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Katie Holmes: Back in L.A. with Suri

Katie Holmes: Back in L.A. with Suri

Katie Holmes carries her adorable daughter Suri after flying into Los Angeles via private jet on Tuesday (January 25).

The 32-year-old actress returned to California after spending time in Vancouver, where husband Tom Cruise has been filming Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

Katie will soon be hopping back on a plane to fly to Park City, Utah, to premiere her drama, The Son of No One, at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

One report claimed that people walked out of the film’s first screening, but Cassian Elwes, who’s selling its distribution rights, blamed the exits on a mistake by a projectionist.

“About a month ago, [director] Dito [Montiel] decided to add a card, two scenes before the end of the film, that says, ‘Based on the book, Story of Milk.’ That is the character’s name in the film. Yesterday, the projectionist thought that meant the movie was over, and he turned the lights on. That’s when people got up. They thought movie had ended,” he told Deadline.

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  • seatash

    awww katie looks tired but still awesome

  • clozer

    Women hide your sons. Suri can’t wait to put em in debt.

  • JapanLover

    Isn’t suri like five yrs old? She should not be carried around all the time like she’s some handbag.

  • joel

    Katie’s movie bombs again,….the Tom tries to fix it by sending out new reports at midnight. That she was actually GOOD hahahaha.

  • tina

    hmmmm, also heard that when she first appeared on screen, people in the audience snickered. Said she was very much miscast.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute


  • ?????


  • http://lol prairie pig

    she still in diapers

  • LALA

    ….um. That’s a new one. “It was the projectionist’s fault”. I guess Tom and Katie have run out of people in Hollywood to blame for the disaster that is Katie Holmes’ career. One lonely person aplauded when the film was over. If it had truly been solely the fault of the projectionist, wouldn’t the liberal Hollywood society have forgiven this and applauded if the movie hadn’t su*ked? Tom and Katie are pathetic.
    Who have they taken down this past year in their path of destruction? Kevin Kline, Anna Paquin, Greg Kinnear….

  • annie

    As the reporter asked ”is there a smear campaign against her ” because all the negative reports are lies., and even suggested that maybe those people who spread the lies, should appologise, namely US mag and Hollywood reporter.
    He also wrote that people might not like Katies personal decisions, but shouldn’t hold it against her in her professional life.
    All I can say is ……about bloody time.
    Sorry about the language but it’s true!

  • Oh come on!

    The projectionist fault? Is that also the reason the audience was laughing at EVERY scene she was in?? She stinks and needs to find something else to do…maybe just carry the kid fulltime.

  • Thai

    Let that Xenu offspring walk, ure ridiculous and and idiot!

  • AEP

    Will they EVER stop making excuses for her bad acting? Look, she can’t act, sing, dance or design a thing. And after hearing her in a few interviews, she can’t speak either. She just needs to GO AWAY!!!!

  • itstrueagain

    Well, of course–it was the projectionist fault. Everyone was completely riveted by her performance. (how was that for good acting)

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Oh MY GOD! Aren’t you tired of posting all these stupid comments???Suri is always carried. Just get used to it!!!( I appeal only to haters)

  • lucy2

    Since the movie tanked in the first screening, is Katie actually going to go? If so, is Tom going to:
    1) Hand cash to people entering the theater?
    2) Send in a busload of Scientologists to sit through the film and oooh and aaahhh?
    3)Threaten to boycott people in the film community who dare to say that the movie and Katie’s acting are lousy?
    only time wil tell…………….

  • lucy2

    @Alice Cutie:
    You’d better stay away from Hollywood! You’re acting is supurb and you make become a threat to “Master Thespian Katie Holmes” :-)
    ohhh you gave me a smile for this rainy Wednesday morning.

  • lucy2

    Oh my gosh! My last comment was for you and not that Scientolobot Alice Cutie.
    So sorry. I need more coffee! :-(

  • missy b

    Even Roger Friedman defended her, and he hates Tom and Katie. It’s so obvious that there’s a smear campaign against her.

