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George Clooney Contracts Malaria After Sudan Trip

George Clooney Contracts Malaria After Sudan Trip

George Clooney is recovering from malaria after contracting it on a recent trip to Sudan.

The 49-year-old actor will be featured on an episode of Piers Morgan Tonight on Friday (January 21).

“It’s his 2nd bout of malaria,” Piers tweeted. “Taking medication but feeling rough.”

A rep for the actor confirmed the news and said that George had fallen ill after a trip in the first week of January.

“This illustrates how with proper mediation, the most lethal condition in Africa, can be reduced to bad ten days instead of a death sentence,” George said in a statement (via THR).

Here’s hoping for a quick recovery!! To learn how you can help end malaria, go to

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Credit: Chip Somodevilla; Photos: Getty
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  • Huh

    Wow! I’m shocked by the hatred on this page. Some of you are actually wishing death on him? Some of you should have never been born.
    George, I hope you have a speedy recovery. You are a REAL humanitarian who will put other people’s needs before yourself. Unlike others, you seem committed to helping the people of Darfur and are doing this out of the goodness of your heart and you aren’t doing this for pubicity! Kudos! You have my respect!

  • Huh

    FIX YOUR SITE JARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Get well soon George! Malaria is nothing to joke about, even with our meds it can turn sour so be careful and listen to the docs!
    Oh and JJ, get rid of this ONE troll!

  • Well Well Well


  • Anonymous

    His rep also said that he already recovered from the illness.

  • Anonymous

    S’mores and insect repellant for everyone.

  • Lynne

    Yeah – HATERS – while we all sit in the comfort of our own homes with access to the world wide web and other home comforts around us – (usually) easy access to health care facilities – it is hard to swallow that around the world thousands of people are dying and living in fear for their lives when a few dollars a day could change their life forever or as nations acting together to prevent genocide – yeah – go back to your chilled beveridge and food in the fridge – hope u sleep esy tonight – self absorbed idiots! There is a whole world outside of you house you know!

  • Rambling Rose

    Well, I wish George a speedy recovery.
    Poor guy! He goes off to war-torn countries do his humanitarian work, risking his life out of compassion & kindness for his fellow man.
    Ultimately he jeopardizes his own well-being by succumbing to such a debilitating illness.

  • ajpfan

    It is sad . Get well George.

  • layla

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  • http://justjared Mjforever

    I hate his “girlfriend ” as much as everyone does but that doesn’t take away the fact that he risked death during an unselfish act while others sit their ass home judging and name calling HE IS BETTER than those people in my book wishing him death? WTF Anyway….have a speedy recovery George hope everything goes well for you.

  • boston61

    He looks really bad for his age.

  • Moral & Fiscal Liberal

    This is awful news indeed!
    His immune system must have been low to contract malaria. The incubation period is usually 10 days and it takes at least 3 months to recover. Awful disease.
    Symptoms are fever, shivering, joint pains & aches, vomiting, anemia, & retinal damage.
    Just as well wasn’t bit by a Tse Tse fly as well, because Sleeping Sickness is another common disease in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • birdwatcher

    Hope you get well soon, George!
    You’re a legend, man!
    Philanthropists like you are rare and unique.
    Endangering your life like that & then, getting infected bit by these diseased mosquitoes.
    Peace bro’!!

  • JACK

    NOT TRUE !
    News sources Relax
    Malaria is very present in Africa and South America.

    * It is strongly advised to take preventive treatment when leaving to these destinations.
    * Consult your GP who will prescribe chloroquine, mefloquine, doxycycline.
    * None of these products are reimbursed by NESPRESSO
    * Please note: no drug does full protection.
    * Have repellents against mosquitoes (responsible for malaria), as a spray or cream before leaving.
    * Buying a bed net should also be considered when staying in an area not equipped.

    News sources Relax

  • anon

    Get well George! All you haters out there should just get out of your parents basement, get your hand out of your pants and do something with your life! Also, PLEASE learn how to spell! You idiots!!

  • Priyanka

    Namaste. My heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery to you, Mr Clooney!
    In Ayurvedic medicine, he should stick to a strict diet of raw or well boiled fruit and vegetables to allow cleansing for the liver so that it can heal.
    He should avoid spicy food and any foodstuff or ingestible liquid that causes great acidity when digested.
    And no alcohol.

  • Alfred E Newman

    Did the malaria-ridden female mosquito bite him on the ass?
    Must have been an itchy bite.

  • Wally from Woolloomooloo

    ‘Strewth! Fair dinkum these mozzies are nasty buggers. I’ve caught it myself. Too bloody right!
    No worries, Clooney mate, you’ll be good as gold soon! Bonza!

  • Myanmar

    It’ll always be Burma to me.

  • rachel

    He’s a publicity wh0re. He is NOT a humanitarian.

  • Banana Bender

    Yeah, fair crack at the whip mate! I used to go poop by a Coolibah tree in the outback & tons of mozzies bit me on me arse. Right on me freckle! I reckon I caught malaria few times meself. Clooney should have a six-pack of tinnies every night & he’ll be as fit as a Mallee bull in no time!

  • Saph

    I hope George gets well soon. I doubt Ely will be nursing him back to health way too self obsessed. At least George tries, he just needs his taste in women to go up a few grades. I just wish this stupid game with Ely came to an end, everyone knows it is over and he really needs to make the split official. This is his second bout of malaria so it may not hit him as hard this time around. As for the Clooney haters at least he helps others and doesn’t put down others for trying to make the world a better place!

  • Spinal Tap

    @Moral & Fiscal Liberal: is diarrhea another symptom?

  • Miss Anne Thrope

    I hope he’s not suffering a lot.
    You would’ve hoped he took precautions to prevent this.
    He’s always dogged by accidents & illness. Poor guy.
    To spend all this time fighting genocide and supporting human rights in Africa, only to contract a terrible illness like malaria is heartbreaking. It’s almost martyrdom.
    I hope he wasn’t distressed about the suffering & plight of the Sudanese people & that weakened his immunity.
    Such a selfless man! Blessings to him from the bottom of my heart.

  • Anonymous

    @Saph “everyone knows it is over and he really needs to make the split official”
    You keep posting about a split, but they were never a couple. This was a publicity contract. Everyone except the most gullible people knows this. So what would he say to make a fake relationship’s fake split official? There’s nothing to say about it unless he’s going to come clean about the entire thing, and that seems unlikely. Not sure what his strategy is going to be publicity-wise since he obviously can’t stand the nasty cokewh*re and does not want to continue the contract. He’s probably told her to announce it however she wants to, but she’s refused because she is still delusional enough to think she can have an “acting” career outside of Italy. She’s had plenty of chances and has shown that she has zero talent. Maybe the best strategy would be for him to be seen with someone else, or leak a report about dating someone else, which would then force Canalis’s publicist to come up with an announcement unless she writes a bogus press release denying a “split” like she did the last time, which means that being seen with someone else complete with pics may be his only choice other than telling the truth. The pics with a different girl wouldn’t have to show her face and she wouldn’t even have to really be a date, but the important thing is that Canalis and her people will be forced to deal with the reality that their publicity ride is over, and there would be no way for them to deny what is shown in pics.