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2011 Sundance Film Festival: Journey of an Upstart!

2011 Sundance Film Festival: Journey of an Upstart!

Check out this behind the scenes look at how director Elgin James made his film Little Birds, courtesy of Bing!

“I wanted to be a part of this film because of Elgin. It was as simple as that. He wrote a beautiful screenplay. He has a big career ahead of him,” said Kate Bosworth, one of the film’s stars.

Little Birds, which also stars Kay Panabaker and Juno Temple, had its premiere at the festival on Sunday (January 23).

2011 Sundance Film Festival: Journey of an Upstart
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  • ModestMouse

    Little Birds seems to be a big hit at Sundance. I think Juno Temple will get some awards attention.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute


  • reilly

    As if you were so relevant in movie land. You harm more than help.

  • AGAIN?!?

    For the love of God, the nonstop posting about Bosworth is ridiculous! Her PR person must be stupid….the more I see her on here, the more irritating she is and the LESS I will ever go see any of her movies.

  • Can you say Overkill?

    7 posts in 4 days. For the love of Pete, make it STOP!

  • PhX


    Yeah because you would have gone before…

  • Antisocial

    Look at her sad face as she tells us why she did the movie, she’s acting like a victim. She just has to cry lol

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    She is not even a little bit important in HW or the world. EJ used her in the movie because she probably worked for free and wouldn’t stop stalking and begging him, until he just finally gave in. The two true talents in the film are KP and JT, they are the ones to look out for, I cannot wait to see what they do next. The best qoute from that story is her stating what “a big career EJ has ahead of him”, like she knows what a big career looks like, and she is a bit player in the film, the only stars are KP and JT. It is amazing how much money she must give JJ for doing all this made up publicity for her. You guys forget her publicist is one of two of her paid for friends, they must sit around doing you know what and making this crap up.

  • Bunny*
  • http://Viking65 mforman

    i just watched that video and she first looks around to make sure the paps are taking her photo, because they have been paid for that by her and her people and then she gets all weepy, all that does is show what a bad actor she truly is. RUN AS RUN, YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    What do you all expect? JJ forces KB on us when she ISN’T doing anything. Of course it would go into over-drive when she’s actually done a tiny bit of work.

  • Gina

    As of today, this film and the other film she was in hasn’t been bought. Which is why they are running this Advertisement I’m sure.
    Both of these young actresses are getting a lot of buzz especially Juno Temple. Hopefully they will both be smart enough and learn what path NOT to take in Hwood (the bosworthless path).

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    funny Bunny how you would find the only one article,that even mentions her (in any way slightly positive). could it be because you had a hand in putting it there. this time though JJ has gone a little off the farm with all these posts. soon we will see her doing something really exciting, like waking up.

  • Pomm

    I can understand wanting to promote the film because Juno and Kay did a good job, but centering the post around Kate doesn’t make sense. She’s hardly in the movie.

  • sunbears1

    You all sound ridiculous, you know that right? Get over your obsession with kate bosworth.

  • ForReal?

    @Pomm: Exactly. Just for kicks a coworker and I were refreshing the JJ page and placing bets on how long it would be before another pointless Bosworth post showed up. Thanks JJ! I won 10 bucks for saying you would have her up before lunchtime.

    She works so little, I wonder how she affords all this PR. How much easier and cheaper it must be for real actresses with real talent!

  • @ sunbears1

    We will when JJ does.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    LOL I love that BosHO’s face is big in the picture while the director can be hardly seen and the video entirely centered on him also you can hardly see BosHO in the VIDEO but of course Jared quotes her LOL like she is the star of the movie while w all know she is in the movie for like 10 minutes LOL.
    Seriously Jared I hope BosHO’s money can actually buy you some dignity.

  • AGAIN?!?


    Actually, you’re wrong. Nice try though. I DID go see Blue Crush back in the day….had no problem going to see her movies then. But this overexposure crap is ridiculous. Force-feeding us irrelevant daily information on her and expecting us to believe that her PR people aren’t behind it is desperate and pathetic.

  • The past

    I would probably want to support him and his film if he didn’t lie so much about his sick, violent, and drug dealing gang.
    His gang put me in the hospital in 1995 with nearly 20 stitches for virtually nothing. We were all actually friends but they decided it would be funny to beat up a 135lbs small guy.

    Someone who needs to ‘work at a Sundance lab’ in 2008 after 20 years of hurting people and getting away with it, really is not change in any way shape or form. It is PR and bad phony PR at that. I should know because I have worked in the Hollywood PR game. Selling a lie is never as good as telling the truth. The truth would make the Sundance crowd feel sick inside. I myself grew up nearly 11years ago. Thanks Elgin for the scars in the 90s, I now have a reminder that the world has lousy people like you and your gang.

    He is going to jail for blackmailing and threatening someone from 2005 this comes from the FBI who has been watching his violence for years. And he grew up in Litchfield CT raised by two very rich doctors. He then ran away from home.

    Pr is a funny thing now isn’t it?

  • Bunny*

    -2? is the link to his imdb. Duh!
    The guy has directed only ONE movie, this one. Kate B. is a desperate Z-lister.

  • Dieter



    Why doesn’t Dumho use her money to buy some class instead of fame?

  • Blah Blah Get a life Kate BLah

    I feel bad for the other young actresses and the director! Because of her it’s going to FAIL, it’s pretty much a guarantee with ANY film she’s in.

  • http://Viking65 mforman

    what is so sad about her is that even in a pap video her acting was just awful, she has to stop, she alone can destroy the entire movie industry, I think that is why she is saving up her money, because she is worried about how bad her acting is and z lister is pretty much the bottom of the barrel. Also, we need to remember when she was shopping at Barney’s in LA, she was shopping for hereself, she wasn’t buying gifts for others for Christmas, she was actually buying for herself and didn’t even try to hid it.