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Orlando Bloom: Walk in the Park with Baby Flynn!

Orlando Bloom: Walk in the Park with Baby Flynn!

Orlando Bloom takes his newborn son Flynn for a walk in the park on Sunday (January 23) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old actor was joined by his mother-in-law Therese Kerr for the afternoon stroll!

Orlando recently talked to WWD about his ad campaign for Hugo Boss‘ Orange Man fragrance, which is due in stores on February 1st!

“I never really thought about doing it before,” he said. “I guess because I probably took myself too seriously and thought, I’m an actor, I’m not a model.”

25+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom on a walk with son Flynn

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orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 01
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 02
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 03
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 04
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 05
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 06
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 07
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 08
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 09
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 10
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 11
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 12
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 13
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 14
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 15
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 16
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 17
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 18
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 19
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 20
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 21
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 22
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 23
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 24
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 25
orlando bloom walk in the park with flynn 26

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  • Jo

    Maybe the doc told them baby needed some natural sunshine

  • Anastasia

    Ahhhh….how adorable!!The way Orlando holds Flynn makes your heart melt..He’s just become a dad and he seems to trully loving it and embracing his new role!From these first pics Flynn looks i going to grow up to be a beautiful little boy like his parents.And i am sure he;s going to be raised with lot of love and affection!

  • Lily

    And fresh air. And rest for mommy.

  • ss

    too cute!!! :)

    i noticed he’s not wearing his ring though…

  • He’s so Hot!

    Oh yeah, he’s even hotter with a baby! They look positively adorable!

    It’s lovely to see him so happy now that he is a daddy. He really has it all. So happy for you OB!

  • Rosy

    So cuuuuute

  • babyoh

    Doctors suggest sunshine for babies with jaundice.

  • Just Joanie

    It’s so cute and adorable that Orlando looks a little bit unsure of himself while holding his newborn baby. *sigh* And what a sweet hubby for taking the baby out and giving mom some downtime.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    So cute and sweet flynn

  • Fan

    wow they look adorable, Orlando looks like a loving father…

  • Karly

    Why shouldnt he be able to show off his baby to everyone..he’s obviously so proud..and he should-flynn is adorable!

  • http://hotmailaustralia paras

    Orlando looks so happy and proud of his beautiful little son. Good on them and may God Bless them.

  • Angelica

    so cute.
    jared, when will you have kids?

  • sara

    Such wonderful pictures!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @44 WTF Orlando is not going to die where did you get those thoughts?Plus Matilda will see his movies his personal pictures with her and his family and her mother will tell her stories about her precious father I doubts she will look at pap pictures for memories about her father WHAT THE HELL.

  • where is blanket?

    Miranda’s mother Teresa urgently needs mirror to realize that she is not her daughter and learn how to dress properly according to her body shape and age. She is in the boots and wearing something like coat in her hands while two weeks old baby is in the short trousers, without any blanket or something to warm him?! Photos are really cute and paps must be happy that Orlando didn’t attack them (maybe they were hidden and unnoticed).

  • @66

    According to a picture at the Daily Mail, the black thing Mrs Kerr is carrying is some sort of complicated baby sling. Maybe they neglected to work out how to put it on before going on their outing. I had a Wilkinet and was always having to give people lessons in how to put it on.

  • Butter_Fly

    I’m breaking my own rule again by posting but I don’t care! Oh my God! So cute! Adorable! Awww! Ok, I’m done now.

  • too young, too soon.

    I dont understand why Orlando’s fans go insane every time its mentioned that the paparazi pictures are set ups. 90% of the paparazi pictures we see have been tipped of by the celebrities themselves. Plus Orlando is more then capable of flying under the radar when he wants to; he’s done many times.
    I’m really shocked that he would parade his 2 week old baby around all so he can look like the doting father and make all the fan girls go “aahhhhh adorable”.
    What happend to “protecting the ones we love”?

  • oh hai

    I think my heart just melted.stop judging, guys, this is so lovely.

  • @69

    I don’t notice any fans going “insane”, apart from thumbing posts down.

    I recently saw that documentary Adrian Grenier made about a teenage paparazzo and there seem to be plenty who make their living by hanging out and snatching photos, although they also said they are sometimes tipped off, and one had been chosen by a star to do their baby photos. I think the figure of 90% you give is probably an overstatement. Maybe the guys who are tipped off get the best photos so their work is more likely to sell, but there are still many more opportunists being a nuisance.

