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Chris Brown: 'Art Was My Only Outlet'

Chris Brown: 'Art Was My Only Outlet'

Chris Brown is all smiles as he jokes around with photographers outside a recording studio on Monday (January 24) in Hollywood, Calif.

The 21-year-old singer has recently used his Twitter to show off some of his colorful collaborations with Australian graffiti specialist Kid Zoom.

“I fell in love with art around the age of six. I always took pride in kind of winning the coloring contests in school,” Chris explained. “Art was my only outlet. Aside from music, art is the thing that I like to use as an escape. I appreciate other artists who have that talent and that eye for detail and eye for their own imagination. Art is a part of my life and it influences me completely.”

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown outside the recording studio…

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chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 01
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 02
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 03
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 04
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 05
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 06
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 07
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 08
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 09
chris brown kid zoom art collaboration 10

Credit: The Media Circuit; Photos: WENN
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  • tomas

    he deserves a second chance

  • anybody’sguess

    nope, this douche is too worried about his fame and career to deserve a second chance. he only worries about what his actions do for him, so really he’s a waste of space. he’s constantly whining about how people praise rihanna since the whole incident and not him. if he’s too stupid to realize that what he did was inhuman, then NO, he doesn’t get another chance

  • zzzz

    Why exactly does a woman-beater deserve a second chance, esp. so soon? Is he in therapy? Doing volunteer work at a center for abused women? Seriously, explain!

  • Keesha

    @anybody’sguess: You would know all
    of this how? I’m sick and tired of IMPERFECT humans trying to decide who deserves a second chance. God gave Chris a second chance because he still has fans that support him, he did not give up on his love for music, and his music label did not give up on him. In fact, God gives us many chances in life. I personally hope that Chris has learned his lesson with this second chance that he was given.

  • http://deleted addie

    im not condoning what he did, but the guy is 21. 21 is still young and he is trying believe me. I know many people who use gay slurs and that doesn’t make it right but if you tell me that you have never said “that’s so gay” or “he is a f**/ qu***” i can’t say that i will believe you. he made mistakes understandable and i understand why some people are mad but come on he is 21, he still has time to learn from his mistakes.

  • SweetLysha

    Now look at these ignorant comments above me he does deserve a second chance.Please tell me when has words come out of chris’ mouth where he is whining about rihanna getting praise rather than him…the kid has gotten his punishment there are hundreds of ppl just like you who will never let him live beyond 2009 yes that happened in 2009!!! it it 2011 let the man move on wit his life he’s human who made one tragic mistake and is not a woman beater u don’t know him personally and u sit and judge him like you are so perfect…who are you to say he hasn’t learned from his mistake.what do u expect him to do sit in his house all day and be depressed he has apologized obviously his pr could’ve handled it better but so what he has gone through enough and i’m not saying he’s the victim but he has suffered hate from all over the world…i hope he continues to do his thing,keep god in his live and stays positive…

  • BEAN

    Going to therapy and doing volunteer work to help women only shows YOU he is trying for another chance, it doesn’t mean its actually doing anything for him or that is will change his mindset. You can’t put your life on hold and think what a horrible person you are all day, all night, doing nothing with your life because you made a terrible mistake (which we ALL have). Life goes on. Shiz man. Pretty sure he has learnt his lesson.

  • sunshine

    Awww he is so cute in these pics!! It makes me smile so see him happy :’) <3 <3 CAN’T WAIT FOR THE F.A.M.E ALBUM!! :)

  • lu

    In this world you will always have lovers and haters,
    I’m glad chris look HAPPY,
    May GOD Bless him and Rihanna.

    To the haters, him without sin cast the first stone.

  • Jokergurl

    I agree he deserves a second chance, considering he was abused as a young child by his stepfather. I think he’s proven by taking his rehabilitation seriously that he can stay on the right path. I’m rooting for him he’s still talented. He’s right though art is an amazing outlet, especially if you can draw really well, it’s always fun drawing Johnny Depp and yourself in an action adventure ;)

  • Evan Miller

    People need to quit whining about what happened with Rihanna alright Chris Brown Breezy is no woman beater, okay he just made a big mistake, okay Breezy deserves a second chance, he apologized on YouTube to his fans, he has worked EXTREMELY HARD to pay his mistake off and look at how all the hard work has payed off. Breezy is a amazing musician. Chris Brown deserves a 2nd chance. Chris is helping women too charity for Domestic Violence against women. He so deserves another chance for all the hard work he did for paying his mistake back. I love Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAME IM STOKED FOR!!!!

  • cheech

    Putting the finishing touches on his F.A.M.E album I see. March can’t come soon enough, I’m so stoked!!!

  • F

    go go go breeeezy lov=uxoxo!!!! hater stay mad!

  • almostpia

    For those of you who want to be mad at him be mad but don’t expect everyone to feel the same way.

