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Katie Holmes: Cropped Cardigan for 'Jack and Jill'

Katie Holmes: Cropped Cardigan for 'Jack and Jill'

Katie Holmes makes a quick phone call as she walks around the set of her latest film, Jack and Jill, on Thursday (January 20) in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old actress wore cuffed boyfriend jeans by Nobody and a plain white tee before dressing up her outfit with a cute cropped cardigan.

Yesterday, David Spade was spotted dressed up in drag for a scene in Jack and Jill!

FYI: Katie is wearing a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri and Tory Burch Eddie flats!

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Credit: Clint Brewer; Photos: Splash News Online
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  • Angelica

    the S stands for Scientology. don’t be a fool, Jared

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m going out
    jared .stop post now

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    She always here why why why why why why? ? ? ? ?

  • Toots

    How much do they pay Jared for this?

    Enough of this beard, her creepy so-called husband and the trollish child conceived with L Ron Humbug’s frozen j!zz.

  • BORE

    How long will they gonna shoot this romcom?

  • LALA

    That’s what I think, too!! Zenu Rocks!!!

  • danielle

    Lose the cardigan. Wow that combo is like nails running down a chalk board.

  • Angelica

    @LALA: shut up idiot

  • Penny

    Love the outfit!

  • LALA

    YAY – Thumbs ups and down are back!!

  • LALA

    I’m so sorry, Angelica…Are you upset because I said Zenu and not Xenu?

  • planetdoodoo

    lots of crapola on her face. Her body shape reminds me of a grasshopper

  • it’s robo-bride

    T shirt looks good on her. Jeans and those rolled up cuffs, not so much. And what is with that cardigan. Do you all realize it is a Chanel? Unbelievable to pair this with that T-Shirt. Looks totally awkward.

  • LittleFocker

    Dear planetdoodoo; I’d love to hop on top of my green John Deer rider and mow that grass hopper.

  • Suri Jackson

    @it’s robo-bride:
    She’s got a way to go, but I think this is the closest to Joey Potter that we’ve gotten in about 6 years.

    Katie – Get that divorce and we’ll think about taking you back (mostly for Suri’s sake).

  • annie

    Honestly you guys are going to make me start thinking that I’m going blind or something, but to me she looks so lovely, her cute outfit. her lovely face, who cares if the little jacket is chanel, it looks so sweet with what she’s wearing.
    You see robobride…….you will always find some fault.
    Tell me who are the ones who you think always get it right, promise not to hold it against you!

  • anonymous

    Ok come on, I don’t think she is anything great but she looks just fine, and yes her body shape is not that great but it’s just genetics, poor thing.

  • Tulip

    In your dreams, girls! Katie is beautiful and looks happy and busy. You probably don’t have any of these. Only bitterness…

  • it’s Robo-bride

    Annie–nobody gets it right all the time, but Katie gets it wrong most of the time.
    How can you say she looks sweet? She is wearing grungy jeans with a T-Shirt and then puts on a cardigan from Chanel that looks like it belongs on an 90 year old lady? I think it is from their spring collection and it doesn’t look that good with what Chanel pairs it with either, but Katie takes it to a new low.
    Katie is obviously trying to find her “style” and she misses big time most of the time.
    For instance:
    Dita Von Teese has a style whether you like her or not. She has said you will never catch her in jeans and she is always done to the nines. Is this everyone’s idea of great? No. But she is consistent. And clean. Her clothes are pressed/ironed, her make up and hair flawless.
    Jennifer Gardner frequently looks not so great in casual, but she has a style. Her casual clothes fit her body for the most part.
    I used to love Kidman in almost everything, but lately she is wearing clothes that are too tight and too young for her. But still, they seem clean and she seems clean.
    Sandra Bullock does casual and dress well. Although her GG dress was awful.
    Hilary Duff generally looks put together and knows her body well and what looks good.
    Jennifer Aniston generally knows what looks good on her and wears clothes that emphasize her assets and minimize her flaws (and I don’t care for her etiher).
    Monica Belluci and Maran Cotteliard (sp?) almost always look good and again know their bodies and dress to accentuate their assets and minimize their flaws.
    I’ve tried to pick women in Katie’s age group.
    But Emma Watson,Emmy Rossum and Natalie Portman almost always look great in whatever they chose to wear. Clean, put together even when casual.
    Catherine Deneuve, Helen Mirran–always look fabulous even when casual.
    You generally as a rule (except for Gardner) don’t see any of these women out with dirty hair, unhealthy hair, messy hair (Kidman does the top knot thing tho) and a general lack of grooming with the hair, the face and the body. Katie looks dirty at times.
    It says a lot about a person when they are dirty and don’t take pride in their personal appearance. I know you think she looks fine, but she doesn’t to the majority of us–if you look at style polls she consistently gets ranked in the lower third for style inspite of the way certain magazines, editors etc. try to spin it that she is a fashion icon. She isn’t.
    I don’t care that she is casual. What bothers me is when she looks dirty and ill kempt. Yes, I have a fashion background and it irritates me when I see someone who has the money and the potential to look great in clothes do such a number on them that she could be a poster child for What Not to Wear.
    Let me dissect her look today. Look at the T-Shirt. It fits and flatters. The jeans are fine until you get to the rolled hems. This is not a good look on her. She is what? 32? It is a young look and not for her age group. It makes her look as tho she is trying to hard to be younger. Plus it cuts her off and she is tall–and should go for a long, lean look. The shoes are just black flats, but she could look much better in a wedge or something a little more snazzy. Then she pairs it with a cardigan that looks as tho it came out of your grandmother’s closet. It isn’t sweet. It is ridiculous.
    I know you accused me of posting anti-out fit stuff on three threads or so ago–with the dress. No I didn’t post, but since you ask. She looked orange. Bad tanning session with the spray stuff. The top of the dress didn’t fit right. The ruffles really don’t go with her body type. Katie is tall, for the most part slender. In my humble fashion opinion she should dress as though she were proud of being of being tall. Wear lines that emphasize her tall, lithe figure. She should stop trying to dress like she is in her teens. A good fitting pair of jeans that don’t strain at the seams, pop out the lining in the pockets and are not rolled at the hem would give her a long, slender look. Tops that aren’t frilly and flowing, but rather more like the Tee–lighty hugging her figure. She needs to stop combining tailored pieces with ruffled pieces. Looks ridiculous.
    But most of all Annie, she needs to wash her hair and show the world she takes a little pride in it and how it is styled. She is an A-lister foisted upon us whether she likes it or not. Maybe she doesn’t care–good for her. Then exercise Tom’s considerable influence and stay out of our eye sight. It can be done as they have proved over and over unless it suits them to parade Suri out or themselves.

