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Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Katsuya Couple

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson: Katsuya Couple

Jessica Simpson holds on to beau Eric Johnson as they leave Katsuya together on Monday (January 24) in West Hollywood.

The 30-year-old entertainer and her beau stayed close together as they left the sushi restaurant and dodged photographers waiting outside.

Over the weekend, Jess and Eric watched the Green Bay Packers take on the Chicago Bears. “Raji’s touchdown dance was the cutest I’ve seen in a while! Shake whatcha momma gave ya!!!” Jess tweeted.

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  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Bad dress hehehe she want sleep

  • jk

    OMG what a mess she is- She looks stoned or drunk

  • MK

    Long day for Jess I guess. Makin’ $$$ ;-)

  • منتديات

    hahah… lol 。◕ ‿ ◕。

  • Cal

    Either she just got out of bed or she’s hammered.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …ahahahahahaha. she looks a mess. some people just shouldn’t be famous. all they do is fail publicly, over and over.

  • huh?

    Looks like she forgot the bottom half of her outfit. Poor Jess. What a mess.

  • char

    she looks like she just rolled outta bed and put some heels on

  • chantal

    What a mess. She looks so cheap and she looks like a porn star. She also looks out of it and drunk in these pics, looksl like her freeloading caretaker..I mean BF is holding her up.

    Where did she disapear to past couple of weeks, seems like she was not around much which is not like her, then she shows up looking thinner? I think she went away and got lipo.

  • laverdadduele

    She couldn’t be more annoying and fake if she tried. Waste of space.

  • chantal

    What a mess, she looks so cheap and like a hooker. She also looks bombed here, very drunk like her freeloading babysitter..I mean her BF has to hold her up, she’s tacky.

    Where did she go past couple of weeks, not like her to not be papped or around. I think she went away and had lipo (or a cleasing from all the booze she consumes which gives her a major face bloat) because she seems thinner.

  • chantal

    Sorry for double-post, but JJ has major problems with his site, always get error message and not sure if it goes through..fix it JJ!!!

  • yassss

    does she ever NOT look like $hit?!

  • sammie

    what has happened to this woman , she needs help

  • Lucky One

    God, she looks like a sl*t or a who*e!

  • anon

    maybe a bachloerette party last nite.. Long day after photo shoot. It happens..

  • jillyro

    Bet you he still thinks she’s all cute and funny when she’s drunk as a skunk, but he’s blinded by her $ and fame right now. Sooner vs. later he will tire of her sloppy drunk ways (I can just imagine she is a slurrer). Think the media and her team have managed to hide it (so far), but think she is a major lush with a drinking problem.

  • anon

    bachlorette party anyone? It happens to us all. you judging watch out for your little glass house.


    I used to really like her.
    She disgusts me using real fur and leather for her fashions and products.



  • jamie

    Why does she always leave these places looking drunk? She needs to slow down or she’s going to start to look haggard really quick. Her face (and liver) will thank her later.

  • Jess Rock

    Jess looks Hot just like 2003. welcome back Jessica! she is such a beautiful girl and she is very talented too.

  • blair

    wth…why would he be at a bachelorette party…try again.

  • From Paris with Love

    Wow leave a restaurant in that state, let your man see you like that and possibly your family, the whole world… I would die of shame. Some people have no pride whatsoever.

  • T.O.

    she is an idiot

  • S.L.R.

    FAT, DRUNK, and STUPID is no way to go through life. Not to mention: UNTALENTED, DRESSED FOR SH*T, and CLASSLESS.

  • dd

    Omg , what a disaster this chick is.

  • j

    she does look a mess.. but check out the grin/smirk on her loser bf’s face the whole time.. poor girl, doesn’t realize he’s in for the fame..

  • Jessica, the drunk pig

    If she really is rich, I hope he takes her to the cleaners before dumping her. Seeing that she is stupid, desperate to keep a man at any cost, and drunk all the time, it should be pretty easy for him.

  • Anonymous

    x17 has a video of this. It is really funny. The drunk slob can barely stay upright. You should see her stupid face when the paps ask her if she’s drunk!

  • Michelle Depp

    I think it’s so funny how all of the idiots are on here saying how fat, whorish, trashy, and sloppy she looks yet you are the same people running out and buying her nasty old lady clothes, shoes, purses, and colognes making this fat, sloppy whore one rich bitch!!! Jokes on you cuz this frog faced bitch is laughing all the way to the bank…


    she does look 20lbs lighter than she was at christmas, i’m thinking LIPO…

  • Marieme

    She really has become hideous. Nothing but a drunk bedhopper. Enjoy.

