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Brandi Glanville Pleads Not Guilty in DUI Case

Brandi Glanville Pleads Not Guilty in DUI Case

Brandi Glanville picks up her boys, Mason and Jake Cibrian, from school on Thursday (January 20).

The makeup artist held hands with her boys as they went about their afternoon.

Earlier in the day, Brandi pled not guilty charges stemming from her October DUI arrest. If convicted, Brandi could face 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine, TMZ reports.

15+ pictures inside of Brandi Glanville and her boys heading home from school…

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brandi glanville mason jake cibrian 02
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brandi glanville mason jake cibrian 05
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  • blair

    Wow JJ a new low…guess we know who’s paying your bills.

  • blair

    is that leann hiding in the bushes with the paps?

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  • Brightside

    A make-up artist on a celebrity gossip site! WTF now! & Why? Are you screwing with us now, JJ?

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    same person (wrido alrat and speak now ,lol

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  • Jennifer

    It’s not enough that LR/EC pap out themselves ad nauseum, now they want to pap out the ex?! LR/EC ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. It is so sad to see the how this whole affair/paps have affected the ex and the boys.

  • boston61

    How freaking sad that their father is not with them. Where is the man of the house? This is what divorce really is. People who have children must put their kids FIRST. Eddie is a disgrace as all who leave their kids for their own selfish reasons. He should of stayed until the boys were grown. IMHO

  • Madhatter

    Weird that when there actually are “adorable” kids in a post, Jared doesn’t describe them that way.

  • Rosa


    Leann would never have kids that adorable!

  • atlast

    this is nice…seeing these adorable kids with their mother instead of that ugly horse-faced mistress trashbag has-been home-wrecking country star.

  • echos.

    I like Brandi, but jeez, she needs to wear a bra!

  • SKO

    Brandi’s gorgeous and the kids are so cute. Thank goodness they got her eyes and not Eddie’s.

  • bobbi

    so very nice to see the MOTHER with the kids instead of the homewrecker and ye gad she is one gorgeous woman no wonder Leann is so jealous and trying to model her body after Brandis. next Leann pics will show her wearing the same outfit as Brandi has on

  • ddc

    Brandi looking gorgeous as ever Brandi

  • paris

    i think brandi is so pretty, even prettier than heidi klum, i would love to see more pics of her rather than leann by far. the dress is a simple dress and even though she does not have on a bra she still rocks the hell out of it. the kids are also adorable especially the little one, he is so cute.

  • julie

    You go Brandi girl you are a hot chick Leann is so pathetic and needy . wonder what she gonna do WHEN Eddie cheats

  • Jane

    Actually these two shit headed boys appear to be happier when with the rich slvt that buys them everything they desire. Eddie has taught his boys by example. @echos.; LeAnn doesn’t wear a bra when with the boys either and sheer tops to boot! Near naked rich women raising the boys with a gigolo dad, I’m sure they’ll grow up to respect women -not!

  • lisali

    chick does not know how to dress…

  • Not mother material

    Brandi, get a grip!!! You need to dress appropriately when picking the boys up from school. Poor judgment for a mother.

  • susie

    how do you know that she just didn’t come from a modeling job or from makeup show ,knuclehead think she is a great stylist and i agree that leann will be copying this look sooner than later

  • ddc

    hmmm lets see Leann making out with E with her butt in the air youngest child right next to her.
    On the soccer field with her butt in the air lots of kids there….plenty of pics before boob job of her bra less need i continue?

  • theryago

    it’s so nice to see these beautiful withs with their beautiful mom and not that ugly homewrecking horsed-faced has-been country star mistress who always looks in her pics as a stinky armpit.

  • theryago

    beautiful kids*

  • hatecheaters23

    @Jane not sure what names you’re calling these two innocent boys but it really is disgusting. I think Brandi is beautiful and I would rather see pics of her with her children rather than LeAnn and their father behaving inappropriately infront of them.

  • ruby

    cannot believe eddie would leave this beautiful woman for that immature homely no personality who behaves like she is 12 Leann LR always looks like she has bad breath a tic tac might help also she is a nose picker and when she does she really digs for the treasure and then flicks it out the window

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @ddc That’s telling the Brandi bashers. She is THEIR mother and she does not have to impress others. She has always been their for her children unlike that scumbag of a father that was out bed hopping when he should have been home with his kids and that tramp he is with that has disrespected them.and exploited them to improve her poor image

  • Jokergurl

    Adorable boys though, they’re mother’s pretty too, I’ve never seen her before, I don’t really follow what happens to soap dudes too much.

