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Joe Manganiello: HBO Golden Globes Party with Audra Marie!

Joe Manganiello: HBO Golden Globes Party with Audra Marie!

Joe Manganiello attends HBO’s Golden Globe Awards Party on Sunday (January 16) held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 34-year-old True Blood hunk brought along his fiance, actress Audra Marie, as his date!

Over the weekend, Joe was also busy cheering on his favorite NFL team.

“Congrats to my Steelers!!! AFC Championship here we come!!!” he tweeted.

Also attending HBO’s post-Globes bash: Joe‘s co-star Rutina Wesley.

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: Getty
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  • Spalatorie Auto

    He is a very good actor, and has a pretty hot fiance!

  • Tree

    Jared where green hand red hand? ?

  • Oh, she’s a Gold Digger

    Hot, but dumb fiancée. Since when is having horrible videos on YouTube acting?

  • Journo-Gee*8

    Joe seems like he’s really into his woman…which makes him even MORE attractive!

    They’re always together publicity and seem into each other…nice looking couple.

    ..BUT this is such a tease…I miss me some ALCIDE and the rest of TB!!! When are they shootng??

  • lw

    meh. he just lost points w/me for cheering on a team that keeps a rapist on the payroll. (yes, i realize he’s from Pitt or Pa, but i don’t give a sh*t – Rapistberger should NOT be allowed to play in the NFL. and he’s f*cking ugly too.)

  • Joe has 2 beards

    @Oh, she’s a Gold Digger:
    He ain’t much better in the talent dept. They’d be a perfect match if they were a real couple.

  • Oh, she’s a Gold Digger

    @Joe has 2 beards: I mean I’m sure he doesn’t know how she treated her ex-hub, and that he is in for the same, but engaged seems real. And least in my non-delusional, money/fame obsessed mind it does.

  • Birds of a feather….

    If she is as horrible as the gossip says I guess he is not better. They probably deserve each other. Couples normally do.

  • Mia123

    @Oh, she’s a Gold Digger: What did she do to her ex-hub? I did not know she had been married before.

  • Winnie

    I have inside information.

  • Miriam

    @Winnie: You know nothing about Joe or Alexander Skarsgard. Stop pretending.

  • Oh, she’s a Gold Digger

    @Mia123: Not info she prolly shares, considering the divorce technically isn’t over. Go to Jared’s post about them shopping for Under Armour, read final comments for more juice.

  • late to the party

    I keep hearing bits and pieces about Audra being a gold digger.
    Joe has stated in interviews that he had to chase her for six months after meeting her at a Super Bowl party. Its odd that they started dating right around the time when he landed True Blood.

    Kinda makes you think…………. He’s too hot to be played.

  • julie

    Some Michael Emerson fans hate Carrie Preston and say bad things about her because she is married to him. Some Stephen Moyer fans hate Anna Paquin and say bad things about her because she is married to him. It’s called catty jealousy. Nobody is perfect. No relationship is perfect. Acceptance of your mates flaws is essential to a relationship. You smuthounds need to shut it.

  • bi

    Here we are. Is this guy really 36?

  • ara

    Yes! I am the first one. Is this for real? Back to Joe:)

  • aug

    CC project begins between the 24 + 26. P. I guess A was in H this wknd.

  • ara


    Just saw p. I think Joe might fall for R while filming. She is single and looks good.:)

  • ose

    After your p was seen, there is talk of Joe and R. She is such a loser!

  • ria


    I hope Joe and R do get together. I always thought they looked good together and had real chemistry.


    It just goes to show she really has nothing to do but read boards and post comments. Same on her own site. Whenever anyone posts anything she has a reply up in minutes.

  • dot

    waouf I looked up barking in french and one word is waouf. I miss Joe.

  • ose

    I have been on many boards and I have never seen this. She cares so much about Matt she spent all her time acting like she was him on other stories. When I have no interest in someone or something, I pay no attention to them. She pays all the attention on us. She has been saying there is a raw (this word is backwards). P.

  • dot

    waouf P. Not using same words as in my P. Do they know about Audra? Testing the waters?

  • rol

    Thanks. I saw my British expressions can be found through a search as well. Will try hard not to use them. P of Joe.:)
    I support Joe and R for sure. They make a great couple!
    Is Audra back in New York or LA?

  • ria


    It’s no surprise she keeps coming back to JJ. It’s a much bigger site which gives her a much bigger audience. As we all know, if there’s one thing she likes it’s attention, and there’s less than ten people on her site.

    On her own site she posts more than half the comments herself.

  • ose

    This is strange. I wrote on here this morning and P around 12noon UK time and 7:00amNYC time and I even read it. Did I post on another Joe story?

    I have been on many boards and I have never seen this. She follows us everywhere. If we are not writing anything that matters, why is she so interested in us? She said she was in a raw (word backword) with us. I have written to big to say to watch who else we add on here.

  • brie

    ose Thanks. I saw the stories on P. I said to myself did they move on without me? I think my people the I’s already know some facts about Audra and were ‘testing the waters’? What do you think? P.

  • big

    Your message is there at 6:58am. Do you not see it?

