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Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler: InStyle/Warner Bros. Party Person

Gerard Butler suits up for the InStyle/Warner Bros. Golden Globes Party on Sunday (January 16) at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor has been making the rounds at different parties over the past few days.

The night before, Gerry attended The Art of Elysium’s 4th Annual Black Tie “Heaven” Charity Gala at L.A.’s California Science Center.

Earlier in the week, Gerard came out to support Save the Children and Artists for Peace and Justice at Bulgari‘s private event.

FYI: Gerard is wearing head to toe Dolce & Gabbana paired with David Yurman‘s Sea Urchin Shirt Studs and Cufflinks.

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gerard butler instyle party 01
gerard butler instyle party 02
gerard butler instyle party 03
gerard butler instyle party 04
gerard butler instyle party 05

Credit: Kevork Djansezian, Jon Kopaloff; Photos: Getty
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  • karo

    I don’t even like this one’s hair do. She’s kind of blaaaaaah looking. I think the blaaaah factor figures in as why nobody is getting all atwitter. Even Laurie had some personality.

  • Nuts

    How about some casting news for “Playing the Field” instead of this pap photo op.

    Who will play the ex-wife? The son? The soccer moms driving hard and fast for the new coach’s attention?

  • Old Mia

    While I enjoy seeing new photos – no matter what the content – I’m more interested in news about his upcoming projects.

    I wonder why he is often at lunch with all these people when he apparently doesn’t eat. LOL.

  • at the Bulgari party

    “… Also at the charity event were Gerard Butler and Jared Leto, who were playfully dancing together as they shook their behinds to Ricky Martin’s performance. How boy-on-boy fab is that?…”

  • wtf?

    oh gawd shakin their Bon Bons and livin La Vida Loca
    Gerard and Jared, what’s next their own home design show?

    LMAO @moldy, nuts and mass debate

    good to see some humour returning

  • gigilo

    The lunch brunette looks like Nancy Karrigan “Whyyyyy…Whyyyyy” the smile that is. What’s behind the shades dunno.

  • interesting

    she is similar to LC’s look – tall, brunette, dark-skinned, short hair.
    she also looks a bit Brazilian to me – her nose reminds me of Sabrina Jales, the brunette model from the Bar Pitti episode.

  • How do I put this…?

    Hey everybody…

    Just swinging thru and saw the link to the “mystery date.”
    My goodness, he really sticks to the formula in the way of looks, huh?
    From what I can gather, she’s a better-looking Laurie, really.
    Is he so friggin’ tall that he just can’t physically see women under 5’5″?

    IDK, he doesn’t have that obvious “look” he gets when he’s in pursuit.
    You know, lowered eyelids, close-talking/spittle flying every which way, sniffing at her like a wolf, etc. =D
    Did he watch her ass walk away if/when they parted ways, like a gentleman should?
    And not very “dressed to impress,” is he?
    But he may be changing his game up a bit for the new year and/or she’s a smart cookie to not be obvious like the others (start out cooled off, THEN heat it up).

    It looks like hanging out…for now.
    We’ll see, like we did with alllll of the rest…

  • Merlin

    One week away and 4 new threads..about Gerry partying somewhere or at a charity event… Gerard, you’re an actor and you should show up at premieres…damn you.. your movies premieres not somebody else’s..
    Keep thinking he’s already a hasbeen…
    Hey phannies will have a meltdown without the thumbs…lol hahaha
    *waves to JJers!!*

  • Birdie

    Interviewing Brazilian actress to play his fiery Brazilian ex-wife in Playing the Field?

  • lee328

    @Birdie: Are they looking for a Latino woman to play the part of his Ex in this movie? If so, they should get Sofia Vergara…she is hot and the chemistry would be great. Sofia would definitely draw a larger audience than another bland Aniston type actress.

  • brandon

    @Birdie: Except , for one, this chick doesn’t look like she could be fiery if someone set a match to her. She looks more like someone with an office job. And two, I don’t think he is going to pick some unknown Brazilian starlet to be in a lead role.

  • Vegas

    @brandon: Yes, IMO he’s going to have to have someone with name recogntion. I just wish there would be some kind of announcement soon.

  • it looks

    like there is a different woman sitting at the table in one of the pictures. She has lighter brown hair.

  • curious

    We know things are set for PTF, but what’s the status of Afterburn and White Jazz films? I really like the ideas for both of those

  • Jamesy

    she looks like his type all right. talllll tallll (gerry is 6’2 – what is she 5’10??)…and i think he wouldnt be all over her in public but sh elooks happy and could be a date imo

  • Vegas

    @it looks: In some of the photos there is another woman at the table. Can’t tell if she was actually with them or just dropped by to chat.

