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Chris Pine: 'Welcome to People' Set

Chris Pine: 'Welcome to People' Set

Chris Pine heads to his trailer as he gets to work on his latest project, Welcome to People, on Wednesday (January 19) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actor stars opposite Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks in the family drama.

Welcome to People tells the story of a businessman who returns home after his estranged father’s death, only to discover that he has an alcoholic sister with a 12-year-old son.

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  • JulesC

    Is he really picking his nose or just trying to eff up the papz shot? Kinda gross either way.

  • jbird

    I heart Chris Pine. But these are very awkward photos of him. (And not just because he looks like he’s about to pick his nose.)

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    He work ? Where

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey chris kick papz in those di*k

  • Tree

    Jared pleas bring back the red and green arrows

  • keachick

    Geez. Can’t someone scratch their nose? Ever had an itch? What’s with the nasty nitpicking? Anyway these pictures are part of a whole set of pictures and I think some of them could be outtakes from the filming of the movie itself.

    He is working on a film set in Los Angeles. Hopefully, if JustJared and everyone else play nice, we might get some pictures of Chris with the other actresses -Michelle Pfeiffer, Olivia Wilde and Elizabeth Banks. They play the main female characters.

  • Tom

    Still hot!

  • jp

    @JulesC: He actually tries to screw up shots pretty frequently and nosepicking and giving the finger are his go-to options.

  • keachick

    Chris looks tired and a bit stressed.

    Anyway, be nice everyone. Chris needs to lighten up or else he’ll start looking older than he really is. People might take him more seriously if he stopped taking himself and the papz so seriously. Chris – give yourself a break. That’s my advice. If he ever reads this, he’ll probably hate me. Oh well, not much I can do about that.

    Chris – take care. Love ya!

  • Dee

    JJ had to put a picture of CP with his finger in the nose, is not it? …. HAHAHAHAHA! … AH … but no matter he is GORGEOUS anyway!

  • JulesC

    @keachick: I saw the pics on another site and he was not scratching, his finger def was up in his nose. I agree wit Jp however that he has done that before deliberately to eff up the papz shots but its still kinda yuck. And he does look tired. Oh well even stars have their “off” days. I still like him as an actor.

  • Chris

    Nose? what are you talking about? I can’t take away my eyes off his crotch. Look again people. It’s worthy.

  • Dee

    CP said in a recent interview that when he is on set filming, he needs a lot of concentration … so we will not see him being kind and interacting with papz … is work and is his temper … so for me ok … because when he’s out promoting his works he always seems friendly, charming and above all very professional … and also you can not even draw too many conclusions about the mood of him through some photos done in seconds! … he is working and has responsibilities for the good result of his performance in the movie! … and after all we know he is not comfortable with papz!

    I wish CP and Alex Kurtzman the best work! … and I hope they will soon begin production of Star Trek 2012!

  • S@n

    Yes I’m waiting for “Welcome to People”, too!
    And of course CHRIS PINE is always great!
    And who cares about his finger in the nose? Not me! LOL!

  • anonymas

    jared can i say something? leave the poor guy alone… u caught him in a really bad time its good he didn’t appreared to be mad or anything like that but seriously dude give him a break… respect his privacy sure we all love to c chris in pictures but only if he wants too sorry about that but chris is a human too u noo

  • le meagre

    I think Chris Pine’s super-hot and super-talented – I look forward to his upcoming films. But I’m becoming more and more convinced that he’s an asshat in person. You’re a movie star tracked to be a part of the next A-list and you can’t handle a little bit of pap attention – what – once a month? Suck it up, princess. Jesus. Pictures taken on a movie set is hardly a scrum infringing on your personal life.

    Ugh, and I’m a *fan*. I’m just shaking my head.

  • S@n

    @le meagre:
    You must be a princess if you think everyone has to be smiling at you all the time!
    People with strong personalities are more interesting, who laughs all the time is VERY BORING!

