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Katie Holmes: Tuesday Morning Meeting

Katie Holmes: Tuesday Morning Meeting

Katie Holmes heads to an office building for a meeting on Tuesday morning (January 18) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old Kennedys actress, who wore a fun pair of jeans with circle print detailing and a white buttondown, dropped by the W magazine pre-Golden Globes party on Friday.

Later in the weekend, Katie visited the Sunset Marquis to meet friends for lunch.

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri!

25+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes stepping out for a Tuesday morning meeting…

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katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 01
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 02
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 03
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 04
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 05
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 06
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 07
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 08
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 09
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 10
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 11
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 12
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 13
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 14
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 15
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 16
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 17
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 18
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 19
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 20
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 21
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 22
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 23
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 24
katie holmes office building meeting buttondown 25

Photos: GSI Media
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  • angie

    ….. gross!!

  • BEAN

    Why does she always look so damn dirty? It’s not a good look Katie.

  • Look At

    they hire JJ to Follow and take Pics

  • ck

    “The 32-year-old Kennedys actress..”


  • Mary

    Katie has looked better before. bless

  • gina

    Dirty and unkempt from the neck up, ready for Hollywood Boulevard from the waist down. Ican’t believe this woman represents Ann Taylor and is a “fashion designer”. For a meeting, why doesn’t she wear an outfit from Ann Taylor???

  • weetabix

    My eyes! My eyes!! Lol. Can she stop with the scruffy image please. Can someone please get her a full length mirror or at least an instant polaroid/camera. Does she not look at herself before she goes out? She should learn to embrace her body and dress appropriately – not accentuating all the wrong bits. With her connections, she should get in touch with TIm Gunn or get another stylist.
    I’m starting to sound like a broken record. Hope KH is not wearing ANN TAYLOR’s line of clothing.

  • LALA

    @1 thumbs up
    @2 thumbs up
    @3 thumbs up
    @4 thumbs up
    @5 thumbs up
    @6 thumbs up
    @7 thumbs up
    JJ…fix the site already!!!

  • it’s robo-bride

    Words escape me. Totally, but I will attempt to string together something coherent.

    Dirty, stringy hair. Looks like it is in desperate need of conditioning. And are those a few gray hairs mixed with her brown hair?

    Blouse looks ridiculous tucked into the pants in front and she needs to know how to roll sleeves.

    And the pants…oh. Wow. Way too tight. Look at her from the back–they are so tight that they are wrinkling very unattractively since there is no give to fall into a non-wrinkled pant. And rolling them up? These are not pants that you do this to. This is a totally ridiculous look. Not to mention if you look at the inseams–you can see they are so strained they show some thread.

    And the shoes? These pants should have the legs rolled down and worn with either a ballet flat, heeled wedge or a nice gladiator heel–or one of the newer styled heels with the peep toe and chunky sole. Not these shoes that look like they are leftover from the 50′s.

    What is with this bag? It looks really cheap. I’m sure it cost a fortune, how can it look so, well cheap?

    She never ceases to amaze me with her fashion style. So bad it makes my eyes hurt.

  • Jay

    Katie ALWAYS dresses horribly, the way she wears clothes is bad, the jeans are WAY to skintight, rolled at the ankles w heels, she looks like a fool. Her thighs are too huge to wear pants that tight. ALL the money in the world and this female nevers looks good or stylish at all. Always ill-fitting mis-matched clothes, too tight.


    What a slob. This woman has no business being a spokesmodel or a designer. She can’t even dress HERSELF properly.

  • Madhatter

    I’m pretty sure her hair was still drying. She had curls the night before so, it had definitely been washed.

  • mia

    I am sure ann taylor is well pleased..aahahhah

  • KC

    She really has to stop taking Suri’s fashion advice!

  • Sara

    Major Barf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thumbs up to all the above who agree!!!

  • Lucy

    How can Ann Taylor hire this woman and expect working women to look to her as any type of role model. She looks truly terrible. The pants are so unflattering – too tight, not the correct length, and rolled! Really? Those shoes are so ill-suited for the pants. They look like old-lady suede dress shoes from 20 years ago. She has zero sense of style. Ann Taylor should be absolutely ashamed for choosing her to represent it – just an awful choice.

  • it’s robo-bride

    oh my. X17 has new photos of her in a gray mini and some sort of black vest with copper shoes. Oh my. Looks awful. I’m still speechless from this look and now there she is looking just as bad.

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haa haa haa Now , now she running with the …
    With the what????
    With the devil, isn’t that great ?!! Haa ha haa

  • sarah

    Yeah, she seems a little disheveled. And what’s with the hair….if I had a million dollars I would be able to do a lot with my hair….and why doesn’t she ever change her hair color or do something….DIFFERENT…She’s an artsy person right?….IDK

  • Zoe Moon

    I don’t know why, but I actually love her hair messy like that.

  • planetdoodoo

    yuck- that hairstyle is NOT becoming on her.

    She is better off with shorter hair.

    of course, she knows no better. Suri probably told her what to do. LOL

  • To be honest.

    Where tostart?

    I amso glad JustJared got rid ofthatstupid rating thing.