    What difference does it make how old the baby is? If it’s a set-up, it’s not as if the baby is in any danger. The photographer does what he’s told and the photo goes out and there’s less incentive for other paps to try and get photos.

    I do feel uneasy when I see too many sets of photos close together. If they’re not set-ups then he’s having a hard time with the paps, and if they are, he shouldn’t feel under so much pressure to be seen. Has he promised Boss Orange a certain number of appearances in the gossip mags or something?

  • mee

    omg they are so cute. I can see he’s going to be a wonderful dad, look how carefully he’s holding him.

  • LOL!

    According to delphi law, any time that he is photographed smiling, it is a “set up”.
    If he hadn’t been smiling, these pics would be “proof”, in their tiny brains, that he is miserable.
    Smiling = set up
    Frowning or neutral expression = ‘caught’
    So predictable!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    LOL He is a celeb who had a baby with another celeb no need to call the paps GET OVER IT .
    Orlando Bloom has a great powerful PR the best in town if he wanted attention he wouldn’t call the paps THE PEOPLE WORKING FOR HIM WOULD KNOW HOW TO PROVIDE ATTENTION FORM THE WEEDING AND BABY .
    But still no:
    1.Weeding pictures ANYWHERE .
    2. They just posted for free the picture of their baby preventing them self offers in money form tabloids and magazine covers.
    Seems that he is doing an horrible job for someone who wants “attention” .
    WTF I have followed Orlando Bloom for 6 years now and I have never seen him do anything news worthy for tabloids or act like a fool for attention he worked his ass off and did charity HE IS ALWAYS IN THE NEWS FOR THE RIGHT REASONS if some are jealous is not his fault .
    Paps and the public love families and babies just ask Suri and Violet you better get used to them being photographed a lot again GET OVER IT.

  • LOL!

    This is a great example of the *cough**gasp* intelligence *LOL* of the delphidiots.
    We’ve all seen the pics that were supposed to be of Orlando “wetting the baby’s head” at a bar, right? Some dark haired guy doing shots until the wee hours of the morning? The ones that were OBVIOUSLY NOT Orlando?
    Well, the delphites agree that this OBVIOUSLY NOT Orlando.
    See, they can have some common sense once in a while.
    But it doesn’t last long.
    In one breath they will say that this is NOT Orlando, but then they will use THOSE SAME PICS as evidence that he isn’t happy at home because he spends all night out with guys instead of being with his wife and child.
    So it isn’t him, but it is him if they want to use it against him.

  • Kim

    OMG, this is just too cute!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Orlando was all ready the cutest guy ever now he’s so adorable when he kiss him ! Ohhh, I’m gonna die !

  • Doting Daddy

    Bet he’ll be a doting Dad. He’s always been a super affectionate guy and now he’s got his own little ‘tadpole’ to lavish all that lovin’ on.


    Adorable – both of them. Very sweet.

  • theila

    @too young, too soon.:

    I have to disagree. Orlando’s team knows, that even though Kerr-Blooms are not the most sought after celebrities, the baby pictures would sell, hence the paparazzi would be following him around. They released the first picture on facebook free. The price for paparazzi pictures went down. they arrange a photo-op in a park: safe place, paparazzi can get the pictures from far. The price goes more down. When they actually go out as a whole family it won’t be so bad for themselves any more.

  • Awwww!

    TOO ADORABLE!! <3 =)

  • @80

    Probably why it was Orlando out with the bub, too.
    Miranda is probably still not at 100%, and Papa Bear could better handle the paps if they got too close.
    As you said, release a few safe pics, and the next time they are out it doesn’t turn into a ‘Kate Moss at the Airport’ type scrum.
    Orlando is a smart guy. And he has been hounded by paps long enough to know how to deal with them.
    He does look great holding a baby in his arms. The love is almost palpable.
    He was born to be a Daddy, not just a father.

  • Eresyn

    Beautiful pictures!!!!

  • Liliana

    Ahh, my heart pretty much melted with these photos, orlando and his baby are just adorable!!

  • Sara

    These pics of a beautiful, healthy baby and proud new papa have driven the haters over the edge of decency.
    They are making up stories that fit their own warped realities, then treating them as fact.
    From the sad delphite masquerading as Orlando on a blog, insulting both him and his family (criminally, IMO), to the random members posting disgusting comments on their board.
    I mean, what sane person plants stories about a tiny, innocent child?
    They have been so offensive, that even a few of their more rational members have spoken out against them.
    If even delphi members are speaking out, that shows how horrible these people have been.
    They should be ashamed of themselves.
    They aren’t even human anymore.

