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Alexander Skarsgard Works It Out at Equinox

Alexander Skarsgard Works It Out at Equinox

Alexander Skarsgard leaves Equinox after working out at the gym on Friday (January 21) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the 34-year-old True Blood actor hit up AMC’s unofficial Golden Globes after party at Chateau Marmont with girlfriend Kate Bosworth.

The two also attended the InStyle/Warner Bros. bash and “were very much the couple behind closed doors of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where the pair partied together with pals, and remained upbeat through the night,” People reports.

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  • no thmbs up/down feature

    aaaww mira que bonito

  • lol

    broad forehead!

  • White shirt

    Hysterical. Look at all those chubby guys looking at him back there.

  • Bikini Kill

    That’s right, you walk and stalk it boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bikini Kill

    That’s right, you walk it and stalk it boy!!!!!!!!!

  • wow

    He is just too good looking. I really wish he would smile every now and then.

  • Oh well

    Two years ago, he was the cutest, sweetest smiling, hottest actor with all kinds of leading man potential. I couldn’t wait for another episode of True Blood or for him to make a movie in the States.

    Now …. frowning, scowling, looking constipated and miserable. Not finding him so attractive anymore. Poor Alex, you’re so put upon. Maybe you’ll get lucky and soon they won’t take your picture anymore. Though, that wouldn’t suit your girlfriend at all now would it.

  • Wow

    He looks sooo hot in white. Extremely sexy man!

  • mememe

    ok – now i have to say that i really am beginning to believe this whole thing about JJ being in contact with Kate’s publicists. I do believe that Alex and Kate are together and not just friends with benefits (although i don’t believe they did actually get together till after the Golden Globes last year – whatever the rumours might have been) but this relationship is definitely being shoved in our faces WAY too much to not be suspicious. Exactly why they’re being pimped out like this, i don’t know – i used to think it was because Jared legitimately likes Kate, but now even that is not reason enough for all these posts and references to their supposedly lovey-dovey behaviour which we never actually see for ourselves.

  • Tanter

    He looks good here.

  • whatever

    i’m so over him. his scowl, his grumpiness, his girlfriend.

  • RUN..ALEX..RUN..

    He looks so miserable , it’s unbelievable how an oportunistic whore can destroy a man’s life.Alex my friend run…

  • chelle

    He always looks good ….. I really miss the smile though :(

  • Interesting

    @mememe: Think where all aware that PR is in bed with Celeb gossip sites, Just Jared in particular, but if you read this ( it becomes very clear exactly why Just Jared is favored by the celeb publicist. I’ve always wondered why this “gossip” site is so sanitized, well that article explains quite a bit, Just Jared is little more than a celeb fan site only with much better contacts than the average fan, and not a real gossip site. So yes I’m fairly sure Kate/Alex’s PR people are in contact on a regular with Just Jared, I mean sorry KB is pictured almost every dang day, I find it very hard to believe that major celebs can go about their daily business without being pap’d consistently, while a minor actress like KB can’t seem to sneeze without someone reporting on it. Suspicious actions are suspicious, and while I come here to look at pictures, I know that anything I read has been heavily edited and influenced by the person Pr reps, and therefore not necessarily the truth.

  • Oh well

    @RUN..ALEX..RUN..: I used to think it was girlfriend’s influence too, but not anymore. He’s a grown man. He brought this unto himself and frankly, I think he loves every minute of it. His best acting is now done off screen.

  • I agree….

    @whatever: so are most of his fans, except the rabid and star crossed ones.

    Time for another rumor, or lie, fangurls.

  • Agree

    @oh well I am there with you. Alex is playing us all. He is acting like he is miserable but he really he is loving all of this and he is just as bad as her maybe even worst. Let’s hope all this acting gets him a better role in Sweden.

  • Future Legend

    I think he looks really edible here. Sorry the white shirt just does it for me.

  • yellow

    White with that tan is a great look on him ! He’s hot and cant wait for S4 of TB !!

  • Oh well

    @yellow: Yeah, that tan looks great. Hope you don’t have HD TV because the amount of makeup needed to cover said tan won’t be pretty.

  • yellow

    @Oh well: Ah but on the other hand think of the lucky make up woman who get to try !

