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James Franco & Anne Hathaway: Oscar Promo Pics!

James Franco & Anne Hathaway: Oscar Promo Pics!

Check out these promo shots featuring this year’s Oscar hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway!

The two actors will be sharing hosting duties for the 83rd Academy Awards on Sunday, February 27.

“One of the producers at the Oscars saw a YouTube clip of me singing with this artist named Kalup Linzy,” James recently told exclusively.

“And the producer was like, ‘Maybe James would be willing to have a couple of singing lessons.’ But whatever, I think I sounded pretty good with Kalup!” he added.

The 2011 Oscars airs live on ABC February 27 from Hollywood’s Kodak Theatre!

FYI: Anne is wearing Casadei satin triple platforms.

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james franco anne hathaway oscar promo pics 01
james franco anne hathaway oscar promo pics 02
james franco anne hathaway oscar promo pics 03
james franco anne hathaway oscar promo pics 04

Photos: Bob DAmico/ABC
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38 Responses to “James Franco & Anne Hathaway: Oscar Promo Pics!”

  1. 1
    overated. Says:

    They’re gonna be awesome hosts !! :) Anne Hathaway AND James Franco. I’m excited.

  2. 2
    tim Says:

    Cool promo pics, i just love Anne Hathaway she is just awesome :)

  3. 3
    Alison Says:

    This might be the first year the oscars don’t suck.

  4. 4
    Don't get it Says:

    why did they take them?
    They are not even funny.

    There r enough comedians in this country and overseas that could have done a great job.

  5. 5
    mary Says:

    i cannot believe that anyone would choose Anne Hathaway for anything. surely to God there were others to do the job. why didn’t they someone like Billy Crystal, Ellen Degeneres, Jay Leno, etc. if they wanted actors to host the awards then why didn’t they choose hosts with importance: reputations gained through stellar achievement in acting. actors such as Al Pacino, Robert Di Niro, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Michael Caine etc, etc.

  6. 6
    xtinaluvr Says:

    What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!

  7. 7
    Britt Says:

    I don’t care who’s hosting. I just hope the Oscar noms differ from the GG.

  8. 8
    منتديات Says:

    Anne She has beautiful smile! : )

  9. 9
    Joan Says:

    Anne is gorgeous !! i dont like James Franco………. :(

  10. 10
    Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!! Says:

    I dont like anne and james :-/

  11. 11
    Jane Says:

    James Franco actually looks good when he decides to take a bath and shave!

  12. 12
    kiki Says:

    love it! hopefully they do great job!

  13. 13
    Someone Says:

    I loved that. Pretty good pics.
    James handsome, like always, and Anne is so beautiful!

  14. 14
    Paul Says:

    Don’t watch these award shows. They usually don’t give them to the ones who really deserve it anyway.

  15. 15
    to paul Says:

    why not, these award shows are fun. in any case, you may think that the awards go to those who don’t deserve it. however, other people may disagree with you.

  16. 16
    Anita Says:

    As much as I love Franco; Its gonna be SOO awkward. When he speaks in interviews I cringe cos he takes forever to explain himself and he ends up sounding all artsy fartsy. But I just love him!! Anne was great when she did that song with Hugh Jackman 2yrs ago so I hope shes as good as that.
    Im surprised that Hugh hasnt hosted again cos he was great -one of the best actually; especially the opening song.

  17. 17
    Anastasia Says:

    Great choice of hosts!I think they’ll be good during the presentation of the Oscars even though it’s going to be this kind of shows for several hours can be tricky..but they are professionals and i am sure they’ll pull it through nicely!

  18. 18
    Jim Says:

    Annie is a dunce. She dated a conman without the slightest clue about him and gave him up only when the Feds indicted him.

  19. 19
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    I dont like they

  20. 20
    Jokergurl Says:

    I think they’ll do great, they’re both talented and funny, at least it won’t be Ricky Gervais, he gets on my nerves, actually they should bring in Robin Williams to host, then at least it wouldn’t be boring.

  21. 21
    nina Says:

    WHY. IS. HATHAWAY. EVEN. RELELVANT?! Oh God!!!!!!! WHO is she facking in Hollywood????

  22. 22
    nina Says:

    @Jokergurl: Ricky goy on your nerves? Who are you, Tom Cruiz???

  23. 23
    rosana Says:

    i can’t stand franco’s hair ,do something before the gala please

  24. 24
    jensenLUVER tanya Says:

    he will be the ONLY ONLY reason I will consider watching the oscars this year. Havent watched it in over 10 yrs. it just got boring and typical over the years.

  25. 25
    jensenLUVER tanya Says:

    he will be the ONLY ONLY reason I will consider watching the oscars this year. Havent watched it in over 10 yrs. it just got boring and typical over the years. PS JAMES LOOKS AWESOME HERE!!!!! SEXY!!!!

  26. 26
    bobbi Says:

    Cant wait to see these two hosting. Such a refreshing change from the same ole same ole. I hope they prove the naysayers wrong and knock them dead. :o)

  27. 27
    sp Says:

    Many of you are a bunch of haters. Both Anne Hathaway & James Franco are incredibly talented.

    After seeing Anne’s brilliant work on SNL last year ( the reason she got the Oscar gig) , she proved she is a wonderful chameleon. She did a genius take on Judy Garland ( Wizard of Oz), Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes ( wickedly funny !) , drunk redneck Black Friday customer, and the annoying and hilarious aunt that spoiled her family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Because of Anne’s great impressions and her knack for accents , she reminded me of a young Tracey Ullman, Carol Burnett, and Lily Tomlin . I can’t say that about any other young A-list actress – not Natalie Portman, not Rachel McAdams, not Michelle Williams, not Carey Mulligan, and definitely not Keira Knightley.

  28. 28
    Mikayla Says:

    So excited to see James host the oscars! He is absolutely gorgeous and I’m sure he as well as Anne will do a great job hosting!

  29. 29
    Jokergurl Says:

    @nina: I don’t think he’s that funny, and I like British humor, I love Mr. Bean, I love Monty Python, Absolutely Fabulous, Coupling too. No I thought the Tom Cruise thing was funny, I just didn’t like the **** he said about Robert Downey Jr, who’s the MOST bankable actor in Hollywood right now and he’s been through so much. It just pissed me off a bit.

  30. 30
    SupernaturalQueen Says:

    OMG! HP got nominated :D My only reason for watching this year. Or I might just skip it and view the winners later. I would say the winners are rather predictable but its really anyones game from the list of nominees. I dont care who wins(except my HP) and good luck to the hosts.

  31. 31

    Anne Hathaway is very conceited. It’s important to be confident in life and especially when you are a celebrity but she gets attention that she does not deserve. Since when is she qualified to host the Academy Awards?
    James Franco did an award winning performance playing James Dean.
    He deserves to be a host but I am not sure if he can entertain an audience
    at the academy awards. Neil Patrick Harris was a very entertaining host. I don’t remember if it was for the academy awards but he would be the best choice.

  32. 32
    Patty Says:

    @mary: I agree!

  33. 33
    alal Says:

    شات نور عمان

  34. 34
    صور Says:

    Pretty good pics.

  35. 35
    جدايل Says:

    Anne She has beautiful smile! : )

  36. 36
    تليفزيون ع نت Says:

    congratulations … (:

  37. 37
    بي بي Says:

    Anne She has beautiful smile! : )

  38. 38
    اخبار الاهلى Says:

    Ke$ha winning photo Ke$ha winning photo

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