    Holmes.Kaite.Kaite Holmes. Worth hundreds of millions ofdollars.

    Hmmm, why can’t she just wear coordinated outfits from Anne Taylor.
    FromSally’s Beauty Supply, buy a brush. SomeJam gel. Some Ion or Proclaim or Silk Elements hair polishing gloss. Then,some hair shaping spray to softly hold it in place.
    From Walgreens, buy someCovergirl or Maybelline makup. Hey,if CoverGirl was good enough for First Lady Laura Bush, why not her.

    Oh, Dove saop is good and hot water is nice to take a shower in.

  • Marta

    Her fashion taste is bizarre.

  • annie

    I ike her hair long and a bit messy too. I like that look, she looks great.

  • Marie

    Is she at war with her hairbrush ? Her is hardly never done properly, she always looks like she has just waken up.
    She should have chosen a simple pair of jeans with flat shoes, it would have been an 1000 times better !!

  • it’s robo-bride


    We know you are a fan, but did you look at that hair? Dry, stringy, and if you blow the pictures up it looks dirty. Furthermore, most stylists would tell her to get a trim at the very least since it looks horribly unhealthy.

    And you like this?

    I know you like whatever she wears no matter how awful she looks, but really? Way too tight pants? Rolled at the hem? Since when are pants laced at the waist, with a pattern like this rolled? Oh yes, since Katie, under the misapprehension that she is a fashionista does it? Look at the pics of her spread eagle from the back getting out of the car. That is attractive? Shows just how tight the pants are and just how ridiculous the shoes are with that outfit.

  • jolly folly

    If you look at her from the rear, the pants are so tight the lining in the pockets is popping out. What was she thinking?

  • annie

    Be honest you are never lost for words when it comes to criticising Katie.
    Yes I ‘m honest, I say it when I don’t like something, I say it when I do.
    I like that look. She often goes out with wet hair, don’t think it’s about not owning a hair brush.
    Most of the pics as far as I’m concerned are great, paticularly the ones in the grey mini and the shoes look like a burgandy colour to me not copper.
    Katie didn’t make herself out to be a so called fashionista…..the media did.
    As far as I can remember, she’s always worn her jeans as tight as can be.
    Kelly Rippa called a fashion icon, I’m sure she didn’t pay her to say that.
    What is a fashion icon anyway………what one person likes , might not do it for another.
    Yes there are some pieces in her fashion line that I like a lot, and would love to see her in them.
    Actually the truth is sometimes I like messy hair on me as well.
    I’m from european decent, and there is a little song that goes, even tho it won’t make sense in english……this guy is meeting up with his girl, and he asks her to leave her hair all mixed up , sure you know what I’m saying…………sometimes messy is appealing .
    There is a lot of interest in Katie over what she wears.
    I thought she looked very beautiful in the pictures of her wearing the black strapless dress, and her wavy hair.
    Why didn’t you blow up the pics and see how flawless her skin is, and how natural and lovely her make up was, instead of always picking out a fault…….because that’s what you and everyone else here does.
    But as for the pics in the grey mini and those sky high gorgeous heels…for me….that’s stunning, and the hair up, gives it a cute look…….so for me personally…….the look is cute and stunning at the same time, and no matter how desperately you are all going to go on about tree trunks and the like, her legs looked great.
    But that doesn’t mean that tomorrow I will like what she’s wearing, not by a long shot, but I do know for sure that tomorrow and the next and next you’re not going to like what she’s wearing, or how she looks or what she does.
    Like I said before let’s agree to disagree, because I’m a fan and you’re not………..right?

  • lolol

    lmfao @ her pantelones

  • Romeo

    Get a life, #26.

  • its robo-bride

    Actually Annie you are wrong. I actually liked what she was wearing in the newest post and said so. Her hair looks healthy there, make up looks good and her clothes fit. I also say when I like what she has on.

    Unfortunately I don’t get anyone liking this look. It is truly awful as is the mini-skirt. If you are going to wear a mini-skirt then wear the right accessories. The shoes are not stylish when paired with it. If I were dressing her, I’d take down that stupid bun thing and comb her darn hair and then put it up in an attractive bun like thing. I’d pair that mini with a decent looking top that fits her body and a different shoe. And then I’d send her out the door looking put together and not like she is trying so hard.

  • its robo-bride

    And if I may point out Romeo–I wasn’t talkin’ to you. You have shown time and again you know nothing of fashion, parenting, or movies. You just do what the cult tells you and defend this couple.

  • jolly folly


    Actually Annie, just because she has always worn jeans as tight as they can be doesn’t make it attractive.
    Wearing clothes that pull so hard at the seams that you can actually see it pulling is not exactly the height of fashion. Nor is wearing jeans so tight they wrinkle and the lining pops out of the pockets. This is called wearing a pair of jeans that doesn’t fit.

  • Disco Woman

    The jeans are kinda cool, I just don’t get why she rolled them up and why she couldn’t wear them in a bigger size. As for her hair, it looks so unfortunate. Katie is really pretty it’s too bad she doesn’t dress better for her body type.
    I think her legs are fine, there just muscular, not fat.