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Willow Smith: '21st Century Girl' Video Shoot & Song Preview!

Willow Smith: '21st Century Girl' Video Shoot & Song Preview!

Willow Smith shoots the music video for “21st Century Girl,” her upcoming second single, at a private location in California on Saturday (January 22).

Later in the day, the shoot moved to a location in Los Angeles where the 10-year-old pop sensation was joined by her dad Will, mom Jada, and brother Jaden.

Jaden‘s Karate Kid co-star Jackie Chan was even on hand for a cameo in the video!

Willow told her fans on Facebook that she is “so excited for my next single!! Are you? It’s a dance record. I know you love to dance, don’t cha’……”

FYI: Willow is wearing LittleMissMatched bright mismatched knee socks.

Listen to a quick preview of “21st Century Girl” below…

Willow Smith: “21st Century Girl” Preview

20+ pictures inside of Willow Smith shooting a video…

Just Jared on Facebook
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 01
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 02
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 03
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 04
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 05
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 06
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 07
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 08
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 09
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 10
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 11
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 12
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 13
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 14
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 15
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 16
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 17
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 18
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 19
willow smith 21st century girl video shoot 20

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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

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  • missy

    she looks demon possessed!

  • mia

    just jared junior!

  • pukeonu

    who cares she’s one ugly kid..stop shoving her in our faces

  • sue

    This kid’s parents are idiots, she’s only 10 for crying out loud.
    She has nothing at all going for her, her style is crap and her looks are questionable.
    Let her be a kid as they grow up fast enough as it is.

  • notpop

    How is Willow a “pop sensation”? She’s made one song that sounded like woody woodpecker being put in a blender!

  • منتدى نسائى

    Wow very useful man thanx for sharing..

  • waah

    leave willow alone it was her choice to be a singer.
    just because you guys are insecure about yourselves doesnt mean you have to attack on willow and most of you probably are hating on her because its on the internet and its the only way you can feel powerful but your all cowards.

  • Melissa

    They are doing everything to make this girl be big in show business, the problem is she lacks the natural talent, she does not do well in school and her parents believe that the only success this girl will have will be them making her a star. she is so jealous of her brother.

  • PJ

    Not buying it. Why so desperate. They family must need a lot of money. She must be failing in school and Will and Jada figure she should try show business. Really an education should come first.

  • http://dnica Mann

    Wow you haters are pretty pathetic. She does badly in school? Really you have a copy of her report card? She’s jealous of Jaden? LOL and saying shes not cute come on this is sad stuff coming from Adults. LMAO!!!

  • teri

    She may be a pop sensation but my daughter is not allowed to watch or listen to any of this

  • paggy

    Well,the girl is crazy but i like her father and mom …..she is too young and she should study at school more

  • Cathy

    1. What normal 9 year old looks like that?
    2. JJ Jr

  • fag

    it’s child, she sholudn’t do all this stupid things.

  • efron

    She looks like an AVATAR.

  • frankie

    She should be in school why is she doing this she’s ten years old I thought Will Smith and Jada are rich why are they letting their children
    work. Who cares if she has a tutor she needs to be in school being a normal kid having a normal life.

  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    She in school

  • Mesus

    See kids, you too can dress like an insane bag lady and unceremoniously label yourself a “fashion icon” if you have a famous father.

  • MangerBouger

    WTH ! It smells scientologists’ way of living …

  • all

    More Mindless Monotonous Mediocre Meaningless C.R.A.P. being shoved our way! The Smith family is now seriously getting on my nerves. Is Will paying you to put her in the adult’s section? Sure seems that way!


  • all



  • Annie

    @waah: There is a reason parents should be the ones to make decisions about their underaged children. Just because they WANT to do something doesn’t mean they necessarily should, or it is good for them. Most childstars after growing up have said, that they would not wish the same for their own children.

  • anoano

    Well it’s good that she has rich parents that can pay and pave her way for her because she is one fugly little girl, very unattractive and her singing “voice” is non-existent, all autotune. And for those who say “she’s a child, how can you say she’s fugly!!”, well she’s a child who CRAVES/WANTS/DESPERATE for the spotlight, so with that goes critics and so…she’s fugly!!

  • Mercy Me

    @ Missy #4 – I think you mean Rihanna looks possessed. Call it when you see it. Don’t try to crucify Willow because Rihanna Sold her soul!!!

  • Mercy Me

    @ teri #14 – I hear u silly rabbit. I am sure ur daughter has Rihanna’s music in ur house though. Are u teaching ur daughter about sex and whips and chains? Rihanna sure will teach her for you. Hypocrite!

  • Mercy Me

    P.S I like the Song..

  • dumbo

    That kid has her father’s unfortunate ears….

    If that was my daughter, I’d style her hair to hide those babies…

  • teri

    @ Mercy Me #28 No actually she doesn’t have any of those things. You shouldn’t call a person a hypocrite that you don’t even know and have never been to their house. She will be able to make her own choices soon enough but right now, I monitor what is listened to and watched at my home.

  • Kenny


    Ummm, do you research. The little girl stated her self that she is doing poorly in school and does not listen to her tutor. Willow also stated she wants to go out and play with her friends but her parents tell her alot of people are depending on her to work, etc. So stop with all this hater madness, you sound like your 10 along with Willow.

  • Rocky


    OMG!! ITAWU! So true!!!

  • Rocky


    I heard the same thing. Just lovely how they are letting her do this and not teach her that she’s popular now, but may not be later. She needs an education that will give her something to fall back on when people start trashing her as she gets older. Very sad. Will’s grandmother must be turning over in her grave!

  • ff


  • http://dnica Mann

    @Kenny: Let’s be honest Kenny we don’t know a damn thing that goes on in that house hold and I know we see all of her interviews and dieset every word she says but come on who are we kidding ??? All I know is her parents are very smart people her mom is a College Grad. and her dad was smart enough to go to M.I.T. as an engineer major but decided to become a rapper instead and her grandmother is an educator who home schooled her most of her life. So I trust the Smith’s are well equipped to handle educating there kid.

  • M

    Fugly little brit starved for attention, and looks like a boy,


    ALL YOU TROLLS callimg her ‘fugly” i bet all of you are


    ALL YOU TROLLS calling her ‘fugly” i bet all of you are

  • charlotte

    Does this child even go to school??
    Go, play with kids your age, and study, try to make it to college!!
    This is what happens when you have rich ignorant people as parents

  • Grim Future

    Tragic, no childhood, parents in arranged scientology marraige, what a life for a child. Please spare us.

  • Melissa

    @13, it was Jayda that said school work and studying is not Willow’s strength, she will get most of her education from life, she already has the necessary knowledge that traditional school can give, She doesn’t like Jayden getting all the attention, these are Jayda’s words not mine.

  • Erica

    I’m sorry for the people that like her, but she is really starting to get annoying. All she is doing is milking her dad’s fame! I can’t believe she’s going to be in a remake of Annie that Will Smith is going to make!

    I’ve lost some respect for Will Smith, I think.

  • A

    She needs to stay in school, her longevity in the music industry will not happen she is being exploited by her parents. Stop letting the child grow up so fast, teach her how to read and let her be a kid.

  • Annabelle

    It is sad that talent these days means nothing.
    This troll needs to stay in school and learn to read and write, at least. Never mind something like math or physics.
    Is money more important than eduacation??????
    This family is sorry a$$ pathetic even with all the money they have!

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