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Megan Fox: Studio City Sushi with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox: Studio City Sushi with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox grabs sushi with husband Brian Austin Green on Wednesday (January 19) in Studio City, Calif.

On Sunday, the 24-year-old actress glammed up the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards in a gorgeous Giorgio Armani Prive gown.

Last week, Megan took her stepson Kassius to Sun Power Natural Organic Cafe.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green leaving a sushi restaurant in Studio City…

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megan fox brian austin green sushi 01
megan fox brian austin green sushi 02
megan fox brian austin green sushi 03
megan fox brian austin green sushi 04
megan fox brian austin green sushi 05
megan fox brian austin green sushi 06
megan fox brian austin green sushi 07
megan fox brian austin green sushi 08
megan fox brian austin green sushi 09
megan fox brian austin green sushi 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Pam

    Megan has gotten even uglier. Plastic surgery doesn’t do a face or body good.

  • Pam

    Megan just keeps get uglier. Never thought she was pretty at all. Proof that plastic surgery doesn’t do a face or body good.

  • not aging well

    she used to be pretty but her face looked like crap at the golden globes. what’s going on? she looks older than 24.

  • Joan

    this woman is dumb, her family knows about it and her dog doubt about it.
    Shes gorgeous but……… So dumb.

  • Carla

    @ Joan @ 01/19/2011 at 10:29 pm .. LOOL!!!!! Well said, Amen

  • http://j cf10



    She use to be gorgeous!

    WTF did she do to her face?? ekk

  • Anna2

    I find it funny that she looking at the camera in every shot.


    She really used to be these photos, her eyes are squinting. Her face is resembling like the “Cat Lady” – the woman who had lots of surgery who now looks like a lion.

  • Jamesy

    what happend to megan’s face??? why is she using fillers? she is way too young!!!

  • Carrie

    omg i want whomever did her hair extensions!! they look better than most hollywood actresses! I love the longer length – in hawaii way too thin hair!
    i love that she got it thickened up and length is always sexier


    She’s just as ugly as Angelina Jolie.

  • boots

    no way does she eat, at least her hair looks good

  • observer

    By the time she’s 30, she will look like Hunter Tylo.
    I don’t think she will ever stop doing stuff to her face coz if she’s that obsessed now, imagine her when the first serious aging and wrinkles come.

  • 1111

    She looks prettier with more meat on her bones. Everyone uses the plastic surgery insult but she got a nose job, and lip injections. Thats not the problem with her face, its her cheeks that are so hollow. Shes too thin.

  • feed her

    she is anorexic , she needs help

  • wtfff

    NO joke, her face looks IDENTICAL to Michael Jacksons in the first pic!!! When I first saw this post the first pic was cut off at the head and I didn’t bother to read the title and I truthfully thought that it was some MJ post with an old photo attached!!!

  • Brad Zitt

    She didnt eat, thats why she brought a book with her to the restaurant. Brian Austin Green must be a boring date.

  • Yellow

    It’s weird how she looks better here than at the Golden Globes…

  • Brightside

    I’m not a fan of hers and can’t think of a single thing she’s been in except Transformers and I could be wrong about that but she has a fantastic body. Nothing wrong with her body or face at all. My brother, who’s very strict about female body shape, agrees with me. He gives her 9 out of 10 for eye appeal and he’s a tough person to please.

  • Jordan

    Irrelevant nobody with a tacky iphone case.

  • Turn-It-in

    It’s good that they spend every walking second together but a healthy relationship is about giving each other space..he evne goes with her ti nail salon for christ sake! ..but if they can make it work this way.whatever floats their boat!

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    She have more gout

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She’s did big pimpin now

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again Plastic surgery in face ??She doing a great job
    haa haa ha

  • ash


  • Elena

    I think her Marilyn tattoo is vanishing, laser, maybe?

  • Lucywithadiamond

    Honestly, I’ve looked at several pictures of her and noticed that one of her eyes looks smaller than the other. I don’t think that was the case before. It became more apparent during the Golden Globes when she presented an award to The Tourist. I think she might have messed up one of her eyes. Poor girl.

  • obs

    These pics are staged by her PR/agent, there is a lot of lighting on her face to make her look better. But even here her face looks plastic and deformed, her lips and cheeks area especially, even her eye is weird, same side her vein pops out.
    Her body looks weird and unhealthy because she’s not naturally thin like this, she must be on a strict diet ((I call it starvation)) to lose all that weight and to keep it. Naturally thin girls look great and healthy because they eat.
    Instead of plastic surgeries and BOTOX, she should gain back her healthy natural weight and take acting classes, her acting is atrocious. Looks like BAG has an eyeliner WTF.

