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Angelina Jolie: Whole Foods Fun with Pax!

Angelina Jolie: Whole Foods Fun with Pax!

Angelina Jolie pushes a cart full of groceries after shopping at Whole Foods with her 7-year-old son Pax on Wednesday (January 19) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old actress graced the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards with partner Brad Pitt before hitting Sony Pictures’ after party.

Angie recently shared some parenting advice while talking to a Sydney-based radio station.

“Enjoy every minute of it. It is the best time in your life, and strap them to you and sleep in the same bed with them and just love every second,” she told the radio host who just had a baby.

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  • Deedz

    Lol. I like that she goes to the grocery store.

  • QQQQ


  • ajpfan

    finally jared!
    I like it she shops as well and she looks not draby when doing that. Pax is growing to be a very cute boy. She looks beautiful in some front photos I saw.

  • cudo

    practical and down to earth. gorgeous woman!

  • ew nasty

    Angelina Jolie is a stupid ho

    hahaha, you can’t hide my comment with the thumbs down anymore

    SKANKALINA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mindy

    Love the long hair!

  • Tim

    So lovely…..

  • dd

    Totally agree with her statement because kids do grow so fast. God bless the Jolie-Pitt.

  • ajpfan

    .. and yes that is a nice advise. My neice is growing up so fast that sometimes I forgot she was a baby like yesterday I can’t imagine for your kids haha

  • Kelly

    I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  • luvangie4ever

    Loved how lovey-dovey they were at the Golden Globes, I watched the parts with Angie over and over again. She’s so lovely.
    What happened to the thumbs, Jared?

  • dd

    @ew nasty: do you know her well to call her names?

  • XIII

    What can you expect from ellie. She hates Angie. . . period.
    She thinks she’s doing Ugly a favor for calling Angie names.

  • Passing Through

    BDJ -
    I replied to your comment on the other thread, but I’m not going to bring it onto the new thread. I don’t want to fight with you, but frankly your comment just irritated the crap out of me and I said as much.

  • niwatori

    CUTE!!! Angie is beautiful without even having to try. That’s real beauty.

    And I’d just like to say a word to the troll who stole my name and twisted it on the last thread : I’d much rather be a “lesbo” than a bitter immature b!tchy woman who can’t let go of what happened to someone ELSE SIX YEARS ago…..that is you if you are too stupid to get it.
    Thanks Guli for the heads up.

  • lolol

    Love me some Angie. Love her even more when da hattas bloggers attack her lol I’m always for the underdog.

  • lolol

    35? More like 45!

  • lolol

    Also pax is adorable . he’s their cutest kid.

  • Passing Through

    # 711 Observer2 @ 01/19/2011 at 11:42 pm
    I guess Ticky is dusting a place on her mantel for her Oscar, huh? LMAO! If there is a merciful God in heaven…he won’t let that movie be made with Ticky in it…
    Seriously though…what financial genius would look at the returns for her other movies and say, “Jennifer Aniston as singing cowgirl murderess? Yeah! That’s the ticket!” Soooooooo not gonna happen…
    BTW – You know what this means, don’t you? It means Ticky doesn’t have any movie offers on the table and she’s trying to get that dead-ass production company of her’s going again. I wonder if Kristin Hahn is speaking to her again? LMAO!

  • Food for thought

    Calm down people! Why fight over a woman who would not give any of you the time of day? If you put more passion into your own lives instead of worrying about her, imagine what you could accomplish? Think about it. Also the brave men and women fighting to protect our country would hang their heads in shame to see these are the types of people they are protecting.

  • lololol

    @lolol: how odd that someone picked me out to name steal from. i kinda feel weird about this. Lmao NOT! sucker! like I can’t change my name. bwha

  • lololol

    I’m the number 1 name changer in this mutha, b LMAO HBIC, right hurr.

