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Camilla Belle Covers 'Jezebel' January 2011

Camilla Belle Covers 'Jezebel' January 2011

Camilla Belle graces the cover of Jezebel‘s January issue.

Here’s what the 24-year-old From Prada to Nada star had to share with the mag:

On her biggest accomplishment: “Staying strong and not changing, not being fed off this weird energy that exists in this [entertainment] business. All my friends and my family say, ‘You haven’t changed, you stay the same person.”

On her close relationship with her mom: “[She] always told me to never grow up too quickly. She’d say, ‘Camilla, when you are an adult, it just goes downhill from here. Enjoy it while you can. I never really understood that until I got older, but now I’m really grateful she said that.”

On planning a backup career in case acting didn’t work out: “No, I never thought of it not working out. I never though, ‘If it doesn’t work out, what would be my plan B?’ Acting was always plan A, B, and C.”

On where she wants to be 10 years from now: “I’ll be trying new things and maybe acting will still be what I love and maybe I’ll be over it, I don’t know. But that’s the great thing about life. I’d rather not know and just hope I’m happy and healthy and I feel as good about my life as I do now.”

FYI: Camilla modeled a gown by Talbot Runhof.

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Credit: Ilaria Urbinati (styling); Photos: John Russo
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  • mary

    calling her an “actress” is an insult to all real actresses. You know, the ones that CAN ACT.

  • Jasmine

    “not changing”? bullsh*t. didn’t she get a nose job? i’d say that’s a big change…and it STILL hasn’t helped her acting “career” lol
    she IS beautiful though (with her nose now), she should consider a modeling career. all she does is attend events in beautiful gowns…not bad, since she’s been in like three things in the past how many years?

  • Emily

    she’s so gorgeous

  • Sin

    She’s rich either way. She worked as a child actress and probably made a lot if she hadn’t spent it all. Even attending events, she could make more a year than most people make a in a year.

  • zac

    Looks like Kristin Kreuk

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!

    Normall cover

  • Anonmus

    She looks a bit like filipina model georgina wilson on that cover. Both gorgeous. Look her up to see what i mean.

  • lisbeth

    i don’t really like her i mean she needs to stop stealing other girls boyfriends.

  • http://beefy beefy

    no backup plan other than acting?…let me guess her parents are rich…and she wants to act so she can be a celebrity

  • FU


    Like who? Megan Fox? Jessica Alba? As much as I love Jared, his posts are all about talentless, look at me “actresses”. I’ve never seen a Meryl Streep post on here or anywhere else. These are the people who are constantly being shoved down our throats.

  • Party One

    Wow! I’m speachless…. she is so beautiful!!!

  • Party One

    She is so beautiful!!!

  • GG

    It’s a pretty cover (thank you Photoshop) but seriously, does she still have a career? Why do people try to keep making her happen?

  • justin5280

    Hot stuff! looks a bit older than 24 but its ok

  • http://Ja Sligo ^_^ cute

    Looks like ridiculous hehehehehehehe

  • http://slut slago


  • nina

    well well well… look at all the dumb fans of the Hillbilly Queen & the Twilight B*tch! It’s been years, when are you gonna accept it????? Boys like her better!!!

  • Dang

    @Nina, ROFL. Can we be a bestie forever and ever?!

  • Dang

    ROFL. Can we be a bestie forever and ever?

  • hann

    Who is she? does she have a career? who on earth is this nobody and Jezebel is an online magazine for nobodies..

    this is pathetic. who on earth are these nobodies?

  • MangerBouger

    I would say that she’s modelling rather than acting but everything is relative though LOL

  • Lola*

    She may be another famewre, but at least she’s gorgeous. Rather look at her pics than some of the ugly troll actress wannabes that jared ususlly posts.

  • maria

    @hann: Could not agree more.

  • Marie Johnson

    Wow!!!some of you people are so stupid! take a look at her imdb she has done over 30 films



  • brooke

    She is so gorgeous! Wow – stunning!