  • Mind your head (ex-Heads up)

    Someone on WO speculated that this long mystery brunette is blond actress Amy Smart (doesn’t look over 5’5″-5’6″) in a wig. WTF?
    Someone else responded that if it was her then he must have women dressing to please his “Brazilian Fetish.” Um, she doesn’t believe it was her at all. But the fetish part, priceless.

    Boy is shit “weird” over there.

  • hellotheregb

    @Mind your head (ex-Heads up): I was thinking it looked like she was wearing a wig and then you mentioned this blond. who ever she is I think it is a fun wig.

  • whatev ah

    @hellotheregb: I don’t think it’s a wig, but it isn’t attractive hair. She’s not up to his usual standards. No date here.

  • Manny

    Christina Hendricks
    @i’ll help:
    Someone please tell me how his hair can look fantastic sitting at a cafe like this and look like sh!t at GGs. WTF!
    Pink slip. License or certification. Possible lawsuit.
    @mold and mildew:
    Coffee and a f*ck.
    What I want to know is who is the pimp? I can’t tell you how disgusted this makes me. A new low for the Great Scot. Flying in tail for a lay. Ugh.
    Are serious? You can tell this woman’s personality from a photo. *snort*
    @Mind your head (ex-Heads up):
    Now that is downright funny. Got to hand to the WOs… they take the cake for absurd speculation. And it is not Amy Smart. Geeesh those ding-a-lings never seem to amaze me with their stupidity.
    Moldie Oldie and Mass Debate – standing applause. You have brought some much needed humor.
    OY again, WD40 in Butler’s hair still has me rolling. That and ScarJo’s Bride of Frankenstein. I said the exact same thing myself when I saw her on the red carpet. :P

  • Nuts

    From Twitter:

    From Twitter: iamsadpanda I turned around at my desk today and found Gerard Butler. O_o …Nice day overall… 19 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone * Reply * Retweet

    She seems to work CGI for films (like Skyline). Wonder why G was there…

  • PsychoB

    @Nuts: Ugh. How is this different than prostitution? Makes all of them look bad. The guys look bad and the models are just paid prostitutes or escorts. You are the company you keep. It would look less pathetic if he used a dating site. Hopefully it wasn’t G’s idea. Sounds like something a club promoter would do.

    He does look really good in the new pics. Definitely more doable than he has been. Don’t really care who the woman is. Doesn’t affect whether he looks good or not.

  • Carrie

    You guys are stupid. That’s not a wig. A lot of models wear there hair like that here.

  • Nuts

    Sundance Film Festival starts on Friday, Jan 21st. Think Gerry might hit some films and some parties there???

  • DrPiggy


    Obviously you didn’t read a earlier post which stated that Gerry’s hair was wet when he arrived at the party,its not WD40. Heres the video to prove it. His hair isn’t slicked back as he’s leaving the Towers

    and second that woman you mentioned? Christina Hendricks? Holy Sh&t, that is a woman who is in desperate need of a breast reduction. Can you say Back problems? Most men will tell you anything over a handfull is a waste. Plus she isn’t very attractive. Perhaps if she didn’t have freakish looking boobs she might be ok looking.

  • Manny

    It was the joke about WD40 that had me laughing. I still don’t care for the excuses. He was dressed to the nines and couldn’t dry his hair? Was he late because his afternoon booty call got in the way?
    I was answering about Christina losing her $1 million diamond bracelet on the red carpet at the GGs.

  • I’ll Bite

    Ah, the missed opportunity. If only Gerry had turned a little bit to his right and said goodnight to Tom Hooper. Who knows? The director of The King’s Speech might have an interesting project in the works or might be available to direct an upcoming mini-series.

  • betty the greek

    I don’t think he’ll be at Sundance. Has he ever been motivated to be there before?

    I’m going to be so interested in the reaction to Coriolanus at the Berlin film festival. I don’t think Ralph would have ever put his film into competition if he didn’t think it was worthy – and that includes GB’s work.

    The film fest site has a new pic up of GB not seen before. Handsome man.

    Anybody been reading at WO today? All the infighting is as bad as at IMDb. Not about Butler, but about each other.

  • Manny

    @betty the greek:
    Butler was at Sundance last year so you never know…

  • @betty the greek

    Thanks for the new G pic. He looks so good. Really hope Coriolanus will be shown on the stateside.

  • stella

    @betty the greek: Oh, that’s the Butler hair I love.

    I know what you mean about some posters being about themselves and not Gerry.

    I never saw it on WO until today. I’m neither a member nor poster there, but I read there each day because they are good at digging out Gerry stuff. And usually they are a pleasant (maybe some think over the top) group. But harmless. Looks like some jerk came on to cause trouble among the posters. How messed up. To what end?

