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Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: After Party Pair

Kate Bosworth & Alexander Skarsgard: After Party Pair

Alexander Skarsgard arrives at the Chateau Marmont with his girlfriend Kate Bosworth for a Golden Globes unofficial AMC after-after party in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 16).

The 34-year-old True Blood actor was also joined by Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, The Walking Dead‘s Sarah Wayne Callies and Steven Yeun, Ryan Gosling, and Rumer Willis.

Despite not attending the Golden Globes award event this year, it looks like the pair made it out to an after party afterall.

FYI – Kate is wearing Burberry head-to-toe and completed her look with Jewelmint jewelry.

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kate bosworth alexander skarsgard after party pair 01
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard after party pair 02
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard after party pair 03
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard after party pair 04
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard after party pair 05
kate bosworth alexander skarsgard after party pair 06
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  • Girl 3579

    Why there no picture of them together?

  • trubie

    They look great! They are such a lovely couple.

    I can hear the craziy women coming…

  • Tanter

    He looks great. Nice to see him clean up.

    As for her – showing off your breats like that is downright tacky, tiny or not. Too bad since the rest of the look is actually very nice for once. Now it just screams LOOK AT ME!!

  • Ash

    I don’t get why they have to make separate entrances after all this time.

  • What?

    What, you aren’t going to post the vid of her leaning in to kiss his younger brother? Don’t mind if I do. Go to about 2:05 or so. I know that I don’t act like that with my boyfriend’s brothers.

  • whatevertrevor

    zzzz. someone needs to man up, not hide, and actually stand next to his woman if theyre together. or does she smell that bad?

  • L

    um…you actually have to get invited to the golden globes to be able to attend the golden globes.
    these two only got an invite to the after party which means they are C list at best.

  • RayJ

    #5, that’s creepy, even for her.

  • Seriously

    Beautiful couple. What? Looks like she’s trying to whisper something to Bill on her tippy toes. Ready for the craziness…

  • Xtincta

    10 bucks this post will have 50 post by dinner time today. I hear the stampede as I type this. *runs for cover*

  • Seriously

    Beautiful couple.

  • Oprah

    ASkars and Bosworth go together like Peaches & Gravy

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    They here really

  • Liz

    He’s lookig fine.

  • as usual

    No shot of them in the same frame. Seriously is this ever going to end? And that video – wow. What is she doing? There’s something weird going on there. Him – well, I like the suit. And he cleaned up a bit.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    Sligo robotica

  • LF

    @What?: She seems drunk…

  • Tacky

    Kate’s dress looks tacky I quess she didn’t score a free or loaned out dress from any designers she a C lister , what designer would, she already getting repaced in Hollywood by Emma Stone who many say looks like her lol!!!

  • Boniface

    @trubie: Yeah, the fat bitch in Rhode Island will be here soon.

  • how far he’s fallen

    Actually, she looks better than usual here. She’s wearing a real color, her haircolor looks warmer and she has makeup on. Much better than her usual beige-on-beige thing.

    But how bad has it gotten, that he’s not on the red carpet, not being interviewed, not working the press to build his name, but they’re just sneaking in to an afterparty (yes, sneaking; they still won’t be photographed together–how stupid is that?). For career-minded actors, the point of Hollywood parties is not to sneak around and get drunk, it’s to make contacts and build a (good) reputation.

    Remember when everyone wanted to interview him, and he was wearing designer clothes and looking sharp, and everyone was talking about him being the hottest thing? That was one year ago. This town chews ‘em up and spits ‘em out, doesn’t it?

  • Well

    I think they make a cute couple. Never seen any of their movies tho lol

  • no respect

    Please, he is looks F-in Annoyed at HER, not the paps, he stopped and signed for the PAPS, not FANS, so there. He hates them so much he stop and signed for the PAPS. If you watch the vid you can see that He is so over THIS Relate OMG!! That what’s on his face. Could he look anymore DONE!!! And again he has a buffer after 1 years he still can’t stand her in PUBLIC yeah this is tear/ true love. Such a shame to watch them, they are a joke a BIG joke.

    The question is does she have a clue, since it’s KB hell nay. No respect, she continues to get NO RESPECT.

  • groovelicious

    He aways looks miserable with this chick.

  • reba

    I like her dress

  • Denim

    I don’t hate the dress, it just looks like denim without seeing it closer. I love the bag and shoes. And it looks like she did her hair! Cute! Unfortunately, it still looks like she’s there by herself.

  • LF

    @no respect: “Such a shame to watch them” so why you’re still watching ;)

  • lol

    hahahhaa this is quite funny. can’t they walk together? i feel like alexander is ashamed of her. i’ve never been on the track that these two are an item. even great celebritiy couples that hate paparazzis dont walk 10metres from each other. they look completely rediculous. Kate is a famewhore and sooner or later, will have his babies. Yes yes check the news people….its coming, unfortunately. Also, i lost most of my respect for Alexander since hes always with her. Why cant he date somebody that is not famewhore or whore at all?