  • suze

    Nick clearly came out a winner when they split

  • team NickLachey still

    Jess the mess is so drunk and not the first time leaving dinner/club with family/friends.

    thing is, she is 30 but acts like a21yr.old who cannot control her liquor.
    Hey, we all drink, but know your limit and at least fake being ok. She is so messed up,she cannot even fake being ok.
    This Ericguy,the only man she could hook, something I do not see trusting there. He is so unlike her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh my was it all you can eat??? Perhaps they ran out of utensils so she just started eating off plate – like bobbing for apples!

  • turd fergusen clothing

    If that crap is really selling with her fat drunk frog face all over it, imagine how much more it would sell with something less offensive on it. Like a turd.

    The joke will be on Jessica Simpson when she gets fired for being fat stupid alcoholic and the clothing manufacturers start using a turd as the face and name of the clothing line for free. They’ll save a lot of money not having to pay the turd and consumers will find the turd less repulsive than Jessica.

  • t u r d fergusen clothing

    If that crap is really selling with her fat drunk frog face all over it, imagine how much more it would sell with something less offensive on it. Like a t u r d.

    The joke will be on Jessica Simpson when she gets fired for being fat stupid alcoholic and the clothing manufacturers start using a t u r d as the face and name of the clothing line for free. They’ll save a lot of money not having to pay the t u r d and consumers will find the t u r d less repulsive than Jessica.

  • Lucy

    she looks rough with her fake, pony hair and shiny poncho and he looks his usual slob self. charming couple – NOT.

  • Soni

    i agree. She looks like she is totally wasted.

  • Wren

    Does this child have anyone who cares about her? This is getting very hard to watch. I hope her ‘god’ finds her and makes her better.

  • Zulu

    This is an all too common occurrence with this lush. There are numerous incidents in which she is pictured stumbling out of clubs barely able to stand. And where are the pious, Jessica defenders who come on these blogs and declare: “She’s not like Britney, Paris, Lindsey – you never see her stumbling out of clubs….?”

  • Look At

    Her chothes r doing excellent !! and she has some lovely items

  • boycott macy’s

    She is disgusting. I will never buy anything with her name on it. I won’t shop at macy’s only because she has appeared in ads for them.

  • Annie

    He looks like a cross between her dad and Spencer Pratt. Gross. Jess looks terrible too. Some women can actually look prettier in the face with a few extra pounds but she is not one of them – this weight gain has somehow made her look very hard and masculine.

  • Marta

    ha ha totally wasted.

  • yep

    i wish jj wouldn’t post photos like this. if jessica needs help i hope she gets it. she is a beautiful lady.

  • UGH

    this picture sums it all up. how she ever became famous is beyond me. and selling all that junk at dept stores, real clunky junk! (not even leather in most cases!) I guess there’s morons all over who buy it.,
    She looks awful….she never could dress to save her life, but damn!
    Nick is one lucky man today!!!!!!
    Jess looks 100x better with a SHORT bob, no makeup, and more decent clothes for her body. Why must she always dress like a carnival worker is beyond me! Less is more, with her, without a doubt. loose the clunk and the suit case size purses jess, and tone it down!

  • UGH

    @Look At:

    Really? I’ve picked up her bag/shoes and wanted to throw up! and not cheap! I rather put my money on beautiful REAL leather items like Coach and so forth, not this clunky junky crap. She herself never carries her own stuff, so there you go. It’s really ‘pleather’ and gross. Her shoes are so damn chunky, you have to be 90 pds to wear them or they will add 20 pds to your frame, like the stuff she normall wears.
    the last thing she needs is heavy/clunky shoes & purses, but she lives in them. Just horrible.

  • seriously…

    And Nick is with the georgeous beautifully groomed Vanessa!
    Boy he’s never looked back. I mean, how can she even step out like this! Looks like she forgot her pants too! What a mess. and he’s laughing I bet…………..

  • lame

    Her fiance is uber creepy. Seriously, couldn’t she set her sights a little higher than this guy? I almost feel bad for her…I’m sure she’s harmless but her obvious lack of intellect makes her easy prey for a manipulator. She will obviously marry this loser, become pregnant and will be writing him checks for years to come. Jessica, get some self-esteem, you are worth more than this.