  • Rita

    Ok, while I like that she’s picking up her kids and she is beautiful, but she NEEDS TO WEAR A BRA! This looks so bad! Poor kids. Doesn’t she realize kids will tease her children about their “mom’s nipples are sticking out.” Please don’t give Leann Rimes anymore ammo. Just wear a bra next time! Do it for your kids!!

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Rita They probably have already been teased about daddy’s living with his girlfriend and still and has a wife. Her kids nursed those breasts.and who cares what Leann thinks she is not their mother just jealous because she is childless and wish they were hers.

  • Thumbelina

    prettier than “Manleann”!
    But why is she on a celeb site? she isnt a celeb.

  • Go Ask Alice

    I agree with Rita when she posted…

    “Please don’t give Leann Rimes anymore ammo. Just wear a bra next time! Do it for your kids!!”

    Read more:

    Brandi is a good mother. Being pretty has nothing to with that, but yeah, she is very pretty, feminine, soft.

    I DO NOT support DUI. HOWEVER, we all have a few drinks at games/dinner/party. There is a difference between drunk, and driving and driving after a 3-4 beer/wine game /dinner/ party.
    I donot think the girl was DRUNK.She will no doubt have to pay that fine, take classes, be on driving probation,but no jail time.

  • Awful!

    Betty that is awful for you to say. Many women are unable to have children either physically or due to other life factors. Not nice to make fun of them. And don’t say you only meant Leann because it doesn’t come across that way. It’s also awful that Brandi has her nips poking out in her kids’ faces let alone showing up at their school like that! She really does seem to put her needs ahead of theirs. Sad.

  • http://n/a leanisajoke

    Leann will probably take this picture to a cosmetic surgeon to complete her transformation to become brandy…..I find it more disturbing how leann copies brandy’s style, breast, trying to look model thin all to compete with brandy. Sucks that she got a man by default, that if eddie had his way brandy would still be his wife and leann would still be his side piece. Leann didn’t win anything, and she will see that in time……a very short time.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Awful Most woman unable to have children because of any factor do not try to takeover another womans kids as Leann is they. I guess Leann walking around with her cheeks hanging out and having another woman kids crawling in her bed with a married man their father is decent behavior. The remark was for Leann only and not other women.My remarks are just as AWFUL as Leanns behavior towards Brandi. Just shows how petty some people are. Brandi does not need Leann approval about anything when it comes to her children. Leann is a new arrival in their lives not their mother.since she thinks she is all that ,thats one thing Brandi has that she does not have children.

  • La La La

    “Soft”??? BranDUI is not “soft.” LOL
    She has no as/s and starved cok/ed out kinda body.
    She is wayyyyy hotter than ManLeann, but “soft” she is not.
    you need a BUTT for that! she has none!

  • Water for CocoaPuffs

    What is MANLeann going to do when Eddie finally cheats??
    HE WILL that is obvious, the question is…how is she going to face the public??? EVERYONE is just going to laugh and say What Goes Around…it is going to be UGLY.
    My guess is…she will never leave Eddie bc it’s too much “karma” like crap even if he does cheat and he will bc he is too pretty and pretty men need attention like that.

  • hyoid

    I feel bad for her after what happened to her family. Karma sure is going to kick leann’s but t, that man is scu m!

  • blair

    Eddie Cibrian brought all this on his family. They didn’t ask to be followed by paps. They are paying for his cheating and lying.
    Can’t wait for karma to get him and leann.

  • susie

    As I said before how do any of you know that maybe she was coning from a modeling session or a makeup session where she needs to look good and sexy and sexy she is Leann will soon be copying her look and TRYING to look sexy give it up leann you just ain’t got IT

  • ruby

    Just saw video of Mark Sanchez picking his nose and wiping it on teammates jacket. that ain’t nothing compared to 10 pics of Leann Rimes picking her nose in public, studying it and then flicking it ou the window Maybe they should have a contest and guarantee leann would win and to think Eddie gets to kiss that karma is what that is If you don’t believe go to ” leann rimes nosepicking ” there she is in all her glory long before cosmetic surgery became her idol

  • Jane

    @hatecheaters23: “Disgusting” is the boys affection for their father’s mistress and abuser of their mother!