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Jennifer Garner & Violet: Saturday Starbucks Run!

Jennifer Garner & Violet: Saturday Starbucks Run!

Jennifer Garner holds hands with her adorable daughter Violet while dropping by Starbucks on Saturday (January 22) in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress smiled as Vi, 5, skipped along the sidewalk on their way to grab some drinks.

Jennifer recently helped Frigidaire launch The Kids’ Cooking Academy, an online program that offers web cooking classes to families.

“I can’t say enough about how fun it is to be in the kitchen with your kids,” Jen told People.

“You can bake with them, whatever it is that gets them started initially, even when they’re little, so they always know how to stir and pour and scoop. It’s a great way to learn math,” she added. “My kids are great cooks!”

FYI: Violet is wearing a Juicy Couture “Love Batik” Velour Hoodie.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner and her daughter Violet going to Starbucks…

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  • blair


  • Pattycake

    Either Jennifer Garner has the worst taste in clothes or she is determined to look like an “ordinary” haus frau. But at least buy Vi some tights/leggings that fit.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute


  • Paula

    Who care about the clothes they wear. Jennifer seems like such a good mother and her children always look happy and well bahaved. Not like Gwen Stefani’s son who is always sticking his tongue out on all his pics!

  • sun

    You can always tell from a happy child that they have a happy and good parents.

  • Mara

    Unlike most Hollywood kids who look miserable, bored or spoiled Jennifer’s two little girls always look happy and very well adjusted….that says a lot about her parenting skills. Most Hollywood mothers should follow her example, stop indulging their spoiled brats and stop parading them in front of cameras for either publicity or money!

  • mary beth

    Jen seems like such a good mother, I mean look how happy her kids look all the time. Violet is such a cute, happy little girl.

  • Cheyenne

    what the hell is wrong with that girl?

  • Kate

    they are so ugly. jennifer garner is such a has been. she loves to ham it up for the paps. if it werent for them, no one would know who she is. go away with your little troll kids already.

  • gina r

    Not a fan of her work, but I have to hand it to her for being a real “hands on” mom who genuinely seems to enjoy being with her kids. It’s clear she is more concerned with her children’s happiness than what clothes she puts on or what shade of lipstick.

    Nice to see someone like this who is not overly reliant on a nanny. Her daughter’s happy expression says it all.

  • Svetlana

    violet is funny

  • Cheyenne

    hands on mom cuz shes at starbucks with her kid? oh yeah sounds hands on to me. she can still have happy kids and not dress ridiculous. so does it go.. people who are good parents, dress terrible and people who are bad parents, have good fashion? then i guess rachel zoe is gonna be a terrible mom. thats what you people are basically saying. you people are DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  • Svetlana

    @Cheyenne: shut up. no one said that idiot

  • Maya

    Gorgeous mom sharing precious moments with her kid. What’s not to love? I really like Jen’s sweater it is so cute and her hair is to die for. What a beautiful woman. Love this family!

  • glasses

    oh god, what does Jen tell Violet?? that papz want to be their friends?? lol She’s so cute!

  • Cheyenne

    @Svetlana: uh yeah that did dumbass.

  • Cheyenne

    @Svetlana: go back to your own country

  • Julianna


  • ew

    @Maya: her hair is to die for??? what are you smokin?????

  • Emily

    Maya smokes weed with Jen Garner.

  • http://beefy beefy

    Jen and Jess Alba always pimping their kids for attention…

  • mildmom

    There are many uneducated kids in Hollywood and in the world who dodge their parents.

  • Marieme

    If there’s an award for most boring hair it goes to Garner hands down. I mean when you think of all she can do with her lovely hair and instead does this? Every. Single. Day. Ugh. I’d be hiding those ears too. Is that too mean?

  • Dexter

    HA! Ha! Listen to JLO coming on writing nasty comments about the woman who usurped her ugly, plastic behind! JLO you could never hold a candle to Jennifer Garner you tired old cow.

  • Teri


  • becca

    @Svetlana: funny looking

  • becca

    @Svetlana: funny looking

  • Morgan

    Violet is skipping with joy. Looks like the happiest kid in Hollywood.
    Little Suri, not so much. She always has such a sad little face.

