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Sienna Miller: Back to West End in 'Flare Path'!

Sienna Miller: Back to West End in 'Flare Path'!

Sienna Miller is returning to London’s West End in a production of Terence Rattigan‘s Flare Path!

The play, set in WWII, is about a married actress caught up in a love triangle.

Rehearsals begin at the end of the month, and previews being March 4 before opening night on March 10!

Sienna, 29, told the Daily Mail that she’s lucky to be able to wait for the right part to come her way. “It’s harder these days to find things that are really meaningful,” she said. “It has definitely been my choice that I haven’t been working a lot recently.”

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  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    I hear smile ?hehehe

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!

    I think She looking good now

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    She is a fairly underrated actress. She was great in The Edge of Love.

  • annoyed

    she looks nice when she combs her hair..her hair usually looks messy and unwashed.

  • I Like Her

    I do like her but I still snort-laughed when she said her not working recently has been her choice. Well good for her. I wish I had the same flexibility in my career!

  • Lisa


  • bilyana

    oo that is good news!i like sienna so i am definitely gonna buy tickets for that play

  • LavickaTrickleson

    Honestly, who cares about her anymore..?? She herself is a has-been (who was only famous for dating someone famous…) and she looks like every other young, blonde starlet out there. Only she isn’t all that young anymore (by hollywood standards.) and, whoops, dating famous guy again so back in the headlines…. snore.

  • micah

    oh, really, no good parts found?
    Hw come Natalie Portman or Cate Blanchett or Anne Hathaway find good roles?

    Sienna, it is called talent. T-A-L-E-N-T. Clearly something you don’t have. That’s why your a** isn’t working.

  • Helena

    @micah: Natalie Portman doesn’t pick good parts. She only hit it big with Black Swan because she and Darren Aronofsky had been talking about making the film for ten years. Why else do you think she is making rom-coms and superhero films?

    Cate Blanchett is over ten years older than her. A really random comparison considering when she was Miller’s age, she herself had only started to get appraisal for Elizabeth. She was an experienced theater actress at that point waiting to be established.

    Anne Hathaway is also hit-and-miss when it comes to roles.

    …and she actually does have talent. Are you confusing her with Les Miseralba or are you only slamming her because she’s a tabloid target?

  • Helena

    @Helena: theatre*

  • micah

    well, speaking of super hero trash movies: Sienna is the prime example of lousy performances.
    True. Kate Blanchett does more theater. Do you know why? Because she CAN.
    Do you want to know why Sienna is in stage in a theater? Because she HAS TO! No other roles.
    And I am not even going to comment on your ignorant statement about Natalie Portman. That girl was kciking as* at age 13!!! And Sienna? She was licking as* at age 13!
    So, please, you are clearly not a movie or theater goer.

  • Lola*

    She may not be as talented as the portmans or hathaways but she is infinitely more fascinating and i would rather watch her anyday. She has that indefinable it quality.

  • Helena

    @micah: Ignorant comment?! The girl has picked so many bad roles in her career. If you want to bash Sienna in G.I. Joe (she was probably the only decent thing about that crap), I’ll give you Natalie Portman in the Star Wars series. Why are mentioning her age before? I never bad mouthed her acting skills. I said that she doesn’t pick good roles. It’s hard to find good roles in Hollywood nowadays.

    Speaking of ignorant comments, Sienna HAS to do theatre because she gets no roles? I hate to break it to you, if the only great examples of actresses who great roles are Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, what hope does Sienna Miller have? You make it seem as if theatre is a downgrade. You’re an idiot.

  • figaroflute

    I peronally think that theatre isn’t a downgrade, but the roles Sienna takes are. I remember the last performance on Broadway, which was awful. Saw it personally. So I have to give it to Micah, she/he? (probably she given the loath in her/his comments) has a point.
    Sienna isn’t a great actress. Natalie Portman was better in anything (even Star Wars) than Sienna.
    As for Sienna? She doesn’t have great hopes. Even edge of love was soso. And I’ll bet that Sienna would take a decent movie role over a theatre engagement ANY time. Sienna seems to love attention more than the craft. So, no she isn’t versatile.

