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Kate Bosworth Heads to Sundance

Kate Bosworth Heads to Sundance

Kate Bosworth walks through LAX to catch a departing flight on Saturday (January 22) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old actress is en route to the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, which will be showcasing her upcoming drama Another Happy Day, with Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin.

Earlier in the week, Kate wore a denim dress and carried a copy of Topshop‘s 214 magazine while running errands around L.A.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at LAX…

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  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Any one call me?

  • this

    Sundance is clearly not the place for her.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    How’s kate bosworth

  • Clash of the Titans

    Lainey is at Sundance, too. Can’t WAIT to see what she says if she runs into Kate.

  • Not so bad

    I actually don’t hate her outfit. It’s cute and comfy-looking, very travel appropriate. Her hair looks really nice, too, like she went against her own advice in “Lucky” magazine and decided to spend a little time on it. Love the bag. Though I do wonder why she’s making some poor older gentleman roll her suitcase and carry her ticket. At least she packed light! Anyone know who the other guy in the photo is? He’s kind of cut off, just curious.

  • LC

    Did she get new boots?

  • LC

    Her feet must stink from constantly wearing the brown ones..

  • Gen Y

    I’ve never understand why people find her so attractive. Maybe it’s Blue Crush nostalgia. She was really cute back then.

  • Gen Y

    I’ve never understand why people find her so attractive. Maybe it’s Blue Crush nostalgia. She was really cute back then

  • Lovely

    Kate looks lovely and she actually has two movies at Sundance, the other one is called “Little Birds”. There has been a lot of buzz about both movies.

  • Special K

    Her outfit is fine. Nothing special but much better than those awful Daisy Dukes and chandelier earrings she was recently trotting around in..

    Her hair looks like she washed it for once. It’s still really thin and stringy but not much she can do about that.

  • Eastern

    That’s Kate Bosworth? I thought it was Kristin Chenowith.

  • Dieter

    Beautiful !!!!!!!!!

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • uu

    Will she have new movie on Sundance? Or why she will be there?
    It is so unsuitable, that she will be on the festival, where is legend like Robert Redford.
    She isn´t good actress.. she was in Blue Crush, but it was years ago!!!!
    She is 30 and she still plays in stupid movies – nothing worth…
    She tried to be next Angelina. BIG MISTAKE, but she isn´t interesting, i quite belive that she had sex with Chris Martin, but I don´t understand him… I know that kate´s friend worked for Coldplay.. I wonder if she works for coldplay still?

  • Sad but True

    @Lovely: Remember when Kate Bosworth was a lead in Super Man Returns?

    Now she’s lucky to land supporting roles in indie flicks. Any buzz attached to these films isn’t about her.

  • linx

    Bosworth is papped too often for me to believe it’s always a coincidence. I’ll cut her some slack on airport pappings but she sure looks happy to have her photo taken.

  • Mary

    Nooo now I have to burn my sunglasses, damn her!
    I HATE you for being such a whore for this woman and her publicists, Jared. Of all the people you could charge to put on your site you overexpose the most BORING AND UGLY woman ever!

  • Tired of her

    I’m so f-ing tired of seeing her talentless ass here almost every day. Dear KB, get a f-ing job already and stop the famewhoring and pimping out your cheap jewelry. Dear JJ, could you PLEASE stop posting about her already and move on to someone who actually contributes something to film and society!!!

  • twin peaks

    Someone must have gifted KB new boots. Finally! Her old ones looked ready to fall off her feet.

  • twin peaks

    Someone must have gifted KB new boots Finally! Her old ones looked ready to fall off her feet.

  • Svetlana

    Matthew Perry & Matt LeBlanc’s Love Triangle

  • Wilson

    @Special K: She suffers from early, on set female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • Cosmo

    Well, at least KB is going to do some work even if it’s only for a day or two.

  • Dieter

    She’s incredible good actress and I think, if she really had sex’ with Chris Martin, what I do not believe, Gwyneth’s would’t even be upset considering the good taste in woman on the husband of her’s !!!!

  • Kory

    yoo hoo! PARTY AT ALEX’S HOUSE!! I bet the swedish surfer dude has been ordered to round up alot of hot chicks and dudes for a crazy party in the hills..wish I was there!!

  • Truebloodlover

    I like her look. Simple but very good looking. I like that more, than that typical overstyled celebrity-looks of some others.
    May be she’s an attention seeker, like most peole here on site saying. But who’s not?? EVERYONE wants attention, especially in that celeb-circle…
    And I know non-celebs, which overdrives that “attention seeking” every day in their private life…

    It’s just part of the job these people are doing.

  • Ness

    Sundance? biatch please!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    She is the most boring talent free chick ever Jared be ashamed I know she pays you but COME ON it’s getting ridiculous no other site covers her the rest of the world doesn’t know she exists her own fan sites ARE DEAD . Have a little dignity dude .

