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Natalie Portman: I Just Want to Eat Popcorn in Bed!

Natalie Portman: I Just Want to Eat Popcorn in Bed!

Natalie Portman makes an appearance on Conan on Wednesday (January 19).

The 29-year-old Black Swan star – and recent Golden Globe Best Actress winner! – recently shared she feels “so lucky” about her pregnancy but would love to relax after award season is done.

“I hope I’ll get to lie in bed and eat popcorn and watch TV for the rest of it,” she told People. “Not always be out in public looking like a whale, but it’s all nice energy that everyone is showing.”

Also dropping by Conan: singer Keyshia Cole and Parks & Recreation‘s Chris Pratt.

FYI: Natalie is wearing a Hanii Y army green dress, Beyond Skin black and silver pumps, a Solange heart ring, and Pippa Small gold earrings.

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  • ricci

    She really got a bad skin – badly needs expoliating!

  • Olga

    she’s annoying.

  • anna

    Hurry up and win that oscar and then disappear so we don’t have to listen to you anymore!

  • Svetlana

    so pregnant women look like whales?

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    Boring always siting here

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    smell hands such as britneyS

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    I think she need coffe

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    short Arms

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Sligo^_^ cute
    your cute, thumb up

  • mells

    shes said a lot of odd statements about pregnancy recently

  • Abigail

    I love Natalie Portman.

  • Endorsements

    “Natalie is wearing a Hanii Y army green dress, Beyond Skin black and silver pumps, a Solange heart ring, and Pippa Small gold earrings”

    Wow, throw on a Pennzoil cap and call it Nascar.

  • Jew

    Ya right Natalie you look like a whale… well sort of:) finally saw Black Swan and i must say she’s really good on it but that love scene with Mila is just gross! i just can’t see the need for having that

  • iris

    @Jew: why was that scene gross? it fitted good in the storyline of the paranoia towards mila’s character.

  • iris

    @Jew: why was that scence gross? it fits great with the storyline of nina’s paranoia against lily

  • tryinhard

    pig. she looks fug as fuvk when she smiles

  • Casey

    @svetlana and @mells, when i was pregnant, both times, I always referred to myself as the size of a whale, and i did feel like one. particluarly in the third trimester when my stomach seemed to grow on a daily basis, and before you imply it was because i ate too much or anything, i gained a perfectly healthy 28 pounds and 32 the second time. Third trimester a woman IS huge, she is basically all belly and boobs and its uncomortable and can be horrid for the self esteem. I see no problem in her feeling like she looks like a whale, or that pregnant women are large BECAUSE WE ARE. She didnt say it was gross, or that it looked ugly or anything.simply that she feels like a whale. its only going to get worse as her pregnancy progresses. Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, creating a life from nothing, but many mnay people(and in my own experience as an american) especially americans gloss over the hard parts, raise the time onto a pedstal where everything is perfect and amazing and the woman should feel amazing at creating life and that its a breeze etc etc hen in reality by your 8th month or so, you are so ready for it to be done. You feel a stranger in your own body, you have little control over things esp emotions and its a tough time. probably most esp for women in the public eye who are criticsed for the body image and whislt the press might back off about weight gain during a pregnancy, the moment she gives birth it’ll be, ‘sh gave birth a week ago and she still hasnt lost the weight, what a fat slob’ thats not a nice environment to be in. Luckily for Portman, she manages a pretty low profile-proving you can be a good actor, be famous WITHOUT photoops and celebrity hangouts-and after the awards season will return to being low profile So back off if thats her opinion. She utterly entitled to it. as am I, and pretty much every woman i know whos had a baby. A ‘whale’ is probably the nicest term ive heard, believe me

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @tryinhard i wish give yo a green thumb and yo sligo^_^ cute

  • Svetlana

    @Casey: hahahaha idiot

  • Natfan

    Those that sit around finding something negative to pick on Natalie about are a waste of time. Many wish they could be her she is successful and beautiful. There is nothing wrong with her skin, her body or her looks i’m sure ppl would pick each of you apart and point out all your flaws and lets see how you would feel. As for exposure she is really barely in tabloids or seen unless there is a premier she is doing or movie set location she is doing. Nat is almost never on here she is top contender for academy award so yes the press want the money shot of her i don’t blame them it will pay the bills for a long time.

  • Nina

    @sling and Ka

    Please stop talking to yourself it’s almost like you are Nat’s character in black swan. Seems you some kind of neurosis that you can’t stick to one user name, One can tell when it is you.

  • ddd

    Natalie is cute

  • JDC

    @iris imo the movie(Black Swan)in general would’ve managed to be really good as it is even without the unnecessary love scene

  • CelticsFan

    I’m betting 100£ that Natalie will win this year’s Oscars. I mean who else is there to win for best actress? But why oh why her arms look like that of a jelly short whale hahaha

  • CelticsFan

    I’m betting 100£ that Natalie will win this year’s Oscars. I mean who else is there to win for best actress? But why oh why her arms look like that of a jelly short whale hahaha

  • OK

    @Casey – ok, I see your point. I didn’t like what she said and I HATE when pregnant women say “I look fat” when it’s a *baby* in there. Still, I wish she wouldn’t say anything negative. It influences other people’s thoughts about pregnant being the same as fat, which it isn’t.

  • iris

    @JDC: yes i agree, but most love scences in movies aren’t that necessary. to call it gross is just way too exaggerated in my opinion

  • Natfan

    Having been pregnant myself one always feels that way when other women say the same thing it makes you feel better actually that you are not the only person that feels that way. I don’t take offense in it or try to find underlying reasons for why women say the things they do while pregnant. Woman are hormonal so it’s understandable for seeing size of your body changing I’m certain she is enjoying the idea of having this new life growing inside of her. All in all she looks glowing and very beautiful very sure she will win the Oscar this year.

  • Casey

    @Svetlana. wow, someone disagress with your moronic viewpoint and the only deffence of it you have is an insult and a poorly written one at that. Well colour me convinced, its just such a stunning comeback i cannot fathom how i could think anything different than your so blatantly superiour view. When you can actually defend your position, you’ll be able to figure out how to use the english language to verbalise them.. until then, maybe stick with monosyllabic words and work you way up. wouldnt want to strain yourself

  • jolly folly

    I have liked NP–until recently. Her acceptance speeches have made me absolutely cringe. I hope she keeps her mouth shut if she wins for the Oscar. Although that horrible cringing speech at the Globes may have the voters thinking twice.

  • Courtney

    it’s not awards that matter it’s the work. Natalie maybe nominated for the oscar but she isn’t going to win my money is on Annette Benning. the acceptance speaches at those kind of award shows are always a tad cringe worthy and sometimes the tears that accompany them are fake

  • Ehm

    Mmyeah her acceptance speech was a wee bit too much. She reminds me of Scarlett Johansson on the Nobel peace prize two or three years ago. She was pretty obnoxious there…

  • PortmanFan

    I think she’s beautiful. I don’t see why you all pick her to pieces of what YOU don’t like about her. Why waste your time? She’s rarely in the spot like and she’s an amazing actress. Congratulations to her for her engagement and her pregnancy. I wish her the best of luck. Always a fan.

  • edila

    she is so annoyng trying hard to be cute and sweet.

  • boston61

    It’s ben done a couple BILLION times before Nat. Hate to break it to you but this is nothing special.

  • Jokergurl

    Natalie will not look like a “whale” while pregnant, she’s tiny, 5’2 but just a small frame, small boned, I don’t think she’ll gain more than 30 pounds or so some women gain 70. I hope she gets the Oscar, she’s been nominated twice now.

  • Lila

    More annoying than is humanly possible to describe