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Megan Fox: Water Bottle Window Shopper

Megan Fox: Water Bottle Window Shopper

Megan Fox carries a water bottle while doing some window shopping along Robertson Boulevard on Monday (January 24) in Los Angeles.

Last week, the 24-year-old actress grabbed sushi with husband Brian Austin Green.

In case you missed it, check out Megan‘s steamy new photos for Armani, featuring the Transformers star in lingerie and the designer’s jeans, which were recently unveiled!

Rafael Nadal also stripped down for Armani‘s latest campaign.

FYI: Megan is wearing a Juicy Couture snap front cardigan.

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  • Jenny

    Too much plastic surgery is bad!

  • LastWord

    Can I get a sip???

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She like sick and cry ,
    Maybe she need to drink alot of water to be good

  • LastWord

    Megan Fox is the #2. Can I get a sip????

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She lookalike plastic surgery haa ha ha haa ha :->

  • JC

    She’s losing her looks big time. That’s really all she has.

  • laverdadduele

    When the only news about you is that you are carrying a water bottle, something is very wrong with your “career”. She should just give it a rest and disappear.

  • Anya

    Meagan looks bad. She probably heard the news she got nominated for another Razzie.

  • gigi

    She ruined her face,,,wonder if she realises that when she sees herself in the mirror each morning and knows she has no acting job offers happening.

  • waah

    megan looks good.
    if your going to say bad stuff about her dont say anything at all.
    simple as that.

  • Jordan

    Ugly nobody out doing nothing.

  • Brad Zitt

    I’ve never seen Megan with any girlfriends. In fact I never seen her with anyone but her balding husband. She needs to get out more.

  • Sligo ^_^ cute

    Plastic sergeron cry want water

  • Sil

    Jeeeeez. She is way too skinny. Megan, you’re gorgeous but start eating again!

  • Brightside

    Never understand the craze for bottled water. It’s environmentally unfriendly and bad for you. All those plastic bottles are full of carcinogens and they leak into the water and the plastic never goes away, never…if it’s not recycled (and most of them aren’t, you know) it hangs around the environment for hundreds of years, releasing BPA’s as it does so.—BPA?hp_id=195

    Plus the purification procedures for bottled water are less rigorous than those of tap water and you’re paying a thousand times more for it.

    Put boiled tap water in a sterilized glass bottle….so much safer.

  • Laura

    All this hoopla but noone comments on the fact that she isn’t wearing her wedding ring?

    God she’s gotten skinny.

  • ilia

    I cannot get enough of her. More of Megan, please!

  • Annie

    She was always irritating with all those stupid gaffe comments but she did used to have a genuinely beautiful face in a 40′s hollywood sort of way. Now she’s getting that odd bloated yet overly chiselled look in the face that all those old plastic over-injected ladies have. I don’t find her beautiful anymore sorry.

  • Stella

    In the 3rd thumbnail you can see how botoxed her forehead is. That is absolute insanity. Nobody needs botox in their 20′s (except maybe for someone like Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse). I sometimes wonder if BAG is making her feel insecure? I don’t trust him.

  • Jasmine

    She definitely did something to herself…her jaw is like half of what it used to be…STOP IT MEGAN!

  • Eva

    she looks weird !! stop the surgery !!

  • like the look

    hot exotic looks….

  • Handledatruff

    It is hard to look good when you got big fat or just plain ugly insecure nobodies running at the mouth all the time about how unpretty the most beautiful woman that has ever existed is.
    I guess the plain or just ugly looking chicks in Hollywood are such classic beauties to some because, well who’s really gonna b threatened by their looks? You’re probably the same morons who thinks less of Adriana Lima’s looks, but will now admit she’s beautiful just to prove I’m wrong. Please. Give the girl a break, let her be gorgeous w/o your comments on her surgery. It’s not BAG making her insecure, it’s probably her having to read your stupid comments about how her looks are gone(when they’re not) and she has to get even more surgery to try and please a buncha ugly fools who will never b please and couldn’t t look good as her if they tried.

    You should go post on some Blake Lively page. Betcha think she’s cute and hot. lol. It’s a sad sad world indeed.

  • Annie

    @Handledatruff – Short Memory? Not so long ago pretty much everyone and their dog thought she was gorgeous and she was hyped up everywhere as ‘the most gorgeous woman in the world’ and ‘the next Angelina Jolie’ and blah blah blah. So how could that have made her insecure? It’s only recently, within the past 6-8 months that she’s really done something different to herself; surgery, injections starvation diets and people are noticing that she doesn’t have the beauty she once had. She did it to herself the ‘public’ didn’t do it. She probably spends to much time freaking out over her looks trying to live up to and hang onto the the ‘most gorgeous woman in the world’ title when such a woman does not even exist. Megan needs to get a life aside from BAG (who seems like a real fameho if you ask me).


    @Annie: 2 the haters stop constantly talking sh*t about Megan Fox some1 you don’t even know. Megan is successful hence she makes the press for just holding a bottle of water and happy in her marriage.

    No one is asking you about BAG aside from the fact that he’s been around the Hollywood industry for over 20 years, long before Megan Fox came on the scene so doubt his a fameho but an actor who likes to work when the opportunity arises and actually can act.

  • Rob

    Sorry she ain’t that great plus she’s had a lot of plastic surgery. She looked super different when she was dating that guy from 7th heaven.

  • http://facebook deby

    she look like an angel

  • Pamela

    @Brad Zitt: yeah right, just like paris?