  • micah

    who said theater was a down grade? I am sure Sienna likes a challenge on the big screen just as much as on stage. The difference is she doesn’t get to choose bcause she doesn’t get offered great movie roles. Or have you seen her in anything worthwhile mentioning? Oh I forgot, you are one of the delusional fan girls. So what does she do? Plays crapy roles in crapy productions. As for Portman picking bad roles: wtf? She had great roles as well as mediocre but anything was better than anything Sienna EVER showed her as* in. And you can take that literally.
    Clearly, if you think so, then I’m not the idiot here.

    And the fact that Blanchett can pull off more and much better roles than Sienna even though she is ten yers older speaks for itself… or that Portman gets offered better roles at the same age. And YES, age needs to be mentioned because a) they compete for the same roles in terms of age and b) it is to show how much Portman has under her belt compared to Sienna, especially since it is so difficult to get good roles, which you rightly pointed out. Tells you even more about the quality of a Portman, Blanchett or Winslet for that matter.

  • Helena

    @micah: Definitely not a fangirl. I just appreciate her work. Have you seen Interview, Factory Girl and The Edge of Love?

  • ModestMouse

    @micah: Of course Natalie has picked some bad roles. Star Wars, anyone? The Other Boleyn Girl, Free Zone, Mr. Magorium, No Strings Attached, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits and Brothers.


    Casanova was one of the best movies ever made. The fashions were
    so beautiful in that movie. The acting and the music were perfect.
    The actress who made it a success was Sienna Miller.
    Heath Ledger was gorgeous and very talented as Casanova.

    Shakespeare in Love was not as enjoyable as Casanova.
    Sienna miller deserves credit for her beautiful performance in that
    movie. Natalie Portman,Anne Hathaway,and Kate Winslet could never
    have played Sienna Miller’s part in Casanova.
    Michelle Williams shouldn’t be chosen for any acting roles.
    She is not an actress. She is a calculated person that trapped Heath Ledger before Casanova could be released to the box office. He never had a chance to decide who he would walk the carpet with. Michelle decided his future for him.
    Micah don’t criticize an actress like Sienna Miller who has been in a
    movie that deserved an oscar.

  • Trin

    Cate Blanchett loves the theatre. She’s the artistic director of Sydney Theatre Company. I think she keeps her career in cinema and theatre in high level. I saw her on the stage in A Streetcar Named Desire in New York in 2009 and Uncle Vanya in 2010. She was superb.

  • micah


    The last thing Sienna deserved was an Oscar for that role.A Razzie for sure.
    And the quality of that movie was less than mediocre. In fact, it was flat out boring, enjoyable to watch for teenaged girls maybe or fans of Heath. But I’m not into movies like that anyway. But I agree, Shakespeare in Love wasn’t worth much either. Can’t believe it won an Oscar for best movie.

  • Maarten

    She is too beautiful, I always die a little when I see her smile. Not many women like that. I’ve known one but let her slip through my fingers *slaps himself*

  • williams

    @ Micah

    Blanchett is like 15 years older than Sienna and she is up for completely different roles due to her age.
    Natali Portman is talented but she has not charisma in my opinion.
    And don’t even get me started with that ugly cow of Hathaway. she ‘s an ok actress but her looks is so awful I can’t even look at her! she’s only becoming popular lately because she is the classic girl next door, always nice and polite . she only looks old and boring to me.

  • toni

    I don’t believe Sienna has not been working because she’s picking her roles carefully. I just don’t think she’s been offered many. She’s going to be a few movies, but I don’t think she’ll be in the movies for long. Her biggest movie I think she worked for a couple of days.

    I think she’s doing a play, because that’s where she can be the lead.

    Natalia Portman, Cate Blanchett and Anne Hathoway are really good actresses. They have a lot of talent and they are just all around nice people.

  • Mary

    Sienna–don’t read any of these comments! You probably don’t anyway. People can be so mean! On the Internet!

  • john mealy

    Sienna killed her career by sleeping around too much and making sure it was in all of the only do that when you have no talent. She is a fame whore. She copied Kate Moss and clings to Jude Law – rather sad.