  • Chantal

    Oh so that’s how they are going to spin this then?!! Um yeah, sure, it’s the projectionist’s fault, yeah that’s what happened LOL.

  • Kerri

    “Kate is a wonderful actress” – Tom Cruise
    “Tom is amazing and Suri is magical” – Katie Holmes
    “Mommy and Daddy, can we go back on the spaceship”? – Suri

    This whole thing is such a farce!!!!!

  • http://snicker prairie pig

    @missy b:

    A “smear campaign” would be logical if she was actually talented. You don’t need a smear campaign for a lifeless zombie wanna-be actress/singer/parent/dancer.

  • joel

    Tom will make sure the projectionist loses his/her job. They won’t tolerate disrespect hahaha

  • planetdoodoo

    oh boo hoo….

    now, its the projectionist fault. sure. When will these hollywood so-called producers learn she can’t act to save her life.?? I guess they want Tom’s money and influence.

    Suri is almost 5 years old. She’s got her parents very well trained.

    Go home Katie and stay there take the brat out of Suri

  • lalaland

    What an excuse! Katie can’t act! Period!

    Suri will soon be 5 and she is still carried like an infant with blanket. Maybe to hide her diapers ??

    She may be Hollywood’s only fashionista brat that still wears diapers.
    Wonder if she also “baby talks” and not communicate like a normal soon to be 5 year old?

    What a sad life this kid has to endure with wacko parents.

  • Suri Jackson

    Suri is already 5.

  • Mmmmm

    It is not a smear campaign. The only unfair issue about it all is that Katie is getting top billing in the failure–her part was small. The entire movie sucked. And that wasn’t her fault. But it was the fault of the director that he cast her in a role, not matter how small, that she obviously couldn’t manage.

    But that said, the Cruise PR machine went into full time drive. Notice People Mag carried the astonishing news (with no pictures) that Suri and Katie went *GASP* to the Aquarium. The only way they would get and publish that story is if it was given to them by TC’s PR machine.

    AND wow, then suddenly we see pictures of Katie carrying Suri off the plane. WOW. She managed to fly out to Vancouver and land and then get on the plane–all with out paps, but whoa, now that she needs some positive PR, she brings out the little pet for a photo op.

    AND other sites have pics of her going to dinner with a so called friend, although we never see the friend–again Cruise cruises to save Katie’s a$$.

    Katie is marginally talented. You can fool the public only so long. She is a small screen actress with limited range and she should stay on TV if she wants to be loved by the public.

  • sara whrite

    Well all you Kidman fans can go back to her site now you have spewed your venom

  • from lainey gossip

    From Lainey Gossip

    Rare smile for a rare night out (if you go to the Lainey gossip site–Katie looks really good for once.)

    For some reason, several of my friends saw Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise together in Vancouver last weekend. All of them remarked that she looked wan and withdrawn, is quite thin, and seems miserable. There were no cameras around.

    Katie flew out of Vancouver yesterday though and last night was spotted out for dinner with some “friends” in Beverly Hills. That’s what the photo agency is claiming. I suspect her definition of “friend” is probably not ours, unless of course “friend” for you is also a euphemism for “minder”, in which case, by all means, carry on, praise Xenu.

    But she did at least crack a smile. And it’s good timing too because Katie is heading to Sundance soon and yesterday Main Street was all abuzz that her movie sucks sh-t. Supposedly at the press screening for The Son of No One, journalists walked out early and people groaned when Katie came onscreen.

    Sales agents for the film however dispute this account of the screening, insisting there was simply a technical error before the film concluded and that there was no mass exodus as a result of critical disgust. As I have always said, Gossip is a Buffet. You Choose. And the trailer is below. Might help with your decision. To me, at least from the clip, we’re not breaking a lot of new ground here.

    Oh and Katie was asked by the paps last night about Victoria Beckham’s pregnancy. She said she was “so happy” for her, happy being one of the only three adjectives she’s allowed to use, along with “amazing” and “beautiful”. Once in a while she should try to shake it up, throw “delighted” in there for a change. We could all use a little excitement.



