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Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White' with Viggo Mortensen?

Kristen Stewart: 'Snow White' with Viggo Mortensen?

Kristen Stewart is in talks to play the title role in Rupert SandersSnow White and the Huntsman, according to Deadline.

Word is also circulating that Viggo Mortensen is up for the role of the Huntsman in the flick!

Kristen‘s former The Runaways co-star Riley Keough was placed on the shortlist of ladies up for the role last month.

Charlize Theron
is already confirmed to play the Evil Queen in the film!

of Kristen Stewart playing Snow White?

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  • Kay

    brilliant casting. hearing the director is like David Fincher, then there’s Viggo *swoon*. Too good to pass up IMO. script is great.

  • Gabriella

    Love it! I like her a lot and am a huge fan of Viggo!

  • Jane

    I could go for that. She was really good in the Runaways. And Charlize and Viggo are both fantastic.

  • ajh

    I was rooting for Felicity Jones.

  • http://@lindsayroulst Lindsay

    Viggo and Charlize are great picks!! I’m not so sure about Kristen though. I’m a fan of her work, but it seems like she plays the same character in a lot of her roles. I can’t really picture her being “cheerful” enough to play Snow White. But maybe she will suprise us! She has the talent no doubt.

  • http://gq gq

    no, Razzie nominee Kristen cannot act, she plays the same character in every movie

  • ==

    OMG YES VIGGO! This is going to be GREAT!
    But I can’t really see Kristen as Snow White :S
    Idk, I have to agree with @Lindsay – I really can’t see her being ‘happy’ enough. Not hating or anything – I quite like Kristen. Just not for this role.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    She’s cute!

  • Megan

    she will be great i portraying the evil queen!

  • ladysdsandiego

    i was rooting for riley keough

  • Dianacc

    I’m sorry but….NO….i can’t see this happening. Honestly i didn’t really like how she did in the twilight series…yes i admit she started getting better throughout it but really it wasn’t enough…and i agree she did amazing in the runaways…but really this is the kind of character she is really good at portraying. Brooding characters are kind of her thing and I just can’t imagine her playing the role of Snow White. I really hope its a fresh new face for Snow White. I think a well known face will take away alot from the character.

  • black swan

    a princess who never washes her hair.gr8.

  • Heather Nichole

    I love Snow White, and I think Kristen Stewart would be great for the role. Others may dought her because of the Twilight saga and her fan base, but she has done other roles that are really good. I say give her the chance, she need to be seen for her talent and other roles. She’s not always going to be Bella Swan.

  • devane

    Charlize Theron brilliant acting talent would sure eat up or upstage KStew!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Where Charlize photo?

  • joone

    Oh please SnowWhite got an angelic face NOT b*tch face like KStupid…

  • ABC

    I think someone with a classic type of beauty will be more suitable. Skin as white as snow… Hair as black as ebony… Kristin Kreuk was a good Snow White… She really looked like a princess. I don’t think Kristen Stewart could pull it off. Maybe someone with a more charming face…?

  • Heather Nichole

    OK i’m sorry but I dnt think anyone has read what this movie is going to be about? It’s not going to be all Bubbly and Cute, it’s supose to be about him helping and teaching her how to survive. I can picture it and I dought she’s going to be in Snow White’s yellow dress and blush cheeks the whole movie. And she may not be all that great to some people but those who do like her will go see the movie, I watch Roberts Pattinson other movie just so I can see the other kind of work he does. Out of all the other girls going for the role her name was the only one I knew, she’s in the now and if they want this movie to come out strong they would be smart to cast Kristen Stewart.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Kristen to be great

  • Red Mask

    Now THAT’S a classic role! Who cares about Catwoman when Charlise can play the evil Queen! It has better costuming choices too!

  • hoitytoitytoity

    Uhh, does this Snow White gonna be dumb as fu*ck? If so, Kristen is perfect for it. She can only act in one way and that makes her perfect for dumb acting.

  • akanni

    So they are hiring a pot smoking Valley girl?

  • ana

    Isn`t Snow White supposed to be fairer than Evil Queen? In that case Kristen doesn`t fit couse Charlize is soooooooooooo much more beautiful then her!!!!!!!!

  • Brynn

    Ok I won’t say Stewart is a crappy actress. She’s not horrible but nothing compared to Charlize or Viggo. Like many have said, Kristen is not a bubbley person so her as snow white I can’t see at all. Not just onscreen is she not bubbley but offscreen as well. Have you ever watched her interviews? She really stumbles her words and comes off ungrateful. Cast someone with a pure natural beauty face for snow white. Not Stewart.

  • alex

    Viggo and Charlize. Yessss!!!
    Kristen Stewart playing Snow White. WTF. Snow White should be beautiful not ugly like Stewart!

