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Kate Bosworth: Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift Portrait!

Kate Bosworth: Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift Portrait!

Kate Bosworth poses for a portrait during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival at The Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift on Monday (January 24) in Park City, Utah.

The day before, the 28-year-old actress attended the premiere of her new film, Another Happy Day, with co-stars Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin.

Kate also hit up the Little Birds premiere before stopping by the film’s after party at the Carrera Sunglasses Escape.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Burberry dress.

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kate bosworth sundance portrait 01
kate bosworth sundance portrait 02
kate bosworth sundance portrait 03
kate bosworth sundance portrait 04
kate bosworth sundance portrait 05

Credit: Larry Busacca; Photos: Getty
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  • Peanut Gallery

    Like the dress, her, not so much. Photoshop?

  • Lovely

    Wow, she looks great in these pics!

  • RealityCheck

    This waste of space did not warrant four posts in 2 days.Her desperate need for fame is sickening.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Oh, and this is #8 since 13 January…….11 days?

  • jack

    She looks stunning!! Beautiful girl

  • rap it up

    She looks lifeless.

  • Metal Heart

    I know the dress is expensive but for all that money you’d think they would have chosen a more flattering color.

  • jeeves

    She looks old.

  • Kory

    God, im so glad to know Kate Bosworth posed for a picure at an after party”get all you can grab” swag party.. I have been SO worried/concerned about her and her career.. I mean JJ you have no idea what a service you are contributing by leting all of us know what this quality, humble, useful human being is up to…I mean I know that when she gets to the black hole of Calcutta and the ghettoes of he USA’s mean streets to do her charity/volunteer work you’ll take pics there too right?

  • Dieter

    Totally love her !!! Best butt in the world – I wanna lick her buns !!!!

  • Kory


    for the right price, she will probably let you;)

  • RealityCheck

    Why does Burberry look so cheap and tacky? Maybe it’s her. This try hard seems to always look wrong. She really should close those bumpy collagened limps in photos…that opened mouth wanna be sexy thing does not work for her. It only makes her look even more stupid.

  • Nice chin

    nice urban outfitters catalog model poses you air head idiot!


    does she really have diferent eye color?

  • منتديات

    she`s Beautiful

  • Anita

    I dont follow Kate Bosworth; except that I see her everywhere but not in films etc. But why do people seem to hate her?! what did she do to garner so much hate from bloggers?!

  • mickey

    ugly chick.

  • Juno

    She’s not ugly but I’m not seeing the great beauty. She has a pretty limited series of expressions so I’m surprised she’s an actress.

  • LOLz

    Everyone is always complaining that people hate on her. Here is a heads up. The fact that she is so clearly over exposed on this site doesn’t help her cause. A post or two…i can accept that. But come one…she is no Angelina.

  • Eresyn

    She looks like the poster child of a delusional wannabe fameho addict to coke and photographs…

  • Gilmore

    I know a lot of people say she’s gorgeous, but I really don’t see it. She’s not all that great of an actress (let’s face it she’s only known for that surfer movie she did when I was like ten), not all that attractive and doesn’t have much of a personality. I don’t get her appeal, she seems like another stick figure blonde I could find walking down the street. Basic and boring.

  • Movie Watcher

    I’m beginning to understand why people say she looks older. She’s not really that old but something is missing. Her eyes look dull. She could easily pass for mid-30s instead of late 20s. Maybe that will benefit her though and she can transition into the Mom roles instead of competing against younger A-Listers for leads and girlfriend parts.

  • Twinkle

    She acts? I thought she’s a party girl as all I ever see are photos of her at parties.

  • ms teeq

    This woman is in need…

  • Honey

    she looks like a barbie doll….and no that’s not meant as a compliment. bleh.

  • kitty

    ooo Jared you forgot to document her bowel movements. is that the next ‘news’ story?

    also her lips have been done so much she can’t close them properly.

    but on a positive note, her dress isn’t awful, I quite like the boots and she looks like she’s laid off the botox a bit in photo number 2.

  • Reed

    Bosworth should go into porn.
    She looks like a limp, sex doll here:

  • Reed

    Bosworth should go into porn.
    She looks like a limp, sex doll here

  • LisaM

    I can only take looking at her ugly botoxed wax face once in a while (like once a year or never)! Please don’t post anymore useless posts concerning this talentless famewh*re please!!!

  • Nicole

    HA!!! She chose the wrong Swedish actor!! Joel Kinnaman won for Best Actor in Sweden tonight!!! hahahahahahahhahaah!!! That is something Alex will never get AND he beat Alex’s brother!! Redemption is mine!!! LOL!!!

