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Halle Berry: I Can't Do Aretha Franklin Justice!

Halle Berry: I Can't Do Aretha Franklin Justice!

Halle Berry takes a tour of a potential school for her daughter Nahla on Wednesday (January 26) in West Hollywood.

The 44-year-old actress is being pursued to star in a biopic about Aretha Franklin by the soul legend herself, but Halle recently joked with Ryan Seacrest that she didn’t have the voice to pull off the role!

“Many actors have portrayed vocalists by lip-synching to the artist’s original recordings,” Aretha said in a letter read on the Wendy Williams Show earlier this week.

DO YOU THINK Halle could star in the story of Aretha Franklin?

FYI: Halle is carrying the Nikki Bag by Rebecca Minkoff.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry visiting Nahla‘s school…

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halle berry nahla visit school 01
halle berry nahla visit school 02
halle berry nahla visit school 03
halle berry nahla visit school 04
halle berry nahla visit school 05
halle berry nahla visit school 06
halle berry nahla visit school 07
halle berry nahla visit school 08
halle berry nahla visit school 09
halle berry nahla visit school 10
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Credit: Biagi; Photos: AKM Images
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  • laverdadduele

    I agree she can’t sing…or act.

  • well

    No, i think Jennifer Hudson would be a better choice. halle sucks!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    also She can’t talk with people and smile

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute


  • eliza

    I agree that someone who can really sing and act – like Jennifer Hudson – .would be a better choice.

  • NHT(now hear this)

    No I don’t think anyone who does not sing should try the part. Either Jennifer Hudson or Latifah or Mariah Carey.
    Very few actors can fake a good singing role well enough to be convincing. It has to be a powerful voice. I think Aretha should hold a worldwide audition to find the right person instead of just picking someone off the cuff.

  • Caroldean

    I think Halle is a fine actress and a very beautiful woman. When she played Dorothy Dandridge it was perfect casting. I went back to look at pictures of Dorothy Dandridge and Halle nailed it for her.

    . But I think Aretha is delusional if she thinks Halle is right for her biopic. Jennifer Hudson would be a great choice. But I think Aretha would rather someone who cannot sing gets the part. Aretha wants them to use her original music so she can make some money off it. Aretha is hurting for $$$ believe it or not. It is true.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She Can’t sing , act & smile ???? I think she need runinng with the devil now

  • carla

    Halle likely does want to play Aretha in her heavy years LOL, because she needs to show the body in her roles as her acting is lukewarm at best.

    Why is she always dressed like a guy? She is so unfeminine, very butchy, almost looks like she swings for the opposite team.

  • Ha Ha

    Hmm Decisions, Decisions

  • jimmy

    Aretha is delusional to think the prettier than her Halle should play her. Obviously how Aretha sees herself not like we see her!!!! Halle would have to gain mega weight to play her and she doesn’t strike me as someone who wants to go that route when her body is her main asset in almost all her films.

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    I love Aretha but the fact that she would nominate a beauty queen like Halle to play her is laughable. Halle and Aretha don’t have the same features, look or anything. lol! Anika Noni Rose from Dreamgirls would be great. Anyway, Aretha is a control freak and won’t let any dirt out on this biopic. It’ll just be bland and drama free. So won’t be good. Jennifer Hudson already did Dreamgirls so she should not do another big singing part like this. I say Anika or a newcomer.

  • ahuh

    Truth be know this was put out there to see the negative or if any positive response (and I am shocked that there are 11 posts)to see what ppl think of Miss Whacko..Halle Berry has a darkside and its showing and the scariest part is a CHILD is wonder there wasnt anyone wanting to be with her permanently thats why they all RAN!! give Nahla time she will do the same
    Thats why miss ugly berry wont do aretha cause she has to put on weight. apart from CANNOT ACT BUT CAN EAT BUT DONT WANT TO and like the guy that won the globe after halle presented it mentioned he ate all the chocolates on the table at the awards and now Halle Berry hahahahhahahhahh she is seen in a very slutty whorish way..but the best was Halles face when he mentioned chocolate and Halle LOLOLOL she was slapped in the face and she looked so angry ..oh dear Miss whacko really thinks she is so special

  • ahuh


    beggers cant be choosers

  • viky

    Halle has the talent Jennifer doesn’t. Jennifer could never sing like Aretha, a legend. This way we can hear her original music. Aretha chose Halle for a reason.