  • Romeo

    TomKat hasn’t said anything #9 and #20 and#24. Quit blaming them for everything.

    Having millions and seeing so many wonderful things and having loving parents is a sad life indeed, #25.

    Link me, #27.

    Don’t say that about a child, #30.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Smear campaign, huh?
    There isno wayand no such thing with the entertainment media today(net, numerous mags and tv shows,etc.) for an entertainer to have a smear campaign launched against them.
    There is public opinion.
    Katieneeds to take a break. Get small, good rolls or parts on HBO movies. Restart. Tom’s weridness and her ok acting skills is why she is where she is. As all of you have said, the movie sucked . Al Pacino, what possessed him to even this film…repeat story ofa sterotypical cop movie, but it is not like Copland or City Hall.

    Kate carrying her 5 yr.old, and that blanket,really? This child is a child,not an infant.Strange.

    BTW, Nicole Kidman is on People mag,got nominated this week for an Oscar, is beinghonest in her story of having her new baby, and Keith Urban is major CM.

  • Lucy

    oh sara, I hardly think fans of nicole kidman spend any time thinking about katie holmes or commenting upon her. any time anyone dares to criticize someone, fans of that actress always think that the critique must be coming from the competitor. but katie holmes is not nicole kidman’s competition – they are not going after the same roles, and the mere fact that they were married to the same man doesn’t mean that fans of nicole’s care about katie holmes. if anything, they might automatically have some sympathy. if you’ve been around long enough, you might remember that nicole was thought of as a lightweight early in her career, and she actually had a movie career in her own right before becoming mrs. cruise. but her break out role in “to die for” ended a lot of criticism and brought her better and better roles. so katie holmes can prove herself if she were capable of doing so regardless of who is married to. but she would actually have to be capable of acting, and she has not proven that yet. there is no conspiracy against her – she’s been given tremendous opportunity in a wide range of roles – she just has not capitalized on those chances.

  • dysfunctional

    Holy cr*p!!!! Suri looks exactly like Joshua Jackson!
    Dent in the forehead and all! Are the media outlets (even gossip rags) so afraid of the Cult Master that they won’t investigate this?

  • annie

    Which one of you here said on a recent N Kidman thead that the ones who say nasty comments are ”addicted to hate”
    Yet she is here doing the same thing, all the time.

  • Ginny

    (Sorry.I don’t usually yell like that but these people that think our opinions about Katie have anything to do with anyone else make me a little crazy.)

  • annie

    Katie and Suri just got off the plane in these pics, JJ didn’t show them. there’s heaps of pics on other sites. Suri may have been sleeping, beforehand. this is just one pic of Katie walking on the tarmac .

  • Jokergurl

    You have to have strong actors with charisma to act opposite Al Pacino, and Katie Holmes is not one of these neither is Channing Tatum, I’m wondering how Pacino is even is this movie. There has not been too many instances where Sundance audiences will walk out of a screening, but there’s always a first for everything.

  • Gaga Goo goo

    # 31- Romeo…..oh , Romeo….

    How do YOU know if Tom said anything about the “projectionist:….are you joined at Tom’s hip? idiot

    Having millions and “doing wonderful things” as you stated….does not
    ” make a happy , normal life” …idiot. These parents are in a cult , etc….so on and on….sheesh!

    You are so delusional….I could vomit. LOL

  • suritard

    It looks like the mini fashionista pis$ed her pants a little. Is that part of her style too?

    Looks like she needs the diapers after all!

  • R

    hello world

  • someguy

    “Having millions and “doing wonderful things” as you stated….does not
    ” make a happy , normal life” …idiot.”

    Maybe Yorick thinks he could buy some taste.

  • loLz

    GAWD! Suri looks like a monkey in that pic!

  • hella brat

    OMG! How many blankets does this kid carry around! Put a coat on the kid and lose all the damn blankets already!

