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Kate Bosworth: Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards!

Kate Bosworth: Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards!

Kate Bosworth hits the red carpet at the 2011 Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Awards at Tao at the Samsung Galaxy Tab Lift on Monday (January 24) in Park City, Utah.

The 28-year-old actress’ Another Happy Day co-stars, Demi Moore and Ellen Barkin, also attended the bash, which was held during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Earlier in the day, Kate posed for a portrait session in a Burberry dress.

The night before, Kate, Demi, and Ellen premiered their film at the Eccles Center Theatre.

FYI: Kate is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress with JewelMint jewelry.

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Credit: Sonia Recchia; Photos: Getty
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  • wtf

    with all these Bosworth posts?!?

  • Wow That’s Bad…

    Is this hell? No. It’s just another pointless Bosworth post.

  • Wow That’s Bad…

    Is this hell? It’s yet another pointless Bosworth post.

  • Ugh

    Is this hell? Yet another pointless Bosworth post.

  • Ugh

    Sorry for all of the above multiple posts….computer was acting up.

  • Natalie Never

    Wow this girl gets a lot of publicity but continues to be irrelevant in hollywood…

  • Yar

    I don’t get Jared’s obsession with this woman.

  • Tia

    Annoying smug face.

  • Getting your money’s worth

    5 posts in 2 days is insane. Someone is paying big bucks for this.
    Trying to get back on her feet career wise? Or maybe Alex is footing the bill to get her back in the public eye and away from him. Once she can stand up on he own two twiggy legs again, he’ll be free to be the star he was meant to be. Maybe his good deed will be done. Let’s hope so.

  • hillary

    ok. can somebody PLEAAAAAAAAAAASE tell me.. other than be in that movie blue crush or wtever the name is; and date orlando and alex, what has she ever done to be worth mentioning?!!? WHAT IS IT!? i literally just want to know.

    jared, PLEASE tell me.. cuz obvsiously u know a whole LOT about her

  • Erica

    Is that a lace doily choker or just a really heinous neckline and dress? The fashion icon does it again, folks! Little House on the Prairie chic. Makes me want to churn butter and call Pa.

  • LisaM

    She looks soooo hideous! (as always!) There’s only so many times I can stand to see her ugly damn face! Please stop posting for all our healths’. Please! We really don’t care about this irrelevant, talentless, famewh*re!

  • you guys cant just igore these

    Look, you guys hating on her isn’t helping at all. Negative or positive attention, it’s attention! just stop commenting and maybe she won’t be such a “hot post” on here

  • vids

    @you guys cant just igore these: Sorry but it’s not that easy. Her publicist and JJ are in bed together. As long as there are new pics, she’ll always be posted about here front and center. The number of comments and whether they’re positive or negative is irrelevant.

  • dragon

    She’s too short for that dress.

  • didn’t you guys see?

    Did you guys see the NYT article about JJ? He gets paid by publicists to post these “news” items. It doesn’t matter if we like it, hate it, or are indifferent about it. What I don’t get is why the publicists think this is helping her career…

  • dragon

    She’s too short for that dress

  • verity

    Almost every day? … looks like that your little gossip darling “Rachel Bilson” havent sent her clear out payment checks on you yet so you’re on a sideline – Slow down Jared; Lil’ Bilson might get insecure as you know another dimwit…

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • kali

    She’s too petite and boxy to pull off this style gown. Someone tall and willowy might be able to rock it but the dress overwhelms her.

  • kali

    She’s too petite and boxy to pull off this style gown. Someone tall and willowy might be able to rock it but the dress completely overwhelms her.

  • Peanut Gallery


  • twitters

    She looks like she’s wearing her grandma’s curtains.

  • RealityCheck

    Did some sister wives in Utah make her a dress? Looks like they had extra drape fabric and doilies .

  • blonde lover

    Did she take out her weave? Her hair looks thinner.
    She must have styled it herself tonight.

    As usual her makeup is very pretty but I agree, the dress really doesn’t work with her height.

  • escape

    I thought that was Nicole Kidman at first.

  • Sligo ^_^ cute


  • X)X)X)X)

    she looks weird…. full stop.

  • Brightside

    I honestly don’t think she’s human! I don’t know where the hell she’s from originally but I’d bet a year’s salary it’s not from planet Earth!
    It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it!

  • sunbears1

    There are worse things in the world than a celeb’s publicist paying a site to post pics of them. That’s how Hollywood works. Get over it and move on. These comments make you all look obsessed.

