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Willow Smith: Working on 'Annie' Remake with Jay-Z?

Willow Smith: Working on 'Annie' Remake with Jay-Z?

Willow Smith may star in the big screen version of the popular musical Annie, Variety reports.

The 10-year-old pop phenom’s dad, Will Smith, “is exploring with Sony the potential” for the film, according to sources.

Will would produce the movie through his Overbrook Entertainment production company.

Though details are still in the beginning stages, rapper Jay-Z is reportedly also in talks to work on the music.

FYI: Will previously developed The Karate Kid starring Willow‘s older brother Jaden!

WOULD YOU LIKE like to see Willow star in the big screen adaptation of Annie?

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43 Responses to “Willow Smith: Working on 'Annie' Remake with Jay-Z?”

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  1. 26
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l... Says:

    the karate kid remake ws a huge success, why not redo annie. i think it’s cool to see these movies remade with little black kids. fcuk, hollywood aint jumping to do it so will smith should. good for them.

  2. 27
    Kee Says:

    Oh please no! i cant picture the classic annie songs being turned into some dirty gangster rapping or R&Bing!i love R&B but i cant picture the classic annie songs being turned into R&B or hip-hop. why does Jay-z have to work on the music? all he does is hip-hop! annie doesnt need to be turned to hip-hop!

  3. 28
    itzabelduh Says:

    since wyhen is she a “pop Phenom” ?

  4. 29
    nowayozay Says:

    These money obsessed narcissits can make/re-make what they want, I wont be going to see it!

  5. 30
    nowayozay Says:

    ^^ “narcissists”

  6. 31
    Wendy Says:

    She is SO adorable, love her and love her entire Hollywood family but she is tooooooo tall to be Annie. I saw her on the **** Clark Rocking New Year’s Eve show and tooooo tall for Annie. Annie should be teeny :)

  7. 32
    rhonda Says:

    THIS IS WRONG! If they are so freaking creative, create something of your own. Don’t mess with classics. These people are just copy-cats, show us how smart you are and creat something of your own.


  8. 33
    not me Says:

    She is really, really cute and will make a nice new Annie.

  9. 34
    Frida Says:

    Oh HELL no!

  10. 35
    sasha Says:

    i so agree why dont they let other kids from diffrent cities and states who dont have celebs as there parents let them try out for the role as annie willow smith is just living off her parents fame

  11. 36
    sasha Says:

    when are they going to get kids with real talent and not AUTO TUNED VOICES ON SONGS THATS THEY SO CALL MADE OR WROTE

  12. 37
    Joy Says:

    I think SHE SHOULD DO ITs just like wizard of oz and its finally an african american remake now its the same with annie they would probably do it a more modern type so stop COMPLAINING AND JUST BECAUSE SHE IS african american doesnt mean she cant rock the red hair do did u see her in whip it come on people u got to be kidding she rocked every hair style and she can do the same with this one

  13. 38
    efron Says:

    Of course her dad is gonna produce a movie she’s gonna be in, the same happened with Jaden. These 2 little avatars need to GTFO.

  14. 39
    Jokergurl Says:

    Hollywood has to update everything and it’s really getting tiring. NO! Stop messing with the originals! Just look what they did to The Green Hornet, Bruce Lee’s going to HAUNT someone on that film!

  15. 40
    A Says:

    I’m not trying to be mean but no. I’m not saying she shouldn’t act but not in Annie. 1. She doesn’t have much acting experience 2. The image of Annie is a young white orphan girl with red hair. Its just better to keep it that way because its a classic movie. If they want to remake it, find a child actress who can really pull of acting, singing, and the look. Maybe she should just voice cartoon characters for a while. n_n

  16. 41
    nayeli(izkewl) Says:

    wow first the karate kid now this. i dont think ive seen a black person with natural red hair >:/ why would will smith push his kids like this. and plus willow smith iz tring to look twice her age

  17. 42
    jamie2397 Says:

    willow smith should not act in annie.she aint good enough and will not look to cute in red hair. why not look 4 someone else prettier in red hair and can actually act.if willow smith and her dad will smith think the can mess up a popular classic,they think again. they keep coping movies,first karate kid and now this.if willows starring in annie i anit watching or wasting my money on a 10 year old who doesent have the talent to act in annie.the point im trying to say is CHOOSE SOMEONE ELSE BETTER WILLOW CANT ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 43
    taylor Says:

    This is an AWFUL idea! Some movies should never be remade!! I love Willow and Will Smith, but this Annie remake is TOO far!! I even heard that the setting would be changed and that the songs will be different! This is TERRIBLE! The original songs were the BEST! I do NOT wanna hear classic Broadway RUINED by JAY-Z!!!!!

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