    AND Star Fox aka Romeo I’m NOT talking to you so don’t bother with your snarky comments. I grew up in fashion and worked in fashion and that is why I TAKE the time to comment. Your excuse that they need defending is lame.

  • Jokergurl

    @it’s Robo-bride: Just wondering how long it took you to type all that… and that cropped cardigan looks more like Prada or Balenciaga to me. Just saying.

  • NG

    Elle magazine (Katie’s on the cover). STOP THE PRESS! Just received my copy of the current Elle magazine and Katie is on the cover. The accompanying article talks about the Kennedy miniseries and how she was proud to portray Jackie. Too bad this didn’t air because it looks foolish. Sorry for the Katie fans but looking at all the talent that are her contemporary like: Anne Hatheway, Scarlett Johanson, Hilary Swank, Natalie Portland, etc., I think Katie missed the boat, the train left the station. I honestly do NOT think she will be a big star. Her talent is NOT special enough to overcome the career rut she is in. I give her credit because she is trying to stay as busy as she can by being exposed via Ann Taylor spokesperson (dummy, she should have priced her clothes less expensive and sold them at Ann Taylor or H & M), and her appearances reading the nominees, or cameo roles on movies that big names carry. I don’t think Katie will be a big star. I think her and Cruise will eventually split up and she’ll fade to the background. And if in fact Suri has some kind of disorder she definitely won’t follow in Willow Smith’s footsteps and become a little diva and we probably won’t see her in celebrity blogs anymore. I think Katie is an okay actress and in the 5 years or so she has been with Cruise she has had career opportunities that she probably would NOT have gotten not married to him. But its the whole marriage and Scientology thing that is damaging to her. Time will tell.

  • annie

    @ robobride
    I’m exhausted reading that , and I do appreciate that you took the time to answer back……but you do realise that I can’t agree with you on a lot of things.
    First of all surely you don’t believe that her hair is dirty, wet a lot of the time, yes , but saying it’sdirty I think it’s stretching it a bit.
    I’ve seen pics of Natalie Portman in casual gear, walking in New York and such, and if you think that’s nice, maybe you should go back and have a better look .
    Sarah J Parker wears rolled jeans…..and she is how old?
    As for the cardi, I found it very sweet, and I like the whole look , it’s obvious that she’s on the set, so I think the flatties with the rolled jeans are great, I don’t think it calls for her to make a fashion statement walking around at work.
    For example, I ‘m forever reading how stunning and beautiful Giselle B is , but you know what , for me she is hugely unattractive and manly, even in photoshoots, but anyone can look good half naked and posing in the right position, which is the story with her, I think.
    My problem with Katie is she doesn’t quite promote herself , as well as she could.
    Victoria Beckam knows how to promote herself , she has something to sell and she sells it, as best she possibly can.
    The same with Jen Lopez, and Kim K, I like that, even tho they can be a bit much sometimes, I like that they are out there flogging their goods, and I think that Katie should start promoting her line, and start showing she knows what she’s talking about……and I admit that sometimes , she does throw herself together without too much thought.
    But saying that , I also tend to think that there is an unusual amount of interest in Katie and what she wears, much more than anyone else.
    Why did that guy from Calvin Klien, say all those nice things about Katie there were other actresses there, it’s not like she wears CK clothes, but he genuinely seemed to think highly of her.
    I’ve talked about this with a few people, Katie has become more well known by her association with Tom, but she is also singled out, and picked on at the same time, because of her relationship with him, so in one way she pays a bit of a price. People put him down, and she goes down too. The only thing is , Tom has an impressive film history, so critics can’t have a go at him in that department , so they find other things.
    You often mention” the cult”, so you kinda resent this about them, and I often wonder if there was no ”cult” ……would you be a bit kinder toward Katie. It’s just a thought.
    I still think that she’s one of the nicest looking actresses out there, and has the potential to be something , in the film industry and fashion industry, but ….yes , she needs to work on it a little.
    You and I differ in our opinions, big time, but I appreciate that we discuss it in good way.

  • magam

    she’s very beautiful on this pic

  • joe

    How long do I have to wait to see something good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she has so much opportunities, maybe her next film, or the next, or the one after that I’m still waiting on the girl you say has potential . she should just enjoy her life and relax and stop making movies she does not need the money. or maybe she does for her shopping that’s the only thing she known for, lots of shopping bad clothing. mother of suri.

  • Magazin za drehi i sofiiski

    Why is everyone so mean to this poor girl. She isn’t even annoying like Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian who are in your face all the time. And anyone who think she looks like a man is an idiot and blind