  • Brightside

    Her outfit is very stylish but there’s just something so off putting about the shape of her face! I grant you, it’s unique in that I’ve never seen a doppelganger of her among the general public…but it’s not a very comfortable face to look at.
    Comparing her to another blonde…Charlize Theron….I can see, quite clearly that Charlize is an incredibly beautiful woman…but KB looks like the sort of human designed by aliens who have a working knowledge of what a human should look like, but have never actually seen one. She should be beautiful but she isn’t.



  • Nicole

    Useless, talentless, tactless, scrawny, annoying, famewh*re, papwh*re jezebel. That about sums it up for Kate. Next…..

  • nice posts

    kb post it not to bad some nice comments i like the outfit for once great boots!!!. cannot say the same for alex jj post his comments are taking a beating and mosty negative WHY?. shame great actor

  • A song for my fashion icon

    Hollywood whore
    Passed out on the floor
    I’m sorry but the party’s over
    Cocaine nose and trendy clothes
    Gotta send her to rehab
    She found out she’s got no soul
    But it really doesn’t bother her
    White trash queen, American dream
    Oh what a role model
    Throwing a fit, making a scene
    Like no tomorrow
    Hollywood whore
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    I wanna kick your teeth in
    Plastic smile to match your style
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    You’re so vain, you’re so vile
    You’re a number one hit
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    And nobody screams
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    She’ll never survive without the money and fame
    It’s all going down the drain
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    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya honey

  • fashionista

    yeah, the boots look better this time…. but dont be happy too much, the other ones still exist and were out and about yesterday…….ROFL


    Alexandre Skargarsd is losing fans base because of her people is getting sick and tired this BS ..unfortunately the fans associate celebrity personal life with show..that’s why the fans believe what he said there is not woman my life, I have 2 only my sister and my mom ..and fans truly believe that..because he don’t speak about KB relationship ..maybe that’s this the MAIN reason why she is hatret so much,,,personaly i don’t believe in this relationship .It’s a relationship to promote both …his publicist is dumping his career because I won’t watch Straw dogs because KB.She is horrible.
    He has talent, he doenst need to associate with 3rd category hollywood starz ..advice..chance publicist…Alex.Listen your Papa.

  • AnnmarieZ

    OMG-she looks ridiculous in that photo! I can’t believe those boots aren’t more worn out!!!

    PS-JJ you must be embarrassed at this point to post photos of this z-lister!

  • Really?

    @nice posts: Probably because Kate has owned up to the romance and Alex, well he sulks, looks pissed all the time and grumpy, and really does not say much or offer a smile. Acts like a douche. Probably why. Kate seems to be the only one happy about the romance. LOL

  • GG

    Ok, that’s IT. If Jared continues to post (top post at that) this chick on this blog, I’m just going to stop visiting this site. Yeah, I know I’m just one person, but I’m sure I’m not the only who’s been having these thoughts. Look what happened to Perez. When you turn people off enough, they just don’t come back anymore.

  • Dieter

    Most beautiful woman in the world !!!! I wanna lick her buns !!!!

  • Janelle

    This dumb b*tch can’t even carry her own bag and ticket? Sit DOWN Kate Bosworth!!

  • cami

    Kate’s at Sundance because she’s best friends with Robert Redford, not for all the free stuff. Besides, her luggage is way too small for all the free goodies she’ll get just for showing her ugly mug.
    Don’t you just love the sweater she’s wearing…..Waaay too big, almost like she is saying to everyone, “this is my boyfriends sweater.”
    Note the luggage is identical as the gym bag Alex carries.

  • Actually


    The luggage she has IS Alex’s. I’ve seen pics – same bags down to that blue tag. Same bags, same sweater….same house?

    And fangirls ranting in 3…2…1…

  • Isabel

    She looks fantastic!


    Why isn’t Straw Dogs at Sundance? I thought that Lurie’s remake was supposedly a cinematic masterpiece with brilliant performances by Kate and Alex. Guess not. Kate is going to Sundance based on her bit parts in indy movies in which real actors play the important roles. I’d be embarrassed to show up. It’s like being a triangle player in an orchestra.

  • Janelle

    Please, that’s not his sweater.It would be absolutely swimming on her if it was. It still basically fits her in the shoulders and arms, and is shorter on her. If it was his, it would be hanging down her her knees and the arms would be a mile long.

  • C Head

    Oh god this crack again, I see, she stole Alex suitcase while he was at Joan’s the other day. Alex shouldn’t let Surfer dude open the door anymore POINT.
    Is this the best job for senior citiizen now? Geesh poor guy had to be near to C head I would sanitize afterwards grandpa.
    She’s so up her own a** she actually think she is important. NOT!!! We all know you suck at everything, there are rumors, everyone else around you is doing something. NP is pregnant and wheeling in the awards and she is pregs and engage and she didn’t need to cling to Man to get any of it. KK made what 10 mil last year, what have you done C Head? Oh wait the only reason why people are talking about You is that they can’t stand YOU but your boyfriend is HOT!!!

    Don’t worry he can always get a new suitcase.

  • Kitty

    I love her boots! She’s a beautiful woman with great style.

  • UGH!!

    She still looks Ugh Eww, But thanks for covering those nasty legs/body. Next put a bag over your big head. Nasty.

    She still looks like she is starving and close to death.