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Blake Lively Bundles Up for 'Gossip Girl'

Blake Lively Bundles Up for 'Gossip Girl'

Blake Lively tries to keep warm on a freezing day in New York City as she films an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl on Monday (January 24).

The 23-year-old actress wore a puffy coat over a Ralph Lauren Blue Label Simon Patchwork Coat to stay warm in between takes.

Last week, Blake stepped out in style, rocking a green Burberry trench coat while on set.

The hit CW show returns with a new episode tonight (January 24th)!

FYI: Blake is wearing an Autumn Cashmere featherweight wrap in Spruce.

10+ pictures inside of Blake Lively on the set of Gossip Girl

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blake lively bundles up gossip girl 02
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  • ck

    Can’t get on her today. It was fracking freezing this am.

  • Angela


  • T

    She looks upset. Maybe sleeping with the producer didnt get her a role

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    I think she have problem

  • JustMe

    Enough of her, please!

  • lila

    Enough of her and Leighton. Ugh Leighton is posted on this blog every day.

  • Anita

    @JustMe: Yet you insisted on commenting; are you sure you dont like her?!

    Im so excited for the Green Lantern to come out; hopefully another trailer comes out soon cos in the 1st one the cgi suit looked kinda cartoony. Hopefully they improve it before the movie comes out.

    You can tell that the cast are so over Gossip Girl! They all want to move but can’t – luckily theres only 2 seasons left in their contract.

  • 11

    It was freezing today, and they had to film for hours? Argg

  • yua

    WAAAY more chemistry with Leighton than Minka.

  • yua

    @lila: There was a time when Black was everywhere, now its Leighton. It depends on when their films are coming out. That is when they’re on all the covers, etc. Soon it’ll die down and we can miss them again:) Personally I never get sick of Leighton+Blake.

  • Daria

    I can’t believe this show is still airing!!!

  • Milena

    I wish they didn’t trash the character Serena. Ugh I hate her now. They seem to be heading the same way with Blair.

  • alex

    lip job? look at those pillow lips! i had to do a double take on the photo with a close up of her face

  • poli

    @alex: i thought that but in the other pics theyre normal.

  • halloweenie
  • Ashley

    I wish they didn’t trash the character Serena. Ugh I hate her now. They seem to be heading the same way with Blair.

    ITA with this!! I mean pairing her with Dan says it all. BLAH…

  • Amanda

    I like that shes tall and people still find her beautiful and she is an actress. I got bullied for being tall up until my graduation last year and I’m finally embracing my height.

  • tresor

    @Ashley: ugh blair and dan is disgusting. gossip girl officially sucks now.

  • yoyo

    her hair is effortlessly amazing

  • 22

    love her

  • me

    Is she still seeing Ben Affleck???

  • Twinkle

    I wonder how long she kept the rest of the cast and crew waiting in the cold? A friend who works as an extra says that she is the rudest, most inconsiderate b!tch by making other wait for her till she’s ready to shoot a scene. Anyone knows that it cost money to keep a shoot waiting. And it’s cold in NY these days.

  • Rainforest


    Everyone can make up these kind of BS. I don’t believe any of this s.hit. If you watch her interviews she is always effortlessly bubbly, funny and cheerful. Fans who have met her say the same thing.

  • Susan

    @Rainforest: I met her at TIFF when she was alone, not playing it up for the cameras and she was the sweetest girl ever. Really goofy. I’m not a fan of hers, my daughter is. I think when someone appears to have a perfect life(wealth, fame, clothes, etc) people can be a bit jealous. Perfection does not exist.

  • Verity

    future celebrity
    is saying that Blake could possibly marry Leo DiCaprio
    man what a pairing that would be
    he would be so lucky i would say
    blake is so pretty and seems so down to earth, especially after #24 comments, nice story thanks

  • ace11

    she’s a cutie

    and in her prime as well

    wonder if she’s done the deed yet?

  • Juliet


  • Juliet

    Drop dead gorgeous

  • CaroleS

    Is there any really classy actress out there: I mean one who has never stooped so low as Uggs?
    She looks so good in the other boots.

  • Anita

    @CaroleS: the uggs maybe fugly but they are comfortable and especially on a cold day. If I had to work in high heels all day; I would change to something really comfortable and warm at every chance I got.

  • Liis

    Lively is so lovely :) Keep up the great work, Blake!

  • Phoebe

    I’m a big fan of Blake! Love it when I see posts about her. She’s such a down to earth person unlike some people who are acting like they’re a diva when they’re not.

  • Lively

    She is sooooo boring!! The show isn’t popular anymore.

  • s

    i like her

  • Shy

    And stay there Blake Lively! Gossip Girl is your place. And always was. When all of a suddenly Harvey Weinstein begin to promote her like she is some new mark of perfume. And begin to throw her at every event and every magazine.

    Well it will not make you a movie star. She is whoring herself for 5 months now and still has zero projects on her IMDB page. Which means she didn’t land a single role since Weinstein begin to promote her.

  • crayon

    She’s so beautiful in a unique way. I love her unique face. She looks just like a 90′s model named Elaine Erwin Mellancamp (who is married to John Mellancamp the singer) google it, they could be mom/daughter-sisters!

  • Parley

    Middle aged woman face

  • Lucky One

    Mmiddle aged woman face

  • s

    @crayon: Agree, she’s gorgeous.

  • jensenLUVER tanya


  • Anita

    @Shy: Eerm she was everwhere 5months ago cos she had a movie to PROMOTE. Every actor and especially actresses promote themselves and the movie on mags, tv etc! thats why Leighton is everywhere now cos she has a movie to promote! And to say Blake hasnt got any projects coming – what about that “little” movie called Green Lantern; Im sure you havent heard of it before.
    Funny how all the movies shes been in are not even related to Harvey Weinstein?! But obviously you’ve made up your immature mind that shes a w.hore so I wont even bother.

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    Love u so much

  • Fashion

    support you forever