  • Dieter

    In 21 she made that very beautiful and sensual love scene which is only compared to Nicole Kidman’s in Cold Mountain and Australia.

    She has very good acting skills and she is a hard worker/fighter !!!

  • jenna


    Yeah, her eyes are really pretty.

  • so..

    She’s not ugly, actually looks pretty (trying too hard) but…what is she doing? She’s in a spring/summer dress, posing against a wall for?? nothing. She has really, really small parts in two movies at Sundance (and hold your horses, she’s presenting tonight at a film awards function at Sundance, so more JJ) and she’s largely totally irrelevant in Hollywood. Unfortunately, for fans of Alexander Skarsgard, she’s dragging him down and will apparently do everything she can to keep that connection going. So that’s the issue here. As Lainey would say, why is Kate Bosworth? We don’t know anymore. And we haven’t in about seven years.

  • Bee

    This is why i like Natalie Portman… the girl can get jobs without whoring to the media,but i like the attenti0n she’s getting n0w:)

  • sunbears1

    Do you guys know how embarrassing you are? Almost every post about Kate has over 50 comments. It’s pathetic how obsessed you are with her.

  • tommy

    we’re not obsessed JARED is obsessed! it’s so completely obvious what a sell out she is and he is.

  • Tanter

    What an odd set of photos. Some of them are very obviously photoshopped and some are not – quite a difference it makes..
    She doesn’t look very happy to me. I wonder if this is what she dreamed of, when she became an actress – posing at irrelevant events while promoting tiny parts in movies that won’t make much of an impression on anyone.. of course she’s a fashion girl, but that won’t last forever, especially since she seems to be ageing rather badly. If she didn’t seem to love the pap-attention so much and didn’t have that constant smug look on her face, I would probably be able to feel sorry for her.

  • chelle

    Please pass 2 freshly sharpened no. 2 pencils so i can gouge out my eyes

  • Kory


    yeah your hero Kate bragged to journalists how she and Sturgess were drunk when they shot that what a pro! she had to get drunk to do a love scene:)

  • 2nd Picture

    I think she looks really pretty and natural in the second picture. The rest do look artificial and like she is trying to be what she thinks people want to see: cute, adorable, slouchy hipster sex kitten girl. But she can’t decide on any one thing, so none of it works except for that 2nd picture. The color of the dress is putrid but the style looks very cute on her. I can see how people would think she looks older than being in her 20s but I think it’s because she has kind of sharp features that can look severe sometimes. If you zoom in on the pictures, her skin looks really clear and healthy to me. Her hair looks good, too. I’m trying to be nice, at least mostly. I really hate that mentally challenged fourth picture, which I think is just a close-up of the first one. I hate the slouchy “bored now!” pose because it’s a FREAKING POSE! Also, where are everyone else’s portraits? Surely she wasn’t the only person who dropped in to the Samsung Free S Hit Store… P.S. Lainey has said not a word about Kate at Sundance. I really want that collision to happen. Like, NOW.

  • *^&

    Blue crush pose, blue crush is over, move on already. You are too old to try to look Miley, leave child pose to the kids, at least she worked with Disney.
    Those pose make you look ditsy, please stop you are embracing yourself. All ALONE AGAIN.

  • Blackcat99

    @Dieter: You want to lick that FLAT,FLABBY,TONELESS BUTT!Go ahead!It won’t take long.

  • JEN

    If that’s not the face of a deranged mental case then idk what is.

  • JC

    The new queen of crappy indies.

  • Face it…

    …she’s not going anywhere, any time soon. People hate her but they are also fascinated with her or the train wreck they THINK she is or even with their own hatred of her, so Kate’s posts remain the most popular on the site. Do you realize all the traffic is more ad-based revenue for JJ? So OF COURSE he’s going to post about her as often as possible. And as we type, she is on the main page at IMDb in a section “above the scroll” where they direct people to the Sundance 2011 section. Just a random picture of her laughing or something, obviously sitting in a movie theater. Plus “Another Happy Day” was actually reviewed pretty well by The Hollywood Reporter and, though her performance wasn’t singled out, it was noted more than once that all of the supporting roles were solid. Kate Bosworth may not be here to stay forever but she isn’t going to disappear into obscurity any time soon.

  • Dieter

    She has a fantastic full round bootay and, yes, I wanna lick her mighty buns !!!!

  • tommy

    her publicist probably paid for her to be on the main page of imdb too. no other sites post her banal pictures. she sucks! the only way she’ll stick around is if she manages to get Alex to marry her…which could happen, sadly.

  • The Critic

    Bore pie with snore sauce.

  • Marie


  • shoegal

    i like the dress but this looks like an expensive advertisement for feed the children.