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Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor' Artwork!

Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor' Artwork!

Check out the artwork for Jennifer Lopez‘s new single, “On The Floor”!

The 41-year-old entertainer teamed up with Pitbull for the new track, which was produced by RedOne!

“We’re making BIG things happen “On The Floor” this new year!!!” J.Lo tweeted earlier this month.

You can catch Jennifer beginning TOMORROW (January 19) at 8/7c on FOX when she begins her job as a judge on American Idol!

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On The Floor’ feat. Pitbull
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  • maujr

    choooorando se foi, quem um dia só me fez choraaaar ♪

  • Joakim

    love the song, and AMAZING cover! <3

  • lexy hates bilson

    Ugh! How many “big things” can you do when you have NO talent??

  • http://Ja Sligo ς^_^ cute

    She like very sad

  • Thai

    Epic Photoshop. Somebody should tell her that she’s 41, not 21. Not to mention she’s as talentless as crap.

  • ls

    Photoshop queen…

  • Lo

    Arbic woman in cover

  • ck

    Looked up “airbrushing” in the dictionary. Had no definition – just the above J.Lo pic. Odd.

  • jlo addict


  • Ka simply amaazingg !!!!!!

    entra al torneo ganarme el trofeo para asegurarme como va sol teoes qella metiene loco con su meneoesacta van a buscar .correo legusta el grineo se chupa losdedos

  • She stinks!

    Is that JHO or a some random white girl? As usual, she does her usual sneering and snarling in an attempt to be sexy. She looks like a rabid cat that spent way too much time in the alley.

    She is so completely out of touch with reality, she sings about being at ‘the club’ and being ‘on the floor’, yet she’s a fat a$$ed hag with 2 kids, way past her prime. Its not 1999 anymore JHO. The only time she’s a ‘da club’ is to promote something. She’s too old for this and still can’t sing. Her recording career really needs to end and this should do it.

  • Audrey

    That’s horrible!Why does everyone want this meaningless disco-house s*it do??

  • blah

    LOVE IT :)

  • Get over it

    @ she stinks!! Wow u are sad!!! Nothing better to do than hate on her!! You must be really unattractive and must hate the fact that Jlo is so beautiful. I don’t know why you keep posting on eveything that comes up about her!! Its like your a stalker or something!! Jlo is hot and so is the song!! GET OVER IT!!!

  • *~*+*~*

    on my hate list!
    she’d lose a lot of fans if she admitted being a scientologist

  • Ryan

    Serious..whats all the hate with JLO?? She looks beautiful and has talent. You all need to grow up!

  • http://Ja Sligo ς^_^ cute

    Ok im what? Listen my voice
    Antes Que Me Vaya Dameun
    Se Que Soñare Con Tu Regreso
    mi Vida No Es lgual
    Ahora Que te perdi
    Como te voy a olvidar
    Como te voy a olvidar

  • http://Ja Sligo ς^_^ cute

    Im heard ς ?

  • ashley

    z100 made a point before saying that its sounds like tok tok. i have to agree.

  • XXX


  • bribed people?

    a big internet manipulation is going on here … ?!

  • MangerBouger

    Horrible cover …

  • BIG fake

    Because there are lots of fake comments by payed people.

  • Madhatter

    I really like the beginning (Pitbull)
    Songs not bad-not great- made me wish I was on vacation in Miami :(

  • Ben

    Ew! Photo shopped like crazy. Show us your real big nose that you were born with J-Whore Sewer rat.

  • Courtney

    get your facts straigt Jennifer isn’t officially 41 until July 24th she was born in 1970 same as Mariah Carey & Deebie Gibson. though the confussion on Mariah’s age steams from the fact that she lied about it in people magazine when she first came out in 1990 but has since corrected that in many interviews. Photo retouching has been used in hollywood for decades it’s nothing new get over it. besides it’s not like 41 is old Vanessa Redgrave was 41 when she won the best supporting actress oscar in April 1978 for Julia or Kathy Bates was 42 when she won best actress oscar in March 1991 for Misery age ain’t nothing but a number consider this the oldest person ever nominated for an oscar was 87 year old Gloria Stuart for Titanic and the oldest ever to win a competetive Oscar on the female side was 75 year Old Katherine Hepburn with her 4th win in 1982 and on the men’s side it was 76 year old Henry Fonda the same year for the same film On Golden Pond his daughter Jane accepted on his behalf because he was too sick to attend as he died of cancer 4 1/2 months later August 12th 1982

  • Lisa


  • Lala

    Nice blond weave. She was born in 1969.

  • jessie

    Poor thing never won a Grammy and was never even considered for an Oscar and it is unlikely she ever will be.

  • lwx

    omg she ruined the Lambada song.. wtf can they do their own songs…copy catssss

  • Jessie

    love her!
    jlos backkkkkkk!

  • Marieme

    How convenient for her! Using her debut on AI to pimp and wh ore herself out like this. Proves her motives for being on the show were based soley on self-promotion. How much attention can she squeeze from this new job? How much money! Such a media Hag! The worst kind.

  • ricky

    now this is what im talkin bout!!!!
    jlo rocks
    N all ya haters keep hatin well shes makin her money n is lookin 100xs better then u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is a hit n people r lovin it so get over it cause she aint goin nowhere!!!

  • She stinks!

    @Get over it:

    This songs blows and so does she! How do you think she got started in this business? She blew every guy she could – talentless HO’s have to do this to get ahead. She stinks!

  • Rebirth

    Great song , with a great energy, everyone here who says j-lo is talentless doesn’t know talent. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, who was the first artist EVER to have a number one movie in the box office and a number one album in the same week. Jennifer Lopez You cant do that without talent. She is a pretty good singer and a skilled dancer and actress. Make sure wave at the haters on your way to the top of Billboard. :)

  • G. Gon

    For whom ever commented that she needs photoshop, not only does she not need any help from any beauty manipulator but you all are probably as ugly as i do not know, maybe lady gaga so in order to increase your self esteem you call someone who is clearly beautiful ugly, you all may call her talentless or a has been but to call her ugly yeah the mirror on your wall may have broken with one glance from you but that is not an invite to lie through your teeth.

  • Kah

    I Love JLo