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AnnaLynne McCord: Dog Days of '90210'

AnnaLynne McCord: Dog Days of '90210'

AnnaLynne McCord is all smiles as she pets a dog on the set of 90210 on Wednesday (January 19) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actress and her co-stars, Jessica Stroup and Jessica Lowndes, were also spotted chatting with each other during their breaks.

Jessica, 24, lightly covered her bikini body with a white sweater on the set then took some time to pose with fans.

FYI: AnnaLynne is the new face for Marc Ecko‘s Spring 2011 line and goes topless in the sexy new shoot.

15+ pictures inside of AnnaLynne McCord and Jessica Stroup on set…

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annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 01
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 013
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 02
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 03
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 04
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 05
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 06
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 07
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 08
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 09
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 10
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 11
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 12
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 14
annalynne mccord jessica stroup on 90210 set 15

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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Shes my girlfrined

  • bilyana

    annalyne looks really pretty here

  • cathy

    annelyne looks awsome!!
    but does anybody know how this dog breed is called?

  • Danni

    Holy Moly…she has lost so much weight in the past 7 months!! Does anyone know if she is sick or something? At first, thought it must have been a busy schedule or something, though she is looking like she is continually losing more weight.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    She good looking

  • Jess

    she looks way to thin. she looks gross and sick. she needs to put on at least 5 kilos to look healthy again.

  • Im overrated

    She looks extra happy here and exaggerated. I have to admit she looks pretty here. The dog looks like a wolf!!

  • moio

    It does nothing under the t shirt? It is not pretty

  • Brightside

    I want that dog! He’s wonderful…of course he could be a she…doesn’t matter…it’s the best thing in the picture. Dogs rule! Man’s Best Friend Forever!

  • M

    That is a WOLF, not a dog, Jared.

  • Hayley

    this is awful… all you see under her top is her ribs…

    the girl looks sickly… infact she probably is ill and needs help…

    and instead she’s paraded around as an example of “beauty” on a television show aimed at young girls…

    and it’s not as if she’s even got any talent to back it up… she’s a horrible “actress” who’s only on there cause she’s this thin

    how disgusting is our society

  • evam


  • go4her

    I think that dog is mixed. Im so furious, I dont know the breed. Could it be an alaskan malamute mix?

  • Sabrina

    She’s wasting away! It’s gross!!!!

  • longchamp

    Dogs are the best!
    McCord looks fantastic in that outfit; so toned and tight.

  • Noli

    @Hayley: Hypocrisy!! You’d never say the same about FAT PEOPLE!!! If you had any clue about healthiness, you would know that she can be very thin and yet perfectly healthy!!¡ it’s called Genetics!!!
    She looks perfectly fine. Beautiful, happy and joyful.
    You want to talk about ‘our society’ – start talking about the biggest eating disorder in the world (let alone in America)- Obesity!!!!!!!!
    (I bet you’re no skinny person…)

  • Sarah L.G.

    That’s not a dog, it’s a wolf. AL looks beautiful. :)

  • Don.

    @Noli: Totally agree.

  • http://beefy beefy

    this show is still on?

  • jdub

    friggin LOVE Jessica Stroup!

  • Hayley

    You don’t know me… however your whole argument is based on you ASSUMING that i would never say the same of an overweight person and that i’m overweight myself…

    neither of which are true… so your whole point is kind of mute

    for the record… if there were a show promoting obesity to young girls i would also despise it and have something to say about it…
    but a show like that would never exist in our world

    And if you think that a lollipop with bones sticking out of their chest like this looks “fine” then you’ve truly been brainwashed

  • L

    Saarloos wolfehound.

  • A

    …or an Czechoslovakian Wolfdog.

  • anybody?anybody?

    she looks disgusting from the neck down. why the hell doesn’t one of the many people who swamp around her tell her to eat something? this is gross. i can see her hollow cheekbones and i can literally count every rib through that shirt. hollywood does and promotes sick things.

  • Me

    She looks absolutely stunning. And while she doesn’t LOOK anorexic, the fact that you can see her ribs is disgusting and definitely means she IS too thin.

  • David


    Clearly our society is disgusting Hayley. I say this because in this day and age, people like yourself seem to think its socially acceptable to say terrible things about people on public forums. Just because this girl is in the public eye, does not give you or anyone else free reign to say nasty things about her ability to perform in her chosen profession. Whether she is talented or not, she has become successful so clearly she is doing something right. And as for her appearance, it’s possible she has a fast metabolism, I don’t know, but it’s inappropriate for you to say she is ill based on a single snapshot. Remember, just because the internet is an anonymous environment does not mean social etiquite should not be observed. If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it online. Rude is rude, no matter how you package it.

  • Ella

    Annalynne is gorgeous and so, so lovely. I adore her. I’ve seen her in other pics with that dog though so maybe it’s hers?

  • Rita McClark

    AnnaLynne is Gorgeous and she is a good actress… Naomi -among all the female characters on 90210 – is the best … she does a very good job !!!