  • Cari-on


    Annie, I read both Kidman, Jolie-Pitt, Aniston, and TomKat threads among others. Yes Kidman has a core of fans, but if you look at her comments at least 50 percent (or more if the fans don’t show up) are mean and cruel and much worse than Katie’s comments. JJ appears to be a JP friendly site, but if you check FemaleFirst or X-17 or Ian’s site–the comments about them are far worse than anything I’ve seen about TomKat. Aniston gets her share of negative comments too. And there are several other threads on JJ that sport a majority of negative comments.

    You act like Katie is personally singled out. Comments about her generally are on her awful acting, clothing, her raising Suri. I don’t see comments (we are talking majority of) calling her kids monkeys and worse, how awful she is as a person, attacking her viciously.

    The Awful Truth mentioned (not that Ted Casablanca would know, but he says he does) that much of Katie’s problem as an actress is due to Tom and the Cult choosing her parts and she’d do far better making her own choices. Whoever is making the choices is setting her up for failure. She has a body of work that is primarily FAIL. No one is buying Katie the serious actress, Katie the singer, Katie the dancer, Katie the theater actress, Katie the Fashion Designer, Katie the fashionista, and even Katie the mom. And all of Tom’s money or influence is going to change that. Tom made a serious mistake firing Pat Kingsley and putting his sister in charge of his PR and image. He has never recovered and I believe it has only been lately that he has realized this. Well Katie married him and she is “guilty by association” whether that is fair or not.

  • SamIAm

    looking at those pics from the links above (from hella brat) is really scary. What IS with all of those blankets? And is that kid out in her nightgown and bare feet while everyone else is in street clothes? Is it necessary to take her out for a walk like that? Isn’t she a little too old to be so scantily clad? The entire scene is creepy.

  • annie

    @ cari -on
    I go to those threads too , out of curiousity, I don’t care either way about those ladies you mentioned, certainly not enough to comment , favourable or otherwise, because I don’t care.
    However there are a few people from those threads that come here and bash Katie and Suri. They are Kidman and Jolie fans, no matter what you say. That’s where I got ”addicted to hate” from, because someone said something unflattering about Kidman, and a fan stuck up for her, and used ”addicted to hate ” for people who say awful things.. yet comes here and says mean things herself.
    So in all honesty ……no it doesn’t make sense to me at all.
    Why should I hate someone because I don’t like her husband, and his philosphy about life. Katie is a celeb I ‘ve liked since The I ce Storm, and DC.
    However, I ‘m beginning to think that people are beginning to realise that she is getting an undeserved bad wrap.
    Don’t get me wrong , I ‘m a huge Katie fan, that doesn’t mean that I think that she’s the best actress on this earth, but she’s not any less than other actresses out there around her age either.
    And judging by the video of her modelling for Ann Taylor, certainly , most definitely , one of the most beautiful.
    Not everyone can be an oscar winner, and the ones that don’t get nominated are still very employable, look at Anniston and heaps of others.
    I don’t see her choices as bad as everyone makes out
    The Kennedy mini series is probably very watchable indeed, why turn down a role playing Jackie, why turn down theatre on Broadway.
    Certain sections of the media were saying that nobody was buying tickets to HER play like she was the star…….in fact AMS did extremely well.
    Sorry , I don’t loook at her body of work as a” fail” but I do look at her as someone , that people want to bring down, for whatever reason.
    The Kennedy mini series is still going overseas , and Canada I believe, so we’ll see what reaction it gets, in the end all these setbacks might turn out for the best in the end .

    Oh I do think Katie is singled out, by a lot of people in the media and by the public…….you’re right about the guilty by association bit, as you said , whether it’s fair or not

  • Disco Woman

    Katie must have major back problems! This would throw anyone’s back out!

  • mallya

    Day to day u look more beautiful.. many people in this world admires u..incuding myself and my families.
    I dont believe ur a spoled brat cz u r always sweet in every ur photos.
    They r just a Losers who are judging a innocent child.