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Zachary Quinto: Backstage Pics from 'Angels in America'!

Zachary Quinto: Backstage Pics from 'Angels in America'!

Check out these behind-the-scenes pics of Zachary Quinto getting ready for a production of Angels in America!

The 33-year-old actor was all smiles backstage with his co-stars! The Signature Theatre Company’s production of Angels in America has had a super successful run so far and has been extended three times through March 27.

To pick up tickets, visit!

Below is a video of ZQ answering questions from Signature Theatre’s Twitter and Facebook followers.

Zachary Quinto Talks ‘Angels in America’
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zachary quinto backstage angels america 01
zachary quinto backstage angels america 02
zachary quinto backstage angels america 03
zachary quinto backstage angels america 04

Photos: Gregory Costanzo
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44 Responses to “Zachary Quinto: Backstage Pics from 'Angels in America'!”

  1. 1
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    What this crap man

  2. 2
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Hows care

  3. 3
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!! Says:

    Why he happy ??

  4. 4
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!! Says:

    Average people many in hollywood free

  5. 5
    S@n Says:

    It’s great to see Zach Quinto here, thanks JJ!

  6. 6
    S@n Says:

    To whom it may concern:

    “Do not feed the troll because it inflates, it explodes and spreads sh **** t, everywhere!”

  7. 7
    S@n Says:

    Zack received rave reviews for his performance in this play, by the way!

  8. 8
    Dee Says:

    ZQ IS AWESOME!!!! …. great YOUNG SPOCK!!!

  9. 9
    queens girl Says:

    @S@n: So true

  10. 10
    XYZ Says:

    He is the uglified version of Ricky Martin. What is this dork doing in the showbiz? Having his ass decalibrated?

  11. 11
    British Latin American Says:

    Zachary is such a beautiful, talented man. Nice that he is growing his hair back out.

  12. 12
    chris Says:

    my godness !!! finally one post about zach he´s handsome and sexy forever!!!! he moved to nyc I think because he don´t come back to LA.

  13. 13
    chris Says:

    why angels in america has been extended three times?

  14. 14
    chris Says:

    why angels in america has been extended three times if the play is successful?

  15. 15
    MsIndieNYC Says:

    You answered your own question, Angels was extended because of the success, but Zach only has 6 performances left! Then he is leaving, not sure if he’s in another play or if he’s going to be going back to LA, but this is his year.

    Also he is just gorges, sorry for the people who think he’s not, more for us!

  16. 16
    chris Says:

    @kaz simply amaazzing!!!!: zach ih sappy cause he is amfous, rich he has friends a lot he´s so hottie and gorgeous, talented man….

  17. 17
    chris Says:

    kaz simply amaazzing:zach is happy cause he´s talented man , he´s famous rich ,he has friends a lot he´s so gorgeous … hottie.. I feel happy …. love him forever.

  18. 18
    chris Says:

    I want know about star trek 2 you knew if he is working in this movie … please someone answer me!!!

  19. 19
    naty Says:

    I love his long hair he stay sexy!! star trek stared in january ok.

  20. 20
    TrekkieMonsterQ Says:

    I would do things to this man that would make Jenna Jamenson blush. You just know he is probably SO kinky, being a bisexual gemini actor. He probably would want to get tied up in a hot room while you took an ice cube and licked it all over his hot, lean body.

    I would take him ALL, make him pant and beg for more. He is the hottest man I have ever seen in my life. I want him.

  21. 21
    JazzyMcFunkyFace Says:

    Completely agree with you. Quinto is one of the sexiest men I have seen. I would have a threesome with him, whichever combo HE would prefer. He could handle it, I bet he could handle ******** 3 people at a time, orgy. I am talking ORGY. Screw the fact that he is “oh nice, and smart, and talented” NO let’s talk bout the mans HOT body, HUGE freaking PEEN, those dark eyes, lush brows, thick hair and big strong hands and you just KNOW he can use them. Yep he is ambitexterous when it comes to those pleasure giving hands.

    I wonder if he engages in any kinky foreplay?

    I have to go now, need to change my pants.

