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Zac Efron Is a Zen Master

Zac Efron Is a Zen Master

Zac Efron carries a bag from Zen Foods while heading into a studio on Thursday (January 20) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actor was reportedly doing some voiceover work for his upcoming movie, The Lorax, based on the Dr. Seuss book.

FYI: Zen Foods is a gourmet home diet delivery service for the L.A. area.

The company boasts Zac‘s ex, Vanessa Hudgens, as a loyal customer!

“I’m so thankful there’s a service like Zen Foods that tastes great and makes it so easy to eat right,” she said on their website.

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  • zacfan

    he looks hot :) what does his bracelet mean??? :)

  • kami

    ♥ so zac is spending the weekend in nc with his ex? ha, don’t think she ever was his ex. ♥

  • Svetlana

    @zacfan: thats a gift from vanessa :)

  • http://fanpopgirl cheetapower

    ex what the hell they are still very much together<3

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl

    Efron is in north carolina

  • Susan

    Yay! I’m so glad he is going to lose the weight. What a great way to do it. Zen Foods sounds like a fantastic idea for a business. I know they have a lot of celebrity clients. But if it’s a home delivery service, why is Zac picking up? Doesn’t he have people for that? lol

  • zacfan

    @Svetlana cool thanks :)

  • http://fanpopgirl fanpopgirl
  • stranger

    Why do people adore them so much?

  • Julia

    I am very sorry, but I really do hope he doesn’t get back with Vanessa. It’s time to move on and to grow separately, not as a couple. Besides, it was getting really boring to see Zac, such a handsome guy, tied up to a commitment that have lasted for so long… I’d love to see him hanging with new people and some new ladies for a change :) I don’t mean to disrespect! Vanessa it’s a sweetheart, but thanks God it’s over!

  • Karen

    I don’t understand all this “ex” and “former flame” talk…Let’s see, the Zac got back from NO and the next day several people saw them together at the mall shopping looking all “couplely”. Then we do have pics of Zac at Vanessa’s house. Then we get all kinds of reports from all kinds of people saying they were very intimate at Eden nightclub. LAST WEEKEND when Vanessa came home they were seen by even the party girl from E! at a restaurant having a romantic dinner and they were also seen by several at 2 parties. It is apparent they were together all 3 days Vanessa was home. Now THIS WEEKEND as in right now people all over Wilmington, NC, are tweeting and on FB saying how they saw Z&V and shop owners are also tweeting the news. He was spotted yesterday at LAX. So to ME, there doesn’t seem to be any time there where they were EVER “ex” or “former flames” since everything we have gotten they seem to be the same as they ever have been—very intimate and together pretty much 24/7 whenever they are in the same town.

  • e


    A couple that’s holding hand and kissing isn’ät exactly the ideal way of showing that you’re over. Besides I doubt they have ever been over, maybe they were on a break, maybe they decides to take breaks everytime they are filming on different locations to focus on the movie and it was only this time that it somehow leaked out and everyone made such a big deal about it. Besides Julia, I really don’t think it’s up to you to decide who Zac should date, it’s his life and he’s a grown boy who makes his own decisions. Besides, we know as well as Zac does that meeting new women when you’re a famous guy isn’t easy, you will never know who is only after you for fame and money and publicity (zac have experienced women like this), with Vanessa he know since they got together before either of them were even famous, what they have is real, and both Zac and Vanessa obviousley have decided that it’s eachother they want, not someone else.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    Liking Zac’s Style.

  • Olga


  • Karen


    Just what is so bad about a committed relationship? What is so bad about a handsome young man being with just ONE girl—especially if he loves her? It isn’t like it is probable that he is going to get together with some random fan. Why is it so important for people like you to want to see him with various women? Do you want him to look like he has no morals or values or integrity? That kind of sounds like you want him to play some kind of “role” all the time for you—even in his private life—so you can get some kind of pleasure from it. He can give you that when he does his work—movies—not when he is on his own time. I think it is high time we see some Hollywood guys and gals showing something more than being with a different person every month and having kids by a dozen different men or women. Let the young people see what love and respect is like for a change.

