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Natalie Portman 'Honored and Grateful' for Oscar Nomination

Natalie Portman 'Honored and Grateful' for Oscar Nomination

Natalie Portman covers her baby bump with a warm coat as she and fiance Benjamin Millepied take her dog, Whiz, for a walk on a snowy Tuesday (January 25) in New York City.

The 29-year-old actress got some exciting news this morning – she’s been nominated for an Oscar for her work on Black Swan!

“I am so honored and grateful to the Academy for this recognition. It is a wonderful culmination of the ten-year journey with [director Darren Aronofsky] to make this film,” Nat said.

“Making Black Swan is already the most meaningful experience of my career, and the passion shown for the film has completed the process of communication between artists and audience. I am so thankful for the support we have received and I share this honor with the entire cast and crew of the film, especially Darren Aronofsky,” Natalie concluded.

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37 Responses to “Natalie Portman 'Honored and Grateful' for Oscar Nomination”

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  1. 26
    lw Says:

    i don’t understand the vitriol NP inspires. i know a lot of you are just haters, which is expected. as for the questions of her intelligence….just because she’s inarticulate doesn’t mean she’s unintelligent. perhaps she spends more time reading than speaking. being on a movie set is much different than being onstage in front of millions of people. she was probably excited and nervous. i loved her performance in Black Swan; i believe she deserves the Oscar (although if the chick from Winter’s Bone wins, i’ll be okay with it).

  2. 27
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Congrats to Natalie!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for her to win. She was so awesome in that movie!!!

  3. 28
    covert operations Says:

    Why doesn’t Natalie deserve this? Her performance in Black Swan was amazing! She takes her craft seriously by training ballet, embodying an insular, emotionally lacerated character and losing that kind of weight for a role. That is impressive discipline. The comments that express antipathies should put judgement aside from her personal life and see her performance for what it is….a masterpiece.

  4. 29
    Madhatter Says:

    Wow. I can’t believe some people don’t get how obnoxious and presumptuous this little speech of Natalie’s was.

    Can we PLEASE give Annette Bening the Oscar. She has paid her dues for decades with amazing performances and yet another one this year.

  5. 30
    Jokergurl Says:

    I hope she wins, but in Natalie’s defense, just look who was in the front row at the Golden Globes, Robert Downey Jr., Johnny Depp, I mean would YOU be able to concentrate if those two guys were staring at you up on stage? I wouldn’t. Remember Julia Roberts acceptance speech? or how about Halle Berry who was crying so much you could barely understand her. Sandra Bullock’s was good last year I thought though, at least it was coherent. Not to mention you’ve got every eye in the place on you, it’s live t.v. you’re nervous to begin with, give her a break. Once in a while you get a speech like Russell Crowe or Denzel Washington that’s really good, but most of the time you just get blabbering, and crying at least from the female actresses, well unless it’s Meryl Streep. Stop picking at Natalie, you’re supposed to be nice to pregnant women!

  6. 31
    Jones Says:

    Why is Portman acting like she’s never received an Oscar nomination before? She received a Best Supporting nod for Closer which I actually preferred over her Black Swan performance. While I don’t dislike her, I’m rooting for Annette Bening. She’s been passed over for every single Oscar nomination she’s received, The Grifters, American Beauty and Being Julia. All stellar performances and worthy of an Oscar. She actually gave two outstanding performance last year: in The Kids are All Right and Mother and Child with Naomi Watts. She’s long overdue. But I realize she’s not begging for it as Portman is doing, so that doesn’t really help her cause. That said, Annette is my pick. Have loved her since her breakout role The Grifters way back in 1990.

  7. 32
    BrightLA Says:

    Give Whiz a coat, poor fellow!!!

  8. 33
    roddymartindale Says:

    @commonsense: Of course, but if she didn’t act humble, you’d still rip her.

  9. 34
    Honesty Says:

    I lost all respect for her when she used her GG speech to talk about her sex life. WTF? Thanks for the TMI Natalie. You are officially a douchebag.

  10. 35
    Hope Annette wins Says:


    She’s not a great actress, not even a very good one. She doesn’t deserve any more, she’s just a spoiled Princess handed everything in life. Plus, I’ve heard that she’s a really ungracious and nasty ***** to fans. Total low-class snotty beotch!

    Maybe she should just stick to raising that unwanted ******* she’s having with Mr. GoldDigger. LOL

  11. 36
    Hope Annette wins Says:


    Right on. Actually, she is a spoiled, nasty ***** in real life. REALLY nasty to fans.

    Mr. Golddigger cannot be bothered to even marry her and make her ******* legit. Nice parents. Not.

  12. 37
    Hope Annette wins Says:

    It’s a sad state of the calibre of actresses in Hollywood when they give this wooden non-actress even the remotest chance of winning an Oscar.

    My God, she can’t act for ****. Also, ask ANY dancer, she’s a laughable joke.

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