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Orlando Bloom: Coffee Break with a Friend!

Orlando Bloom: Coffee Break with a Friend!

New dad Orlando Bloom grabs coffee with a friend on Thursday (January 20) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor and wife Miranda Kerr welcomed a baby boy, Flynn, on January 6!

The LA Times reports that Orly has put his bachelor pad in the Hollywood Hills up for sale.

The 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom property is more than 3200 square feet and features nearly an acre of land, a motor court and a swimming pool.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Raichill

    He has that ‘new dad’ tired look to him.

  • Endrid

    What a cutie! Poor baby looks like Flynn’s been keeping him up nights. I’ve never seen Orlando look so sloppy and it is just too adorable!

  • JC

    How does someone so untalented hit the jackpot.

  • fighter

    he needs take a shower

  • go home fool

    He needs to move back to England. Why is he here anyway?

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea agree with yo @#4
    hes nasty small

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where miranda kerr??

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    New dad have cute baby

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    34 And still looks better than the vampire just saying….

  • Rob

    He 34 but like 50 year old dirty man

  • Taylor

    He’s nathing i miss miranda with her Flynn

  • Wierd

    They has a nasty baby

  • Lol

    Cute orlando

  • Lo

    I don’t like so much Orlando , he’s cute & he like gulf arab

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

    4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms is a batchelor pad??? Not in my world.

  • #1

    He has feature exactly like arabic not just color

  • Ka simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haa haa haa i told yo he like avrage not handsome he he he

  • sara

    Awwww, he’s still beautiful even scruffy,ruffled and sleepy.
    It’s so good to see him out and about.
    And OMG, look at that chest!
    He and Kris must have just come from working out.
    Thanks, JJ!

  • @15

    Well, our world doesn’t include a net worth of over 40 million, either.

  • Flynn


  • YAY!

    Love that beautiful man!
    He looks like he just rolled out of bed.
    So adorable.

  • Ac

    Beautiful? He dosnt have any brettir face

  • @Ac

    “brettir face”? What does that mean?

  • *

    Im in love with him :)

  • LOL!

    I see that the delphites are out today.
    Negative ratings on positve comments =obviously bitter, bitter haters.
    Too darned funny!
    He’s happy,he’s successful, he’s married, and he’s a new dad.
    You guys just can’t stand it, can you!

  • jones

    It sounds like all the comments are made by the same person. All with the same bad english.

  • w

    Take your meds, please! He´s realy UGLY these days!

  • huh?

    He looks scruffy and tired, but still gorgeous!

  • Hey there

    Welcome to sleepless nights new parent! =)

  • Melody

    He looks worn out and in pain, judging from the photo of him clutching his back. Gorgeous as ever, though and I’d still tap that if he wasn’t married haha….

  • GUH!

    Even scruffy, sleepy and messy he is still sexy!
    C’mere Orlando, I’ll rub your back for ya!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Beautiful check
    hot check
    humanitarian check
    funny check
    nice to his fans check
    educated check
    good actor check
    rich check
    No wonder haters are loosing it Miranda hit the jack pot .

  • bob’s your uncle

    I love how he just doesn’t care how he looks before he runs out to have a coffee with a pal. Sad that it looks like his back is aching.

  • wow

    OK, this is pathetic.
    The haters now have a new hobby.
    They have been making fake blogs pretending to be Miranda for a while. Now they are making them pretending to be Orlando.
    It is fanfiction at its finest.
    Looney and sick.
    Supposedly, Orlando, who never talks about anything in public, has decided to open up about his most private thoughts and secrets on the world wide web. The man who has trouble typing and hates computers has decided to bare his soul by starting a blog?
    Uhmmmm, sure.
    They have made him into an alcoholic druggie who is (of course) hiding his ‘real life’ behind secrets and contracts.
    Oh, and ‘he’ (aka:Wanda the bored and pathetic) also revealed to the world that the baby is not his. Yeah, sure thing. Like, isn’t that what anyone would do if they wanted to keep it a secret? LOL!
    Oh, and ‘he’ also worked in some insults for a well known fan. But the mistake that ‘he’ made was using the same insults that the delphidiots use…practically verbatim.
    You see, this is just ONE MORE example of their near psychotic hypocrisy.
    The aforementioned ‘fan’ is sick for following him so closely, but their pathological obsession is *cough* normal.
    I’m sorry, but writing a fake blog, then using said blog as “proof” of your idiotic conspiracy theories is only proof that you are in DESPERATE need of help.
    It’s not even funny anymore.
    It’s scary.

  • @34

    LOL! Desperate is the word if they actually believe anyone’s going to believe that
    But I can’t help but feel a bit of nausea at seeing they don’t mind playing with the life of a newborn. I didn’t think they’d get that far. Too much faith in human kind I guess

  • @35

    No one stands in the way of their collective psychosis.
    Not even an innocent child.
    Remember, one of them was even so twisted that they wished that both Miranda and the baby would get sick.
    I wouldn’t put anything past those idiots.

