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Elisabetta Canalis: Ferragamo & Firenze Stops!

Elisabetta Canalis: Ferragamo & Firenze Stops!

Elisabetta Canalis carries her pet pooch as she runs errands near her place on Thursday (January 27) in Milan, Italy.

The 32-year-old model made stops at Salvatore Ferragamo and Firenze!

Elisabetta will be co-hosting the Sanremo Musical Festival next month! She’ll be sharing hosting duties with Argentine model Belen Rodriguez.

Last week, Elisabetta was spotted taking her two dogs for a walk around town in Los Angeles.

FYI: Elisabetta is carrying the black leather Salvatore Ferragamo hobo with metal gancio detail from the Resort 2011 collection.

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elisabetta canalis dog ferragamo 01
elisabetta canalis dog ferragamo 02
elisabetta canalis dog ferragamo 03
elisabetta canalis dog ferragamo 04
elisabetta canalis dog ferragamo 05
elisabetta canalis dog ferragamo 06
elisabetta canalis dog walk 01
elisabetta canalis dog walk 02
elisabetta canalis dog walk 03
elisabetta canalis dog walk 04
elisabetta canalis dog walk 05

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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

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  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    spending george’s money. lol.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Hey kaz tal me why why?

  • Dia

    In which universe this should be interesting?

  • Juicy

    Clooney must be such a slug that all he can get are these skankk types who look like they smell bad. He must have issues.

  • williams

    to whoever says she’s spending George’s money: SHE HAS BEEN IN SHOWBIZ WORKING A LOT FOR OVER 10 YRS NOW.
    so she really has a shitload of money, and it’s hers .

  • williams

    she’s been a star in Italy for over 10 yrs, so believe me she’s spending her own money.
    ignorant haters

  • Dia

    This is funny! XDDDD

  • Dia

    she’s been a STAR in Italy for over 10 yrs
    <- this is funnier! LOL!

  • Italian girl

    Women on that tv-show won’t talk that much, why do you keep sayin’ untrue things about her?
    Gossip always pushed her carreer, that’s it.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute
  • Dia

    @Italian girl: Gossip always pushed her carreer, that’s it. <—-
    Finally someone who says the truth!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

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  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

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  • twofools

    She is so ugly , I hope he dumps her soon. She looks dumb also. What do they have in common?

  • brad pity

    What a mutt. Oh wait, she’s carrying a dog! Wow, one of those instance where a pet owner looks like the pet. Even to the same stick thin shapeless legs. And same coloring. Amazing.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

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    @sligo ^_^ cute , because i dont sleep last night and today

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  • carol

    She looks like one of those dogs with the long hair and face, can’t remember what they are called, but she looks like that.

  • JACK

    George has Tattooed bouquet of roses on his butt for St Valentine

  • Juicy

    @twofools: Because obviously she is his type. He’s proven he goes for the stripper/porn star type women. Which makes him as low-class as they are.

  • Mailey

    She’s ugly.

  • Tippi

    I like her style. I don`t know, why some people hate her…

  • LadyB

    I love her style. And I think she’s pretty in a quirky kind of way. I just wished she has enough self-respect not to be with a man that goes through women like a collection of underwear.

  • Johnny

    Who cares?

  • Cora

    *shiver* Her legs are scary thin.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    OMG!!! Last pic, pet abuse!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG poor dog


    JustJared, please stop giving this lying cokewh*re any publicity. The cokewh*re and her trashy publicist send out press releases full of lies, not least of which are about what Clooney’s father said during the Piers Morgan interview. In a press release that was picked up by several websites and publications, Canalis claimed that Nick Clooney said he wants George to marry her. THAT IS A LIE. Nick Clooney NEVER mentioned Canalis. Canalis was not mentioned at all, not once, not by Nick or anyone else. Cagna falsified the words of the father of the man who has helped her for the past year, and succeeded in having her lies published in major outlets. The transcript of the interview proves that no one mentioned Canalis and that her press release was a LIE:
    What kind of person lies about the elderly father of the person who has been helping her “career” with a publicity contract for over a year? Not a nice person, that’s for sure. But as Canalis is implicated in a cocaine and prostitution investigation in Italy and is best known for playing a stripping nun in a soft porn movie, I guess no one should be surprised that she’s such a lying lowlife. The lying trashy cokewh*re and her lying trashy publicist’s lie-filled press releases continue. In the latest one, she’s claiming to be surprised that George doesn’t want to marry her. ROFL. Really, Cagna? You expect us to believe that you’re surprised, after repeated public statements published on Gossip Cop and elsewhere by both George and his rep for months now, that he has no intention of marrying you? PopSugar even got him on video weeks ago saying he doesn’t want to marry you. And you want us to believe that you’re actually surprised, that this is somehow news to you, a fake, publicity contract girlfriend implicated in a cocaine and prostitution investigation in Italy, that George has no intention of marrying you? Cagna is a LIAR.

  • Strumpfhose

    @JACK: Now I hope he will bring finally these stupix flowers!!! … unless his butt won’t fall off

  • PETA protect George

    “I will dispose you in a trash can if you don’t marry me right now!”

  • Minx

    George is too sexy for her! Total mismatch!
    Was this someone’s idea of a joke???
    Or did he lose a dare?

  • Rover

    They look like my kin……woof!

  • Who Let The Dogs Out

    @PETA protect George: she’ll set the dogs on George if he doesn’t heel!

  • JACK
  • Strumpfhose

    @JACK: are these for the dog? don’t even try to sell it to me!!

  • Lucky

    @Minx: yep, he lost a bet…

  • Kabooby

    @Strumpfhose: No they’re for camels.

  • Flea Infestation
  • NiceKitty

    @Flea Infestation: Ohhh Doggieee, ohh …….. uuaa lla hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lifetime

    @Lucky: And what will it cost?

  • Lucky

    @Lifetime: Dunno…guessing he lost a bet & hooked up with her for an undisclosed period of time. Hopefully not too long

  • Plaster Caster

    WTF?? How can anyone insult Steve Tyler & say this dude looks like him. Now way!! I would know.. NOT EVEN IN HIS PRIME..
    Steve Tyler oozes sex appeal!!!
    This guy & his dog—> BARF!!

  • lilo

    Horse-face was considered only a Z list celeb/escort cokewh.ore in Italy before she met George!!!
    Square-face is ugly, anorexic, short , badly aged and looks like a man!!!

  • lilo

    Elisacessa Cagnalis good shopping day with Clooney’s card!!!

  • Anonymous

    @lilo: I’m sure she wishes that were the case, but Clooney doesn’t give Cagnalis his card or money.

  • skank

    ugly toxic sl.ut!!!!

  • Ew

    The dog is cuter.