  • Gina

    @Interesting: You are right. This site is nothing more then an online tabloid. Once upon a time, this site was probably more legit in terms of the source for it’s gossip but that New York Times article proves to me that JJ has gone the route or Perez and now MANY of these “stories” are fed directly from their PR people. That quote in People came DIRECTLY from their PR team since multiple personal accounts totally say otherwise.

    That being said, I think there are times when celebs are truly “surprised” by the Paps and this is one of those times. Poor Askars has the unfortunate luck of going to the same gym as Lindsay (even though she just started going there and he has worked out there for a while now). I think the Paps are sitting on this place waiting for her to show up and bonus, there is Alex, let’s make a couple of bucks off him, walking IN TO the gym, not leaving it.
    Alex IS NOT working out any more then he has in past seasons. It’s the Lindsay situation which is why we are seeing him there so frequently now.

  • the thrill has gone

    god, i was sooo into him only a year back from now. all I see now is a very Swedish looking balding dude with a weak chin/

  • papped again

    sos alex! your gettin papped just as much as your so-called GF k’ho stop with the shitty look in public. we know you still seeing her!! you was out for dinner with her last night.

  • lake86

    @Gina: he works out at equinox in west Hollywood. everyone works out there. lindsay Logan works out there for crying out loud. he shouldn’t be surprised about getting papped in LA’s most celeb friendly gym.

  • Future Legend

    @yellow i was thinking that myself, especially if the make-up ladies have to rub him down for another dungeon scene. All that lotion on all that tan.

  • Interesting

    @Gina: Yeah it was just nice to get some confirmation of what I’d long believed, in regard to JJ in particular.

    I also agree, that some are caught by accident, and if Lelo is going to the same gym not surprised that he was pap’d. I however, will never believe that KB in particular is innocently caught out around town every damn day. It’s like the woman has a paparazzi gps locator, up her bum, for someone who does so little she sure get’s a lot of attention on JJ. I guess I’ve just been paying attention a lot more to what is going on behind the scenes, and the apparent ridiculous pr shenanigans, become more and more transparent when you really pay attention.

  • 2101

    ASkars is looking great, love the shirt ! !

    Now to sit back, wait, and watch all the crazy hate being thrown at him by all the keyboard warriors, just because he dared to start dating without their prior approval…

  • Gina

    @Interesting: I completely agree with you again!

    To the other comment, I don’t think Alex is surprised to be getting papped going to the gym. I’m saying that he’s been going there for a while (and yes, I know it’s the Equinox in WeHo, the H&M in that complex is my favorite :-)). I just think he’s getting papped a lot there these days b/c the paps are actually waiting for Lilo to show up. Could be wrong but this is my guess.

    On that note…..KB must be freaking green with envy at the pap coverage LL gets!!

  • lets waite fo HW insiders

    i’m just waiting for all the CRAZY HW INSIDERS to come crawling out and giving us the dish on alex and kate it’s all PR PR PR lol lol . and lets not forget all the rumors & tweet, the weekend is near!!!

  • yellow

    @Future Legend: Exactly, i hope for their enjoyment its an all over tan ;) Dungeon session would be good , a shower scene with an amnesiac Eric even better!

  • Laura

    He’s a delicious piece of man meat.

  • sexy

    he’s so HOT… I love him in the white shirt too…

  • Lunar

    I am no longer a fan of Askars.I think he and his girlfriend are disgusting.I was so creep out when I saw that footage of Alex’s girlfriend trying to kiss his brother.I can’t believe she even tried which solidifies my theory that she is extremely desperate for attention.What really despises me even more is the level of excuses that give reason to justify this behaviour.Like she was drunk or something.Bullsh!t that is disturbing.
    This is the woman that He considers is the ONE.
    This is the woman that He wants to marry.
    Where was He when this “kiss” was happening?!I have never heard or seen anybody do something like that,except on Jerry Springer.I would never do anything like that to my boyfriend’s bro.That is just immoral.A sextape would pale in comparison to that footage.This couple just turns my stomach.I can only hope that this couple rots in the sewage that is called Hollywood.

  • Marieme

    Can you imagine standing next to Alex as he lifts weights? Jeezus! I’d be tripping and falling off exercise machines left and right.

  • Eresyn

    He looks good in white!!! wish he’d smile more often!