    Can you add an l as closer. I think the I’s know but this is a gossip site horsing around

    We did not invite the poster you asked us not to this time around.
    We are already dealing with daft and want no inside bad energy. We can invite her when we move and let the others in. We will email you their names. We are getting many requests still ever since Umount wrote about Audra.

  • ria


    Cheers for what you wrote on the other thread. :)

    As for “daft”, it’s clear posting on these threads is (truly) the only life she has so she gets upset when that “life” is taken away from her. Given her determination to be here and her unlimited time to search, I’m sure she will find us again eventually.

    I can’t even imagine having a life that empty.

  • imj

    Big, I agree. Imj okay as other close to Cok fan. Can we remove the e and use alternatives to the dr word for substances? Searchable as well. Do we believe the pic is Joe? Could be in H or L. P.

  • Nay

    My eman is backwards. This is cool

    She will find us. It is just a matter of time. This adventure can be turned into a movie. Joe’s fans chased by a whacko.

    It might be him or not. I went to that T and person is real.

  • lle

    Name begins with e ends with n. I like R for Joe. She is a good woman.Get on it Joe!

  • ranc

    Hello!Name starts with F. I agree R is also a good choice for Joe. She walked out of a nude photo shoot! Read her W.

    Audra is in UN and other meetings in NYC this week. She is in NYC. If Joe wants to be in public service after acting, Audra is a better choice.

    We know who Audra is. We are not making it up like daft. We found her profile on that professional site that starts with L.

  • big


    Use Matt

  • ria


    Cheers for what you posted on the other thread. :)

    I don’t think that T pic is Joe. If you zoom in the guy looks taller and thinner. His hair is also much longer than Joe’s is in other recent pics. He also has blonde hair, unless Joe got a dye job for the film.

  • imj

    I appreciate the conversations here and you are a crucial part of them.
    Thanks on pic. The person did look thinner. With the hair, I imagined it was for the movie. I agree it is not him.He is not in V in CA right now.

  • naa

    begins with A

    Daft uses the same p to write her message and lie about # seeing her site. I do not want to use the same words or impossible number she wrote. Only a few read it like me. Big did not even know what was happening there. Big’s group do not even look at it. Okay, Joe.:)

  • ria


    Glad to see you again. :)

    I know what you’re talking about with that other site, I have been reading it too. I’m glad you have been monitoring the site and don’t have to use that clumsy translator like I do.

    It was funny last night to read the # she posted. You know perfectly well she wishes the total was much higher. Angry people are visiting the site? Fat chance!! She’s eating up the attention.

    At least for the time being she has stopped calling us “stupids.”

  • naa

    Thanks. I am happy I do not need translator. Those automated translators sometimes mix female and male words as in English we do not havw them. She is upset the # of people listening to Matt is high and hers is 3. She hates Matt so much but she wants to be on his board. She is a real loca. There are other names I think are daft from before. I gave them to big. She has no inside info at all.

  • ria

    Naa said:

    “She has no inside info at all.”

    Which is EXACTLY why she is so desperate to get back on this site. To fish for information she can collect and use to impress people on her site and on other boards.

    That’s also the reason why she’s so angry when she’s exposed and kicked off the thread. If she can’t collect info from Matt and the rest of us, where IS she going to get her stories?

    She’s got a big problem.

  • ric

    My name begins with E. Ok, I don’t know if we can use the laughter letters. All I can say is must be the first time the L word has been used to describe coke. The b member from M called her that in the story am going to p.
    We already knew he took her to the M this summer. That was way back when we were still on open stories. The pics weren’t clear but Matt confirmed it was her.

  • ria


    I saw that article. Seems telling that the person writing the article had to provide coke’s name, the band member didn’t say it.

    Perhaps the band member said “L” because he was referring to another woman?

  • aug

    Just p on our last story. Had to comment on the comment b p for daft.

    Cok will soon tweet how she loves M or listening to one of M’s songs. It doesn’t matter. Joe is in it for his career. Did he not realize she was gonna fall for him?

  • ria

    New Insta. Joe in Haw. P.

  • ose

    Can we come back here if we are all able to see it? We know what to do to next if we have to.

    Welcome. Thanks for pic. I can only see messages now.

    I can read the messages from before now and this one. Can you try another phone or browser?

  • len

    My name begins with E.

    How did Cok get invited to that AL event? She looks very happy with her useless self. Did she beg the pilots? I want to stalk this 40 year old man that lives in AL. Can I hop on the plane with you?

  • umou

    She looks happy and beautiful in LA! They are together soon. Big send email. I told you this before. Matt did not say not together soon. The speaks 5 languages is seeing someone else. Joe looks sad when you lead double life. Tell your gf you love her, lie to world it is RP. Goodnight!

  • enni

    You and Cok need toSTOP making up lies about women around Joe.
    Soon you will make up something about Audra.
    Coke is going from event to event. Is that a job?
    How does she feel? All her friends walk the runway. She is
    in the crowd? She goes to an event where she is not an “It Brit’.

    Does Cok even know Bridjet? Do you know Joe? Shut the lies!

  • Ranc


    Can you check if Joe is okay? He really does not look well.
    Is Bridget seeing someone?

  • umou

    enni ranc she is beautiful in the pics. can you agree to this? she wrote he tells her he has feeling for her. The woman bridjet is dating someone. Audra is his friend and work team member. I am not lying.