loves her Cowboy:
    Just my point. Ride em cowgirl. *mwah*

  • Cora

    Here’s a closeup of the shirt studs on Gerry. You can really see the black diamonds glittering in the light:
    I know, I know, trivial topic of conversation, but I’m bored and happy to find reasons to zoom his pictures (plus I love black diamonds). :D

  • Manny

    They are pretty. Did anyone see how the gal from Mad Men almost lost her million dollar diamond bracelet on loan to her from Chopard?

  • i heart
  • try
  • maison

    Goodness, that girl in red is one strange acting person. However, it looks to me, like the two girls were already out of the party and out of the street by the time the three musketeers came down the stairs. I don’t think it’s kosher to read too much into the little encounter. As said a million times, just because he is pictured with someone, it doesn’t mean he’s involved with them.

  • CorBlimey

    Wow! I’ve always looked at the fashion pages, and have admired many of those red carpet dresses – who knew he did so many of them? That deep red dress worn by Katherine Heigl is one of my all-time favourites. I’m loving that there’s an online shop, too. Thanks for the link!

  • interesting

    @i heart: @try:
    Thank you so much for the links.
    He’s a good designer

  • hello

    Is everyone sure that IS Ariel? He tooks pretty tall to be Ariel to me.

    I think David is nice looking, His dress designs are amazing. He sure is prolific. I did the little search for stores thing. He’s at a lot of highend dept. stores. None near me in the sticks.

    I wonder if Gerry buys all those suits and expensive cufflinks and studs, or if he is given them to wear. I can’t imagine the thrifty Scot would spend that kind of dough on that kind of fluff. Especially when his usual idea of fashion is the c’ock hat and Colorado T worn to a frazzle.

    This is crazy. Apparently someone who works in a doctor’s office tweeted today and Gerard Butler was coming in for laser treatment, apparently for pain. Now there is one dumb woman. Poor Gerry. He has never gotten over the wear and tear of 300.

  • ? Help i can’t post

    Someone tweeted doctor’s info about him? I can’t imagine why anyone would do such a thing. Big moment on twitter? I’ve always hated having to go to my little town hospital because everyone knows everyone else’s business in our little fish pond from the front desk to the nurses. But in this case, what the heck is this man supposed to do? Some things are just off limits. Nasty.

  • tom

    @? Help i can’t post: Yes. Deserves what she gets if this is true. This is beyond intrusive.

  • Melissa

    I don’t like to think of him in pain from all this stuff.
    What would he have been as a lawyer back in Scotland? Maybe happy. Not so rich. Not so handsome. But, much calmer. But, we can’t go back. The eyes would be the same.

  • Aunt Bee

    Calm night on JJ. Except for Manny trying to stir up a non-existant fight.

  • angel

    Manny’s right. This was funny, except for the digs at Gerry.

    oy @ 01/17/2011 at 11:49 pm Golden Globes Fashion roundup:

    Sandra Bullock – Worst wig since Sean Connery in Dr. No.
    Angelina Jolie bought her dress at a Barbara Stanwyck estate sale.
    Eva Longoria balanced sexy with classy, which is more than her husband could ever do.
    Sofia Vergara has no choice but to lash those two in place before someone got hurt.
    Alec Baldwin hoped a bow tie would detract from his chins, the smell of booze, greasy hair and arrogance. It doesn’t.
    Nicole Kidman embodied vanilla ice cream. Not a compliment.
    Julianne Moore made us wish for less less less.
    Leah Michelle wore a dress designed by a cake decorator.
    January Jones dressed as the lamp from A Christmas Story.
    Scarlett Johanson resurrected the Bride of Frankenstein as her stylist.
    Halle Berry wore her underwear, which is more than she’s worn in her latest films. A little less middle aged but can be sexy desperation would be refreshing.
    Helena Bonham Carter wore a Jackson Pollack painting as a sarong then stepped in paint cans.
    Catherine Zeta Jones stole a can can dress from the Jolly Green Giant.
    Jane Krakowski’s slit provided easy access to her slit just in case she went into labor.
    Kelly Brooks’ dress was created by the Macy’s Giftwrap Department. Honey, that bow isn’t a counterweight.
    Ann Heche dressed like a used condom.
    Jennifer Lopez wore white. Doesn’t that break a law of some kind?
    Brad Pitt wore his sunglasses at night – like your grandma in Palm Beach after the cataract surgery.
    Jennifer Love Hewitt was ready for a 1968 clamshell themed prom.
    Olivia Wilde embodied ethereal old Hollywood glamour. That woman gets it.
    Tilda Swinton showed why people think she’s Temple Grandin.
    Hayden Panetierre proved that C cups won’t make her tall enough to ride the teacups at Disneyland.
    Christina Aguilera wore a doily from Cher’s house.
    Helen Mirren bested them all without trying, as usual.
    Dennis Quaid is in the house!
    Michelle Williams wore her grandmother’s pre-WW2 curtains.
    Juliana Marguiles was class and grace as always.
    Jon Voight thought a white silk scarf would cover douchey with dashing. He needs a much bigger scarf.
    Cheryl Hines’ dress was completed by the tilesetters from Extreme Home Makeover while she was in the limo.
    Gerard Butler wore his best “Scottish Mechanic Goes to Town” suit and should stop using WD40 as hair mousse.
    Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt = perfection.
    Rickey Gervais as host = perfection.
    Annette Benning proved again why it’s a miracle that Warren Beatty chose her over his other conquests.
    Adrien Brody looked like a Sicilian pizza delivery boy who crashed the party.
    Anne Hathaway found the only dress left after Angelina had her pick at the Stanwyck estate sale.