  • *^&

    haha!!! Hideous, my eyes hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Horrible.

  • kitty

    she is dressing way too old for her age here. it says she’s 28 but this is hideous. as are the jewelmint earrings…the dress wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have all that sheer material over her chest/shoulders.

  • Annie

    @escape – c’mon. Nicole Kidman may overdo the botox at times but she has more talent and class in her little finger nail than Baldsworth has in her whole giant lollipop head.

  • Tanter

    She looks tired, her hair looks limp again (she’s not bothered to use a blowdrier perhaps??) and the makeup is awful IMO. Also it’s obvious that her jewelry is a very good quality. Fail.

    I don’t mind the dress but it’s a summerdress isn’t it? It seems she’s overdressed for Sundance – trying to appear like the fashion girl, she wants to be..

  • Haha

    “..obvious that her jewelry is a very good quality.” That should be “ISN’T a very good quality.” of course. Apologies!

  • Seriously?


  • Too Much


  • Just…NO

    Kate, I know your stylist is also your best friend, but you really really need to cut her loose! I hope you’re not actually paying her to come up with these outfits! When did Dolce and Gabbana come out with their “Mormon Chic” line?

  • ronna

    That dress looks like a bargain on her.

  • no!!

    Jared , please for the love of all makind stop posting her pics. I don’t like her and she’s very irrelevant.

    Now for the fangurls, apparently you like seeing her because you post every time she is on JJ. If you stop posting and commenting , he will stop the pics and the PR. Every hit means money for him and PR for her whether good or bad.. That is the only way he is going to stop. Also it does makes the lot of you look obsessed and crazy and proves to Alex, even more that his fan base is delusional, that might account for some of the grumpiness, fall back ladies. Ignore her she is not worth it.

  • She doesn’t eat

    Kate is covered in LANUGO (that thin hair that anorexics have).

  • Jeez…

    I was trying to be nice yesterday, saying one of her Samsung close-up pictures looked really pretty and her skin and hair both looked nice and healthy. But she is not helping me help her with these pics! NOW her skin does look a little rough in the close-ups. Perhaps this is happening after a cold, dry day outside, so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. Also, I think the dark brows give her that sharp, severe look in her face. Maybe if she just lightened them up a wee bit, that would help. Now for the anti-nice: I really hate that dress. There are individual elements that I might be able to get on board with, but altogether it is just too much and way off the spring “western chic” trend. Or it’s perfectly on target with the “sister wife” trend that a few people seem to be embracing on the red carpet lately. I am from the South. Western Chic is comforting to me, living here in the freezing Northeast. Sister Wife Chic, not so much. Also, yes, JJ will continue to post as long as we comment because it’s about ad revenue, not JJ’s personal preference. I, for one, find her an endless source for fashion commentary. People love or hate what she wears and it is FUN to debate one or the other. Separate note: anybody get the February InStyle with Natalie Portman on the cover? Was it just me or was that issue unusually chock full of Kate Bosworth?

  • Crittle

    When it rains it pours with the KB posts on JJ

  • Eresyn

    WHAT????? HER???? AGAIN?????
    seriously, she’s a talentless hor addicted to crack…at least if she was beautiful enough to be eye candy i wouldn’t mind the zillion posts, but she looks sick, desperate AND incredible dumb…

    BTW, my grandma called me, and she wants her curtains and her doilies back!!! GIVE MY GRANDMA’S STUFF BACK, KB!!!!

  • Any

    What is incredible to me is her square body. She is “ultra thin”, so we can see her boying bone structure…
    Hey, Kate! it doesn’t matter how much you starve yourself, you can’t fight bone structure, just deal with it.

  • Eresyn

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh ROTFL
    seriously, i can’t decide if she’s morphing into a russian bald cat or a bald alien…
    you people look and choose LOLOLOL

    safe and funny

  • She’s not very relevant

    She’s got a pretty face but her smug purse-lipped smile always spoils it. And she has no figure – just straight up and down. Plus I agree, she’s too ‘boxy’ for that style of dress. She’s really not a very good actress either. What makes her so special and keeps her constantly in the limelight anyway?

  • Okay

    She’s lookin like she’s wearing a lace front wig!

  • Okay

    But she needs to pull it over more over her HUGE AZZ FOREHEAD!!!

  • V

    F’in ALIEN