  • GG

    Cute, but he’s looking short these days. Is it the jeans?

  • Haters Suck!

    Honestly why is everyone so dead set on making this guy a womanizer? He’s found someone that makes him happy, why is that so wrong and why should he give it up? Everyone from his fans to media is saying how zac should go and date and sleep with as many women as he can. That doesn’t make you a man, in fact it makes you an a$$hole. Everyone saying how zac should go and play the field. I’m a year yonger then zac, I’ve been playing the field and i’d gladly trade it for someone to make me as happy as Vanessa has made zac. One last thing, let’s not forget that Vanessa started liking zac well before everyone started making him the next Hollywood pretty boy so where else is he gonna find someone that like him for him and not his fame.

  • hey

    gosh….. he now looks mannly


    1-2-3 and here are the Zanessa fans right on que! (You’re enough to disgust me right out of my Zac attraction, so I’ve decided to quit reading his posts, lest I regurgitate all over myself. Done. Finit. Out-of-here.)

  • Pit

    my “take” on the Zen bag is that either he is going that route to lose his weight back down OR he is hanging out a lot at Vanessa’s house and she has those coolers. He was taking his meal with him for Thursday while he was working at the studio. Either would work!!

  • Pit

    and I agree – all this “ex stuff” is getting old when it is so obvious they are back together or never broke up. JJ seems in some type of denial and has also kind of ignored Vanessa’s arrival and depature pixs last weekend as well as the tweets and sightings we had last weekend as well as this one.

  • CSCf

    some of the stories on twitter & jj are made up & they try so hard to earn money & for everyone to believe everything

  • Julia

    It doesn’t come to any of you to decide if they really broke up and if they will get back together either. I am not a hater. Dating someone for 5 years in the public eye, going trough a relationship where everyone think they can rather judge or decide whenever a couple should kiss or hold each other’s hands and stand proudly by his girlfriend, showing everybody how much do you care and love her has already proved that Zac Efron is a man of good manners. What I meant to say is that they after growing up and learning things together, they should now close a wonderful chapter in theirs lifes and move on to new things and new people. Oh, and please, as if me or any of you would have a change to date him or any other famous guy we dream about. That’s not our real world. And who am I to want something from Zac or from any other person in the world? He’s a grown up and he stands for his acts, I will never judge any of his decisions. I won’t judge a bad movie, a misunderstood statement or even a relationship. I will stand by him and provide the only thing I can truly provide: support. As longs as he is happy, with or without Vanessa, I’m happy. And if those rumors are for real, if they really broke up for good….. I just hope you all don’t feel dashed.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan

    These are some awesome and great candids.

  • kami

    ♥ i know it make some ppl mad, but zv are still together. ♥

  • CSCf

    Zac can visit fans. All of u are stupid cause u believe in things that aren’t true.

  • kami


    you are judging when you say he should not date vanessa and close a chapter of his life and move on. yep, that’s making a judgment.

  • Susan

    @Julia: I like what you said: Whether they are or are not together, the important thing is that they’re happy. Kelsey on FB who chatted with Zac at the gym said Zac said he was in town to visit a friend, and Vanessa was at the gym too. So Kelsey seemed to confirm that Vanessa is now Zac’s “friend.” Very cool.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan


    Really so friends hold hands and kiss that is not a friendship.

  • kami


    yeah!!! good riddance. please don’t come back.

  • lauren

    @ susan
    maybe he said ”friend” because its none of that girl’s buiness?
    plus people have seen them kissing and holding friends, you dont do tht with a ”friend”

    also al of you need to stop arguing about them.

  • lauren

    also arguing on weather zac and vanessa r together or whatever makes all of you really mature.

  • Zac Efron’s Number #1 Male Fan


    Lauren I Totally agree.

  • irongrumma

    what you want him to say. i am here to see my girlfriend,why would he take a trip to see a friend. come on i know better then that.they think we are dum. they be togther all this time.