    The no name actresses did better in style than the high profile ones.

  • Lily

    @i heart:

    hahahahaha oh dear watched that tape – Gerard couldnt have been less interested. LOL!! A taxi??? Um, if Ariel and G wanted them around, the girls would have left WITH THEM – trust!! They said goodbye.
    Unfor, those girls are way too “basic” looking for our exotic loving G.
    I’m not his type and I dont care either. I am my husbands type thats ll i need.
    But i know our little scot boy!

  • Jamesy

    The fat redhead or the blonde???

  • Question

    it isn’t lost on me that Gerard was first rumored to be seen with the fitness Alicia girl at a “laser spa”. what the hell is that anyway? anyone know??

  • twisted


  • Cora

    @Question: I think laser spas are more for cosmetic laser treatments such as laser hair removal and removing spider veins and wrinkles, things like that — aesthetic treatments.
    But I can’t be 100% sure that they don’t also do pain treatments because it isn’t a medical treatment. Laser for pain hasn’t been scientifically proven to be effective and it isn’t standard medical practice. There is laser therapy for pain, weight loss, stress management. All of these laser therapies to improve lifestyle fall under the category of holistic medicine and you don’t have to be a doctor to administer them. So perhaps they do some of this at spas, I don’t know.

  • question

    what kind of laser therapy for weight loss do they have?
    I never heard of such a thing lol

  • she

    ger and the fitness girl at hair removall spa together? what type of date is that?

  • she

    how did she get in? no one stopped her?

  • she

    ^^^just wondering how framo got into globes without security alert

  • Cora

    @question: There are lots of different types of procedures referred to as laser treatments. Laser is a broad term that refers to any light-based technology. The lasers used for cosmetic treatments (wrinkles, scars, tattoo removal) are completely different than the ones used for lifestyle (pain, weight loss, stress). The laser therapies for cosmetic treatments are very effective. The ones used for lifestyle are more of a faith-based therapy. LOL! In other words it’s probably just the placebo effect helping you. I’m not sure how the weight loss one works, but I know one method is to stimulate acupuncture points with lasers and they claim this will speed up your metabolism and reduce your appetite.

  • question

    Wow, very intereting but probably placebo, as you said.
    GB ready to try anything new lol.

  • Golden Globes

    Fans can go to the Globes you buy a package with the hotel Fram has been going at least 10 years if not longer.

  • i’ll help

    BrunoPress has photos of Gerry having lunch with a mystery brunette and looking annoyed that he was being photographed. I can’t get the link to post here.

  • Cora

    I just wanted to add that when I said “laser for pain hasn’t been scientifically proven to be effective” I was being a little harsh. It’s more that its effectiveness remains in dispute. So for every paper that says it works, there is another paper saying it’s just the placebo effect, and back and forth the debate goes. It’s a lot like acupuncture where there are some who swear by it and offer up studies that prove it and some who dismiss it and offer up their studies.
    Chronic pain is awful to live with. Gerry may have exhausted conventional therapies and is turning to alternative medicine in the hope something may help. I know Gerry has a tendency toward some new agey quick fixes in his life, but when it comes to chronic pain I’m not going to criticise him for trying anything he can. I feel compassion for him on this one. I respect him for trying something like this rather than drowning himself in painkillers as many celebrities do. At least he’s trying to fix this and laser therapy certainly isn’t harmful. Whether the benefits are real or placebo, I hope he gets relief.