  22. 22
    JazzyMcFunkyFace Says:

    If I ever met him the only thing I would tell him is that he gives me a hard on. I would say “Mr. Quinto you give me a hard on” and just walk away as such. Make him come to me, and come FOR me. HA

  23. 23
    TischNYC Says:

    I usually don’t kiss and tell, but one night not long ago, I was at a bar in the Village. This guy, Zachary Quinto walks in and TOTALLY checks me out, talks to me, we share 2 bottles of wine and I take him home with me and I have the BEST night of my life. We screwed so hard and long.

    Now I am going about on the internet and I see he is an ACTOR, no clue. I had no clue who he was. Incredible, I had sex with this guy at a bar and he ends up being this guy. WOW. I am totally seeing Angels in America now, he bought me breakfast in the morning so I’m SURE he’ll remember me, maybe I will get an encore!

  24. 24
    JazzyMcFunnyFace Says:

    He just put the sexiest picture up on his twitter. Want him and am so jealous of Tisch. I am going to bang him come rain or shine.

  25. 25
    JazzyMcFunkyFace Says:

    I wonder what he would say if I tweeted to him that I wanted to suck him off and drink his ***? What would he say? Do you think he would do a “tweety call” you know a booty call but through twitter?

    I have to go masturbate now. Hard again, This man gives me blue balls.

  26. 26
    uhhuh Says:


    You are full of crap…but I think you already know that. :)

  27. 27
    gabbayay Says:

    All of this cracks me up. So many people wanting/claiming to have slept with this guy, especially women, this guy who is gayer than a cardboard box full of rainbows.

    No doubt he’s probably ******** his new boyfriend Jonathan Groff in Park city., UTAH as we speak…hehe good for him.

  28. 28
    MsIndieNYC Says:

    Johnathan Groff is in London in a play, doubt he flew to Utah and Zach is bisexual, you don’t have any tangible proof he is gay, except for internet rumors, what makes the other rumors not as valid?

  29. 29
    MsIndieNYC Says:

    Also, riddle me this. If a guy stated “I met Zach at bar, and I made out with him” or “I took him home and ravished him” would you believe that more? I think that is just all so silly.

  30. 30
    NATY Says:

    some zach´s fans are so liar!!!

  31. 31
    chris Says:

    when is the premiere of margin call. you must know if you date with ZQ in NYC.

  32. 32
    gabbayay Says:


    Zach groff was just seen at Angels in America on Saturday, not in London anymore.

  33. 33
    gabbayay Says:

    Oops I meant Jonathan Groff…not Zach groff…even though that does sound nice if they got married.

  34. 34
    jules Says:

    Zack is such a cute gay boy, his boyfriend is a lucky man.

  35. 35
    JazzyMcFunkyFace Says:

    I think Zach had an understudy tonight, the Margin Call premier is in 5 minutes there time… Zach cannot teleport. LOL

    Also just because Johnathan was in NYC and at Angels doesn’t mean they are dating, ZQ is a huge manwhore if he’s dating eveyone that he knows that goes to the show.

  36. 36
    SLCBabe Says:

    Was at the Margin Call screening and got invited to the party after. SO fun. Great movie.

  37. 37
    SLCBabe Says:

    Had some good bye sex with Zach Quinto, he was so drunk and arrognt. I had to eff him.

  38. 38
    leslie Says:

    To the fangirls on here, Zach was seen by two different people in Sundance cuddling up with Jonathan Groff at the screening of his new film Margin Call.

    The truth hurts, doesn’t it. He’s gay, GAY, GAY, GAY AND GAY!!!! Yay!!!

  39. 39
    SLCBabe Says:

    Please link with pics or something like that, or don’t believe it. Sorry. I was there and at the party, did not see it. I think people REALLY want him with Johnathan Groff or Chris Pine

  40. 40
    leslie Says:


    The accounts are on the net if you want to look for them, oh and btw where’s your proof that you were there yourself?

    I think some fangirls are so deluded that they’ll make up **** to try to prove that Quinto is straight. f* fangirls..

  41. 41
    leslie Says:


    Also Groff was merely seen with Zach, but you claim to have banged Zach. Wow. Proof?

  42. 42
    naty Says:

    zach was there with ex mother -in-lo Demi moore.

  43. 43
    SLCBabe Says:

    I didi look for the accounts, and I did not find anything scandalous, sorry. Zach is seen with a LOT of peopl men and women. Not an obsessive fangirl because I don’t buy into the rumors

  44. 44
    lili Says:

    i want a new star trek movie come out every year so that i can see Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine =D

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