  • J

    I dont get the hate, I mean she is far better then most as someone pointed out, has anyone seen her i The Ballad of Jack and Rose she was great, she cant be as bad as everyone says if the wife of the greatest actor alive Daniel Day lewis’s wife put her in that movie!! My only problem is she does what so many actresses do they go to every red carpet event but apparently you get paid for it so I understand why they do it.

  • Speak Now


    Wow, your ignorance is showing. Taylor isn’t a hillbilly.

  • Dang

    And she will be paired with Al Pacino in Mary, Mother of Christ. Mmm..okay.. A cheater boyfriend stealer famewhore actress wannabe gets a chance to be in a movie with two oscar winner..yeah, She’s done nothing. ROFL.

  • Dang

    And she will be paired with Al Pacino in Mary, Mother of Christ. Mmm..okay.. A cheater boyfriend stealer famewhore actress wannabe gets a chance to be in a movie with two oscar winners..yeah, She’s done nothing. ROFL.

  • fyi

    what nosejob? it’s called makeup. haven’t you ever heard of contouring the nose with makeup? and she’s been making movies, done 2-3 recently. they’re just not as popular as a-list movies.

  • Question

    looks like a transsexual.

  • nessa

    so wat if she has done 30 films, she can’t act for shit. Thankz to her looks she gets parts. But “wow” her face just looks fake to much photoshop.

  • k-bee_yach l*u*v*a

    Weird name for a magazine there. In my country, South Africa, the word “Jezebel” is a colloquial term for “slut and gold digger of the highest degree.”

  • hobie

    Wow, that is one of the worst photoshop jobs I’ve ever seen. It barely looks like her, she’s much prettier than that in candid photos! Granted she was wearing a weird outfit in the red carpet pictures the other day but her face looked much better than this magazine cover slaughter.

  • Dang

    Every magazine cover is photoshopped. I’ve seen worse and more contrived magazine covers than that. She still looks like her on that cover at least.

    As for her acting, well she’s never nominated in Razzie Awards if i can recall.

  • TaylorNationSux

    i see Taylor’s fans are posting…don’t hate because Camilla is more Beautifull and more exotic than Taylor and don’t hate because she actually has a WOMAN’S FIGURE with curves and Taylor has a body of a 12yr old boy…Taylor is jealous of Camilla, so much that she wrote a song about her, seems Taylor is bitter…..You know Men like women with curves and they like women who are fridid in bed maybe Taylors jealous cause Camilla isnt a boring!

  • TaylorNationSux

    correcting a sentence…men like women who aren’t frigid in bed like taylor

  • pepe

    Camilla Belle is a wh*re! She left Tom Sturridge for Joe Jonas stealing him from Taylor Swift. Then she tried to steal Rob Pattinson from Kristen Stewart during the summer of 2009 when she went to go see him in NYC while he was filming Remember Me. They were spotted out at the Bowery hanging with Emilie de Ravin while she was in town and the rumor then was that Rob took Camilla and Emilia back to his room with him for a 3-way. Rob’s a sl*t like that too it would seem just like Camilla. All she does is go to every red carpet event in existence to try to famewhore herself out for publicity when no one has ever even heard of any of the sh*tty movies she has been in for the past 5 years at least. Camilla is a sl ut and Rob is an idiot for sleeping with her behind Kristen’s back-yea even in during this past summer while he was in LA shooting WFE. Camilla will sell him out to the press eventually and he’s going to get caught. Rob is a fool and a liar of the worst sort. F*cking his bff’s ex behind his gf’s back. WOW.

  • pepe

    i55.tinypi­­g2.jpg – Camilla was hanging ALL OVER Rob at the rooftop pool of the Mondrian Hotel on July 17th..the SAME DAY Kristen left for Montreal to begin pre-prod for OTR. Sam Bradley was there too hanging out with his band and a bunch of hanger-on groupies in the pool. Rob’s a cheating manwhore who doesn’t even wait even a few hours after his girlfriend has left town to start scr ewing around on her with his best friend’s ex-girlfri­end. Camilla is a famewhore and a sl*t! Rob is a b*stard and a coward for cheating on Kristen and lying to her and the entire world about it.