    And IMDb. Right on. Most of the regs there think they are the celebrity. Forgetting they would not have a forum for their simpleton blowhard c’rapp if it were not for one Gerard James Butler.

    OK, Enuf from me tonight.

  • oy

    @Manny: Just for you Manny: The WD40 lessens the squeaking while he’s…well let’s just called it having breakfast.

  • oy

    @DrPiggy: He went to a major entertainment event with wet hair?

    Can anyone confirm if he smelled like Tom Cruise’s urine?

  • oy


    Models have been prostitutes since the invention of painters.

    Actors have been prostitutes since the invention of ruffled shirts.

    Painters have been prostitutes since the invention of art critics.

  • beelzebub

    As to IMDb. Right on. “Most of the regs there think they are the celebrity. Forgetting they would not have a forum for their simpleton blowhard c’rapp if it were not for one Gerard James Butler.


    Oh. oy is back. Did you lose your sister stupidfans who went down in a pile of guano last week and is waiting to return until she thinks most have forgotten? No one will forget that infamous night.

    Posters here can take the jokes, but when posters like stupid reveal themselves as psychos, the joke is over.

  • CJ

    Posters assumed his hair was wet when arriving…. a poster stated he must have just got out of the shower and dressed and went to the party…it was an assumption by one one knows for sure why his hair looked that way…

    Must be careful what you post…some people take it as the truth and it takes on a life all its own…

  • hellotheregb

    @Carrie: geeezz I barely looked at the pics. I don’t dissect them! just made a comment because she had a Mona Lisa grin, which I liked. Her smile gives her a personality and playfulness. A wig can be fun try it!

    please don’t take my comments so seriously, it is a gossip board and long thought provoking comments are not my thing here, ask anyone.

  • CJ

    Please don’t link Oy and Stupidfans together…one is funny and spot on..the other is just stupid…

  • lurker

    @beelzebub: Yes. That stupidfans night was disgusting.

    oy: smelled like little tommy? Gag.

    Has anybody here really read about scientology? If Butler ever got caught up in that weird stuff, I’d really be frightened. The aliens are calling.

  • oy

    @beelzebub: Most of Gerard’s fans are also famous, in ways they might not realize, and lapping up the attention they get and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Gerry. Are they morons too?

    I don’t have sisters. They died in tragic Aqua Net accidents in the 90′s. Every time I see Tina Turner’s hair, I burst into tears.
    Shame on you for being so insensitive as to bring it up.

    Stupidfans went down in guano? I didn’t realize she was into that. Perhaps Gerry will give her a Dirty Sanchez. He seems to like bad girls. Run Stupidfans, run!

  • oy

    @CJ: I don’t mind being linked to anyone, as long as they’re using protection.

  • wtf?

    @beelzebub: @stella: @betty the greek: welcome to JJ folks, the touchy feely ,always respectful comfortable place to post where all are welcome.


    manny coffee and a fu/ck ROFL

  • oy

    @hellotheregb: She looked like Adrien Arpel. Maybe she saw his makeup on Halloween and volunteered to give Gerry a makeover.

  • oh my

    I can’t agree more.
    if the thumbs were here i’d give you thumbs up for that simple but true statement.
    Stupidfans tipped her hand that week. I always suspected it, but now we know for sure how unstable she is.
    Oy is usually funny and not mean spirrited. I hope she remains taht way.
    Too bad Manny supported Stupidfans last week – she is always on the wrong team. I won’t forget that either. Manny supported Stupidfans so what does that make her?

  • oy

    @oh my:
    “Oy is usually funny and not mean spirrited. ”

    I have failed in my endeavor to be a grand villain.

    “Manny supported Stupidfans so what does that make her?”

    Incredibly strong, apparently. Did I miss some Cirque du Soleil show going on here?

  • maison

    A few of the regs on IMDb at one point thought stupid was funny. If any of them read last week, they would know they backed one very sick person. What sez that about them?

    About Manny? She brings some humor and some disgust. I still enjoy her.

    Sukar? What a mixed bag. I like her. But she only shows up once in awhile. And I don’t get that she says anything controversial. It’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    And, Mr. B? What have you done to all these people? Svengali.

  • Manny

    @oh my:
    It says I have a sense of humor and I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain… You trying to draw up sides… what does that say about you?
    OY, my queen, ewww and ewww. Glad to know you are a safety girl. Again you have me ROTF! :)

  • bbbbbb bijou

    “Manny supported Stupidfans so what does that make her?”

    An idiot.

  • if

    I come in right now, can I be 300? I love even numbers.