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Bar Refaeli: Escada Sport Fashion Show!

Bar Refaeli: Escada Sport Fashion Show!

Bar Refaeli strikes a pose at the Escada Sport Show on Wednesday (January 19) at the Collectors Room in Berlin, Germany.

The 25-year-old model sat in the front row at the show, which was part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2011.

Inside, Bar met up with Megha Mittla, Escada‘s owner and Director of the Board, as well as the fashion brand’s CEO Bruno Salzer.

Earlier this week, Bar attended a screening for her new film, Session, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Credit: Toni Passig; Photos: Getty
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  • Svetlana

    the Nazi girl is in her home country

  • Im overrated

    I thought she was of russian descent and had to move to Israel because she was jewish…

  • Nicki

    THANKS JARED!!! It is always such a thrill to see Bar. She is so gorgeous and looks soooo healthy!

  • Jamesy

    FATTY BOOMBALATTY. Not cute in the face at all. LEO is a star and could do better.

  • Fan of Beauty


  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks stunning!! And she does quite well for herself WITHOUT Leo!!

  • Simon

    DiCaprio is one lucky bastard…

  • umm

    @Jamesy: she’s not fat. leo is the fatty

  • Im overrated

    Why now everyone thinks Bar is a goddess and the best person in the world?? Thank you Jamesy

  • BEAN

    She is pretty and doesn’t seem to be a bad person so please someone explain the hate for her on this website?

  • BEAN

    Answerer num 1: wtf?
    2: eh no
    4: I doubt you’re an adonis or some kind of beauty queen yourself. She is not fat

  • Im overrated

    @BEAN: eh yes
    Her comment makes no sense

  • guest

    She really is very beautiful! She looks GOOD!

  • summer

    She really is beautiful.

  • Vladimirc

    I spit on Bar

  • Lisa


  • sourpatch

    She is so trashy. Ughh!
    PLease leave her!
    There are smarter, prettier girls in the world that will LOVE you for you not your MONEY!!!
    I wish this happens (yn) There is still time!

  • Nicki

    My first statement was paid by her PR team. What do I really think? Overrated and mediocre panty model who survives only riding her famous boyfriends waves. Impressive!
    Plain Jane who ages way too quickly and needs a stylist ASAP! What`s with all the downgrade these days? Leo downgraded when he started dating this airhead, Escada which was never really a significant brand…etc.

  • Mailey

    I like Bar. Old ladies in their 30s just hate on her bec she goes with Leo. It’s like little girls who hate on chicks linked with Bieber. It’s sad and immature.

  • hatebarrascist

    BOYCOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ESCADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • camera

    wow is she related to Sarah Jessica Parker? jew girls rock! she looks just like young SJP!!!

  • eek

    so let me get this straight; she was the guest at the fashions night out show that all the big models were stars of (and she sat in the audience with the other average new yorkers, lol) and again she is in the audience and can’t even get a show? WOW. she is NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT a model! don’t ever call her one again please. Paris Hilton is a bigger model than she is.

  • fashionkeepdreamer

    she looks MUCH better with this stick straight average girl california hair. the wavy hair made her already blah face look even fatter and even more unappealing. what an average chick. it worries me that some girls think she is anything special! lol I would hate to see what some of u must look like!!! I am from NY and see hotter chicks than this DAILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! she doesn’t even look like a classy,elegant model rich. she is plain FUG and homely looking!

  • LEO

    whoa I see why she wears black lately………

  • omfg

    omfg can’t this girl get a runway show???????????? lmao. she is pathetic.

  • Nicki

    LMAO! She is the face of Escada`s new fragrance and even they don`t want her to walk the runway? That`s embarrassing! I have to come up with something really smart to make her look good after that!

  • Noli

    @Nicki: She’s not a runway model and she never was… duh!!
    She’s stunning in these pictures.
    Clean & healthy beauty! <3

  • Nicki

    Oh, so she is a `supermodel` but she is not a runway model, right? That makes sense! LOL!
    Clean and healthy beauty? Have you seen her close ups? You call that skin and face `clean`? LOL!
    It`s getting pretty hard posting positive things about her, don`t you think, Noli ( or whatever the screen-name of the hour is )! LOL!