  • viky

    Halle has the talent Jennifer doesn’t. Jennifer could never sing like Aretha, a legend. This way we can hear her original music. Aretha chose Halle for a reason.

  • Aretha Get A Clue

    Aretha needs to get the point: Halle doesn’t want to portray you. You look nothing alike. Halle is too old to portray a young a Aretha.

    Find an unknown.

  • ozzie

    i will never forgive halle for ruining the x-men franchise

  • boston61

    Halle is a terrible actress. She was given the Oscar for political reasons. That award means nothing anymore.

  • From Paris with Love

    I agree that they should choose someone who can sing and act.
    Kinda off topic though, physically Halle Berry COULD portray Aretha Franklin in her younger years IF she was willing to gain some weight, as much as Charlize Theron gained for Monster would be enough, then a fake nose and great make up would do the rest. Look at Marion Cotillard portraying Edith Piaf. Then for her older years she could use a fat suit à la Eddie Murphy.
    But I doubt Halle would want to ruin her sole asset/trademark. She already got an Oscar anyways, for getting fcuked on all fours and making faces while having her pussee eaten.

  • kayla

    Halle Berry is one person that got LUCKY, she can’t act she’s very attractive and Hollywood wants someone that may look Black but is biracial and basically White! It’s really sad when you have BLack actresses that look good and can act yet will not play a demeaning role such as removing her clothes just what Hollywood wants! What happens when Halle is 50 doesn’t matter if she looks good, Hollywood and Olivier aren’t going to want her anymore oh but I guess she figures the BLACK community will embrace her 100% and we probably will, hey like I said she’s LUCKY!

  • kayla

    @From Paris with Love: Hey Halle figures Aretha isn’t attractive enough so she’s not going to risk it, but if it were LENA HORNE I bet she would portray her quicker than I can blink my eye! Halle is full of herself, sheer out right SHIT!

  • whatever

    Aretha needs to give it up already! She is desperate for Halle to play her and it shows! First of all, Halle looks nothing like aretha, aretha is dark skinned, fat, has very broad features, in other words; the opposite of petite Halle.
    Of course she could tan herself darker, eat herself fatter, and they can work with make up people to make her look more like Aretha but really? isn’t it easier to get someone who looks like you from the start? It’s so bizarre that she thinks halle and her look alike when they look nothing alike! she is clearly delusional and i would be offended too if i were halle. Someone like gabourey sidibe would be a better match.

  • Birds of a feather

    Let me burst most of your big bubbles..Halle is not the greatest actress, but she has previously played flawlessly in the shoes of 1950s American singer Zola Taylor in the 1998 movie” Why do Fools fall in love?”.. She was convincing lyp-synching..Reese Witherspoon has also been nominated for Oscars in her role as June Carter Cash when she had no formal singing training or experience.

    Where there is a will there is a way.. I don’t think jennifer Hudson wants top give up her “new lean body” anytime soon…LMAO

  • MsIrene

    Halle, in my opinion, would be a poor choice to play Aretha Franklin. There are other skilled actresses who would be more suitable and who can sing. Some examples would be:

    Angela Bassett
    Sanaa Lathan
    Taraj Henson
    Raven Simone
    Queen Latifah

    and the list goes on!

  • Mia

    it’s all political what they want in hollywood

  • MsIrene


    (You need to stop! LOL!)

  • MsIrene

    I got it!

    Fantasia Barrino would be the BEST! She wouldn’t have to lip sinc because she can really really sing, and as well as Aretha! She would be great in that role. She is not skin and bones like Halle, and they could put her in a fat suit to portray the queen of soul, in her later years!

    I vote Fantasia!

