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Gisele Bundchen Bundles Up in Boston

Gisele Bundchen Bundles Up in Boston

A fresh faced Gisele Bundchen bundles up as she runs errands on Wednesday (January 19) in Boston, Mass.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model checked messages on her BlackBerry as she walked to her car.

Also pictured inside is Gisele‘s husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, arriving home on Tuesday (January 18) in the middle of a snowstorm.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady running errands in snowy Boston…

Just Jared on Facebook
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 01
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 02
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 03
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 04
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 05
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 06
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 07
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 08
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 09
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 10
gisele bundchen tom brady errands 11

Photos: INFdaily
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  • Lily

    natural beauty. aww too bad we can’t see the haters comments get down-rated lol.

  • KK

    wow could be a Vogue photoshoot! effortless!

  • purple

    Boston stalkers in 4,3,2,1….

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Jared back the red and green arrows

  • edila

    she is gorgeous

  • chubsmary

    I would look horrible without any makeup and here she is looking like it could be straight from a fashion magazine. No F***ing fair.

  • *~*+*~*

    superfiicial people

  • Lisa


  • JustJared

    JJ Please fix the red and green. I want to laugh at haters comments get voted down 20 times.

  • *~*+*~*

    she wouldn’t be with him if he wasn’t a rich quarterback
    he wouldn’t be with her if she wasn’t a “model”
    they would have never gotten married if he hadn’t knocked her up
    just like Miranda kerr and orlando

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She l√łoks rough

  • Tree

    Jared bring back the red and green arrows

  • sillyme

    First, thanks, Jared, for getting rid of the silly ratings!

    Second, I am soooooooooooooo happy that the Patriots did not make the next round of the playoffs. Go Jets!

  • Tree

    Pleas pleas pleas jared

  • TMS

    she has a beautiful bone structure she doens’t even need makeup contouring. (napoleon dynamite voice: LUCKEEEE)

  • Sean

    Tom hasn’t won a SB since he’s been with this butterface. He better get back with Bridget!

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People put the red and green arrow??!
    I thought jared who is putting .for people

  • abby

    wow you’;re still tied up on 5 or so years ago? lmao. please get over it. Bridget is 40 or something and single still? lol

  • trish

    I am so glad Gisele doesn’t do cheap OK magazine shoots with any of her past men or baby.

  • Supermodel

    She’s looking fresh as ever! looks just like her Victoria’s Secret days.

  • Love

    great body but very manly face. She is wearing make-up you fools, it’s just made to look more natural. It’s still not helping the butterface.

  • ace11

    Leo blew it by not marrying her…i think they were perfect for each other

    something creepy with her and tom

  • craig stairs

    Perhaps we need a little global warming to warm us up.

    I know she has plenty of it in that compound of a house she had built recently.

    Thing probably emits more emissions then a small factory.

  • m

    @ ace11 Gisele never wanted marry Babyface DiCaprio.
    Tom is the love of her life,,EMI201143-9531,00-GISELE+BUNDCHEN+AFIRMA+QUE+TOM+BRADY+E+O+HOMEM+DE+SUA+VIDA.html

    She said that in her Interview last week

    And she and Babyface were creepy

  • Mike

    @craig stairs:

    the bostonherald stalkers are here

  • g

    @ ace11 Gisele never wanted marry DiCaprio. THey lived never together.More seperate gthan Together
    Tom is the love of her life she said that very often
    They are perfect together

    Here she said that last week,,EMI201143-9531,00-GISELE+BUNDCHEN+AFIRMA+QUE+TOM+BRADY+E+O+HOMEM+DE+SUA+VIDA.html

  • ?

    and what the f was she suposed to say, i wanted him but he didnt want me honestly people she is way to shallow for that… had leo put a ring on it she would have been dancing in one leg

  • did

    how can somebody that looks that good in print look like that in real life…damn that face

  • chick

    damn she is gorgeous! such a natural stunner. look at those cheekbones. what a face.

  • Angie
  • Karma

    @did: aww something tells me you are too used to seeing over photoshopped pictures of celebs and models in the magazines. How naive. I think she is a natural beauty.

  • kisses


    Everyone is ugly according to the JustJared residents, lol.

    typical gisele hater: lmao

  • wq

    He looks like a homeless guy….and stop wearing baseball caps, it just accentuates your huge head!

  • HEIL!


  • Claudia

    I think it is unique she has a latina facial structure (non flat faced,high cheekbones) but has white/german coloring. Gorgeous!

  • bell

    35 comments so far! Go gisele! haters and lovers love you.

  • did

    to all the crazy fans(honestly people you dont know the girl, get a frggin hobbie) i wasnt hatin i was just stating the diference between this photo and the print ones, by the way not everybody that posts is fat and ugly i

  • BellaCooties

    She looks nice and naturally beautiful. No wrinkles or saggy puffy skin . She looks exactly like her mom Vania Bundchen.

  • JOB

    whats comical is the obvious jealousy in some of the comments. most likely from overweight, less than attractive, cookie munching, donut gorging, cat scratching hags. and hopefully for all of the males out there, permanently single and balding.

  • G-Dub

    She looks upset in a few of those pictures then again it probably is really annoying to go to your car and get your picture taken.

  • werk

    @did: um almost every celeb looks somewhat diff. Even Adriana Lima is unrecognizable in paparazzi pics, she just doesn’t have many to notice. I think this looks like it could be a Vogue’s shoot so what/evs. and yes all my hater friends are fat and ugly, they’re bored and single. lol rarely are haters attractive, that is a FACT.

  • allure

    aww I see you haters got your gisele bundchen google alerts. have fun stalking your favorite person!

  • Casino

    did you see the people on Justjared’s facebook where they have to actually show their face? I didn’t see one pretty girl on there, LOL. go figure.

  • 1 + 1

    @*~*+*~*: She got pregnant after they married. do the math re tard.

  • CanadaGirl

    Her bone structure is beautiful. Gisele is amazingly beautiful.

  • LMAO

    Natural beauty ? LOL … Noose Job bitches !

  • the real Golden Globes

    Pats down!!! Pats down!! lol

  • q

    I rejoiced when the Pats lost!! Didn’t know how I was going to make it watching football and all you hear from sportcaster is Brady this… Brady that…. other teams ZERO coverage – another repeat of superbowl 42!! Then he CHOKED again……Priceless

    Karma is a bitch…….. just ask Brady! Must be something he did to the Gods – 4 years and counting……

  • hahah

    I will rejoice when Tom leaves the Pats. the fans disrespect him and treat him as some machine who can’t be happy or have a life. After all the good he’s done for that team/town? He needs to pack it ASAP.

  • Linda

    Gisele sells; she is a phenomenon. check it out and learn some things about her. success breeds haters.