  • For reals!

    Solo Alex posts used to mostly be positive comments from people saying nice things about him. The ugliness of KB has seriously rubbed off because comments on their relationship are starting to crowd his posts, too, along with comments about HIM being a straight up famewhore and not just because of his association with her. I’m glad there are still some people who can just appreciate his hotness and talent, though.

  • Nicole

    Now…where is JOEL KINNAMAN!!! That is the truly talented Swedish actor that we should all be drooling over!!! He has a new show on AMC coming up soon and he is up for a Swedish “Oscar”. He is oh so yummy and definitely brings the sexiness factor way up!! And he loves the LADIES!!!!!

  • Curious

    Did u forget ur medz 2night hun or r u just delusional and crazy on a daily basis???
    She wasn’t trying to kiss Bill, any rational person can see that she lent up to talk to him, but some of u r so desperate to hate on K.B 4 dating Alex that u only see what u want or need to justify it in your own minds!

  • Rose

    Hot hot hot !!! This man just finishes off a week perfectly !!!

  • Agree

    @ Curious. You know she has a fansite, you can go there and kiss her cyber a** or you can ask JJ where she will be tomorrow and go do it there. Get over yourself and stop trolling here, so what she post something about her. ~Do you know this girl/woman to say she need meds?! But at a-least there is so much crap about KB out there you can make an assumption. There is just something about this chick that people can’t stand long before Alex.

    You hypocrites at those I am alright with Askars choice sites, you love to priest your sh** like YOU are in the know but then you go to your lairs and bad mouth Alex and KB anyways. Tell that Meatball bish to shut it too. She thinks she is funny but she is NOT and taking her every waking minute to post Alex pics on tumblr Get a life, she is as creative as crap on concrete just like you.

    I am sure you are going to say I need meds too. Very creative as I said creative as crap on concrete.

  • No more nice vibes

    What a FAKE!
    If you don’t want to be seen, you won’t be seen.
    So, Alex didn’t wan’t to be another HOLLYWOOD DOUCHEBAG, bad news dude!

  • No more nice vibes

    Me too!!!
    I was so deluded, trying to find a good explanation for HIS moves, blaming Kate, even the Larssons hahaha.
    No, if he acts like a famewhore, looks like a famewhore, hangs out with famewhores, has more than one post on JJ in a week and doesn’t get new good projects: he is a famewhore.

  • Nicole

    Oh never mind…Joel Kinnaman is working and focusing on WORKING and not focusing on getting PAPPED!!!

  • I Love His Smile

    I agree with the posters who say that he’s getting papped at the gym because of Lindsay going there now. Alex and the other celebs that have been papped there aren’t asking to be photographed. He’s never been papped there until the last few weeks since Lindsay came out of rehab. She’s the big money shot. Pics of Alex are just extra pocket change. They’ve caught him there three times now . I think I’d be pretty sick of it too if I were him. If he was really calling the paps, he would have called them to the Lazy Ox last night so they could see him relaxed and happy at dinner. There’s way too much negative going on about him. There have been too many “insiders” stirring the pot and creating trouble with false allegations and a whole lotta BS.
    Things aren’t as dire as people make them seem. This is HW. Their relationship won’t last forever. If he was truly happy with her he would smile more. God, do I miss his smile.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!

    He bit jared

  • Stellan Skarsgard is not proud

    “You must be very proud of your son Alexander.
    Stellan: I have three sons who are actors now. My son Gustaf had a role in the last Peter Weir film and my fourth son has had leading roles in Sweden.”
    :S LOL

  • Nicole

    Those sunglasses were FIRST worn my Steve McQueen…the Persol 714 blue lense. Puh-lease…he is NOT nor will he EVER be the new Steve McQueen. He really needs to get over himself. He does not have the style, class, masculinity, or talent that Steve McQueen had to pull those off or anything else he did. What a joke Alex has become!! He really needs to stop trying so hard and then pretending that he hates the attention. He is a famewhore and definitely is in on the jig so he should just smile and do a happy dance when he sees the cameras just like Kate does. Or maybe do something smart and take acting classes and ditch the skank.

  • Alex’s twitters
  • RUN..ALEX..RUN..

    @Stellan Skarsgard is not proud: