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Ke$ha's First Headlining Tour -- SOLD OUT!

Ke$ha's First Headlining Tour -- SOLD OUT!

Ke$ha‘s first North American Headlining Tour — The Get $leazy Tour — is completely SOLD-OUT! (The tour kicks off in Portland on February 15 and wraps in Los Angeles on May 6.)

This kick-ass news is in addition to the 23-year-old pop superstar being named Billboard‘s Hot 100 Artist of 2010. “TiK ToK” was also recently declared the BIGGEST selling digital song worldwide in 2010. AMAZINGGG!

K$‘s new single “Blow” hits radio next week. Get ready!

Earlier today, Ke$ha‘s hilarious Funny or Die video was released. Check it out!

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  • laverdadduele

    I can’t believe people actually paid money to see this talentless POS. WFT is wrong with this country?

  • iris

    I wouldn’t even go if I would be paid to go see her.. why would you wanna see a bad show, from someone who cant sing dance or performe.. America amazes me once again

  • rockin on


  • Mylene

    I hate he .. i don’t understand her success …

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Sad and losser

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    How’s she ? Why she famous?

  • Ha Ha

    Hmmm Ke$ha can sell out her concert but Rihanna with so many #1 singles can’t???? Ridiculously Funny!

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    What this name kesha shit

  • Ha Ha

    @iris… That description Can’t Dance, Can’t Sing, Can’t Perform, sounds like you just described Rihanna…. LOL Yet Ke$ha can sell out her concert!

  • iris

    @Ha Ha: lol true.. maybe kesha sold out because she is relatively new? idk.. they both suck at what they do thats all I know lol

  • truth

    the comparison to rihanna is a flop one because the venues kesha sold out are much much much much smaller than arenas. like kesha is performing in places the size of a high school auditorium.

  • Anita

    This is one of the times you can tell JJ likes a celeb. Lol at the AMAZINGGG!

  • Cat

    There’s no problem with the country. People like what they see, hear, smell… But they dont take time to think because that makes things more difficult. It’s part of nature!!!

  • Kesha is laughing to the bank

    Good or kesha, her songs are fun and so addicting. Young women can relate to her music which is why she is so sucessful.She is young, fresh and cool. Kesha can actually sing live unlike some wash out pop star who is copying her sound and failing.

  • K$


  • Sienna

    “@Kesha is laughing to the bank: “Young women” can relate to her? Don’t you mean young whores who are voted most likely to be on teen mom in middle school? I’ve seen her perform numerous times live and she looks like she’s been consuming fried chicken and tequila all day. She’s only relevant because Dr. Luke rights her good songs (ala Britney Spears! Another bad singer).



  • Dubya Bush

    Maybe she sold out because she’s playing High School Auditoriums instead of concert halls. Either way I’m pretty confidant she’s not playing arenas.

  • jensenLUVER tanya

    U GOT 2 B KIDDN ME??!!!! How old is this sold out crowd? beter yet wher r these people? I liv in da city & never heard 1 song or heard of her. I think im in da wrong industry……

  • Tiffany

    Who in their right mind would buy a ticket to one of her shows? How in the hell could it be a sold-out tour? This completely blows my mind that people consider what she does…music!????

  • Tiffany

    Who in their right mind would buy a ticket to one of her shows? How in the hell could it be a sold-out tour? This completely blows my mind that people consider what she does…music!????

  • lola

    lol actually I would go, just out of curiosity..
    I mean lets face it; everyone wants to get wasted one night and just have FUN! :))

  • skskj

    @Kesha is laughing to the bank: yes, all young women can relate to a lack of hygene and an odd obession with glitter.

  • Ha Ha

    It doesn’t matter if Ke$ha has smaller venues, she should because she has now come on the scene. With all the hype around Rihanna she should be able to sell out big venues with Little or No Effort.

  • wm

    The perfect title for her ‘Sleazy’ tour. She is one Sleazy Skank! I wouldn’t attend if the tickets were free. She is one ugly, talentless piece of crap.

  • Britt

    “Blow” has already been on the radio for weeks now where I live.

    I hate her for making me like her stupid azz songs, grr!! But I wouldn’t go see her in concert,

  • In The Know

    There are serious doubts as to what they are calling “Sold Out”.

    Brokers have 1/2 the seats and the label buys back half the house creating a shortage then releasing them after judging demand.

    This is the truth. Sold out does not mean sold out.

    Wake up people. Its very doubtful she can draw anything close to 2000 even in LA.

  • Misha

    nooo I wanted “The harold Song” to be her next single!!!!
    “blow” is amazing in its own right.. but i really wanted “the harold song” to be the next single!!!!!! arrggg!!!!
    love youu ke$ha <3

  • Crackers

    @Ha Ha:

    Rihanna can’t sell out shows? Oh? She didn’t sell out Madison Square Garden & The Staples Centre? And all her other shows? LOL. You nitwit. She cancelled 4 out of 50 shows and the rest were sold out. What’s your source? Oh a blog? LOL . Maybe if you got something to do with your worthless life you wouldn’t so pathetically display the failures of the public education system on which you are clearly dependent.

  • Hello


    Actually I don’t think she sold out ALL the rest of her shows but clearly she can sell WAY bigger venues than kesha… Period!

  • Shania

    This is hilarious! Radio stations all over North America were giving out her tickets for free, pretty sure that;s why it’s “sold” out, not cuz anyone sane actually paid money for it! LOL!!!! Thank God, now I don’t have to hear irt on radio anymore, “giving away free Kesha tickets” like all day and night long! What a joke! Money talks!

  • Omar

    What is with the constant hate towards this girl? She writes great pop music. Sure she might not be the best singer but people bought tickets for her show to have some fun. I wish I could go. Ke$ha rocks! She’s the real deal.

  • donna

    for all Kesha’s hater.. poor u.. kesha keeps earning a lot of money while u losers still talking shit bout her..hhaahhahahahahahahaa

  • donna

    haters. u should get a life.. JEALOUS with Kesha Rose Sebert doesn’t make ur life better.. am i right?

  • KE$HA Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Ke$ha We Love You

  • http://twitter marina i marta

    marina markovic i marta janicijevic iz novog beograda

  • http://twitter marina i marta


  • K$


  • eatyourheartout

    Her venues are very small. Not exactly that hard to sell out compared to the acts who perform on stadiums.

  • Mk

    Good for her!

  • Eli

    I’m going to the one in LA, it should be fun! Im excited because its her last venue, and in LA where she lived a lot of her life, and the venue is small so hopefully it will be a real personable last venue from Ke$ha!

    And to the people who hate for the mere sport of it, you need to take a step back and get a reality check. This girl is doing what she loves, and shes making bank, shes not interfering with your lives, dont criticize hers. Do you know her, do you talk to her? You know nothing other than what the media gives, or her songs tell you, its really sad how much people whine and bitch.