  • Pisces

    The only has been is J. LOPEZ who has been in the music industry a million years and was never honored for it because her contributions belong in the toilet. Jennifer Garner is a fantastic actress and is still getting roles to play, unlike Box Office poison J-Lo who has been reduced to judging contestants a zillion times more talented than she is, on a dying American Idol. Get over it J-LO fan, your lumpy aging hero is a bad memory for Ben, simply a bad taste in his mouth, loser.

  • Julianna

    You people attempting to make fun on JLo for some reason are obviously jealous of her. Why else would you still be living in 2004? Garner is butt ugly.

  • Affart

    @Morgan: violet has mental problems.

  • mimi

    without a doubt, jlo is more beautiful than jen. jen looks like a man.

  • sarah

    jen garner looks like a dike.

  • sarah

    @mimi: jlo is stunning. i always thought she was pretty, but seeing her on american idol really reinforced to me how pretty she is.


    JLO looks like a POOR-HOE-REEK-(GARBAGE)CAN.

  • BostonFan

    without a doubt, Jennifer is a natural beauty while JLO is a cosmetic surgery junkie. Jlo has made every plastic surgery procedure in the book to enhance her otherwise homely as a maid appearance.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Igree with yo guezz this family sooooo boringgg

  • JLO Lost get Over It

    If you had as much work done as Lopez has you can be just as presentable as she is even at her advanced age.

  • Casey

    Emme & Maxx are bushy haired, Progeria monkeys with Autism.

  • Candybella

    Y did this become about jlo or jennifer. Neither is a prize IMO..One looks like a lesbo, the other like a tranny.

  • violet is weird

    jen garner is a lesbo.

  • eeks

    The woman is worth at least $35 million and she puts hideous clothing on her child! Why ask why? And quit comparing her to JLo. JLo is the prize that Ben let get away. Besides, that is so 2006. Violet doesn’t look like she’s skipping. Not sure if she has some motor development disability, but she is like that in all the photos. I feel bad for her having a mother parading her around for all the paps. Give the poor child a private childhood for crying out loud. Notice Ben is hardly ever around? Who cares if Jen has a prize husband? He’s absent most of the time so what kind of prize is that?

  • Anna2

    I’m so happy that Ben home so we don’t have to see daily photos of Jen and her kids, since he been in town instead of picture of her every day now it 2 maybe 3 times a week. It’s odd that when Ben away she has to take the kids to the park every day like they don’t have a big back yard of the own or she has to be out doing something outside the house 7 days a week, but now that her husband is home she stays home or out of the public eye and not be photograph as much. I guess if she can’t get attention from her husband when he out of town she needs to get it from the paparazzi.

  • Maya

    All of you that are jealous of what Jen Garner has that you don’t should get a grip and stop talking sh!t about her and her family. There is nothing you can do about her good fortune so get out of your self made prison and do something to improve your miserable lot in life.

  • Maya

    @beefy: Neither one of these lovely ladies ever put their kids in ads for designer kids or brought them on stage. That is the definition of pimping honey, get yourself a dictionary and use it. Stop showing your ignorance for all to see on world wide web.

  • Maya

    @Emily: That does make you jealous?

  • Maya

    @sarah: You are easily impressed with wig wearing painted tranny looking women who spend hours getting dressed up to appear before any camera that waste time on time filming them. Wow, you must be as shallow as she is. Pity!

  • A.S.

    I too find the whole stars and kids’ pics annoying and manipulative.
    It seems like the same stars, Garner, Alba, Gwen Stefani, Holmes/Cruise, and the Jolie/Pitt Pack are all newsworthy. Can’t these stars just go act or sing or are they grooming their kids for the
    spotlight and future acting roles? WONDERFUL. Oh, and by the
    way Hollywood stars I’m really not interested in your delusional
    parenting advice because you all have nannies and don’t live in the
    real world eg. money concerns etc…..

  • Maya

    i am a lesbo. sorry everyone.

  • sarah

    @Maya: she has shit.