  • lauren

    mature comment was sarcastic :D

  • Ashlee

    Despite ALL the tweets and FB accounts of ZV being cozy and canoodling, and holding hands, there is still one person on here desperate to prove they are just friends. Why so determined to go against the grain? So Zac flew over 2 thousand miles–took a 5 hr flight to spend the weekend with his ex who is now his friend? And they are holding hands and kissing? Some people sure have an interesting concept of what a friend is.

  • CSCf

    yes u can go on a trip to see a friend

  • Maarten

    It are the muscles, much muscles are not flattering for your height.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan


    Totally True.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan


    Hi Emma Efron Just give up we all know it is you

  • Haters Suck!

    Emma efron, you’ve come up with a new screen name I see. First it was zac efron wife, then charlie st cloud fan and now you’ve seem to have shortned that to cscf. What will you come up with next?

  • Daniel Tang

    Looks like a few of the “you know who” fans got their feathers ruffled at all the hand holding tweets coming from people who are obviously not Zac and Vanessa fans. Sorry girls, you may have to go back into your cages and keep living in your fantasy world.

  • e

    Yes, you can travel soemwhere to seea freind if that is the only thing you are but when it’s your ex from a five year relationship, fine if you would see each other while your both home if you bump into each other or meet through mutual friends, but to travle somewhere specificly to see your ex is highley unlikely, actually I can’t see it happening at all. There is also so many tweets both from LA and NC about the two of them acting as they are more then friends, some from people who obviously don’t even like them and I don’t get why they would lie.


    I also have to say that I don’t get some of you who believes that they are not togther, not the part about you not believeing that they are not together, you can live in denial all you want to, but the part where you keep starting your post by saying that as long as they are happy but then you keep insisting that they are not together, it’s like you’re saying that it’s great that they are happy AS LONG as it’s not together, and how is that any different from us being happy for them because they have found that someone special who make them happy.


    I also have to say that I’ve seen so many young male actors and singers out there who have time and time again said that they would love to have what Zac has, that they would love to have a girlfriend who will stand by them and support them, and love them for who they are not for their name and their fame and looks, I’m more then sure that Zac is well aware of how lucky he is, the same way goes for Vanessa, and we all know that ti’s their choice, and I would keep supporting them if they would ever decide to take spereate paths, but I would never wish for someones to dump someone else to hook up with a bunch of ther people. And Zac even said himself that that wasn’t for him anyway so that’s that.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Not fat but only too short ,and i dont care ,

  • tina

    Let me get this straight, he left LA, flew five hours, to a place covered in snow to see a “friend” He was seen kissing and holding hands with this “friend” then he top it all off by leaving this “friend’ to talk to some stranger in a gym and told them he was visiting a friend. And I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan

    Why would Zac fly to NC Just to Visit a Friend when in a Week he will be filming Seems to Me he want to see his girlfriend some people on here just can’t face it that Zac is dating Vanessa and not them.

  • Abby

    Jared get off your damn high horse. We all know youLOVE Zac, Vanessa and most of all Zanessa (mostly because they bring in the most hits/comments on your sites). RIGHT NOW ASI TYPE THIS ZAC IS IN NC WITH Vanessa. Sorry but you sure as hell don’t fly across the country to see your ex. It was NEVER once confirmed they broke up in the first place. Dig up some info before you post again Jared. It isn’t that hard to find this info. Your on twitter, its all on twitter. STOP posting that their ex’s or former flames, clearly they aren’t.

  • http://google BARBARA

    There is know doubt in my mine Vanessa and Zac are still together, and never broke up in the first place, even people who saw them today, said they are still together. JJ and JJJ They don’t want to amit that they made a mistake, like very one esle, but alot of the other outlets and several mag, have realize they never parted, in fist place, thats why they need to pay attention who these so called sources are, JJand JJJ just copied all the other stories, it was a domino effect. one starts a story and they all follow, without checking to see if its true. Alot of the media doesn’t tell the truth, they make up things, they say a source told them, thats the biggest copy out.

  • CSCf

    It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t date anyone else. Zac & Vanessa did break up.

  • Zac Efron’s Biggest Fan


    Really Emma Efron who would Zac date You