  • Ken

    love her


    DEAR ew nasty :

  • lylian

    @Passing Through: and bdj,
    PT, bdj, I want you to know that in posting my opinion below, I’m NOT accusing you of being anything, not whiny, not schooling, not nothing OK??
    I just wanna add by 2 cents worth:
    I don’t know if Jared is on the payola or not from Publicists, but I think:
    (a) if Jared is on the payola to say nice things about celebs, that’s actually OK with me. It’s just business and it’s just celebs. Nothing serious that’s going to change our lives. Glad Jared is making money.
    (b) what’s totally UNACCEPTABLE to me is if Jared is getting paid to be horrible and snarky about any celeb, even if that celeb is Dedn. That’s really stooping looooooow.
    Otherwise, why not? What’s wrong if Huvane pays Jared to say that Dedn looks gorgeous and sexy like Brigette Bardo in the Allure cover? Who is Jared hurting? Not me!! That’s for sure!
    One of the reasons why I stuck to Jared is that by and large, he isn’t full of horrid snark like dlisted or perez. If I want to read snark, I’d go to those sites and I generally don’t. I’m not terribly interested in other celebrities, but on the occassions I do read about them, I’m quite happy to read nice things about them. Garner taking her kids to the park, Parker having twins, Kidman having a new girl. It’s all good.
    And if jared is paid to be nice about Dedn, it truly does not bother me. It doesn’t stop me from laughing at her and pointing out some truths which Jared was or was not paid to ignore!
    A couple of other reasons why I stay with Jared:
    (1) bdj, you are one reason. You bring the best news!!
    (2) fans like PT, Oldie, GC and others. One can actually have a sensible conversation sometimes, such as right now! LOL!!

  • lololol

    @TIFANY: lmao funny chit

  • awesome

    What an awesome mom.

  • wtf

    I love Angie but telling the world to sleep in bed with their children is whacked. Not everyone thinks about that in the same way.
    Very strange comment.

  • Jasmine

    Did she dye her hair or is it just the lighting or something? It’s like a cooler brown, I love it!

  • jessemosslover


    Who the F is Dedn and what the F are you rambling on about?

  • TJ


  • jessemosslover

    >>(b) what’s totally UNACCEPTABLE to me is if Jared is getting paid to be horrible and snarky about any celeb, even if that celeb is Dedn. That’s really stooping looooooow.
    .Otherwise, why not? What’s wrong if Huvane pays Jared to say that Dedn looks gorgeous and sexy like Brigette Bardo in the Allure cover? Who is Jared hurting? Not me!! That’s for sure!<<

    Who the fck is dedn and what the fck are you rambling on about?

  • lololol

    @wtf: wtf @ your comment bwhaha

  • nowa

    ONLY ONE PIC ? WHY …… ?

  • Passing Through

    # 720 dianad1968 @ 01/20/2011 at 12:32 am
    Diana -
    The last time Ticky bragged about it she was “sure” about it, too. Then Shite Happens came out and tanked and Overnight Productions yanked the funding. She’s had TWO movies tank since then. If she got someone to fund that sucker you can bet her ass, and a few foreign objects, was involved. There’s a skeevy producer just waiting around for actresses like Ticky to come their way looking for money. She’s done it before and I have no doubt she’d do it again.

  • putry

    yay angie ! love her
    she is the best mom

  • Caroline Ennis

    Brad Pitt was madly in love with Jennifer Aniston. He married her. Angelina he could care less about then to use her to make children. Why has he not married her? Not that silly excuse about waiting until everyone can marry. I feel sorry for all the people up in here so brainwashed by their “relationship.! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  • lololol

    @Caroline Ennis: well, he was so in love with her that he ran after Angelina and left aniston in the dust. didnt even care if he hurt her feelings. at least Angie got to give him some pretty chitty tattoos to pay him backlmao .

  • lololol

    what is that on his back anyway? A map of Nola? bwahah nope. it’s a tattoo that matches Angie’s ex husbands. omg I still can’t believe she did that .

  • um

    @Caroline Ennis:

    Then why so upset when they got together? Brad’s previous marriage was way over.before Angelina came into the picture.

  • Observer2

    Passing Through @ 01/20/2011 at 12:20 am

    That’s exactly what FT is trying to do. Drum up interest in the movie for financing. Notice she gives nothing else away, like, who the director is, who her co-stars might be. This movie has been put into turnaround, how many times now?

    No, it doesn’t sound like FT has any offers on the table and this interview does nothing but make her sound vapid and immature. She’s 42 years old and she’s posing with teddy bears. Talking about her workout regimen, brussell sprouts, her hair and the good ole days of Friends.

    I don’t think that many 42 year old women relate to her. She’s as dumb as a box of rocks. Sorry, rocks. LOL.

