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Avril Lavigne: 'What The Hell' Video Premiere!

Avril Lavigne: 'What The Hell' Video Premiere!

Check out the latest video from Avril Lavigne!

“What The Hell” is the first single off the 26-year-old Canadian rocker’s latest album, Goodbye Lullaby!

“‘What The Hell’ is more pop rock and it’s a lighter subject and it’s a fun kinda summer party song,” Avril recently told ET Canada. “And it’s kinda like my older stuff so I haven’t had any music out in like 4 years I think we thought it was a good way to bridge into the new stuff!”

Avril Lavigne – What the Hell
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89 Responses to “Avril Lavigne: 'What The Hell' Video Premiere!”

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  1. 26
    crystal Jones Says:

    You guys are huge haters…I LOVE HER. simple!

  2. 27
    Anon Says:

    What a difference from her first 2 albums.

  3. 28
    Yuna Says:

    Product placement much?

  4. 29
    JoAnna Says:

    It’s catchy for sure.I can’t wait for the whole album to come out. I just get this hate, what has she done to be hated?

  5. 30
    avril fan Says:

    hows that for self promotion black star,bidden rose and abbey dawn

  6. 31
    Sybilla Says:

    Ha ha this video is so funny! :) Nice! Avril is such a sweetheart! :)

  7. 32
    lola Says:

    wow… didn’t think it could be THIS BAD! Seriously are you 16 Avril?
    I am myself 17 and I feel bad for her lol.
    And her douche boyfriend.. dont get me started.
    She needs to get a clue and understand that its TIME TO GROW UP.

  8. 33
    Candie Says:

    Two words : hollywoood whooooore…

    I even prefer Ke$ha over her. At least she isn’t a sell out.

  9. 34
    LlouLlouLlou Says:

    PATHETIC! She’s 25 and acts like an emo teenager in a mall. Oh dear, you’re not the badass rockstar you think you are. She can’t even do a decent pop song.

  10. 35
    Wilco Says:

    I wish haters learned how to spell.

    Stay in school kids.

    Fun video, and man avril lavigne is hot.

  11. 36
    zend Says:

    this really is what the hell..

  12. 37
    Marcus Says:

    Sellout like Gaga pushing Polaroid,Katy pushing ProActive and Taylor pushing Revlon or whatever.At least Avril’s pushing her own and her labels brands.I swear some of the things Avril does are just meant to pi$$ you donkeys off and for her own amusement.That I like.

  13. 38
    XYZ Says:

    Kindergarten “music”. Anyway she is another proof that music is dead, long gone. Just like Britney, and JHo, at 30 or 40 she will “sing” the same crap… Save ur money, especially in these hard times, dont buy her ****!

  14. 39
    Samantha! Says:

    Oii Gente sou super fãn da Avril Lavigne, como podem ver Sou do Brasil.
    Brasileirinha, Sempre entro na JustJared para ver noticias Pegar fotos e Tals, Pego as fotos do site porque são muito bouas de Qualidade. pego para Fazer Banners, Cartazes . mais não entro no site so para isso ! entro mais para ver o mundo dos Famosos. Cara se alguma pessoa do site JustJared Mandar um Recado no meu msn ficaria muito Grata. e seria Muito Maravilhoso! bom esse e meu sonho e amei o clip da Avril Bjos usem tradutor para falar comigo ok! bjos xau!

  15. 40
    Daniel Says:

    The song isn’t bad but the video is awful and really childish. Who her age goes around and acts like that? Irresponsible, at least go out and drink or party and not crash a car or go on a shopping spree and expect your boyfriend to pay for it.

    I’m pretty sure the single has topped out minus a number or two if the song gains popularity. Britney demolished her and soon Gaga will come out and top her as well. Number 13 isn’t bad though, it beats Christina lol.

  16. 41
    Bear Says:

    She s#ck.

  17. 42
    Biscuitb1980 Says:

    Yesterday’s news. Plus is still part of the “punk rocker girl” crowd? I don’t think rock girls have their nails did.

  18. 43
    tuty Says:

    flop FLOP flop FLOP flop FLOP

  19. 44
    AvrilBackToRock Says:

    “I don´t take of my clothes to sell music” Avril said. LOL is this the 1000 time she contradict herself… And does Avril know when she was on a flight to Japan last night, Brody had fun with girls at Voyeur that he later took with him to Avrils mansion and probably into her bed.

  20. 45
    Louise Says:

    It’s awful, it’snt an artist supposed to move on, express themselves in different ways etc this is just full of commercial advertising for her brands, perfume, clothing etc etc. It’s totally shallow.

    This isnt even as good as her first album!..disappointed.

  21. 46
    Me Says:

    She became a living contradiction.
    And by the way: Avril, your boyfriend is cheating on you.

  22. 47
    Mara Says:

    I don’t care how she acts or how she looks like. In fact I even like it BUT that song (and everything else since ‘under my skin’) is just terrible. There is nothing behind it. It’s pop over and over. You can almost feel, that all the intention behind it is to make money and not to make music. Sad to see this.

  23. 48
    Megz B Says:

    Avril “It’s a fun kinda summer party song,”

    That’s why she released it in the dead middle of winter, right?

  24. 49
    Laura Says:

    Puke provoking.

  25. 50
    daaan Says:

    the song is ok but i dont like her style… the video is just crap and unbelieveable because no guy like him would chase her.

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