  • Dee

    Kirsten doesn’t fit the role period imo she’s only really good in portraying troubled/depressed characters

  • anonymous

    Kirsten Stewart was terrible in ‘The Messengers’ and she was terrible in the Twilight series. She shows no emotion and plays the same character over again. The only difference in ‘The Runaways’ was that she had Joan Jett on set with her, and I have no doubt that Joan probably kicked that girl’s ass to get her to smile. I don’t think she has talent at all, from what I’ve seen from her movies, and I wouldn’t want to see her in any more until she gets some real acting lessons. Until then, hire someone better suited to play Snow White.
    Even if this movie ends up having a ‘darker and grittier’ feel to it than the original story of Snow White, she’s not suited to it.
    She needs to cheer the hell up and actually act otherwise every angsty teenaged girl out there will start thinking she can be the next Bella.

  • nina

    I can NOT believe this! They screan tested all these young lovely actresses, with charm&natural beauty&they want the mediocre twilight girl? I’ve seen many of her other films, that girl CAN’T play sweet&cute&FEMININE if her life depended on it! WTF??? And no screan test? Are they dumb? If the test her, they’ll see she CAN’T pull it off!!! WTF people??? What. The. F_ck????????

  • .Sarah

    That could be great since it would be her very first role where she won’t have to be nonchalant ! We are going to see her acting abilities though.

  • Kriss

    AT LAST!
    Not Angelina Jolie!
    She is passe and “suddenly “invisible and disappeard” .
    Until she WANTS TO BE SHOWN

    hahahha …

  • koala

    I don’t see it. You don’t want an awkward Snow White, she’s supposed to epitomize grace. Perhaps Emily Browning?

  • geewhiz

    Beauty, personality & skin complexion…ALEXIS BLEDEL could easily pick on – only if she is much younger …

  • Sara

    Noooooooo, Noooooo.

    OMG how they can do this? There are so many actress ….
    But i think is kind good, because when people watch her in Snow White people will see that she is horrible.

  • Sabrina

    I’d love Kristen to be Snow White! She’s a great actress. And Charlize will be an amazing Evil Queen!

  • jane

    Ok…. this is a dream right? I think I woke up but I still haven’t, right? This can’t be real, they wouldn’t do this, they wouldn’t ask that talentless, gender confused, awkward girl to be Snowhite right? This must be a nightmare….

  • Clare

    kristen will be a good fairy princess. Love the idea.

  • Clare

    kristen will be a good fairy princess. Love the idea.

  • Leah

    kristen stewart?! you must be having a laugh!

    Leighton Meester would be PERFECT for the role as Snow White IMO

  • nikki

    Oh no… not that stonefaced moody girl, just NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on hollywood people, Felicity Jones got amazing reviews in Sundance, why not go for her&Riley Keough is also lovely! Please pick one of these girls… Oh man, I just lost alll enthusiasm for this film, thanks a lot Universal :’(

  • http://dnica Mann

    This is awesome!! Everyone will see how awful an actress she is and she will have no ware to hide her (so called) acting skill… Which is basically just her looking bored and a little earitated for 90 minutes… Ahhh yeah lets cast her in Snow White!!! This is going to be fun!!! LOL.

  • thenia

    oh no, kristen is sooooo wrong for this! felicity jones would be PERFECT!!

  • jessy

    Kristen Stewart? As Snow White? Are they for real? This is a joke right?

  • whizzer

    To all KStew’s haters; just cool down… it would just BOMB all the way coz when did KStew (same goes w/ Pattinson) ever get a box-office hit movie that is not Twilight related – NONE isnt it?!

  • jessy

    @whizzer: my dear, not every1 is a … “KStew hater” posting here. Some of us are sane, adults that see this girl for what she is: just not talented enough! But I have to agree, all her films centered on her charcter are flops, but this film is set to be Alice 2.0 and it’s a shame the studio wants her (IDK why they do, I’m buffled) instead of another young and actually talented girl..

  • Franca

    She’s going to be a beautiful Snow White, a little bit shy but very interesting!!

  • shaboo

    i like her but i think maybe they need someone more cherubic

  • shaboo

    i like her but i think maybe they need someone more cherubic

  • Zelia442

    @Dianacc: I sooooooo agree with you, Kristen (as harsh as this sounds) cannot act in anything without being 110% awkward…sorry twihearters, but, yes, she just might win the Razzi award for worst actress of the year.
    Give the part to someone like Vanessa Hudgens or another sweet young girl who won’t make me hold my breath in the cinema whenever she opens her mouth to speak…

  • bob


  • rossy40

    Is this live action or animated (i.e. “Toy Story” franchise) & it’s somehow different from the Disney version by being darker?