  • fdsds

    …and they compared her to Angelina Jolie??? Give me a break!

  • SFg

    The more i see her the uglier she is….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe people used to compare her to Angelina Jolie who is a godess…

  • Amarylis

    She’s lost too many weight,look at her hips!Where r them now?Her curves have gone!

  • F

    This is a staged photo op plus the pics r out of focus.
    The Golden Globes images were clear and defined, can’t hide anything.

    I don’t see any improvement, her right eye and the mouth area r seriously messed up for life, botox or whatever she is doing, her face is looking plastic as always.

  • Angela

    Get this girl to a psychologist PLEASE. stop the surgeries..her face looks more catlike and plastic every month. she has anorexia now obviously.

  • Two

    The eight picture with her hand in her hair, her eyes are so wonky I have noticed that they have become slanted Wow so sad because she was a pretty girl but I didnt think she was WOW at the globes

  • Two

    I think the reason why most people are in an uproar and constantly she shes not pretty is because every online site is devoted to her but they dont look close at how fake she is personality and face and thats sad! As F said in the above comment and Two her eyes are noticeably changed! I have noticed it for a while her eye is slanted and one looks smaller she never had that!!

  • Beth

    The hate certain fans give to this couple (I say fans even to the haters because to take the time to comment you are either extremely brain dead or you actually care about these couple enough to comment) plus other stars on this site is amazing. Seriously, how low must your lives be and your families must be proud.

    Before you hate on someone elses features look at yourselves in the mirror, they still look better than you and that’s the sad truth.

    It doesn’t change anything in their lives, they just go from strength to strength. Don’t like them don’t read their post or comment that simple.

    Megan looks amazing as ever. Yes, she is slightly thinner than normal but I think it’s more to do with the modelling than anything (I know it doesn’t make it right but she still looks very healthy and happy. Only, Megan can look after her own body even Brian is limited on giving her advice on that) she still eats and not by any means anorexia.

    Anorexia is a very serious illness and shouldn’t be joked about. For people going on about PR stunt every star in the industry has a PR network behind them that’s how they become famous in the first place.

    Brian continues to look even more hotter and cuter. We need to see more pics of Brian Austin Green on JJ.

    After all that where can I find Megan’s jeans? They make a great looking couple no matter what the haters say.

    I like reading the haters comments sometimes because it’s so pointless is funny so keep the laughs coming if you must.

  • handledatruff

    Her eye was like that before. Check out the Jennifer Body’s event in the black dress, the Transformers 2 photo where she’s wearing the motorcycle outfit. I think it’s contacts. Megan is gorgeous but she is underweight, I think her face would look better when she gains her old 30lbs back. She needs to eat something. And she looks waaaay better than that big lip krypt-keeper Angelina, underweight or not. And every chick and hollywood have had something done, just check out the before and afters and stop hating on Megan because she’s beautiful and can do the pretty girl rock, suckas!!!

  • Gem

    @handledatruff She is also 11 years younger than Angelina… not fair to compare. To be fair lets compare Megan with Angelina when she was 24.

    And how is it possible at all for Megan to be so darn skinny yet have a roll of back fat spilling over? Her bra must be too tight I guess.

  • jenjen

    she’s definitely had cheek implants and eye lift..what a dumb move. I thought she was beautiful but now she’s plain ugly..

    she can’t even compare to Angelina, even now at Angelina’s age, let alone when she was 24! Angelina is a classic eternal beauty, Megan’s was short lived.

  • Handledatruff

    Angelina looks like the same old fish she looked like before, except now she has veins in her face. You want me to be fair(which ain’t all that fair to the other girls) and compare Meg to the rest of the average looking 20-somethings in hollywood… fine. She looks better than them too.

    JenJen and Gem, I’m sure ya’ll were the same jealous chicks who were saying she ain’t pretty and blah blah when the first Transformers came out and now she got a little work done you have something to point out. Please stop, admit ya hate, admit that regardless of how much surgery she may look like she might of had, she still looks great and move on.

    Back flab… what a joke. I can only imagine what’s hanging over your own bra and jeans.

  • Helen

    it looks like she phoned the papz in, so she can pose for them