  • lisar

    @Cora: Maybe he already drowned himself in painkillers and those didn’t work so he’s trying alternative medicine.

  • Cora

    @i’ll help: Well that definitely looks like a date and she’s definitely his type!

  • angelsrock


    Not a good move if this person is employed by this doctor. Pink slip.

  • angelsrock

    @i’ll help:

    Hey thanks!! I just went over there and those are some great pics. That girl looks very familiar. Who is she? He seems very happy to be in her presence especially in the pics where they are walking together.

  • http://;;;; ;;;;
  • LucyLu

    I know that there will be a lot of commented speculation on the new pics of Gerry from yesterday with the brunette, but it really didn’t look like a “date” to me, not in the literal sense anyway. And it may not have been that at all. There was no bodily contact, no hand holding, no touching or adoring glances from either party. So Gerry was seen in the presence of a woman. That does not constitute a date, but just having lunch with a member of the female gender. It could well have been a business lunch for all we know. So until we do know more about this, it would probably be wise to hold the hook-up/romance rumors at bay for now.

  • mold and mildew

    and today’s episode in Gerry`s World should be called……

    A Brunch with a Brunette
    The Morining After Muffin
    Late Lunch Lay
    Model At Midday
    Brazilian Breakfast
    The Shady Lady

    off to work, blech, have a funday peeps.
    i expect her whole CV here when i return, got that nuts, gossiphound red october hahahaha just kidding.

  • Nuts

    Who is the guy at the table? Is that Ariel Vromen?

    And, is she an actress? She looks familiar (but then some of them are very cookie-cutter looking). A possible casting for the wife role in PTF?

    Anyhow, why does he look so surprised/annoyed when he’s dining at an open-air cafe in Los Angeles and gets spotted by paps who he KNOWS lurk everywhere?

    For a date I would think he would choose a more private setting.

    Anyhow, is that Ariel and is he somehow connected with one of Gerry’s projects???

  • Nuts

    Wait, the more I look at it, the more it looks like the guy may be at the next table. It seems like there is a woman between him and Gerry–or am I seeing things.

    Anyhow, if Gerry persists in choosing to eat at an open air cafe in a city swarming with paps, why does he always look so surprised and indignant when he’s spotted. Please. He KNOWS he’ll be spotted. They aren’t even tucked in a corner. They are right out there in front…and he’s in full view of anyone passing by.

    There are plenty of celeb-friendly places that would put him in a private area.

    So, either a date and he’s foolish to think he can hide in plain site, or a possible casting meeting for the wife role in PTF???

    Have we identified her yet…?

  • Mass Debate

    @mold and mildew: And I expect a full family genealogy and a full DNA report. :P

  • Sharp

    I could be wrong, but to me it doesn’t look like he’s annoyed with the paps so much as in the middle of telling a story and turned his head in that direction. He may or may not have seen them (he may or may not have cared.)

    My 2 cents.

  • Nuts

    Someone at WO has suggested she was part of the party group from Punta Este and the island:

  • Me2

    It looks to me like a date… or maybe they’re just hangin’ out?

  • Nuts


    I agree. It doesn’t look like they rushed off in a huff. Just finished the lunch and walked away. No photo of them leaving in the same car.

  • Nuts

    WO has a bunch of photos from one of the New Year’s Model’s FB album of the partying they did on that island.

    Man, they literally flew in models and model-like women. )

    My mind boggles. I do not live in a world/tax bracket where rich men fly in models for a holiday in South America.

  • Vegas

    I don’t think he looks upset at lunch. I agree that he just happened to turn his head while obviously telling some big tale.

    The girl looks vaguely familiar. I doubt it’s anyone for the ex-wife role. I think someone at least semi-known will get that part.

  • http://lola Lola
  • stella

    There should be some casting news for PTF coming out soon. It’s only just a little more than two months off now.

  • http://LOLA Lola

    Listen, what that require photographers to gerry

  • Nuts

    Gosh…can we be bored already with yet another lunch sighting with yet another tall brunette model.

    Yes. Yes. I believe we can and are. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Change it up Gerry!

  • Vegas

    @Nuts: LOL. True, especially when this looked totally platonic. We’ve been there done that too many times.

  • Donegal

    I’m gonna need some serious hand-holding, snuggles, kissing to get all wrought up. And, I’d prefer a red head.