  • wow

    My favorite bit has him hooking back up with Kate at Sundance.
    You know, the girl that he left in the dust over FOUR YEARS AGO.
    And I’m sure that they have their answers ready for any situation that comes up.
    If he is pictured over the weekend in LA, he was ‘ordered back to save face’.
    They will claim that no pics in Utah just means that no one cares about him enough to get his picture. Even though he was SWARMED at Sundance last year and is still HUGELY popular.
    Their ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ rule only applies when he is seen out with Miranda, or there was some cuddling reported.
    Any random, maybe sightings with Kate (that they themselves plant) will be the gospel truth even without pictures.
    Pics of him promoting a movie (alone) at Sundance will mean either that he is a “famewhore”, or that he couldn’t get away from home fast enough.
    They have an answer for everything.
    They are nothing if not predictable.

  • @36

    They’re going way too far both morally and IMO also legally. They should be glad nobody takes them seriously but themselves as libel and identity theft are just the beginning of a long list of dark and sticky mud they’re collecting. And I don’t think attacking a baby a few days old is a good idea either. And they say they do it ‘for entertainment’, which is the most creepy part.

  • @37

    He and Kate have been in a same event after the break up a few times. And they made sure they avoided each other.
    It’s not like it matters. They’ve been wrong about everything they said in these years. They predicted their break up a thousand times, they said they’d never marry, they said they’d never have children, they said she’d never become a succesful model, they said her book wouldn’t sell…the list is endless. When I think that there are still some people believing their BS I can’t help but think “what the hell is wrong with you?” LOL

  • wow

    They have no morals.
    They belong to a small group of women so focused on their hatred for Miranda that they have lost sight of basic human decency.
    Their little group is the only place that they can spout their ridulous theories without being subjected to derision from more rational posters. The only ones that are left are the ones that started the site in the first place. And since everyone on that site now thinks the same way, there are no boundaries. No limits to their words or deeds. They simply fuel each other’s fire. The members who were more balanced were forced out long ago for daring to question their ideas.
    Only the worst are left, and they are spiraling out of control.
    This is the only ‘entertainment’ in their lives. They don’t seem to care about anything else.

  • @39

    So true!
    Their theories and hypocrises are old, repetative and laughable.
    But the blogger pretending to be Orlando is on a new level, though..
    The posts about the baby not being his, and his abuse of drugs and alcohol are truly offensive.
    That’s going beyond simple opinion, into libelous teritory.

  • @41

    Precisely. They’ve gone so far that the fact they haven’t been sued and got their site shut down proves that Miranda and Orlando don’t know they exist as much as that may hurt their egos, or that they know they exist and couldn’t care less.

    The identity stealing blogger must be dumber than a box of rocks if she thinks anyone with half a brain will believe that a celebrity would write his deepest secrets and darkest habits in public and use real names while doing so. Especially if we’re talking about a celebrity that has, according to them, destroyed his life to keep those secrets safe.

  • @42

    “The identity stealing blogger must be dumber than a box of rocks…”
    You just described their entire membership.
    I know, that was too easy, but I couldn’t help it.

  • wow

    They have also created fake Facebook accounts just to post insults and nasty comments on her pages. Then whine when they are deleted.
    Would they leave vulgar insults on the walls of their own pages?
    No, I don’t think so. But they think that it is wrong when Miranda has them deleted.
    Hypocrisy rears its ugly head once again.
    Oh, and they are so stupid that they actually talk about the posts that they make on their own site.
    Box of rocks.

  • oh

    To add to their “answer for everything” idiocy…..
    They claim that the baby isn’t Orlando’s, but if and when we do finally see the baby’s face they are ready.
    If the baby looks like Miranda’s side of the family, they are home free.
    But if the baby is a carbon copy of Orlando, it will only be thanks to photoshop.
    Too darned funny.

  • sash

    They also claimed that his mother beat him as a child.
    Sonia should sue their a$$es.
    Falsely accusing someone of a crime is grounds for one heck of a lawsuit.

  • @45

    That box of rocks is growing by the moment

  • @sash

    Holy cow, are they disgusting or what? the fact that nobody cares about them is not an excuse, they should be sued.

  • hmmmm

    Let’s see…
    The fake blog has been open only since the 17th of January, 2011.
    And we are supposed to believe that Orlando Bloom. A man who RARELY talks about his private life, has, in the span of less than a week, revealed to THE WORLD (potentially) that he is a drug abusing, child of an abusive mother who is in a fake relationship with a woman that he doesn’t love and who he is cheating on, and that he is NOT the father of the baby.
    Uhmmmm, sure he has.
    What, do they think that EVERYONE is as gullible as the idiots on their site?
    We’re gonna need a bigger box for those rocks.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    WOW……just WOW the marriage and baby sure sent them over the edge LOL so funny .