  • a

    Why was she trying to kiss Bill? What is Alex not paying enough attention to her that she needs to scope out his LITTLE BROTHER!?! Judging by this and every other event they’ve attended “together”, it would seem so.
    And in full view of the paparazzi’s she loves, she is such a moron!

  • no respect

    @27 I already said it but I will say it again since you like to selective read. THEY ARE A BIG JOKE and I love to laugh especially when she continues to get NO RESPECT.

  • commonsense

    @What?: @a: Maybe Bill and Alex like to share?

  • Gorgeous

    They’re a gorgeous couple. His brother is pretty cute too!

  • OMG

    Kate makes any one sick with her desperate attempt for attention ie trying to kiss her boyfriend’s brother in front of paps. Momma Skarsgard already doesn’t like her way to make it worst Kate! Your suck a sl*t!!! Alex own up to who you are with, do you have to have a swole / grouch on your face all the time now get over yourself ..your not that important, just tell your girlfriend to stop paying and tipping off the paps!

  • Eresyn

    Her dress is fine. At least it’s not beige, so that’s an improvement LOL…But what’s with trying to kiss Alex’s little bro???? that’s just wrong!!!

  • iknow

    he ugly, she cute..too cute for him.

  • Come on!!!

    It must have absolutely KILLED her not to be able to go to the art of elysium party sat nite. instead she had to go to the scandinavian film festival, where there were obviously no paps, no red carpet…she is trying too hard to fit in with his family. pretending to try to kiss his little brother right in front of photographers- not smart honey! i’ve never seen someone so desperate for attention- sad sad sad

  • Sloppy leftovers!!!

    LOL I would be embarassed too if I were Alex to be with someone like Kate Bosho who is the slopping leftovers of Orlando B, James Blunt , James R, Leonardo D, Ryan K, Chris Martin etc………………

  • Eresyn

    commonsense @ 01/17/2011 at 3:41 pm

    @What?: @a: Maybe Bill and Alex like to share?

    OHHH LMAO that’s a good one :D
    you could be right!!!! who knows for sure???? LOLOLOL

  • She needs help

    There is something not right with Kate psychologically. She comes across soo desperate for attention sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kitty

    ummmmm that video is disturbing. wtf. who does that. (apart from tramps)

  • S

    He had so much promise. Now he’s turned into a joke. Sigh

  • Joke

    Alexander Skarsgard is the Biggest Joke in Hollywood! Nuff said.

  • Wow.

    You know what? I’m not a hater but that video of Kate sneakily trying to kiss Alex’s young brother was creepy as hell. Was she drunk or high? Because only a woman out of her right mind would try to make a pass at her boyfriend’s brother while waiting for said boyfriend to arrive.


  • Endrid

    Saw the video. Kate seems desperate, Alex seems miserable. The more I see of Kate, the happier I am Orlando never married her. Run, Alex Run!

  • Emily

    He realizes that no one takes him seriously anymore, right? If you think back to 2009 he was on everyone’s one to watch list, and now he’s faded into obscurity and exiting from the back doors of parties with his has been girlfriend. Too bad.

  • Family

    Isn’t that what you do when you love someone? You spend time with and get to know their family. I haven’t seen the kiss kiss video and maybe that is weird but the film festival thing doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

  • Endrid

    I think when True Blood returns he will re-Heat. Kate? Not so much.

  • info from party

    this is some info from a person who was @ the party not much of an in love couple! KB was fussy was very jealous of alex talking to other women. DUMP HER SKINNY ASS ALEX!

    Alex and Kate went to the Weinstein party, where Kate was fussy. She and Alex didn’t talk much, and she paid more attention to Bill. Alex was in high spirits. She said there was a lot of tension between Alex and Kate. That Kate wanted to go (either home, or to another party) and Alex said they’d only been their 20 minutes, so he wanted to stay. Kate seemed very clingy with Alex, and upset when he’d talk to other people, especially women, even though he was only being friendly. She also spotted the thing with Kate and Bill outside Chateau Marmont, and said it did look like she tried to kiss him and that others were wondering why Kate was trying to kiss another guy.

  • Wait for it …

    I don’t think she was trying to kiss Bill. She did look directly at the camera, cozied up and whispered to him though. She was, is, and always be a pap player. She can only fake it for so long …

  • Eyes wide shut

    Alex you are who you associate with!
    Hollywood continues to see you with this ska*nk they will start to judge you by that, they , hollywood execs, producers and directors already have, ditch her before it’s too late. Your no spring chicken, you do not have the luxury of time to repair your reputation.
    BTW saw the vid of her trying to kiss his bro, Kate’s really immature for someone whose about to turn 30, grow up Kate! Just makes Alex look even more Stupid for being with you and weak!

  • Info?

    Who says he’s a joke? If it’s just people commenting, he needn’t worry. He wrapped a big studio film this past fall and is back to work on a highly anticipated season for a hit show. Maybe he’s happy with that. As for Kate, she worked steadily in 2010 and has two films going to Sundance. I’m not saying I agree with how they’re handling their relationship publicly but they both seem to be holding steadily on their career paths. Am I wrong? Please enlighten me.