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Johnny Weir: I Knew I Was Gay at 6

Johnny Weir: I Knew I Was Gay at 6

Johnny Weir swaps clothes with George Lopez on Thursday’s (January 20) episode of Lopez Tonight.

The late-night host agreed to slip into a skin-tight skating suit only if Johnny agreed to wear a suit – something he’s never done before!

The 26-year-old figure skating champ was on the show to promote his new memoir, Welcome to My World, and also dished about coming out as a gay man.

“[I knew when I was] six. When you’re six, you don’t realize, ‘Oh I’m gay,’ or, ‘Oh I’m white.’ You just know you’re a kid, right?”

“So I was watching Pretty Woman with my family and I desperately wanted to be Julia Roberts, besides the prostitution part,” he added. “And then I realized, OK, Richard Gere is doing a little too much for me even though I’m six!’

As for what kind of guy he likes, Johnny shared, “I’m kind of lady like so someone with a little scruff … a fantastic dancing ability, someone that can really shake it!”

Johnny Weir on Lopez Tonight
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  • Brightside

    I honestly think that people make these stories up! Seriously, he knew he was gay at 6 while watching Pretty Woman! Do I believe that? No! If he’d said that he was twelve then I would believe that but 6 is too young to have preconceptions of gender orientation. Hell, at 6 I wanted to be Boeing 747 (or any big passenger aircraft)!

  • Mary

    “I’m kind of lady like so someone with a little scruff … a fantastic dancing ability, someone that can really shake it!”

    HAHAHAHA oh god he’s fabulous XD Him coming out has to be the most obvious thing ever, he’s more feminine then I am. Hell he’s more girly then Cinderella fresh out of the ball. But good for him.

  • Colin

    George Lopez looks like a big APE!

  • Max

    We knew my cousin was gay when he was three. He loved Barbie dolls and wanted to be in pageants – with dresses and heels and wigs. So he grew up and he’s gay. Not really a big deal. He’s happy and has a lot of friends and he is who he is.

  • Shana

    I think he’s describing Ricky Martin. I really like Johnny. He’s a total diva.

  • Janet

    I think he wants George Lopez. The whole thing was gross especially the moment he asked him to wear the skin tight skating suit. The whole thing was set up just so he could check out George Lopez package.

  • becca

    I loooooooooove Johnny Weir.

  • csmith

    Oh stop. Johnny isn’t gay. Maybe Bi but not gay. He’s currently banging Meg Carlozzi in exchange for favors to further his career.

  • http://nana Chell

    No, Johnny Weir wouldn’t be caught dead screwing Meg Carlozzi. That’s not it. He’s just using her and other females to get back at and try to break the heart of Keri-Lynn, a singer-songwriter from the south. Story goes, Johnny and Keri-Lynn met at AIDS 88 benefit in NYC on May 6, 2010 and had instant chemistry with one another. People I’ve talked to said Johnny Weir and Keri-Lynn couldn’t keep their eyes off each other even from across the room at the penthouse. It was like watching Romeo and Juliet at the ball; the whole “Kissing You” thing. Johnny was glowing and so was she. But when Johnny asked Keri-Lynn if she would see (be with him?) after the event, Keri-Lynn said no. And as we all know, nobody but nobody says no to Johnny Weir. Keri-Lynn reportedly told family and friends later that she wanted to go with Johnny, but told Johnny at the time that she was tired and felt light-headed. So, instead of playing it smart and asking the lady to a late supper, Johnny reportedly sulked, swallowed his pride and his feelings and told her it was ok. He even said, “Maybe next time.” to which Keri-Lynn agreed. So all Johnny is doing is trying to save face by being photographed with Meg Carlozzi and other girls. And I wouldn’t doubt that Tara and her friends are helping Johnny do this and have been since May 7th. Tara held a “ladies luncheon” this past January and invited Meg, Carin, Nicole, Satya and others within that circle to come join the conversation and plan some things. Chris Benz knew about this. So did Johnny.

    If anyone wants Johnny’s head to burn or set him ablaze, just get behind and fully support Keri-Lynn and her music and let’s see what happens.

  • http://no Starlight

    Based on the strong chemistry that happened between them on May 6, 2010; I think Johnny Weir should give it up and have his BEST and HOTEST sex with and marry Keri-Lynn. He wanted her badly enough to want to see her (be with her) after the AIDS88 benefit, and I bet he wants her even more, now. If his friends are friends, then they need to get a clue, step aside and allow nature to take it’s course between these two, finally. If it’s gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. And you’re thinking about it, Johnny. You’re actions have spoken. Can’t fight nature, baby.

    Johnny wants Keri-Lynn’s love and he wants her revenge. Why else would he behave this way? Give it up, Johnny Weir. You’re still in love with Keri-Lynn and you won’t stop til you get you some of that good ole southern lovin’!

  • Martina

    This csmith/Chell/Starlight aka. Kery-Lynn ridiculous troll is hilarious! If she wasn’t so awful and hateful I’d pity her, as it is, I have no pity or sympathy for her. A delusional a**hole is still an a**hole.

    Watch out, J2, the crazy old lady is known to throw all kinds of threats against people and make up the most repulsive crap just about anyone.

  • Andrea

    I love that Chell/Starlight is pretending not to be Keri-Lynn. lol

    She probably met him once, got a hug and a compliment on her shoes, and has since decided that he’ll pine for her for all eternity.

    It’d be sad if she didn’t post the same delusional nonsense all over the internet, including at least three different twitter accounts, all of them full of delusions, paranoia, and threats. One of them, funnily enough, is her ‘indie label’ twitter, which makes you think she doesn’t really care if she comes off as a paranoid creep even in her professional life.

  • Giz


    Love how you and Martina seem to have nothing better to do than to run all over the internet spreading shit about this lady named Keri-Lynn. What is it, Meg? You’ve been at this for soooo long; no doubt watching and following Keri-Lynn ever since you noticed her at the AIDS 88 benefit. So much so, you strengthened whatever “bond” you thought you had with Chris Benz to make an in-road and invited yourself to a Halloween party and insisted on having Chris and Satya introduce you again and again to Johnny, who at the time, avoided you like the plague.

    Guess that’s why you felt you had to do THIS in public at a restaurant:

    A lady? I think not. A DESPERATE, OLD, washed-out HAG showing what little she’s got in order to try and bed Johnny Weir, yes. I don’t recall this Keri-Lynn person ever flashing her tits at AIDS88, Trevor, GLADD, or any of the several events she has attended while Johnny Weir was also in attendance. Having said that, it’s obvious that you, Meg, and your interns know nothing of this Keri-Lynn person who you insist on tearing down all over the internet and have done so since AIDS88. That being said, it’s clear that this Keri-Lynn person has the upper-hand. I think this Keri-Lynn person should be granted another opportunity. Further, I’m going to see that she gets this opportunity again, and again, and again til right gets put right.

  • monpetite

    Haha! Meg wasn’t even at the 88 For AIDS benefit. Way to poke more and more holes in your story. And Keri-Lynn didn’t attend all those events, unless it was to stalk.

  • Giz

    Monpetite, I just flagged your comment as offensive against this Keri-Lynn person. After having done some research, this Keri-Lynn person has attended many events in which Johnny Weir also attended. Her character is in good standing at all events. Only a crazy, such as yourself, would accuse someone you don’t know of something so horrible as that. You sound ike a very jealous, very insecure person who knows nothing of the world and the way it works.

  • monpetite

    You amuse me.