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Jim Carrey: Dating 'Next Top Model' Anchal Joseph?

Jim Carrey: Dating 'Next Top Model' Anchal Joseph?

Jim Carrey and model Anchal Joseph catch a performance of Broadway’s Time Stands Still on Thursday (January 20) in New York City.

The 49-year-old funnyman and Anchal, 24, who was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model‘s seventh season, held hands while leaving the theater.

Jim previously dated Jenny McCarthy. The two called it quits last April after a five-year relationship.

Jenny has since moved on with sports agent Paul Krepelka, whom she met on a blind date.

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  • Daniela

    This has got to be the strangest couple.. if it’s true ofcourse.

  • jenjen

    first of all she’s not “next top model”..she lost early on..second she;s ugly –looks like some type of animal (too dark in the face)

    third–JIm, are you for real? You can date a Supermodel!! why resort to a model show reject?

  • blahhh

    eww ugly girl

  • ahahah

    Jim fail with this move..Anchal ugly, not model.

  • ace11

    a little Middle Eastern tail for Jim?

    interesting choice

    quite different from Ms. Jenny

  • Beamie

    WTF hahaha this is weird

  • annie

    and here we go…. always younger and younger….

  • Julia

    @ace11: India isn’t the Middle East, moron.

  • better choice

    I am happy he moved on with his life.I think this one will be a better upgrade for him.The other girlfriend he had was a nut job.

  • J

    I never found middle eastern women attractive, but it looks like a interesting match, lol!

  • nes

    wow, shes so young i just see this working.

  • Gia

    This is surprising to me. I remember this girl on that show, she is pretty but she was really dull and didn’t have anything to say on the show. I can’t understand this match up because Jim is a mentally brilliant artist and quick witted and I don’t know how this would be a match intellectually but that’s probably not what he’s going for…

  • jenMS

    Most random couple ever… this should be interesting.

  • Olga

    midlife crisis

  • Bombshell

    Ugly East Indian man. Carey have you gone blind?

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    Old man love younger hehehehe

  • Ben

    Too dark for my taste.

  • renoit

    @Julia: lol

  • babah

    Looks like she has moustache

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute


  • Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coal burner.

  • Faust

    way to go Jim Carrey, best wishes for the both of you.

  • em

    please NO! Jim what ur u doing?!
    he’s just too good for her! i remember how boring she was in antm!
    now im jealous.. lol

  • soi

    whatever- she is gorgeous.

  • From Paris with Love

    Wow she’s the same age as his daughter. She’s ugly in my opinion, weird face.

  • claudia.A.

    Americans are so prejudiced! that’s disgusting, repulsive!
    Jim fortunately do not have the same thought.

  • Ruby

    Probably she’s been raped and has more experience in life. Not so young. But why didnt she shave her moustache??

  • pinkydoo

    i bet if the ages were reversed, people would make a bigger stink

  • J.C

    what the… how random..

    I wonder how did they meet

  • From Paris with Love

    Yeah right, Americans this, Americans that, same ol’ easy PC bullshite. Americans are far from perfect but try and marry someone of a different race/religion in India, Africa, Asia, South America, Middle East, etc. you’ll see who is the most prejudiced. Wake up dear!



  • Hayley

    i’m not fussed about the colour of her skin at all

    what bothers me is that she’s half his age… could you imagine the uproar if this was a 49 year old woman with a 24 year old guy?

    yet with men we just accept it all the time…

    she’s the same age as his daughter for god’s sake….

    i’ve always loved jim… but this puts me off him

    for goodness sake, find yourself a WOMAN and look for something more meaningful than a young model on your arm

  • easy2hate

    @From Paris with Love: Do you know personally people from India, Africa, Asia, South America, Middle East, etc.? Because women in South America are know for being very loving and devoted to their husbands.

  • claudia.A.

    I’m from BRASIL. I love my country.Americans consider themselves better, but they are just selfish greedy.

  • Launa

    When Jim was 40 years old, Anchal was 15 years old.

  • Emma

    Have did these two meet?

    I remember her on the show, she told Tyra she was there to get into the Fashion Industry, i.e. manufacturing etc.., not to be a model. She got booted out!

  • rose

    you guys are so dumb. First of all, i bet everyone that said she is “ugly” must be really ugly themselves. Honestly, if she isn’t white (with orange skin) blue eyes, bleached out hair with ugly extensions, fake boobs, etc… she’s not “pretty?” The truth is, your ass is probably fat, ugly and are just jealous because a non white girl, a gorgeous, sexy girl is dating a famous (non so much anymore, anyway) person. crazyyyyyy people

  • lacey

    ew! Just ew!

  • Leslie

    She’s the same age as his daughter.

    Disgusting man!

  • Mandy


    and you are just generalizing, what makes you nothing better than any selfish greedy american(as you said) !! There are prejudiced people everywhere, including in Brasil ! The diffence is that in Brasil lots of people pretend not being prejudiced ! l know it because l came from Brasil.

  • Mandy

    Who cares about age ? When will people stop having a so limited stuped mind !!!

  • claudia.A.

    men and women with 40,50 and up to 60 years can be attractive. You think you are too old to love, to get involved? Jim is a very handsome and charming man. He deserves to be happy. not with this girl, but with a woman more interesting. Nothing against her. Really. That’s what I think, Puritans.

  • annoyed

    rose no, ugly people like you think ugly people like Anchal are beautiful. just because you’re ugly and have low self esteem doesn’t mean everyone else is..

  • skaur

    She is gorgeous and Indian get it right !

  • s

    They look strange togethe.

  • s


  • nata

    I was thinking about her the other day! This is so random!

  • Larissa

    weird couple

  • s

    I saw more other pictures of her, you’re right, she’s not very attractive.

  • s

    I saw more other pictures of her , you’re right, she’s not very attractive.