  • ajpfan

    I have a therory. I think Angie is probably pregnant. It could be a wishful thinking but i could be right. I want them to have them all before Brad hit 50 and Angie 40 and then they will be out of their houses 18 years from not and they will have the sexiest golden age together the two them. haha but truly I think she coul be pregers.
    Ok someone needs to tell me to go to sleep. I can’t quiet doing this thing and checking back at JJ May be i am an internate addict LOL. I have to wake up early tommorow.

  • Freaky Ex-wife

    @Caroline Ennis:

    As you said, Brad Pitt WAS in love with JA. Use you brain. ‘Nuff said.

  • lololol

    man, I have to go to bed. Y’all are too slow for me. I’ll be back tomorrow to make fun of brad pitt’s saggy eyebrows and the chitty tattoos Angie designed just for him (bwhah yeah right) night night.

  • one more again

    @Observer2: jersey shore cast would relate to her just fine.

  • lylian

    LOL!! I’m from Asia and I can tell you that I think it’s really whacked this insistence that western people have that children as young as new born babies be made to sleep in their own bed, own cot, own room down the corridor from mummy and daddy!
    I’m sure Babies and even children are hardwired to sleep with the parents. After all, for most of human evolution, we were hunter gatherers who lived in places where wild animals, snakes, spiders, and other creatures saw us humans as meat.
    What can be more natural then babies and children wanting to sleep near mum and dad and be cuddled and protected and of course, if they are babies being breastfed, then cuddling near a food source?
    What can be more natural then mum and dad wanting to be near at hand to protect and cuddle baby or toddler or even little children. And if you are a breast feeding mother, it’s nice to just have baby near at hand to breast feed and not have to get up to pick up baby to do that?
    My japanese friend (whose married to an American and lived in the US for several years) told me that she thought the reason why so many americans suffer from insomnia and such is because bedtime for children, being sent off to their little rooms all by themselves, must be such a horrible time for a scared and sensitive child. She was convinced that these situations resulted in anxiety for children which carried over into adult life in the form of insomnia etc.
    She assured me that in Japan, where children naturally sleep with their parents, bed time is associated with happiness and fun, warmth and love.
    Now, I’ve never suffered from insomnia in my life so I can’t say if what she says about the cause of insomnia is true, but having slept with my parents/nanny as a child, I can assure you that sleep time is definitely not associated with any sort of anxiety for me, but a time for lovely warm cuddles!

  • answer please

    @Caroline Ennis:

    If Brad was so madly in love with his EX why did he divorce her and immediately run after Angelina like greased lightening? Answer that please.

    Because people madly in love stay together you know.

    You do realize that Brad has been with Angelina longer than he was married to the EX, right? Brad was married to the EX 4.45 years (July 2000-January 2005) when they split while he has been with Angelina almost 6 years. Big difference you know. Or did you know that?

    Even if you insist on counting to the official divorce date of August 19, 2005, still short of 5 years, still less time that he has been with Angelina.

    Perhaps Angelina is not ready to get married again, you know? And you did know that Brad says that he and Angelina are the same as married, you did know that right? And both Angelina and Brad say they will get married if their kids want them to, You know that right?

    And you do know that Brad NEVER took the EX to OK to meet his relatives, not once. But he took GP and he took Angelina. And Brad and Angelina and their kids are often in Springfield MO, Brad’s hometown, visiting together with the rest of their family, while Brad and the EX rarely visited there together.

    So that says to me and other rational and intelligent people that Brad was most likely madly in love with GP and is now madly deeply in love with Angelina.

    Just sayin.

    And anyway why do you care about the lives of people that are living the lives they want to live, who appear quite happy with their choices?
    One has the career she wanted and values above all, and two have the family that they wanted and value above all.

    Different strokes for different folks!!!!!!

  • Pumas up next for baby doll

    @Passing Through:

    Really doubt Goree film has been greenlit. Read somewhere that the Pumas film has some financing. A cheap rip off of SATC with 40 somethings pretending to be 30 somethings.

    Guess that is why she posed like that in Allure, getting ready for that yawner. LOL

    Pax is so darn cute and is getting so big. He is 7 now and looks it. Angelina said he likes to cook so I imagine he loves going to the grocery store with Mommy. Great one on one time for him.

  • http://sherry77amei sherry

    Angie is simply beauty……love her

    and PAX is so cute ………..

  • Lara

    Awww Pax is such a big boy now, and Angie just so naturally beautiful.
    Wonder what was for dinner, lol.