    In my opinion, the music scene isn’t the same without him out there. Besides Usher, there is no male artists that is the full package as far as music and dance. Graffiti was a masterpiece and I’m so happy it was Grammy nominated. Wishing him the best in his personal and professional life.

  • laverdadduele

    Second chance my *ss. He’s garbage, no matter how you try to put it.


    Is that a Dodgers Hat?! LOL Oh.

  • shalala

    Love you Breezy. Keep your head up….do what you do and don’t worry about these folks who can’t let it go. Trust me, they have their own set of problems.

  • Yvonne

    Im so proud of chris for keeping his head up and moving on from all the negativity that has been surrounding him ever since the incident back in 2009. I dont understand how ppl like mel gibson and charlie sheen who have been involved in domestic violence can go on just fine with their careers but Chris cant. The judge said herself that Chris is doing a outstanding job on his probation. He’s even given his time and money to charites like the Jenesse Center(domestic violence intervention program) ,best buddies international, virgina food bank, and red cross(for haiti). None of that was court ordered by the way so I think he deserves another chance.

  • Neickha

    Congrats Breezy.. Hope you stay focused and ready to Takeover 2011 with F.A.M.E. & FORTUNE

  • LEB

    Go Breezy!

  • Abigail

    You may hate him because he’s a woman beater, you may hate him because he hit Rihanna (I hate that too because I’m a huge fan of Rihanna). But you can’t deny he makes amazing music, and I love him for that. I think the domestic violence thing is a lesson for them both. People, let it go. Open your heart and forgive. Anyone and everyone deserve a second chance.

  • u suck


  • wow

    Surprised there’s so many female fans that still support him after what he did.

  • Peace Please

    We appreciate your Art. Keep your head up Chris!

  • Annie

    “fell in love with art at age 6″? LOL I think he means he started scribbling on his school desk age 6. I do think he deserves a second chance but if this was a woman who had fallen out of public favor NO WAY would people be so fast to forgive.

  • Diana

    I will always love chris :)

  • Angela

    Chris Brown, you are truly an amazing person. I am so proud of you. First and foremost, you withstood ALL of that negative scrutiny, and you are still standing. Man, what you went through was enough to break down an elephant, but you did not give up, nor did you give in, you became stronger, even though I know you cried many many tears at night, for I cried with you. I know that you are a good person, but that one Rihanna incident will stick with you for life. That is how people will identify you, but just as you have done, DO NOT LET THAT ONE MISTAKE define your life. You have overcome the worst of adversity, and GOD helped you through it. Thank you Lord. Your upbringing had a lot to do with that incident but I am glad that your art and music helped you excape. Now that you have gotten therapy and recognize your wrongdoing, you are going to be just fine, as you are destined for goodness. I love you, CB. Keep the negativity out of your life, and there is no need to respond to negative statements about you or anything: JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, PERIOD, POINT BLANK. There are people who want to bait you in, and there are people who want you to fall and stay fallen. Keep God in your life, for there is no way you could have made it thorugh this mess withour his strenght. Believe me, I know. Stay on a positive path, do good for others, be true to yourself and keep GOD first in your life. Give him praise and be thankful. Talk to him and let him know how much you appreciate him. God loves you, and so do I. You have come a long ways from that 2009 incident, and I am so very proud of you. You are a stong man. You definitely deserve a second chance. What I really don’t understand is that there are plenty of folk that have done far than you have, and they basically get praise. Yes, you were wrong for putting your hands on Rihanna, you were dead wrong, but like the rest of the world, you made a mistake. We all make mistakes. The key is to learn from it and not repeat those same mistakes. Some people are unforgiving, and that is okay, because WE ALL

  • Angela

    con’t — have to stand before GOD on judgement day ( whether you are a believer or not). If we do not forgive others, then GOD will not forgive us. Anyway, keep your eyes out of the rearview mirror and focus on the windshield. Your fans will stick with you, and we all love you, CB. In my opinion, you are one of the best ENTERTAINERS out there. Keep a positive mind, and be a positive influence on others. Do good by mankind (charity work, etc) and keep your mouth shut. Just because someone say a negative thing about you does not mean you have to respond. Be the better person that you are. GOD bless you. We love you. CB, and we always will.

  • Kevin

    Will there ever be a Chris Brown post where someone does not mention Rihanna? She’s moved on, he’s moved on, so stop trying to live their lives for them.

  • nima

    i love chris brown! tooo bad his career like went down the drain after e bet up rihanna

  • nima

    i love chris brown! tooo bad his career like went down the drain after e beat up rihanna

  • Piper

    Yeah congratulations, Chris Brown. You didn’t beat anyone up in 2010. Congrats.

  • http://@cbwifeybc BC

    i love him and he is really trying to become a better man thru all this!!

  • http://goole nyamal

    i love is body

  • neahn

    I think he deserves another chance he’s really shown signs of improvement