  • @85

    The fake blog is so fake and criminal that it’s totally dead now and only fake Orlando and fake friend remain there.
    What I don’t understand is that supposing all the things they make up about Miranda were true, what they’re doing is much worse than that. So even seeing it from their point of view, I don’t understand why do they still act as if they were better than her.

  • @86

    Yeah, they call her a liar, when they themselves are some of the biggest liars on the web.
    I’ll use a name that they earned long ago….hypocrites!

  • hmmm

    So I guess that since they call Miranda “dingo”, that makes them hyenas. Mean and ugly (yes, I’ve seen pictures).

  • @87

    The best part is they call her a liar for not remembering properly some stupid detail about something trivial, or not remembering an exact date or not sticking literally to every single word she’s said. However their lies are big, fat and most of all, obvious.

  • LOL!

    They call him a bad father because he is holding the baby close to his heart, instead of putting him in a stroller and relieving him of all human contact.
    Next thing you know the idiots will be saying that he is a bad father for putting the carseat in the back seat, instead of up front with him.
    Nothing he does will EVER be right, according to the delphIDIOTS.

  • Melody

    Orlando’s obviously a natural born daddy and I wish him the best in everything, because he deserves it. Flynn’s so little, he doesn’t really look like a ten pound baby. Is it true that Miranda picked out the name and its australian? I’ve never heard of it—he’ll be one of a kind, like his daddy.

  • KatherineM

    Poor guy can’t even show off his baby in JJ without having Kate Bosworth’s ugly mug stalking him immediately above his daddy picture.

  • @Melody

    I think Flynn looks quite big. I see much teeny-tinier newborns out and about.

    I did read that Flynn was quite a common name in Australia and NZ, so it’s likely that Miranda suggested it, but presumably they chose it together. I think it works quite well as a celebrity child name and would also suit an Aussie civilian. If Flynn grows up to run an adventure holiday company in California or Australia, his name will be ideal. Not so good if he grows up to be a UK human rights lawyer, but hopefully he has a middle name that he can use instead if he wants.

  • awwww

    Baby Flynn looks very comfortable snuggled up to his daddy’s chest.
    All warm and cozy.

  • sasha

    Are you delphites proud of yourselves?
    Are you proud that you have revealed that you are true haters, lacking even the most basic human decency?
    Are you proud to be revealed as liars and hypocrites?
    Are you proud to spread lies about an innocent newborn baby?
    Are you proud that your irrational hatred has led you to this?
    Are you proud that peopel see exactly how you are?
    I bet you are proud.
    Any decent human being would be ashamed to be associated with you lot, but since you lost your humanity long ago, I guess there isn’t much chance of that.
    Wallowing in hatred will only bring darkness to your lives.
    How can you know love if all you see is hate?

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @95 I will respond no they are not ashamed they left human decency and logic out of the door a loooooooooooooooooooong time ago and they have now people laugh and point at them I love how they say the baby is “rumored” not to be his when those “rumors” existed only in their sick heads they used to bother me but now they are just pathetic and sad and good for a laugh .

  • Jayne

    Orlando looks good with hes son . I think it’s good he wants to be with hes son and i don’t think it’s wrong to want to hold your baby, you can take them out if you want. He was all most 3 weeks old so it’s not like she just had him. I say well done orlando they are lovely pics i would love to see more , i think hes going to be a good.

  • Jayne

    I for got to put dad at the end, he the best and im glad it’s a boy.

  • @96

    That’s one of the things that amazes me. They say they’re worried about the baby because they say he’s being exposed to the paps. Considering this baby is son of two celebrities, it’s clear that he will never be anonymous and sooner or later, set up or not, the baby would be papped.
    But then they don’t have any kind of problem to say that baby is not really his. For what I’ve read here and there, nobody has even considered the possibility that he may not be his except for them, but if they somehow got to spread that rumour, now THAT would really hurt the baby. It’s clearly not going to happen, but it’s difficult to believe they’re more concerned about the baby than their conspiracy theories.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @99 It’s sick that a what? Three weeks old little baby isn’t getting in the way of their delirious theories and that they are willing to hurt him it kinda tells everything you need to know about that little group of psychopaths .