  • le meagre

    @ S@n
    Did I say all the time? I’ve seen him shove his fingers in his nose more than once, flip off paps more than once, and sullen/disdainful seems to be his everyday look. I know the compulsion is there to be “Oh, but he’s shy and he needs protection!” but he’s a grown man with a very public profession that occasionally (occasionally!) requires him to sell himself. I’m not saying that paps aren’t annoying – but he does need to suck it up a bit. He’s on a movie set. He doesn’t have to smile and wave, but fingers in his nose?? Immature and unattractive.

    P.S. You don’t really make sense at the end there… Being sullen makes one a strong personality? People who have fun and laugh are boring? Listen, you do know that you don’t have to like EVERYTHING he does EVER to be a fan, right?

  • keachick

    Dee is right. JustJared just had to publish the picture with his finger in/on his nose. They did NOT have to do that, but they did and it is not the first time. YUK. I’m not saying this to Chris, by the way. Please, JustJared and papz – show some courtesy and a little discretion. It is quite likely you may get to hear and/or photograph actors/celebs doing things, like pick their noses, scratch themselves *there* or whatever, but it does not mean you have to publish it. Maybe this is a major reason why Chris may not like the papz much.

    Although it may not be nice to see, be honest – which one of you has not quietly gone to have a good scratch… so ease up, please. I guess none of you have ever suffered from rhinitis or sinusitis.

  • JulesC

    @le meagre: I agree! While a fan of CP and his acting(def think he’ll be around for the long term), i think the finger in nose is childish, and gross. I dont think it was an accident, i think he does it on purpose to ruin the shot and that makes him look immmature. Grow up and learn to ignore the papsz.

  • S@n

    @le meagre:
    Sorry but you did not convince me too!

    I prefer not to criticize people caught in the perspective of paparazzi’s lens!

  • Dee

    You know what? … I do not know if CP does this to disrupt papz … I know he has a habit of scratching his nose … at least I’ve seen it in several interviews on video but always in a charming way … but if he did it on purpose … well between papz and Chris Pine I will always be with CP … since I saw the awful video of the paparazzi chasing Chris when he went to the gym … wow .. that was disgusting, pap urging him to answer about his personal life … and CP walking embarrassed! .. that guy was the most invasive and disrespectful! … and that’s the image I have of paparazzi … I doubt that others are much better than that! … if I’m wrong I’m sorry!

    And yes no one need be so perfect … because I’m certainly not! (*)

    (*) Papz are excluded of this statement, of course! LOL and +LOL!

  • keachick

    Yes, Dee, I remember watching that video (taken at about this time last year) in absolute disbelief. That was just plain HARRASSMENT. I would have understood it if he had punched the guy and his vid camera out. Fortunately, he showed incredible restraint in the circumstances. Kudos to Chris.

    About the nose scratching… if you suffer from allergy problems, then the nose can become extremely itchy. I know, I get asthma and sinusitis – which means wheezing, coughing and difficulty breathing, and at times very itchy, sore eyes and nose and sometimes painful and swollen sinuses. I mean, what to do? What – should Chris get someone else to do it for him… you know, hire a professional nose scratcher/picker?…;) Sure, there is medication, but there is only so much you can take of that, at any one time.

    Anyway, the main thing is that any papz hanging around the set of Welcome to People show some respect, courtesy and discretion when taking pictures and that goes for the publishers as well. To Chris – you are very photogenic which is one of the reasons you are getting good parts in good movies (not the only reason, of course, as anyone who has seen Chris’s other work, should realise). Embrace it, enjoy it…

  • Clairedelune

    Clapclapclapclapclap thumbs up to all the ones yelling at the papz…. CP can pick his nose if he wants to. I’d have more of a problem if he starts to dress like that stupid jessica simpson’s BF wearing ill fitted clothes & his baseball cap backward going to a nice restaurant, let alone katsuya. It’s just rude to the other diners. No class! CP always looks good in his california preppie style.