  • yawn

    now i know aretha is sick….hasn’t she seen frankie and alice?? how about catwoman?? halle can’t act/sing/dance/model/etc. she can’t do anything. she can’t even do a sex scene. yawn…boring

  • jaye

    i don’t think Halle Berry wants to do the role, because she knows she’s a poor choice; not just because she can’t sing, but because she should at least be believable as Franklin and I don’t think she is. I really think she would get ridiculed if she took the role.
    Franklin should get over this fascination with Halle Berry playing her and get back to the real world.
    Franklin wasn’t fat her entire career, although she has NEVER been Berry’s size. See the youtube video “Aretha Franklin – I Say A Little Prayer ” submitted by thecatkeaton. If ANYONE played her and it ran from her early career to present, they’d have to put on a fat suit at some point. Berry in a fat suit would be hilarious. I can see the Razzie award coming her way. lol




    halle can’t play herself, please people move on, this is to funny, why are wasting our time with her, she will never be a great actress, too stupid.

  • Faye Parker

    I don’t think size matters. TV cameras and make-up artists can do wonders altering appearances. To me Aretha is still beautiful and a great singer. I am small, not an actress. And I know I could do Aretha justice…singing her songs. I wish I could do her bio.

  • Candy

    I am sick of Halle Berry, she is the most overrated actress I have ever seen, I think she is a slut with no talent in the acting field and in the bed, please hollywood stop talking about this low class tramp, we are not stupid people, we know how she got where she is, we are sick of tramps on our tv’s and big screen’s, given us a stomach ach. This is a waste of time showing her. Now she is old, show us what you have that is new.

  • The B is Back

    @laverdadduele: Gosh, we don’t see you with several homes, beautiful clothes, and the ability to live a la fabulous lifestyle…but of course you CAN act and sing….that’s why nobody knows your name…:))

  • The B is Back

    @well: Oh please…Ms. Hudson lucked upon an Oscar…she played a character in Dream Girls, that can be seen anyday of the week in the black community. It didn’t take talent, only mimicing. I think Jennifer has a fabulous voice…but you people forget Aretha’s vanity. She always thought she was gorgeous and I find it hilarious, you would think a singer would want someone who sings….but true to Aretha’s ego, she wants a beautiful black woman to play her…

  • The B is Back

    @eliza: You people are hilarious…Aretha doesn’t get to make her own choice? You think you know better than her? Most of you twits are so self involved you have no idea how silly it sounds for you to think you know better than an Aretha or Halle. Both of these women have accomplished a great deal…no matter what you think. As a matter of fact, I am giving you credit, when I say what you do on these post has anything to do with thinking.

  • The B is Back

    @ahuh: You poor sick twit….it is a shame that people like you aren’t required to have a pass from a psychologist to post online. Cause there are a whole lot of really sick puppies who get on here and talk smack about good decent people. The great thing is that you guys repeat yourselves so often, the fact that you have problems is communicated quickly….as for the darkside…look in the mirror honey, you are in bad shape.

  • The B is Back

    @NHT(now hear this): Not a terribly bright idea. No producer or film company will make this story without someone who has prove box office appeal. Actually Beyonce might be good in this…but she has done Etta James and killed that performance. Aretha was once a slim very attractive girl …and so much of who she became as a singer requires her early life in her father’s church to be a significant part of the film. I think she thinks she looked by Halle when she was young, she didn’t, but I think she does.

  • The B is Back

    @carla: You people are truly sick. Halle berry is one of the sexist, most beautiful women in the world. But in her personal life, she is like most beautiful woman, she DOES NOT LIVE HER LOOKS 24/7…and who are you idiots who talk about her clothes. She dresses like most women her age. If you live in California most of your life. You live in jeans ….and your shoe choice. People also have to remember that for actresses who do as many personal appearances as Halle. Dressing down is more fun and also if you are wearing 5 inch heels for these big events, you wear shoes/boots that you know are not going to give you any blisters. People forget that these women cannot show up for a big event in flats because they can’t put on their Jimmy Choos ….cause they worn some shoes last week and got a blister. Also my theory is that most people prefer to wear the most comfortable clothes they can find. I have no idea why some of you twits try to make her a lesbian…cause she wears jeans, boots and a cap (when she is trying to keep people from noticing her), If she is a lesbian because of the clothes she wears, you got a serious 20 million women if not more who must be living a lie, cause they dress very similar to Halle and by gosh, they think they’re are straight and just wearing clothes they like!

  • The B is Back

    @From Paris with Love: Jealous…much…it’s called acting …you poor slob,