  • From Nicki No1 to Nicki no2

    Jealous losers are on hand…. once more! Go and get yourself a shrink, guys…. you are pathetic

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shes normaly

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too smell eyes haa ha

  • Goldman

    the more they post this israel bitch the more we will insult her, barfie defend the killers and insult the innocents. leo defend the killers too because heis still with her and he was in Israel but he didn’t go to PALESTINE. it’s not strange at all. he defends her girlfriend and he is not for the peace at all because if he was, why he didn’t go to see the president of the palestine???? he take a picture with this sionist shitmon perez for the publicity .. leo is the big ass hole. all people around the world begin to hate him and it’s just the begining.

  • leoworry

    i think leo should defintily break up with her because she will bring him many problems and maybe many people would like to kill him because he is dating an israel girl

  • elodie

    i think even people from israel would like to kill him because the orthdox jewish from israel said to bar that she have to split with him

  • Julie

    I’m not attracted to Leo at all. I think she’s just ugly. She has a manly face.

  • Julie

    I’m not attracted to Leo at all. I just think Bar is ugly and has a manly face.

  • Shiraz

    Whoa – she looks HUGE! At least sitting between them in the front row…yikes Amazonian huge!

    She is only a “man’s model” if you know what I mean…it really is getting pathetic how hard she is trying to launch herself as a real model and no matter what she does it falls flat. The only success she ever had was SI….maybe she should just go back to modeling bathing suits and undies, if that is what she’s good at.

    There was a clip from Session on youtube and wow – she was sooooo bad. No wonder it took them over 2 years to release it! She’s a pretty bad model, but OY – 100 times worse actress! It is painful to watch!

  • Nicki

    That`s right, people are jealous. We were told to keep writing that because it`s so easy to blame it on that. Who cares that this girl is dumb and ignorant and chooses the easy way out of responsibilities? That`s really something people can be really jealous of! Her looks? Pretty ordinary there are way prettier and more stunning girls walking down the streets every day but people are jealous of her of course. Her looks are fading pretty quickly but still people are simply just jealous of her. Her career highly depends on her boyfriend but still people are jealous of it. I bet so many people wanna be just like her, being famous for who they are dating.

  • elena

    Leo , i have message for you: your reputation is going under and your films will be flops.

  • tery

    leo is the big bad ass, this guy pretended to be nice and want the show a good image of him to the media and to the fans but he is not at all when i saw what her girlfriends said about the egyptians and this story about blood diamonds, i begin to hate him . he is the most bad person that i have never seen. evenif i hate brad pitt he 1000000000000000 times better than this leocrap.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    This woman is FLAWLESS! Leo is such a lucky guy. Wow! Barleo wedding in 2011!!!! YAY!

  • peter

    She looks like my grandma in this outfit. She desperately needs a stylist. Even Jane Fonda would consider this as an oldfashioned look. She would never wear it.
    No class, no brain. Escada is a cheap brand for middle aged women with no style. It’s obvious she is now accepting every s h i tty job she can gather, no matter what. This is because she can’t do any better. It’s a typical path that real models walk when they are very very close to retirement (35 – 40 years old ). But she is only 25. It’s now clear she expects that her career will be over very soon.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute


  • SpecialK351

    It’s Megha MITTAL, not Mittla.

  • hey

    She looks HUGE! She should hang out with Kloe Kardashian. They are both giants and famous fir nothing enjoying the undeserved attention!
    Leo has the biggest head and it seems it wouldn’t stop growing. There kids can go straight to first grade they’ll be so big!
    So this is what supermodels do these days. Barely work and when they do they SIT THROUGH fashion shows instead of walking them. How can someone be a supermodel without being a runway model?

  • dotty

    Talk for yourself. Not everyone will hate him

  • hey

    @dotty: people on her threads ( especially her fans ) very often feel they have the liberty to speak for everyone so you should just take it easy. Like on her prev. thread it was said ‘everyone will like her new pictures’. Well, I don’t. Don’t you have an issue with that?
    Goldman is right!

  • french


  • french
  • Nicki

    @51: That`s the biggest FAKE smile ever! Phony girlfriend for a phone guy!